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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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6 Chapter 6

Drained and exhausted, the brother, sister and stepsister fell to the bed in a writhing pile of young, desirable flesh. They kissed each other gratefully, paying little mind to who they kissed, or to what sex their partner was. Gently, with caressing tenderness, their hands moved lovingly over the nakedness of their three bodies, exploring and probing.

All this occurred while their new sister-in-law watched from the other side of the one-way mirror opening into their bedroom.

More than somewhat amazed by the threesome's complete sexual abandon, Diana watched, still unable to draw her eyes away from the sexy scene that she knew she would be sharing in, had it not been for that less than an inch thickness of glass that kept her from them. Her body ached to feel Bryan's young cock or Paula's mouth. She would have been more than grateful for Kate's expertly fondling fingers or even the thickness of the dildo still strapped to Paula's waist.

In the past she had wondered about sex with another woman. Now she knew. She knew that if the chance presented itself, she would enter the arms of another woman with the aroused feelings that were now flooding her body. She felt no shame at the self-admission. Her body was too laden with the lust the youthful threesome had flamed within her. She wanted sex. She wanted to be taken and used. She wanted the desires that washed through her loins to be released and set free.

Two hands, coming from behind her, suddenly grasped the heaving globes of her robe-covered breasts!

She gasped and jerked upright, startled by the fondling palms that lasciviously rolled the veiled mounds of her tits.

"Michael?" she gasped again, hoping and wishing for the familiar sound of her husband's voice.

"Yes," he whispered.

Relief coursed through her body. Despite her embarrassment at having been caught window peeking, she leaned back resting in his arms. He felt good. Even with his startling method of announcing himself, she was glad he had followed her from their room and down the secret passage way. She needed him. She needed him to take her!

"Why did you scare me like that?" she moaned-whispered, her eyes closing as his hands worked their magic on her breasts.

His lips lightly kissed the exposed nape of her neck, then moved his tongue to her ear, flicking over the tempting morsel of her lobe, "I was watching too."

She moaned, long and low. This is what she wanted and needed. Right here in this dim lit alcove. No waiting to walk back down the passage to their room and the over-sized bed that waited. She wanted him now and he knew it. And from the thick bulge that strained at the front of his jeans and pressed at her buttocks, she knew he wanted the same thing.

Light and teasing his tongue darted over her ear, sending shivering thrills of delight through her. She moaned again and snuggled back into the arms of her husband, worshipping the secure feel of his body. This was the real thing. Bryan, Paula and Kate had been real too, but not like this! This she could touch! This mouth was there taunting at her ear. And these hands were on her breasts, actually fondling her with their gently massaging fingers.

New shivery sensations shot through her body as she felt the silken smoothness of her robe slowly part and slide over the firm globes of her breasts, rubbing delightfully at the stiff aching hardness of her nipples.

Her eyes fluttered open for a brief second, just enough to glimpse into the bedroom and see Paula and Kate busily using their hands to bring Bryan's cock back to its full manly size. Then she closed her eyes again and lost herself in the marvelous tingling sensations that filled her as his hands cupped beneath her bared breasts.

Softly manipulating, his hands drifted around the under curves of her pink tits, as if feeling out their true proportions. It was a gentle massage that eventually worked around the broad circumferences of the fleshy mounds. The feel of his hands on her body was exquisite. Fresh waves of deliciously tingling thrills suffused from her breasts throughout her whole body. Moaning softly, she snuggled back even more, resting in the arms that surrounded her.

In a barely brushing movement, his palms circled the bountiful bulges of her tits. Slowly, ever so slowly in

a taunting, teasing fashion, he worked. Upward and around his hands spiralled, his skin lightly kissing the summery heat that radiated from the gentle curves of her flesh. Again she wiggled back, her breath hissing under the tantalizing manipulations. Her chest heaved as her breathing became labored and aroused.

Then his palms were hovering over the coral buds of her nipples. She could feel the warmth soothingly suffusing from his hands and mingling with her own sexual heat. He brushed cajolingly over the erect, rubbery points of flesh, his mouth dropping to her neck as she groaned with mounting excitement.

There was nothing abrupt about his movements. Everything was natural and flowed together. His hands closed over her breasts and lovingly squeezed into their pliant firmness, eliciting even more moany little sounds of pleasure from her lips.

