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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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4 Chapter 4

"She's a very pretty girl, Michael," Lorraine said simply, as she maneuvered her stepson into the mansion's library.

"Very attractive," Michael smiled, glancing at the older woman. "She's everything I'd hoped to find in a woman, attractive, intelligent and...."

"And sexual ..." Lorraine's lips formed a coy, knowing smile and her blue eyes flashed with sudden amusement.

Michael didn't answer, but moved away from his stepmother, his eyes darting around him, surveying the floor-to-ceiling shelves of books that lined the wall's of the Hightower library. His father was a collector, This one room contained a small fortune in first editions.

But Lorraine's mind was far from the rare volumes. "Your telegram came as a surprise. We knew that you and Diana were living together, but marriage?"

He twisted around to face the woman again. His eyes widened, obviously

irritated by her last remark

But Lorraine ignored his reaction and pressed further, "Does she know about the Hightowers?"

Michael's eyes glanced to the floor and he shook his head, receiving a chuckle of growing amusement from the woman.

"Your father and I had expected that you would have at least brought Diana to meet us before you married her," Lorraine continued. "I'm disappointed in you."

"Why?" Michael snapped. "Why should I have brought Diana here? I wouldn't have done it now, if it hadn't have been for the trust."

The woman no longer chuckled, but laughed. Michael had known this was going to happen. He should have tried to avoid it, but he knew that that would have been impossible. He had never been able to avoid Lorraine. Never!

"Poor Michael, afraid his family will frighten off his young bride," she laughed louder, the obviously unconfined mounds of her breasts juggling freely beneath the silky fabric of her caftan.

Damn! he silently cursed himself, as he felt the familiar tightening of his groin. He shouldn't have let this happen. But now that it was here, there was no way of getting out of it.

"I'm sorry, Michael," his stepmother abruptly ceased her laughter. "I didn't mean that. Please forgive me. It's just that this is so unlike you. I don't understand."

The young man's dark eyes studied her, remembering and trying to forget. "Things are different now,

Lorraine. Diana and I are starting a life together. The things that happened here are ... well, they're gone.

They're part of the past!"

"Are they, Michael?" she smiled gently, the blueness of her eyes alive with a light of certainty. "Are you sure it's gone? Just like that; just because you say it's gone?"

"Yes, I'm sure," he nodded, lowering his eyes from hers to escape her probing gaze and feeling more and more uneasy by the moment.

The softness of her fingertips were on his cheek, lightly caressing. His eyes rose to her again and that confident smile on the fullness of her lips. There was no denying that Lorraine was a beautiful woman, a fact that had always drawn him and a fact that she had used on him ever since her marriage to his father. He wanted to escape her gaze, but she held him as she had always held him.

"I don't think anything has changed, Michael. I don't think you want anything to change," she whispered, her head moving slowly toward him. "I think you want me as much as you've always wanted me."

He moved his head away, but the fingers on his cheek increased their pressure, easing his mouth back. Then her lips were on his, teasing with a light brushing quiver. She pressed harder, her tongue darting from her mouth and flicking over his lips. But he held firm, refusing her the entrance she wanted.

"Why are you fighting it?" she glanced up to him, when she finally pulled away. There was hurt in her eyes; a hurt that filled him with an aching hollowness. "It's been a long time, Michael. I've been waiting for this. I want it and I can feel that you want it as much as I do."

She pressed her lips to his again. This time her arms circled his back, pulling her body close so that the heavy balls of her tits rolled against him, taunting him with their cushiony softness. Her pelvis wedged its way to his crotch, rubbing the plump mound of her pubis over the rising length of his prick.

You're right, you hot bitch! he cursed his weakness, as his mouth opened to accept the welcomed offering of her probing oral digit. I never could refuse you! Never could deny that exquisite cunt of yours!

Totally confident of herself now, her sureness boostered by the thickening pole she had created in the crotch of his jeans, her tongue drilled into her step-son's mouth, swirling and twirling around his tongue.

Her lips pressed hard to his, forcing his mouth wider as she tried to drive her oral digit down his throat. As his arms closed around her, she moved her body, mashing her breasts harder against his chest and greedily rubbing the firm, fleshy mound of her sex over the solid rod of cock straining out from his pants.

