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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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9 Chapter 9

Neither of them moved for several minutes, their bodies still locked together. But, eventually, she felt his cock deflate, slowly slithering out of her body and he rolled from atop her and lay at her side in the grass.

"That was good," she whispered, as she cradled into the hollow of his shoulder.

He squeezed her and lightly kissed her forehead in answer.

"Last night ..." she started, then stopped, unsure of exactly how to pose her question.

"Mmmmmm?" his hand idly slid along her side, pausing to fondle the bulging base of a breast.

"Well, I don't know how to put it," she started again. "But last night, did you know what I was doing in the passage?"

"Sure," he chuckled. "You, were peeping in windows."

"I mean," she pressed, "did you know what I was watching?"

"Yes," he kissed her lightly. "You were watching Bryan and the girls making love. I could see through the mirror too, you know."

His abrupt answer with all its candidness somehow shocked her.

"What were you doing there?" she went on trying to get to the bottom of what was bothering her.

"Other than what obviously occurred," he chuckled again, pulling her to him, "I was going to do exactly what you were doing."

"What?" she couldn't believe what he had just said.

"Why not?" he questioned with amusement. "Paula and Kate are quite attractive young girls. Together they're quite a sensual pair. And they both enjoy having Bryan."

She was silent, comprehending what he had just said, but still disbelieving the incestuous relationships that apparently existed within the Hightower family.

"Lorraine was occupied," he went on, "and I must admit I find watching my daughters quite stimulating. Didn't you?"

Something rang funny in her mind. Diana rolled her father-in-law's last comment. Then it struck her - Lorraine was occupied! Michael!

"Were Michael and Lorraine together!" she stammered. "I mean were they together!"

Michael One laughed and hugged her close, amused at her befuddlement, "I think you'll have to ask them. But before my son found you, he and Lorraine were quite a pair."

Diana tried to get angry. But she couldn't. Hell! What have I gotten myself into! Here I am naked, thoroughly fucked by my new father-in-law, who has just told me my husband is having an affair with his stepmother!

Actually, the whole picture was perfectly clear to her, she just was having a hard time accepting it. She had suddenly been brought into a family that believed in togetherness, especially when it came to sexual matters.

"Let me make sure I know what you're saying," she pressed one more time. "You, Lorraine, Bryan, Paula and Kate..."

"Don't forget Jim," her father-in-law laughed. "We're all in love with each other and dig the hell out of balling."

He paused, staring into her green eyes, "Welcome to the family."

Despite her confusion and her mild state of shock, the meaning of his words penetrated and she shivered with anticipation, remembering everything she had seen last night. Even the mental picture of Michael screwing his stepmother didn't seem to bother her. In fact, she found it rather exciting. She and Michael had had lovers before they met and she had always assumed that they both would continue to do so at one time or another. Perhaps it was better this way. Let everything come out in the open.

After all, it's all in the family!

Michael One stirred again, "I don't know about you, but I think I could use a quick dip in the pond before heading back to the house. Care to join me?"

Diana nodded. While the thick St. Augustine grass was beautiful to look at, it was starting to irritate her skin, reminiscent of the prickly feeling she used to get when she was a kid and used to rough house in the grass with the other kids in her neighborhood. A playtime activity that had stopped once the boys started to notice that the girls were girls and suddenly began to add new little twists to their football games.

Michael One helped her from the ground and they walked to the pond. Without hesitating, he did a springy little dive and knifed into the clear water. Then, without thinking, she followed. As she struck the water, she remembered his earlier comments about the pond being spring fed.


Even in the warm spring weather, the water was icy. Shivering, she quickly splashed around, rinsing away the itching traces of the grass, then clambered out of the water, clutching herself at the edge of the pond. Her father-in-law laughed, but quickly followed suit.

"Sorry, but we forgot to bring towels," he said, running his fingers through the thick mop of his black hair, then shaking his head vigorously. "The sun will dry us in a little bit."

Together they gathered the scattered clothes they had hastily disposed of earlier, then walked to the picnic table, stretching out and letting the sun warm their chilled bodies. Neither of them said much, as they enjoyed the toasty feeling of the sun soaking into their skin.

Somehow, as they turned over, they ended up in each other's arms again. This time Diana took the role of the aggressor, realizing that she wanted this man, her father-in-law, again. He had the same sexual attraction she had only found in her husband up until now. Just looking at either one of them sent shivery waves of gooseflesh racing up and down her back and flooded her cunt with wetness.

In short time, she had worked his sleeping prick back to its club-like size. This time, she straddled him, impaling herself on his cock.

Neither of them rushed. Instead, they let the seeds of desire slowly blossom under a gentle, steady undulation of their hips and the tender caressing of their hands.

She came first. Then increasing the rocking, plunging motion of her pelvis, she fucked him until she received another flood of sperm and semen gushing hotly into the welcoming recesses of her belly.