Gently he kneaded, molding her flesh under his wonderfully exciting fingers. She had never doubted that he knew her body and how to give her what she wanted and needed. But this was fantastic. A slowly building explosion inched higher and higher in her willing and ready body.

With more pressure now, his hands kneaded into the fleshy globes of her tits. He squeezed and rolled their pillowy shapes against her chest, then pressed them down into her so that their roundness pancaked out from under his palms.

He wasn't rushing her or himself. His fingers maneuvered their way back along the sleek, sloping path to her nipples. Gently, he tapped the erect tips and again a sharp in-rushing hiss of aroused pleasure came from her lips, filling the small alcove.

Around and around, the tantalizing digits circled the hardened buds of flesh, creating all sorts of fantastic sexual friction that burned, ached, throbbed and aroused all in the same instant. His fingers scissored around the taut buttons, their pinkness glowing red with desire.

His all-knowing hands moved away from her breasts and drifted with titillating determination down over the quivering flatness of her belly. She groaned now, pushing herself harder against his supporting body, wiggling her flaring curved buttocks against the swollen bulge in his pants, tempting him, urging him, luring his fingers even further downward.

She sucked her breath in a sharp, deep hiss of excitement, when his fingertips finally brushed into the silky, curling triangle of her pubic moss. Slowly he weaved lower, his finger finding the moist cleft of her loins and running down the dipping slit.

Up and down the lubricious lips of her sex his inciting digit glided, but refused to slide into the pulsing slash of her cunt. He teased her, taunted her, toyed with her body, until her pelvis moved in a slow motion gyration to match his playful touch.

Then and only then, did he wiggle his finger up into her pussy.

She groaned, pressing herself closely to him. She accepted the tickling probings of his finger for what it was meant to be - an exciting appetizer to the main course that would soon come.

She was wet inside. She could feel the sexual juices that flooded the heated hole of her sex and she could hear the wet sounds his finger made as it slowly pumped in and out of her.

Like a small cock, he worked his delving digit into her pussy and she loved it. She relished each dipping, twirling motion he made. She trembled as his finger crammed into her cunt at an ever increasing pace. He twisted and turned, then slipped another finger into her vagina, packing her that much fuller. She

groaned and ground her pelvis down on the double digital impalement of her sex.

Then there was another finger, tauntingly gliding along the moist crease of her labia. It dipped between the plump pouted outer lips and inquisitively tapped at the extending nubbin of her clit. There was no moan this time. She groaned, long and low and filled with the growing desperation of her desire.

Taunting playfully, his fingertips caressed the excited bud of pleasure as his two other fingers fucked their way in and out of her juice-filled cunt. He rolled the delicate bud and circled it. He fondled and fingered it until her groans filled the room and she was afraid that her whimpers would finally bring the attention of the three youths still involved in their sexual romp in the bedroom.

"Please," she groaned. "I need you. Please I need this!"

Her hand reached behind her and clamped onto the still covered length of her husband's cock. He grunted and drove his fingers hard up into her hot pussy, increasing the driving strokes of their fucking motion.

"Please!" she pleaded. "I want your cock. I want you to fuck me!" Abruptly he pulled his hands away from her wanton sex, his fingers sucking wetly from her body. His mouth returned to her ear, kissing her once more, gently.

"Lean over," he whispered in a deep, husky voice, that spoke of his own arousal.

Doing as he directed, she leaned over, using her hands to support herself on the window ledge-like frame that surrounded the one-way mirror. The position gave her a clear view of the activities in the other room.

Kate was now getting her share of her stepbrother's cock, a whole face full, as it were. Her young lips were firmly wrapped around the fat stalk of his manhood as she lay on her stomach, her face buried in the bright redness of his pubic hairs. The young, black-haired girl's cheek hollowed deeply as her head moved up and down on the rigid manly rod.

Bryan's mouth was far more inactive. His pink, glistening tongue was lapping vigorously through the sandy blonde hairs that brushed over his sister's cunt. Diana could see him lapping up and swallowing the glistening juices that flowed from the pink lips, then spear his tongue into the waiting pussy.

She couldn't see Paula's face because the blonde-headed girl once more had her head buried between Kate's creamy thighs.

Their young, willing bodies formed a triangle - a love triangle, Diana couldn't help but think as she stood, positioned for her husband and the cock she desperately wanted and needed.

