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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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5 Chapter 5

Still clutching her thin robe to her aroused body, Diana tried to move away from the window into the girls' bedroom, but she couldn't. Paula's and Kate's sexual play fascinated her, drawing her eyes as the light of a candle draws a moth.

This uninhibited lovemaking between stepsisters was something new; something that incited strange, previously unfelt desires within her. As she watched them embrace and caress on the bed, she could feel their young, exploring hands on her body and wished that the sensations that coursed through her were more than just mental. She wanted to be in the room with them; wanted to feel their mouths and hands and bodies pressed against her.

Paula, removing Kate's arms from around her nakedness, suddenly rose from the bed and held her hand out to her sister. The dark-haired, younger girl smiled, obvious excitement in her dark eyes, and bounced up, taking the blonde's hand. The older girl leaned forward and gently kissed her companion's lips, then led her before the window.

Together they stared at Diana!

She had been discovered!

Diana's heart missed several beats. No better than a common window peeker, the two girls had found her gazing in on their sexual pastimes. She felt a hot, embarrassed heat flush through her body.

No! They didn't see her! she suddenly realized. The two teen-age girls had not found her out. They were staring straight at her, but they didn't see her. Relief flooded her body and at the same time, her mind reeled with confusion. How could they not see me?

Then it dawned on her.

The alcove, the chairs, the curtained window - all of it made sense. The window wasn't a window at

all, but one of those one-way mirrors which allow persons behind them to see out, but persons on the other side see nothing but a silver surfaced mirror. And the alcove and the chairs were nothing more than a small viewing area for spectators to gaze upon the activities in the bedroom. Sexual activities, she assumed.

Another of the mansion's "quirks," she grinned to herself, as she wondered how many guests to the Hightower estate had been placed in this bedroom. And even more interesting were the possibilities of who used the alcove. The lack of dust she had previously detected and the electric lights that hung from the ceiling pointed to the fact that the alcove with its special "Window" were used. Was this the strangeness of the Hightower family that Michael had tried to warn her of? Was this viewing area here when the Hightowers bought the mansion? Or was it an addition that the elder Hightower had dreamed up? The whole implications of this voyeuristic haven fascinated her.

But even more fascinating was the activity of the two girls on the other side of the one-way mirror. Now secure in her position, Diana watched, feeling the wanton throbs of lust rising in her again.

Paula now stood behind her sister. Both girls gazed into the mirrored side of the glass, smiling and unaware of their new sister-in-law who watched their every move.

For a few brief seconds, the older girl was busy behind the dark-haired girl, then Kate's bra came free, falling away from her body. Diana found herself gasping with excitement as she stared at the young girl's exposed tits. Still developing, the young breasts were perfect cones, white, soft and smooth and topped by dark mushrooms; nipples that were stiff and erect from the sexual play she had so vigorously taken part in.

Unseen hands suddenly began to move the girl's briefs down the rounded curves of her hips, as Paula worked at the panties from behind. The light cloth panties dropped around the girl's ankles and she stepped free, gazing at her nakedness in the mirror, as did Paula. And as did Diana from the other side of the mirror.

The older girl's arms slid around her partner's midriff and pulled the girl back to her. Taunting with her lips and tongue, the blonde slowly and tantalizingly kissed her way up her stepsisters shoulder. Her teeth joined in as she reached the younger girl's neck, teasing her way to the sensitive lobe of her ear. As she tongued and kissed at Kate's neck and ear from behind, Paula's hands eased their way up from her waist and cupped gently beneath Kate's cone-shaped breasts.

Both the girls' eyes once more turned to the mirror as they watched Paula fondle and taunt the beautifully matched tits she possessed.

Lightly, with a show of knowledge that spoke of several similar experiences, her fingers lightly brushed and caressed the young cones. Over and around the sleek whiteness of the breasts, her fingertips swirled in exciting little circles. Spiralling upwards, her hands rose, until at last the tips of her fingers nudged at the aroused dark buds of Kate's nipples.

Diana could see the younger girl gasp with rising desire under the expert manipulations of her stepsister. Kate's dark eyes fluttered, doing their best to remain open and view the titillating scene of her body being caressed, but the sensations Paula ignited in her body were stronger, eventually winning out, and the younger girl closed her eyes, losing herself amid the pleasure that flowed through her tits.