Enticing him into her mouth, her lips and teeth lightly closed around his tongue. She sucked, as her pelvis undulated into his, emphasizing what it was that she wanted. She sucked, promising the oral delights she had so expertly laved on his cock innumerable times in the past. She sucked until a slight saline taste suffused through her mouth, then she released his tongue and their mouths parted.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it?" she smiled, reveling in the feel of his young arms around her.

"Lorraine ..." he began.

She interrupted whatever he had intended to say as her mouth covered his again and the flickering flurry of her tongue invaded his mouth once again, twisting with its tantalizing gyrations. She parted from him only when she felt his hips swaying with the sensuous rhythm of her pelvis. And when her lips did leave his, she removed his arms from around her and stepped back.

Her eyes glowed with the growing lust that coursed through her body, as she reached behind her back and found two small snaps and unclasped them. Then her fingers discovered the zipper beneath and edged it down its jagged-tooth path. Her smile of confidence widened as she noticed that her stepson's eyes were riveted to her every action, his nostrils flaring slightly with excitement.

The caftan fell away from her body in one smooth motion, like a sheet unveiling some sculpture. But this work of art was alive. He found himself gulping deeply as he stared at her. Not only was she braless, but she wore no other undergarments.

He had forgotten just how beautiful Lorraine was, just how desirable a woman she was, just how much she affected him, as the throbbing stiffness bulging from his jeans testified to.

The fairness of her blonde hair matched the creamy texture of her flawless skin. Her tits were big! Breasts that were heavy globes of pendulous flesh that danced resiliently on her chest as she breathed. Topping each of those fascinating, pillow-like mounds were light brown aureoles and nipples that had already begun to stiffen with desire.

Her stomach had lost the flatness of youth, but it was far from a gross, bulging midriff. Her belly was a slight protruding slope that led his eyes downward to the plump mound of her pubis. No longer did her love knoll sport the soft brown sexual fur it had worn the last time he had seen her. Now there was only a continuation of the milky smoothness of her skin. Shaven and bare, her cunt posed with the innocence of a young girl.

His balls drew themselves tightly into the security of their sac as she moved back toward him, wagging the delightfully flaring curves of her hips in an exaggerated sway. Her tits juggled liquidly from her chest. Her eyes flashed with abandoned lust.

Back in his arms, she covered his mouth with hers, as his hands roved over the sleek smoothness of her back. His fingers eagerly crept to the jutting roundness of her buttocks and squeezed into the fleshy cheeks of her ass, arousing moans from the depths of her throat. She wiggled, rolling her voluptuous nakedness against him, as if trying to push herself through the clothing he still wore.

In a surprising abrupt movement, the nude woman suddenly pulled away from him and with a devilish grin, dropped to her knees before him. With the same quickness, her long fingers darted to his fly, attempting to free the zipper. But his hands were on hers, moving them away from his crotch.

"Lorraine ... please ... Diana," he gazed down at the lovely vision of womanly servitude at his feet.

Naked and willing, she stared up to him, uncomprehending this last moment of hesitation.

Unwilling to be denied, her head leaned forward and her lips kissed along the swollen bulge covered by the coarseness of his jeans. Even through the fabric of his pants, he could feel the warmth of her breath permeating the cloth and flowing around the solidness of his manhood. He shuddered as he weakly fought the desire that swirled up through his loins, then moaned and released her hands.

Her fingers, free once again, found the metal hinge of his fly and yanked down its jagged-edged course. The smell of his manliness flooded her nostrils, even before her lust-controlled fingers tucked inside his fly and touched the stiff column of manmeat. The odor was far from offensive. It was a deep musky aroma that she had come to love during her years, an erotic scent of manhood that only stimulated her more.

Carefully, she worked the thick pole of his prick from his pants, then sat back on her calves to examine the swollen shaft as it came free. It has been a long time, she mused to herself, as her fingers tenderly traced along the rod of hardened flesh she had created.

She relished the smoothness of his cockflesh and the virile solidness that throbbed under her fingertips.

Even as she watched, the plumpness of his glans seemed to swell even fuller.