From behind her, she heard the curt sound of Michael's zipper and the rustle of his jeans as he pulled them from his legs. There was the padded sound of bare feet and then the hardness of his prick pushing against one of the round curves of her buttocks.

She felt his hands reach down and lift the veiling bottom of her robe and fold it over her back so that hung above her hips, exposing the half-moons of her ass. The air felt cool and stimulating on her heated body.

Then his hands were on her again. Palms on her inner thighs opened her legs wider, then he tickled another finger into her cunt for a few quick strokes that only fed the flames of anticipation swirling within her loins.

She felt the naked warmth of his crotch as it pressed into her upturned buttocks and the tickling forest of his pubic hairs. She groaned as the fat pole of his prick throbbed against the waiting lips of her cunt. His hips moved back and forth, gliding the length over the wanton crease of her labia, taunting her even further.

His hand was between her spread thighs again. She felt his fingers close around his cock and the tip of his thumb spread the lips of her pussy as a guide for the pulsating, wet target he sought.

His hips lurched!

She groaned deeply under the full-powered impalement of his sex.

Then she cried out in a startled, whimpering gasp!

This isn't Michael!

His pelvis snapped briskly into the perky uptilted slopes of her buttocks.

This isn't my husband!

Big, bigger than her husband's cock, fatter at least, the man behind her lunged the full length of his prick into the humid folds of her cunt.

Who is it! What's happening to me!

The realization that the man behind her, the man that was now cock-deep in the wanton hole of her sex, wasn't her husband racked her mind. His arms wrapped around her waist and his hips snapped forward burying more of the hardness of his shaft within her belly.

"Ohhhh!" she heard herself moan, embarrassed and ashamed of her wanton lust.

She moaned again as the fatness of his prick eased back a bit, slithering out of the juice-filled channel of her vagina. Then his pelvis jerked forward, sinking his length into the liquid warmth of her pussy.

Scream, she thought, but the most her mouth could manage was an incoherent, "Ahhhggghhh!"

What's happening to me? she shouted to herself. Some man ... some stranger is raping you, and you can't even call for help!

No! she answered herself, I can't call for help. I couldn't face Michael and tell him how all this happened!

"Ahhhhhhh!" she groaned, as the thickness that was packed into her once more eased out, then drove back into her body.

You dont want to scream for help! she continued the mental conflict that raged in her brain. You want it!

You want to be raped!

The squeezing muscles of her young and oh so vulnerable vagina spoke the truth. They clamped down on the unfamiliar intruder, clinging to the fullness that thrilled her.

Whore! You cock hungry bitch! You don't care that you're being fucked by some unknown, unseen man! All you care about is that cock! That fat cock that's fucking your pussy!

"Harder, Michael!" she moaned, hoping at least to conceal her discovery from the man behind her, hoping to hide the wanton, shameless lust she was feeling for this man she had never even seen,

"Deeper! Fuck me deeper!"

The swollen shaft of his prick drove in, slamming its satisfying fullness into her body. She grunted under the heavy impact and whimpered as her throbbing cunt begged for more.

Which is exactly what he gave her!

His hands gripped tightly at her hips, his pelvis jerked back and forth in a rapid series of powerful lunges.

His cock shafted in and out of her belly, sluicing through the humid channel in a searing, uneven rhythm.

"God!" she heard herself moaning despite herself. "Oh, sweet God! It's good! Damn good!"

Her thighs ached, throbbing unmercifully. Her long view of the bedroom activities and his more than arousing manipulations of her body were too much for her. Lust! Her body was one sheer force of unleashed lust!

Though she told herself she didn't want to, her hips began moving with each driving jerk of his hips. She helped him. She helped him feed his cock into her body. She helped him fuck her wanton pussy like a dog takes a bitch in heat.

He slammed back into her. The thickness of his shaft drilled deep, straining into the pink folds of her pulsing vagina, stretching the tightness of the channel to accommodate his size.

Her ass bucked back, slapping into his crotch. She shuddered with pleasure, as she accepted the swollen rod that crammed into her. Whoever it was behind her, he wasn't brutal, just virile, driving deep and hard. And he hadn't threatened her. He had just taken advantage of the situation. After all, she had begged and pleaded with him to fuck her. And that was exactly what he was doing.