The blonde beauty suddenly stepped in front of the girl she fondled and dipped her mouth to the breasts she handled with loving care. Her cheeks hollowed deeply as she sucked up one of the dark cherries of flesh atop one of the cones. The younger girl trembled, her hands reaching out and squeezing brutally into the tits of her companion. Neither of the girls seemed to mind in the least.

Moving her mouth to the opposite knoll of breast, Paula's tongue, wet and pink, flicked out from behind her lips and lashed back and forth across the new nipple it found. Vigorously, she worked her oral digit until the black-haired girl moaned for her to stop. When she did, she opened her mouth and stuffed as much of the titflesh as she could into her. She ate, contented with the silken textured cushion of flesh her mouth had found. She sucked and nibbled, her tongue laving its way over the hard button of nipple their passion had created.

Her hands moving to Kate's shoulders, Paula slowly edged the younger girl back toward their bed, while her mouth continued to excite fresh thrills through the enticing young body. Automatically, the black-haired girl sat on the bed, jerking her reddening breast from her companion's eager mouth. She smiled, then lay back, spreading her thighs wide, presenting an unobstructed path to the plump little mound of her sex and the black pubic moss that was bushed over it.

Paula dropped to her knees and leaned forward. Her lips lightly kissed the dark triangle of shiny fur covering her sister's snatch, eliciting quivery little trembles from her partner. Then her tongue once more darted out and weaved through the forest of pubic down, tickling and teasing around the already wet cleft of Kate's sexual lips, but never dipping into the hot hole of her young cunt.

Easing back just a little, the blonde-headed girl moved her hand between her sister's thighs, spreading the lips of her pussy so that she could see the extended bud of the girl's clit and the scalloped inner lips of her labia. Again, her head ducked downward. Her tongue flicked out and ran up and down the pink slash of the girl's sex.

Expertly, her tongue tip dipped lightly into the musky cleft, tapping and twirling out its exciting dance of pleasure. The girl above her moaned and reached down, grabbing her head. She resisted the urgent fingers that pushed her face forward, delighting in the effect her tauntings had produced. Up and down the pink slit of Kate's opened pussy she teased and aroused.

Then her tongue skipped upward, gently caressing the nubbin of ecstasy. She tenderly kissed the super-sensitive clit, hearing the moans of approval that came from above her. She licked and carefully lapped at the enticing button, twirling her tongue around its tiny circumference. Her lips closed around the bud of sensation and she sucked at it as a woman might suck at the cock of a man.

The black-headed beauty, half on and half off the bed, writhed as her lovely companion unlocked thrill after excited thrill in her body. She begged and moaned. Her hands pulled at the blonde head that taunted and played with her growing arousal. Her satisfied groans filled the spacious bedroom as the titillating oral digit slipped from her clit and entered the heated channel of her cunt.

Paula's entry into her sister was far from gentle. It was quick and hard, spearing as deep as she could into the honey-filled socket, burying her face in the wetness of the girl's vagina. In and out, she probed in her penis-imitating oral style. She licked and lapped, eating her stepsister with unrestrained relish.

Soft and smooth, like oiled silk, her tongue moved around within the humid interior of the girl's cunt She sucked deeply, swallowing the thick sexual juices she drained from the quivering channel, then drilled her tongue back into the enticing folds of Kate's pussy.

Around and around, her inciting oral digit twisted its pleasure as Kate's hands pushed her face into the mouth of her belly. The younger girl writhed and quivered on the bed as her passion rose to a consuming fever of lust. She groaned as she felt the delightful tongue once more change its tactics, pumping in and out of her vagina. Her own pelvis began to move, undulating with the rhythm of the mouth that ate at her.

Suddenly, there was a finger on her clit, rolling and fondling the aroused button. The dual stimulation rocked her with lusted madness. Body jolt after body jolt sizzled through her over and over as the

waves that throbbed in her thighs expanded, blasting outward.

In and out, the blonde's tongue drilled, spearing to its limits within her. Faster and faster, her oral probe reamed around in the humid softness of her cunt. Around and around, the fondling finger rolled her clit.

