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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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3 Chapter 3

Dinner war simple and formal, which Diana soon learned that in Hightower terms meant everyone put on clean jeans and ate hamburgers. Afterwards, Lorraine spirited Diana away from the rest for a lengthy tour of the mansion's twenty-five rooms, all of which were in use.

When they returned to the rest of the family, all had gathered in a spacious den and were sharing the latest tales of their lives as well as a glass of wine. Watching as she entered Diana was struck by the closeness of the family. At least on the surface, there seemed to be none of the normal bickerings that would be constantly occurring in any other family of this size. All in all, they seemed to be one large group of old friends.

Michael was the first to notice their return. He rose and smiled.

"Well, how did it go?" he asked pouring two new glasses of wine and carrying it to them.

"Impressive," Diana replied in a genuine assessment of the Hightower homestead. "It's completely fantastic!"

Michael nodded as his father grinned, pleased with her reaction.

"There's a long history to this old place," the head of the Hightower family began, as Michael directed Diana to a place beside him on a cozy over-stuffed sofa. "In the anti-bellum days, this was built by a French family by the name of Duvalle and was a main base for smuggling slaves to the free states."

"You can still see the remains of some underground vaults they hid escaping slaves in until they could manage passage north," Michael interjected. "There's some out back I can show you if you're interested."

Diana nodded and listened as her father-in-law went on, once again struck by the great resemblance of the two men.

"Michael's right, this place has several quirks which make it interesting. But back to the Duvalles. It seems just prior to the Civil War, there was a family split at which time one half of the family turned in the other half for their slave-oriented activities. The locals hereabouts had a quick kangaroo trial and a mass hanging of Duvalles down at the parish courthouse. The remaining half of the family apparently moved down to New Orleans where they dropped the "e" on their name. I noticed in the papers three months back where several 'Duvalls' had been arrested by the Police for some involvement in a ritual style slaying."

"Not your basic friendly types," Diana commented as she listened to her father-in-law, amazed by the similarity between his and Michael's voice.

The elder Hightower went on and explained how the house was taken over by carpetbaggers after the war and then went through a series of owners, who left it in the state of ruin he had found it in. He explained how twenty years ago he had rebuilt the mansion.

As he continued Diana realized that had she not been looking at the older man, she would not have been able to tell his voice from that of her husband's.

With a little questioning, Diana learned that the Hightower family was not Southern but had come from New England, where they still owned partial interest in a shipping firm.

The conversation then turned to her and Michael and their plans. Not to mention several glasses of wine. By ten, the day's drive and the soothing effects of the drinks had left Diana drowsy and she excused herself. Michael remained in the den, explaining Lorraine wanted to show him some additions to the house before he retired.

Upstairs, she quickly slipped from her slacks and showered, letting the full force of the streaming water work over her naked body like tiny massaging fingers. Feeling somewhat refreshed, she stepped from her bath and toweled dry.

Deciding she wasn't as tired as she originally had thought, she pulled a paperback from her suitcase. Bouncing down into the softness of the bed, she attempted to force herself into the storyline of the novel, but a decided chill to the room kept her mind from the words.

Admitting to herself she'd have to give up the freedom of nudity in favor of warmth, she rose from the downy softness of the bed and crossed the room to retrieve a robe from the closet. Selecting a thin, suggestive nylon piece that would fire Michael's interest on his return, she pulled it from its hanger and slipped into the flimsy, but warming garment.

A soft glow of light radiating from the back of the closet caught her eyes. Shoving the hanging clothes aside, Diana studied what appeared to be a wide crack separating the large panels at the rear of the closet, the faint glow seeping through the opening. Puzzled, she reached out. As her fingertips touched the slightly disjarred panel, it swung back. Behind it was a narrow corridor, opening in both directions behind the wall.

Her father-in-law's description of the mansion "having several quirks" flashed through her mind as she stepped into the closet for a closer examination of the discovery. Ducking her head through the aperature, she peered down the passage. Only darkness met her eyes to the right, but to the left, the corridor took a sharp ninety degree turn. The glow that had first drawn her attention seemed to brighten some around the dog leg.