Her head moved forward as her stepson watched. Her red, puckered lips kissed at the sleekness of his cock's crown, sucking away the clear preseminal juices that welled out from its slitted mouth. He felt good, manly, his sex warm and soft against her lips. She felt him quiver and found herself doing likewise in a lusty reaction.

Edging her mouth from his lust-wand, she rolled her eyes upward and smiled at the pleasure she found on his face, then turned her eyes once more to the fat stalk possessed by her fingertips. Closing her eyes, she moved forward, letting the flicking probe of her tongue tip guide her to his cock. She delighted at the shuddering thrills she ignited within her stepson, as the feathery touch of her tongue brushed over his blood-engorged glans. But more than that, she relished the oral-tactile taste of him that she received.

In long, lubricious laps, she lost herself in the pleasure of the task she had taken on. Up and down the thick circumference of his sex, her tongue curled and caressed. The cock she laved twitched and jerked strongly under her ministrations, only stirring her eageress. Over and under the firm length, she licked and washed. His feel was marvelous, hard, smooth, soft and demanding all at the same time. She couldn't get enough of it quick enough to suit her!

She scooted even closer to him, allowing her lips to join the revelry her tongue had found on his sex. So smooth! she moaned as she mouthed her way up and down the lust-ladened shaft of sex. She trembled with mounting excitement with the thought that she soon would bury this pulsating pole within her face. So warm! And so smooth!

Licking and kissing her way from the hairy base of his cock to the pleasantly thick knob of his glans, she once more pulled away from him. Opening her eyes, she glanced back to the young face above her. He smiled, as his hands reached out and his fingers weaved through the pale blonde strands of her hair, then slowly eased her face back to the jutting shaft of his prick.

Her lips kissed the plum-like crown of his cock and her tongue drilled into the slit-mouth. But his hands, increasing in their urgent pressure, demanded more.

Her lips pouted deliciously over the swollen glans, accepting his cock into her mouth. Following the pressure at the back of her head, she eased forward. The ponderous mass of his sex invaded her face,

filling her mouth and sliding into her throat. Suppressing the urge to gag, she breathed deeply through her nose, then inched all the way down the thickness of his root, until her lips flattened around the base of his cock and she had taken every pulsing inch of him.

His balls did an arousing series of flip-flops as he watched his stepmother slowly slide off the lancing shaft of his manhood. He had known this would happen. He had known and still he had come with her. Perhaps she had been right. Perhaps he had no desire to bury the past. He certainly had no urge to stop the fantastic sensations she was creating with her mouth. He wanted her to suck him. He wanted her mouth eating at his cock. He wanted to slide atop the welcoming bed of her body and fuck the juice-filled pussy between her legs. She was right! It had been a long time! And whether he liked to admit it or not, he had missed the sensual delights this beautiful woman, his father's wife, could so expertly give him.

Diana! his mind flashed to his young bride, who awaited him in their room. His young wife, who he had left alone so that he could once again share the carnal pleasure that his stepmother could provide. What would Diana do, if she knew?

Suddenly the provocative mouth so lovingly wrapped around his prick began to suck, driving away all the uneasy thoughts of Diana, demanding his full attention!

She pulled at his glans, doing her damnedest to dislodge them from his cock. She sucked, drawing even more blood into his already gorged length. Her lips were taut and white around him, under the strength of their hold. He moaned and hunched his hips forward. In a well-timed reaction, she abruptly eased her oral grip and opened her mouth to accept the shafting column that speared deeply into her face. Then she sucked her way back to the fat crown at its tip.

Downward, her lips slid again, swallowing up his swollen length, then off she came, then she swallowed him up again. He watched hypnotized by the greedy movements of her lips. Up and down, her head bobbed along his stalk of meat. His balls were firing with desire. They simmered, then boiled, as his hips began to pump in and out, fucking her mouth.

Suddenly, he jerked himself away from her lips of pleasure. Her eyes flared open and gazed up at him filled with confusion.

"I want your pussy," he moaned, his face twisted with the determination it had taken to pull himself free from her magnificent lips. I want those beautiful tits of yours."

The dull confusion of her eyes failed quickly and was replaced by flaming lust, as she rolled to her back. The creamy whiteness of her thighs spread, allowing him an unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pubic mound and the slightly pouting, pink lips of her labia.