She groaned and moaned as she rose on the skyrocket of ecstasy. Her thighs exploded and pleasure raced through her body. Crying out in desire, she pushed desperately at the head working so wonderfully at her sex, then abruptly released her hold, giving way to the sweetness of oblivion.

Giving her sister's throbbing cunt one last hasty kiss, Paula rose. She smiled down on the younger girl who writhed and moaned on the bed, then stepped across the room to a chest of drawers.

Diana gasped once again as she saw what the older girl extracted from the top drawer of the chest. She had seen them before, in the men's magazines Michael brought home, and had occasionally sneaked peeks at them amid the glass cases of adult book stores they had gone to. They carried the sterile name of "marital aid" on all the advertising she had seen. Commonly they were called dildoes. And the one Paula was now strapping around her waist was at least seven inches long, and an inch thick. It was hard looking and complete with a red rubber head and rubber balls dangling beneath.

Smiling lewdly to herself, the blonde-haired beauty stepped back to the bed and eased her sister's thighs open. She grasped the imitation cock with one hand and stepped between the inviting "Y" opened before her. Carefully guiding her rubberized manhood into the target she sought, her hips jerking forward and burying most of the thick hose into her stepsister's cunt.

Still lost in the waves of pleasure that swirled through her body, the sudden plunging entrance of the dildo jolted Kate. Her body twitched and her eyes jerked open with surprise. A startled "Ahhhhhh!" was wrenched from her lips. Then she relaxed and gazed lovingly up to the older girl standing above her.

Leaning over the black-haired girl, Paula stretched her arms out and planted them to either side of her sister's head so that they supported the weight of her body. She lowered herself once, so that their lips met briefly. Kate's hands reached up and once more busied themselves with the elongated cones of titflesh that now dangled sleekly from Paula's chest. The older girl moaned and her pelvis hunched forward slamming about an inch of the dildo into her companion's pussy.

Raising her legs and resting her feet on the side of the bed, Kate opened the angle of entry into her body. She moaned as the thickness slid deeper into her. It filled her with its hardness, stuffing her cunt to the brim.

Paula edged back, glancing down to watch the imitation prick she wore glide from the snatch it had impaled. Long and slick with young womanly lubricants, it came out. She paused only when the knob-like head of the device was still buried within the hole she was now fucking. Then, slowly this time, her hips inched forward, drilling the rubbery hardness into her sister.

The younger girl groaned as she accepted the substitute manhood that skewered her body. Her hands squeezed and kneaded their approval into the firm cones of tit she held. Her own pelvis arched slightly to help take in the thickness that slithered into her belly.

Grinning with delight at the pleasure she fed inch by inch into the girl, Paula eased her hips outward once again, then moved them forward. Pleased with her role of a man-made man, her pelvis took up a steady in and out rhythm, a rhythm which Kate's hips matched stroke for stroke, welcoming the invading length of dildo that reamed into the depths of her quick.

Lovers once again, the two teen-age girls lost themselves in their lovemaking. Kate groaned and moaned

as her body was filled and packed with artificial cock. And Paula reveled in the sensations she ignited in her stepsisters body.

A movement to one side of the room diverted Diana's gaze from the two young girls. The overly large brass knob to the door moved and the heavy wooden portal inched into the bedroom. A boyish face, surrounded by a reddish-blonde mop of shaggy hair, poked inquiringly inside - Bryan!

The youth's eyes widened to saucers as his gaze moved around the room, alighting on his two sisters so obviously involved in themselves and the pleasure of their youthful bodies. The surprised expression quickly faded from his face and was replaced by one of pleased amusement. He edged inside the bedroom and stood silently watching the feminine couple, completely unnoticed by either Kate or Paula.

Perplexed and somewhat annoyed by the boy's presence and possible interruption of her private session of voyeurism, Diana intently eyed the intruder from behind the security of the one-way mirror, hoping he would leave as quietly as he had made his rude entrance into the room. But he didn't. Bryan just stood there, grinning from ear to ear as he gazed at the alluring, writhing bodies so lustfully joined on the bed.

Diana detected a definite increase in the labored rise and fall of the youth's muscular chest, which strained at the white fabric of his T-shirt as he sucked in his breath in deep gulps of arousal. But more notable was the growing bulge that filled the crotch of his jeans. There was no denying the testimony of his body. Bryan was every bit as affected by the stepsisters' carnal activities as she was.