Secret panels and a secret passage, the whole concept intrigued her. And as she pulled a lamp from one of the end tables by the bed and plugged it into a wall socket near the closet, she realized why the heroines in all those Gothic adventures never faltered in exploring such discoveries - plain, simple curiosity.

That same curiosity now took hold of her. However, she wasn't about to make the same foolish mistakes ineptly made by the dumb broads of the late night movies. Placing the lamp on the floor of the closet, she switched it on. It would serve as a beacon to guide her return, if the glow should suddenly disappear. As an extra precaution, she firmly lodged one of Michael's shoes across the threshold of the secret doorway to act as a wedge should the panel somehow decide to close itself, or should someone

else come to the same conclusion.

Then she slipped into the passage.

She tingled with the excitement of the situation as she moved down the narrow corridor. Her steps were slow and deliberate, doing her best to proceed in silence. The scenes of a thousand screen thrillers flashed through her mind with every step she took.

Her eyes darted from side to side examining her confining surroundings. If this were a secret passage, it certainly didn't fit the normal description given to one by writers, she noted as she grew closer to the turn in the corridor and the dim glow. There were no cobwebs and interspaced on the ceiling every twenty feet or so, she could detect light bulbs, although none of these were lit at the moment.

Gingerly, she felt her way down the fifty feet from the closet and rounded the corner. There she found the passage opened into a small nook. Side by side in the limited space of the cubby hole area were six folding chairs, facing the curtain-covered wall where she stood. The glow, which lit the room in a dusk-like quality, suffused out from behind the edges of the drapery. On the far side of the chair-filled room, the passage began again. However, to continue only offered darkness.

All in all she found her discovery rather anti-climatic - a conclusion that was short-lived as she tucked her fingers between the heavy drapery and parted the cloth slightly for a peek at what lay on the other side.

The other side was a huge glass window!

And beyond the transparent barrier was a spacious bedroom containing a bed that could have been a sister to the one in her room. She then saw the occupants of the strangely windowed room - Paula and Kate.

The stepsisters stood at the side of the bed nearest the glass. They were dressed only in panties and bras. The remainder of their clothing was strewn on the floor at their feet.

As Diana watched, confused by the unexpected sight, the two young girls stepped to each other. Their hands reached and touched for a brief instant. They smiled and spoke, but Diana was unable to hear what was said. But when they suddenly embraced in an open-mouth kiss, their arms wrapping around each other tightly, there was no doubt in her mind as to what had been the substance of their brief exchange.

Diana found herself mesmerized by the alluring beauty of the young, half-clad bodies pressed together in voluptuous pleasure. Unexplainable shivers coursed through her as she watched their still forming breasts press against their near nakedness; the whiteness of their flesh attempting to spill out over the confining cups of their bras.

Their lips worked together. She felt a dampness welling within her as she detected the flurried pinkness of their exploring tongues dance back and forth into their mouths, probing and teasing each other.

Unable to withdraw from her voyeur's position, she stared as their hands slowly roved over the gentle curves of the backs, slipping along the slopes of their spines to the pert roundness of their asses. Their fingers toyed and played, ducking under the elastic of their panties to soothingly caress the tantalizing cushions of their hindcheeks.

As she watched, the blonde-haired Paula stepped away from the embrace. Her arms reached behind her back and easily unclasped the tiny hooks holding her bra. The white garment fell away to join the

rest of the clothes on the floor. Her tits, young and firm, did a bouncy little dance, eventually standing from her chest like two proud cones of beckoning delight.

While the black-headed Kate at her side and Diana, from her position behind the glass, gazed with admiring eyes, the slim blonde tucked her fingers under the band of her panties and slowly wiggled the nylon briefs downward, over the youthful curve of her shapely hips and an equally shapely pair of sleek, supple legs.