Managing to rid himself of his own clothes, he knelt beside her on the carpeted floor. He suppressed the overwhelming desire to immediately scoop up handfuls of her abundance of titflesh. Instead, he leaned over, his lips smothering hers and his tongue darting into the humid warmth of her mouth, that had seconds ago held his cock.

When they parted, it was only for a moment, a brief pause to catch a quick breath, then her mouth was planted strongly against his, the soft wetness of her tongue duelling over the interior of his mouth. Opening his jaws wider, he accommodated the strong thrusts of her oral probe, as she strove to drive down his throat. Her hands were cradled to each side of his face, holding him firmly as she worked around in his mouth.

Seemingly eons later, she eventually withdrew, allowing him entrance into her mouth once again.

Repeating her own actions, he drilled his tongue toward her tonsils, as if trying to crack her jaws. But she simply opened wider, accepting his searching of the recesses of her mouth. A wanton "oooohhhh" came from her throat as they parted. But more important, the slight interruption of their mounting passion had allowed him to once more gain control over the lust that burned within his testicles.

Her eyes fluttered open, misted with the desire that consumed her voluptuous body. She smiled, moving her hands from his face and found his wrist on the rounded smoothness of her milky shoulders. It took only the barest minimum of pressure to slide his fingers downward to the pillowy mounds of her tits. She trembled and whimpered with excitement as his hands nudged at the curving circumferences of her breasts.

No longer repressing his desire to manhandle the heavy, slightly flattened globes, he accepted his stepmother's invitation and roughly grabbed up two handfuls of creamy, moldable titty and squeezed. A grateful moan came from her and the woman beside him arched her back upwards, pressing the heavy mounds into his warm palms.

Firmly grasping the summery mounds, he pulled upward, stretching the globes into pointed cones. Then he released his holds, watching as the elastic-like flesh bounced resiliently and juggled back into its original shape. Again and again, he pulled the pliable globes upward and released them, playing like a child lost in the world of a new toy. When he tired, he pushed them upward on her chest, delighting with every jostling bobble, as they rolled back into shape. He tugged downward, enjoying the similar, reversed action of her tits.

Then he moved in with his mouth, sucking up and nibbling on an unsuspecting nipple that was perched hard and erect atop one of the tempting pillows of flesh.

"UH! Arrggghhh!" his stepmother grunted under the unannounced oral


Quaking, she arched her back higher, trying to smother him in the satin-covered cushions of her chest. Widening his mouth, he gobbled up as much of the warm, excited flesh as he could. Again she grunted and trembled, her hands clutching at the back of his neck and pulling him to her.

Occupying one of the aroused globes with a barrage of licking, sucking and nibbling, he made sure that its twin sister was not left unattended, by cupping as much of the quivering, marshmallowy flesh as he could and rolling it on her chest.

Her excitement reached a fevered pitch and he jerked his mouth away from the now pleasure-aching crown of her breast, despite the lust obscured protests that garbled from her lips. Without pausing he dropped to the other massive tit and reversed his attack. Using mouth and hands together, he whipped this desire-laden woman back to the heights his abrupt change of pace had wrenched her from.

From years filled with past experiences of exploring this tantalizing woman's body, he knew that with just a little more teasing, he could bring her off by simply manipulating her breasts and with no other stimulation. But he wanted to be inside her cunt; that delightfully shaven mound of sex he knew was throbbing between her spread legs.

As abruptly as before, he pulled away from her breasts, leaving only his hands to gently fondle the warm, aroused flesh of her tits. Again her eyes fluttered open, showing a mixture of lust and confusion.

He felt her legs open further and glanced downward. The wetness of her desire oozed from the deep cleft of her loins. Her hand crept to his prick and gently pulled.

Following the urging tag of her fingers, he slid atop her and between the inviting spread of her thighs, lowering himself on the luxurious bed of her body, so that the majority of his weight was born by his elbows on either side of this willing and wanton woman.