In a quick flurry of eager young arms, the boy reached down and grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and hastily wrenched it up and over his head. As he pulled the white cotton shirt off his arms and tossed it atop the chest of drawers, Diana found herself gasping out loud to herself once again. Not the knotty, thick muscles of a football player or a weight lifter, but the long, graceful muscles of a young swimmer covered his body. She shivered as she watched the rippling strength that corded senuously beneath the golden browness of his suntanned skin.

Kicking his loafers free from his feet, the youth's fingers dropped to the front of his jeans and made short work of the series of awkward buttons running down his fly, then skinned the denim pants down his legs. His thighs and calves and tight-looking ass were a perfect match for his athletic physique.

And if there had been any doubt that Bryan was a young man, rather than a boy, it was quickly dismissed from Diana's mind, as his hands jerked his net-webbed briefs downward, revealing the rigid lance of his manhood that stood thickly from a forest of flaming red hairs covering his groin. His peeping-tomasita sister-in-law clutched her thin robe closer around her body, as she viewed the full size of his solid, pulsing cock.

Suddenly Diana's whole body quaked with flaring arousal as the youth's intent pushed its way through her lust clouded mind. He was going to join his sisters entangled so wantonly on the bed!

Stepping quickly to the same chest of drawers Paula had gone to for the dildo that was now strapped to her waist and reaming the tender, young pussy of her stepsister, Bryan retrieved a blue jar of petroleum jelly from that same top drawer. Dipping two fingers into the jar, he extracted a thick glob of the heavy lubricant and smeared it over the jerking thickness of his prick, until it glistened beneath the room's overhead light. Smiling down at his handy work, he recapped the jar and replaced it in the drawer.

He moved barefoot across the room, stopping but a foot behind his own sister. Gazing down, he watched the rhythmic undulation of the girls' lovely young bodies, as they continued their lovemaking still completely unaware of the masculine eyes that watched from behind.

Then he stepped forward, abruptly wrapping bit arms around his blonde-haired sister's slim shapely

waist, pressing his body firmly against her in a strong hug. The young girl's hips abruptly ceased their steady in-out motion and she jerked upright, slamming the full length of the dildo around her waist into the vulnerable cunt of the dark-headed beauty beneath her. Both the girls, surprised for their own separate reasons, looked around in confusion and in shock from the separate sudden intrusions.

Diana could see their worried looks quickly fade to ones of relief as they recognized the familiar body of their brother. Again the strange stirrings of lust flared violently within the young bride as she realized this incestuous scene had occurred before and on what appeared to be a fairly regular basis. Even more than before she felt the want and need to enter the bedroom behind her wall of one-way mirror and share the carnal pleasures of the three young bodies before her.

Bryan's lips and hands had now gone to work delightfully caressing the sleek, creamy curves of his sister's nakedness. His mouth languidly kissed and nibbled along the gentle slope of the smoothness of her bare shoulders and the graceful arch of her long white neck. In an aroused response, the blonde's hips slowly rotated, rubbing the white, rounded cushions of her rear mounds against the swollen stalk of cock pressed to her ass. On the opposite side of her tempting young body, the thick shaft of man-made dildo moved in a siow-motion churning within the wet pinkness of her stepsister's skewered cunt. Kate, in turn, moaned as she accepted the inciting gyrations of the girl's pelvis. Her eyes fluttered closed and her hands clutched tightly into the bedcovers beneath her naked body.

Unable to work his finger below the secure strap of the device Paula wore, the boy's hands drifted over the smoothness of her flat stomach in long, caressing circles, eventually creeping upward to the firm cones of tit that stood out proud and uptilted from her chest. His palms cupped the tepid silkness of her breasts. His fingers squeezed gently into the womanly luxury of her flesh, delighting as aroused moans worked up from the depths of her throat and pushed out over her writhing lips. Massaging and kneading the sleek, conical mounds, his fingers teased outward, tapping at the stiff buttons perched atop each of the tits. She quivered as the delicious excitement of his hands rushed through her body on a sizzling hotline to her loins. Her hips increased their provocative gyrations and received the lustful groaning of the girl impaled under her in approval.