Holding her hands out, she summoned the younger girl to her and their mouths joined once again. This time Kate's slim, graceful fingers were given full rein to her partner's body. Lightly her fingers fondled the smooth texture surface of the unblemished skin. Downward they traveled once again finding the tempting slopes of jutting rear mounds.

She grasped, her hands squeezing into the softness of the other girl's ass with almost brutal force. Heated, red ass flesh squinched up between her fingers as she kneaded the plump curves. Over and over, her eager hands squeezed and moulded tightly into the pliant cushions.

Then her fingers were moving again - moving toward the deep crease separating the firm buttocks. Taunting, her fingertips toyed up and down the dark, tight-pressed line. The naked girl pressed against the body of her manipulator, trembling and tightening her hold on the dark-haired beauty that teased excited thrills at her bottom. The naked cones of her tits pushed hard against her feminine lover, their firm shape flattening to balls of resilient flesh.

Still exploring, the titillating fingers delved into the dark crease. In determined fashion they twirled and tickled, then there was a sharp plunge.

The naked blonde jerked rigid. Her mouth wrenched away from her partner's. With urgency, she pressed against the girl before her as if trying to mount her. Her red young lips parted in a silent moan of lust-pleasure as the still clothed girl's finger penetrated into the tight confines of her anal mouth. She clung to the black-haired girl as the spearing digit began to pump in and out of her asshole.

Faster and faster the finger of the younger girl lunged into the tight rectal pocket of her partner's rear. In penis-imitating fashion, she worked her attack. In and out she drilled into the volcanic fire of the squeezing hole. Out and in, her finger speared toward the back recesses of the ass she now possessed.

The long strands of blonde hair flew like a furious mist of gold, as the older youth received every lancing impact of the finger-fucking she was getting. Her head rolled on her shoulders in wanton abandon. Her mouth was open in a constant groan of growing lust.

In an almost subtle movement, the dark-haired girl slipped her free hand from the ass it held and slid it around to the soft blonde pubic moss covering the exposed cunt that was open to her. With little or no difficulty, she tickled a finger upward into the waiting lips of the hungry pussy before her. Matching the rhythm of her poling finger in the rear, she plowed into the silken, wet vagina with her newly entrenched finger.

Doubly impaled and doubly fucked, the blonde's body was one quake of trembling flesh. Her body rolled and ground into the girl manipulating her desire. Her conical tits rolled against the still partially clothed girl. Her body glistened with excited perspiration. Her hands clutched desperately at the girl's back, nails biting into the whiteness of young flesh.

Her hips bucked back and forth trying to accept the dual impalement simultaneously. Her body quaked and jerked as she took the two fingers that slid into the liquid warmth of her young snatch and the fiery channel of her bowels at the same time. She rocked and writhed in her standing position as if unable to

get enough of the double finger attack soon enough.

In and out the probing digits sluiced into her throbbing pussy and drilled into her aching ass in unison. Out and in, they blasted undeniable lust through her willing body. In and out, they pumped through the pleasure-pulsing portals of her near agony need.

In a fevered frenzy, she came, her body going rigid, then collapsing into a mass of quivering, quaking flesh caught in the fantastic throes of orgasmic satisfaction. Trembling and clutching, her writhing body pressed urgently against the girl who had brought such prodigious gratification to her.

Somehow, as Diana still peered on from behind the curtain, the younger Kate managed to lower her step-sister to the side of the bed, gently caressing and kissing her as the lovely blonde slowly descended from the heights of pleasure she had been exploded into.

Diana quivered with growing arousal as she watched the two girls. She had never before realized that the sight of two women making it could be so exciting. While she had often wondered what it would be like to have another woman exploring her body, she had never allowed the situation to occur, although during her first years in college dormitory life had presented more than one such chance.

Now as she stood as a voyeur to these two beautiful young girls, she found her body reacting with undeniable excitement. She almost felt the sleekness of their skin against hers, their exploring hands and fingers on and in her body.

Diana pulled the thin robe she wore closely to her. Not so much to close out the chill that was still present, but to keep her own hands from creeping to the wet cleft of her loins to satisfy the growing need that flamed within her.


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