Between his own legs was the wonderful feel of her hand guiding the turgid tip of his cock into the pouted lips of her pussy. The sensation was fantastic, familiar, but exciting, like a homecoming. The fantastic sensation increased tenfold as her hips twitched and her cunt swallowed his glans in the outer lips of her labia. It was his turn to moan as he lay there motionless, feeling his stepmother tremble and quiver in anticipation of what would transpire next.

It would have been enough to just lay there until her lust became uncontrollable and she begged to be fucked. But her mouth and his eager manipulations of her ponderous breasts had affected him as much as it had her. Lust won out over control!

In one hard thrust, he plunged into the liquid warmth of her cunt, lashing into her like a rapist taking a virgin. But she was no virgin, nor had she wanted to be one since that first cock had torn its way through her hymen leaving its never healing wound in her vagina. Her hips leapt up to welcome his entrance. Their bodies slapped together. Together they moaned, lost in the fulfillment of two willing and desirous people having achieved sexual union.

There were no longer thoughts of control as he wrenched out and lunged back into her body. He had but one thought - to fuck the hell out of this woman, who had brought him into the library for the sole purpose of having him fuck the hell out of her!

She had the same thought! Her legs locked around his, holding his firmly between her thighs, as if she expected him to attempt an escape. Her hands were at his back, fingernails biting into his skin. She twisted and rolled the heavy cushions of her breasts against his chest, exciting both him and herself at the same time.

Like a spike of flesh, he slammed into the humid hole of sex that swallowed his length and squeezed it in a chamber of velvet-covered steel muscles. As hard as he thrusted inward, he jerked out of the encompassing softness, knowing as he came free, her pussy flowed with him, its pink lips flowering outward.

Then he plunged inward again, trying to bang his cockhead against the opening of her cervix waiting in the depths of her belly. Grunting with pleasure, she welcomed the thick circumference. Deeper and deeper he drove and she felt the piston of pleasure stretch and fill the channel of her vagina. Her own muscles worked as best they could, as lust took complete control of her body. Squeezing, she desperately tried to grasp the hot rod that sliced in and out of her cunt.

"Harder," she mumbled in his ear between deeply sucking gasps of pleasure. "Harder! Drive it back into my mouth!"

He obliged by reaming as hard as he could into the exquisite heat of her pussy. He pounded and ravaged into the juice-slick tunnel of her belly. Like an angry jackhammer, he poled into her depths, his own lust screaming from the tight friction of her cunt.

Her hips worked in unison with him. As he plunged downward her pelvis jumped up and accepted every inch of swollen cock he could stuff into the mouth of her sex. As he wrenched out, in preparation for another lancing thrust, her hips fell away, her ass bouncing onto the floor beneath her. Then she was there with that predatory hunger for cock, sheathing his prick once more as he rammed into her again.

Their bodies melted into a tangle of hot, urgent, aching flesh as they worked together, feeding the flames

of desire that consumed them. In and out, he pumped into the clutching socket of her sex. Faster and harder, he tried to drive his thick, swollen lance of prick into her mouth as she had urged him.

Groaning and bucking, she existed only for the fat slab of manmeat that packed its way into her cunt. Her whole body was caught in a rushing tidal wave of sexual desire. Higher and higher, he whipped her on. Centering at their joined cores, swirling fingers of pleasure washed out and covered her. Each torrent of desire growing in strength, she was blasted into the exploding universe of orgasmic oblivion.

Clinging to the young man, her stepson, who still pumped himself into her body, she soared on a skyrocketing nebula of pleasure. Lust completely shattered her soul, then re-assembled it over and over.

Feeling the woman beneath him go rigid, he let the last wall of control crumble from his body, allowing the thick rush of sperm and semen to boil up through his cock and blast into the contracting hole of pussy surrounding him. Groaning in the stream of ecstasy that raced through his loins, he emptied his balls into the awaiting chalice of her belly. Gratefully, the steaming fountain of come spurted from his testicles, coating and soaking the quaking folds of her vagina. His whole body jerked and twitched as he drilled deep into the woman, his father's wife, under him, as the last drops of his release drained from his still hard and aching cock.

Clinging together, they entered the satisfaction of fulfilled desire. Caressing, they kissed and held each other. Still locked together, they rolled to their sides, man and woman, stepson and stepmother, as his hips once again began the steady in-out rhythm they both still hungered for.


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