As the boy's mouth found its way through the blonde cascade of his sister's hair to the sensitive lobe of her ear, his hands tightened their hold on her lovely young breasts. Kneading with an urgent firmness, his fingers worked roughly into the pliant mounds. He squeezed and rubbed over the firm cones, tweeking and taunting the hard nubbins of flesh that topped each of the cushion-like knolls like some sensual cherries.

Paula's head rolled back on his shoulder, her full red lips writhing their pleasure under the dual stimulation of her body. She groaned and shuddered with each new volley of delights he ignited within her. Her hips moved in a quickened pace, whipping the rubber cock she wore around in the opened hole of the black-headed girl between whose thighs she stood.

The youth's hands gave up their holds on her tits and moved to the rounded slopes of her white shoulders, gently pressing her forward. She followed the urgings of his palms and once more leaned over her stepsister, her arms extended before her for support. Kate's hands again rose, fondling the manhandled, heated cones of tit that dangled above her.

Bryan's hands, however, had slid around to Paula's temptingly upturned buttocks. His palms lovingly caressed the enticing smoothness of her plump, jutting ass cheeks. She moaned, shivering as she wiggled the twin cushions into his hands. The increased rotation of her hips brought fresh groans of arousal from the stepsister she poled so thoroughly.

In a quick backstep, the boy dropped to his knees behind his sister. His head leaned forward and

tenderly kissed the now pink-blushed rear mounds. Waves of excited gooseflesh rippled up and down the plane of the girl's back. She moaned and quivered. His hands then grasped each of the charming cheeks and slowly spread them. The deep, dark crease of the girl's ass widened, revealing the brown, taut ring of her anus.

Once again, his head moved in, homing on the dusky little target. Her supple young body jerked rigid with surprised pleasure as his lips softly brushed over her asshole. She moaned and quaked with growing arousal, urging him to further probings. Again, he kissed the tight nodes of her ass, feeling her quiver and the pillows of ass become taut under his fingers. Her plump little butt pushed into his face, pressing the warmth of her rear around him. She groaned as his mouth flattened against her rectum.

Kate's moans mingled with those of her stepsister's as she felt about an inch of the hose-like dildo slither from the clutching channel of her belly. The younger girl's hips began a writhing, bunching motion, as she began to fuck herself on the device so deeply impaled within her body.

The boy's tongue now joined his lips. Teasingly, he flicked the warm wetness of his oral digit over the hard little nodes of her anus. Her moans increased as the feathery tongue tip danced at the entrance of her ass. She wiggled and jerked, loving the feel of his mouth licking and taunting her.

Thoroughly slackened with his saliva, the tight, puckered ring of muscle relaxed. Soothingly, he continued his oral ministrations, knowing that with each broad laving stroke he now used, the desire of his sister's body was flaming higher and higher. And with each swirling lap of his tongue, he opened the way for the ultimate purpose of his tantalizing foreplay.

Next, the inquiring tip of his tongue darted to the center of the now relaxed ring of muscle. He drilled into her ass, an action that elicited a fresh chorus of thrilled moans from both the young girls, as they responded to the separate probes that moved in their bodies.

In and out, in cock-imitating fashion, the soft wetness of his tongue reamed its way into his sister's ass. He licked and laved within the velvet-like channel of her rear, slickening the path that would eventually accept the rigid, swollen shaft that throbbed at his loins; throbbed with the growing excitement of his lust. Around and around his tongue swirled, setting off thrills of sexual electricity that tingled along the open network of the girl's pleasure-heated nerves. In and out, he speared into her rectum, eating at her ass and preparing her for him.

The blonde's pelvis now moved in rhythm with the short quick strokes of the mouth at her ass. She helped his tongue fuck her asshole. And at the same time, her hips and the thick diIdo that was securely attached to them fucked the willing pussy of the black-haired young girl, voluptuously stretched out under her on the bed.

In his tongue drilled, taunting its warm way into the heat of her ass. And in turn, Paula's hips jerked forward, spearing the rubbery hose into Kate's flayed slash of sex. The younger girl, in the chain reaction response, arched her hips upward to receive every inch she could get, while her hands squeezed into the firm sleekness of her stepsister's elongated tits.