The ponderous mass of his prick slid free. Her muscles clamped down in a vain attempt to hold the flowering knob of his glans. She moaned and trembled, realizing that she was enjoying it. She was enjoying being poled from behind by a man she didn't know. Her whole body quaked with excitement as she relaxed and prepared herself for the next fleshy invasion.

It came, big and hard, spearing into the heated recesses of her aching pussy. Her pelvis jerked back and wiggled around the massive stalk of manmeat, squeezing the youthfulness of her love channel around it. She heard him grunt with pleasure and felt a strange satisfaction course through her body, adding to the thrills that already whipped at her.

He wrenched himself free from the clinging moistness of her sexual sheath, then drew himself back into the hot pocket of flesh. Their bodies thudded together, ass to crotch. They grunted and moaned as they worked together, fanning the flames of passion that licked within them.

In and out, she accepted his strong steady rhythm.

Out and in, he lunged the bigness of his cockshaft into the upturned slash of her belly.

Then his arms were around her once again. And his fingers were delving between the splayed lips of her love mound.

She groaned as he found the bud of pleasure his fingertips searched for. Her body quaked with sensual tremors of delight. He touched and rolled the excited little nubbin of her clit.

Lunging, thrusting, drilling and spearing his cock lashed in and out of her body. Around and around his fingers worked her clit.

She came. Her whole body exploded as the white-hot light of passion flared, throwing her into the heavens of ecstasy. Her legs and arms quaked, doing their damnedest to maintain the body they supported, as she threw herself back into the man, impaling herself fully on the pole of flesh sporting from his groin.

Wave after wave of soul-shattering pleasure broke over her, washing their marvelous sensations through her body. She felt her legs crumble and her body slowly collapse and fall to the floor. She groaned as the thickness that had been packed into her slithered free, leaving her empty.

Unable to move, she lay on the floor panting and moaning as she rode atop the swirling winds of ecstasy.

After what seemed like hours of endless sensual explosions, Diana floated downward, touching earth and regaining control of her body. Shakily, she pushed herself to her knees and glanced behind her.

A confused feeling of disappointment and relief flooded her. He was gone! Vanished back to wherever he had come from. She shivered and pulled the thin robe back around her body.

A glistening stream of thickness that oozed from the lips of her sex was the only evidence she had that he had ever been there to begin with; a pearly stream of seeping sperm and semen, the only evidence that he had achieved the release that he had brought to her.

Her body still trembling, she slowly rose and retraced her way down the dimly lit passage. The lamp she had placed in the closet had been a good idea. It led her toward her room and the secret panel that opened into the closet.

Once back in the relative security of the bedroom, she hastily dislodged Michael's shoe and pulled the panel closed, then replaced the lamp on the night table near the bed.

It all seemed dreamlike now. The passage, Bryan, Paula, and Kate and the man who had taken her, all of them a dream. But the still quivering mouth of her love mound told her it had been real. She shivered again, unsure whether the reaction was one of relief or excitement.

In a daze, she stumbled into the bathroom and quickly turned the knobs of the shower full blast. The water was like tiny fingers massaging her, bringing her back to reality and at the same time soothing and relaxing her.

Feeling refreshed, but definitely tired, she toweled herself dry and climbed into the cushiony softness of the over-sized bed to wait for her husband, wondering what she would tell him.

She tried to sort the events out in her mind, but with little success. The more she thought about the incident the more embarrassing it was to her.

Like most women, she had thought about ****. The thought of some man, one she knew and was attracted to, forcing her into sex had always been exciting. But that wasnt ****, just an erotic fantasy.

**** was brutal, degrading, with no thought of pleasure, only the humiliation of the woman. Rapists were mentally sick people who were out to punish women. People who thought sex was dirty and degraded their victims by forcing them into sex.

But the man in the passage had been nothing like that.

He had been more like a lover. He had known what a woman wanted and had given it to her. He had worried about her pleasure as well as his own.

She shivered again. This time there was no doubt in her mind, it had been excitement. Not something she would want to happen every day, but definitely exciting.

Yet, she felt used. She didn't even know the man that had taken her. She hadn't seen his face. He had taken the advantage of her position and used her to expel his lust.

Who was he?

What will I tell Michael?

The questions echoed over and over in her mind as the comforting security of sleep slowly crept over her, leaving the answers lost in the darkness.


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