She declined another offer for a "refreshing plunge" into the pond in favor of just rinsing the well-used mound of her sex, as she waded at the edge of the pool. Michael One (which she now thought of as one

word, and pronounced it that way, as did the rest of the family) splashed around for a few minutes, then came running out of the water.

Picking their clothes up from the picnic tables and tucking them under his arm, he said, "The sun'll dry us on the way back to the house."

Her head jerked around, doing a classical double take, "You mean, you want me to go back to the house like this! Naked!"

"Yes," he said, making no effort to hand her her clothes. "The only ones at the house are part of the family ... your family."

Still unsure of her new relationship, she trotted to his side, as he started toward the mansion. She understood him. She was part of the Hightower family, a thought that excited her. She was free to have open sexual relationships with the members of her new family, as they were with her.

But what about Michael? He might have been balling Lorraine last night, but he doesn't know I've fucked and have been fucked by his father!

She remembered his own uneasiness as they drove into the estate yesterday. Had it been because he thought she wouldn't accept the open incestual life of his family? Or was it because he wanted to keep her away from that same life?

It couldn't be the latter reason, she told herself, or could it?

She didn't know. But whatever his thoughts and worries were, it was too late for her, she realized, as her father-in-law opened the door to the Hightower home and she stepped inside the kitchen.

Lorraine and Bryan were sitting at the table, preparing to make themselves sandwiches from a platter of cold cuts and breads laid out neatly on a large tray. Both their eyes widened as they turned to the newcomers, then their lips smiled.

Diana tried to smile back, but her nudity made her feel more than slightly uncomfortable. She felt Michael One's hand pressing at the small of her back, moving her through the kitchen and into the hall, then to the den. Her father-in-law motioned for her to sit on the couch.

"Relax," he smiled, as she took her seat. "Lorraine and Bryan will join us in a moment. Remember, you're a member of our family now."

A member and fully initiated, she thought, feeling her stomach doing all sorts of nervous quivers. Initiated by the head of the family.

Diana's head twisted a little in reaction to the padded footsteps she heard coming down the hall. They grew closer, moving through the rooms of the mansion.

Then Lorraine and her son entered. Both of them had shed their clothes somewhere along the way to the den.

Bryan's body she knew well, having watched it and longed for it as the youth so expertly serviced his sisters last night. But Lorraine was something else. The older woman never ceased to amaze her. It was easy to see where Paula inherited the womanly flares of her youthful body.

There were faint stretch marks that gave away the fact that the blonde-haired woman had born children, but other than that, Diana would have stuck to her original estimate of Lorraine's age being in the

twenties. Her breasts were like large, cushiony pillows, swaying temptingly as she strode proudly into the den, apparently completely comfortable in her nakedness. The pointed tips of her light brown nipples traced invisible circles in the air, moved by the pendulous juggle of her bountiful tits.

She was wagging her hips in an exaggerated fashion, as if to draw all their attentions to the shaven smoothness of her pubic mound. But for Diana, there was no need. The sleek, creamy plumpness of her mother-in-law's pubis had already caught her eyes.

It looks so vulnerable, so tempting, she mused mentally, I wonder how Michael would react if I did that. Then she fumbled in her thoughts, I wonder how Michael liked that?, remembering what Michael One had said. I bet she's had her cunt surgically tightened after she had her children. Any woman who's taken so much care with her body would have done that.

Lorraine smiled at her again, as if confirming her unspoken speculations, as she crossed the room and joined her husband, perching herself on the arm of his chair.

The elder Hightower's caressing arms slid around her in an intimate greeting. One of his hands worked its way up her nakedness and cupped under a huge mound of tit. Diana could see the excited waves of gooseflesh ripple over her mother-in-law's creamy skin, as the fingers that possessed her breast kneaded into the pliable pillow of flesh. Lorraine sighed softly, not so much with desire, but with soothing comfort.

The sigh was abruptly transformed to a deeply sucking hiss, as the woman jerked a little. Michael One's other hand had crept between her slim thighs and he had embedded his index finger into the shaven nakedness of her cunt. Diana watched as his finger slowly moved in and out, glistening with the sexual moisture it had found waiting within Lorraine's body. Her mother-in-law's gleaming blue eyes misted quickly under the steady pumping of the hand that had invaded her body, then fluttered closed. The full redness of her lips writhed slowly, as she gave herself to the pleasure her husband was inciting within the cleft of her loins.

Diana shivered despite herself. What she was watching was sexy! A beautiful woman had just given herself to a most desirable man. And in turn, he was giving her pleasure. A warm wetness welled within Diana's loins. She wished that she and Lorraine had exchanged places. She wanted her father-in-law to be fondling and caressing her. She wanted his delightfully taunting fingers to be working in her pussy. That he had just fucked her twice less than an hour ago didn't matter; she wanted him again. She would even allow him to take her here, in front of Lorraine and Bryan, if he would just take her.

Michael One glanced up and seeing Diana's arousal-widened eyes, smiled. As if to tell her that he was now occupied by the delightful bundle of womanflesh in his arms, his finger quickened its in-out skewering of his wife's pussy. Lorraine groaned, thoroughly lost in the pleasure he had ignited in her. And Diana shivered with mounting desire again, hoping.