For minutes they worked this way, as Diana watched, her own arousal growing to near desperation. With increasing difficulty, their hidden sister-in-law hugged her robe to her, trying to keep her hand away from the wetness that flooded the throbbing channel of love between her thighs.

Bryan's face suddenly pulled away from his sister's ass. Giving each of the reddening rear cheeks one last quick kiss, he rose. His cock was a pole of hardened flesh, rigid and pulsating with its virile life. Its flowering knob-like head glistened with a mixture of clear lubricating jelly and preseminal fluids.

He eased the spread cushions of Paula's ass further apart, as he stepped forward again. The jerking glans of his prick kissed at the brown ring his mouth had so marvelously prepared. She groaned, tensing at the intimate contact of their naked bodies. Patiently, he waited, whispering and soothingly working the dual mounds of her perky ass. Slowly, she relaxed again, nodding for him to proceed.

Which is exactly what he did!

The gorged crown of his jelly-slickened rod nudged at the taut ring of muscle. He pushed forward against the puckered mouth, gently increasing the pressure of his hips. In an abrupt motion, her anus relaxed and the blood-laden tip of his cock was swallowed up.

He groaned as the quaking pleasure of her youthful tightness squeezed down around his glans. His hands gripped brutally into the flesh of her ass, as the exquisite vise of her sphincter muscles clamped down on the head of his prick. Heat, volcanic heat, seared over the sensitive, swollen spearhead. Her ass did another of its delightful little wiggles and he groaned again, as ball-aching sensations lashed through his groin.

He felt good, plugged into her that way, from behind. She shivered with the swollen feel of him. She liked it! And what's more, he knew she did!

Forcing herself to think relax, the strained channel of her rectum once more loosened and the invading thickness of his cock slithered deeply into the recesses of her bowels. Purposely this time, she clutched down on his fat rod, squeezing herself around its gorged circumference. Together they moaned, filled with the satisfaction of their joined bodies. Brother and sister locked together cock to ass.

Marvelous! The volcanic heat of her ass burned with a delightful fire that devoured his total length. And smooth! She was smooth like velvet! A round velvet glove that was perfectly made for the thick roundness of his prick. Heat and velvet! The sensations were indescribable! There was a gratification all its own just in being entrenched with her bowels. A satisfaction of just standing there behind her with her soft rounded buttocks pressing to his crotch and the grasping tightness she held him in.

The feeling was mutual.

She could feel him like she could never feel him when he was drilled into her cunt. He was big! Bigger and thicker than anywhere else in her body! He filled her. He stuffed and packed her with hot, gorged cock. She could feel every small throb of his prick, pounding there as it was crammed deeply up her back.

And then she relaxed.

She quaked as each thick inch slowly extracted itself from her asshole. Like a tree trunk of flesh, it moved from her, leaving a hungry hollowness in its wake. Inch-by-slow-inch, he pulled from her. Inch-by-pulsating-inch, she moaned and ached for it.

Then he was slicing back into her rectum, filling and packing her to the brim once again. Hard and demanding, he drilled her. The tight, slick walls of her ass strained around the bigness that she accepted.

Poling the full length of his sex into her ass, she felt the tickling nest of his pubic hairs nestling at the curves of her buttocks and the dangling sac of his testicles slapping lightly against her.

The fiery heat flared through his pounding shaft as he pulled free once again. He moaned as the flames lashed along and around his cock. He groaned as he slid from the velvet-lined tunnel, his balls seething with their heavy load.

He worked in a slow steady rhythm, letting her accustom herself to the swollen brand of his sex, allowing her body to prepare itself for the poling that she knew from past experiences would eventually come.

Taking up that slow, gentle pace of his cock, her hips rocked back and forth, much to the pleasure of the dark-haired stepsister who was still joined to the blonde via the dildo strapped to Paula's waist. The younger girl fell into the in and out sluicing of her quivering cunt. Her hips gently rose and fell to accept the thickness that slid into the depths of her hungry pussy, then lurched its way outward.

Suddenly the youth plunged forward.

The thick, blood-gorged length of his prod stabbed sharply between the sexy buttocks and speared deeply into his sister's asshole.

Paula's head jerked up, a disarray of blonde strands flying wildly. She grunted under the impact, her breath jarred free from her lungs. Her hands clawed into the bed as he shafted into her depths.

But she took it!

Took every unyielding inch of the hardened javelin of flesh he wedged into the tight socket of her ass.

As did Kate!

The younger girl's eyes snapped opened as the thickness of the dildo slammed into the young harbor of her belly. Her lips writhed in pleasure as an excited hiss of wanton desire rushed from her lungs.

Still holding the soft, trembling half-moons of her haunches spread before him, he abruptly jerked out, groaning under the searing heat that licked at his cock. His hips jumped forward again to plunge his rod further up the smoothness of her back channel.

Again she took it!

He plowed into her fiery interior, burying his hugely swollen prick completely up her asshole. His crotch slammed into her buttocks, jarring her and her dildo forward. Her hands clutched even harder into the bed, trying desperately to maintain her half-standing, half-leaning position above the girl under her.

The fever of his desire built within him; an explosive force that drove him in and out of the gripping sheath in a violent piston-like action. In and out he lunged into the intensely tight hole of her rear channel, grinding himself into the volcanic recesses of her ass.

Her body rocked as he reamed his way through her opened rear. Yet her hips worked in time with his. She bucked back and forth to accept the thorough fucking he was now giving her. She ached for the white-hot fire he seared into the depths of her bowels. She begged for the brutal, forceful shafting that slammed into her again and again.

Beneath her, Kate writhed and bucked. Her hot snatch was filled with the reaction poling of the dildo.

Her urgency was growing as the thick hose of imitation cock sliced in and out of her young greedy body.

Her thighs throbbed under the pounding impact of the dildo. For the second time that night, she came. Moaning and groaning as her hands brutally squeezed into the softness of the tits she clutched. Her body twisted and turned as she rose into the sensual oblivion of climax.

And when she at last descended from the heights of her pleasure, new waves of sensations lashed through her loins as the continuing plummeting of the dildo ravaged in and out of her cunt. Unable, or even unwanting to control herself, she soared again toward the threshold of orgasmic rapture.

From behind, the youth's still jackhammering cock lunged in and out of the soft, smooth rectal channel of his sister's sexy ass. Like a rutting stag, he plunged his adamantine rod of pleasure into the squeezing confines of her anus. Groaning, he wrenched himself free and the marvelous heat of her bowels flared around his shaft, searing over the aching head of his cock.

He thudded into her now, jarring her with each ravenous stroke of his plummeting penis. Over and over, he invaded her ass and she took it and loved it. She bucked and threw her hips back to him, no longer aware of the effects her violent actions were having on the girl she was fucking. She didn't care! All she cared for was the swollen brand of flesh that burned its way in and out of her rear.

She relished it. Worshipped it! Her whole body was alive with him. In and out, he speared into her and she felt the rush of mounting pleasure. Like growing waves behind a barricading sea wall, the increasing flood of sensations throbbed through the open nerve endings of her totally aware body.

Out and in, her brother slammed home the hugely swollen length of his prick. And she took it into her depths, squeezing it tightly as she crammed her rear muscles around him.

She was racked with explosive power as her hips jerked back and forth, helping him skewer her even more fully. It throbbed and seared. It sizzled with its heat. It burned and ached. In and out, out and in, he rammed and slammed into her.

She came, crying out in urgent passion. Her body tensed as the whirlwinds of pleasure screamed and lashed. She moaned and writhed as she rushed head on into the welcoming arms of orgasmic oblivion.

The snugness of her asshole tightened even harder around him. She held him like a vise. He could feel her squeezing it out of him. His come, hot and boiling, like liquid fire. He felt it spout up from his balls and burn its way through the already flaming length of his cock. He groaned as the burning load leaped outward, searing over the ass-gripped crown of his shaft. He quaked as his muscles gave way to the soul-wrenching pleasure of release.

Spurt after spurt of penned-up sexual cream blasted out from his balls. He coated the velvet-lined channel of her back with a new lining of hot, thick sperm and semen. He emptied himself into her with glush after glush of come. Then clung to her, his arms wrapped around her waist for support.

And below the quivering, gratefully locked together bodies of the brother and sister, a forgotten black-haired stepsister writhed and twisted, lost in the fourth climax that had racked her body that evening.


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