But her father-in-law diverted his attention back to his wife. His one hand kneading and squeezing into the creamy whiteness of Lorraine's breasts, while his other hand sluiced in and out of her cunt.

The blonde groaned, leaning back further for the support of her husband's body. Her thighs opened a little more, allowing his now flying digit even further access to her pouting cunt. Unable to work her pelvis in rhythm with the probing finger - if she did, she'd have rudely unseated herself - her hips swayed in a delightful little wiggling motion that rippled the wall of her finger-fucked vagina around the gliding digit.

Lorraine's head rolled back on her shoulders and rocked from side to side. Her lips twisted with the mounting agony of need that filled her. Her body quaked and she groaned and whimpered.

Harder and faster, his finger sliced between the now trembly shaven lips of her labia. Diana could feel the growing electric excitement that possessed her mother-in-law. She could also feel the rapid-fire strokes of the finger that buried itself in the woman's open sex. Involuntarily, her body tensed each time his hand slammed roughly into the naked pubic mound. Her breathing increased to labored heaves of arousal, following the lustful metamorphosis that had transformed Lorraine.

Then her mother-in-law came. The voluptuous bundle of woman moaned and panted as her body was possessed by the breaking waves of released sexual energy. She groaned and whimpered in a high-pitched squeal of unabandoned delight.

Michael One's finger immediately slowed its quick driving motions and glided soothingly in and out of the wet socket of her pussy. He pulled his wife to him, holding her close as she descended from the plateau of pleasure he had led her to.

Slowly, but surely, Lorraine regained her composure and turned to her husband, planting a long, loving, wet and loud kiss on his lips. When they parted, they both turned to Diana, who felt like squirming under the sudden interest of their gazes.

"I found Diana using the alcove last night," Michael One said almost casually. "She was quite aroused by our children."

Lorraine smiled again, a smile that said she fully understood Diana's reaction, but she did not comment. However, Diana had the distinct feeling that the older woman knew exactly what had happened in the passageway last night. She did squirm a little, when she realized that it was Lorraine that had suggested she take a morning's stroll around the estate. Had she and Michael One planned the encounter? Had they been willing partners in a conspiracy to initiate her into the Hightower family?

She heard something stir to her side and glanced toward the entrance to the den. Bryan still stood there. She had forgotten about the youth. The effects of watching his parents were quite evident. His naked cock jutted powerfully from his groin, stabbing upward into the air at a forty-five degree angle. Her eyes followed the pulsing throb of its stiff arousal for several seconds, before turning back to Michael One and Lorraine.

"Bryan, don't you think you should welcome Diana into our family," the

elder Hightower suggested to his stepson then added almost as an

afterthought. "I think she was particularly interested in your and

Paula's activities last night"

The young boy grinned at his stepfather, then turned to Diana, his face an expression of willing enthusiasm and uncertainty at his sister-in-law's reaction.

I can take that, Diana found herself thinking, as she smiled and nodded reassuringly at Bryan without a second thought to her actions. Her memories of his thorough fucking of his sister's ass last night had made an impression. And the thought of him shoving that long, hard, young cock up her ass, after the sexy manipulation of Lorraine's body she had just seen, was more than her body could take without relief.

He crossed the room eagerly, nearly banging his shin into the side of the couch, as he came to her. As if he were afraid she would change her mind and suddenly refuse him, he reached out and pulled her to him. His tongue had wiggled itself into her mouth and was flicking around wonderfully before she had

gotten over the start of his abruptness. Then she opened her mouth to give his tongue free rein.

Probing toward her throat, his oral digit danced and darted around in her mouth, tickling against the roof of her mouth. Her lips writhed against his, clamping lightly down as she sucked suggestively at its warm wetness. The tantalizing suction slowly increased, until he moaned as she threatened to swallow his tongue with it still rooted in his mouth.

When she released her strong hold on his oral probe, it quickly slithered back into his mouth, with her chasing it. This time she threw her tongue into his driving his lips wider to accept her enthusiastic thrust. She imitated his actions, playfully teasing over his tongue and licking at the roof of his mouth.

Her own startled little moan came not from his sucking at her tongue, but the tightness of the hand that abruptly gripped at the mound of her sex. He squeezed her pubic knoll roughly, with a youthful vigor that sent thrilling shivers running up and down her spine. He kneaded at the plump protuberance of her sex, grinding his palms against the quivering lips of her labia.

The stiff firmness of his cock pressed closely against the smoothness of her thigh did little to quell the growing excitement that rushed through her body.

As they remained locked together in their embrace, her own hands tauntingly tickled their way down the muscular ripples of his back and out the taut roundness of his buttocks. His ass was hard, tense with her presence. That realization thrilled her. She liked the sexual arousal that men displayed. That she was responsible for that excitement made it that much better.

As his hand continued the intimate massage of her sex mound, her fingers gripped at his ass, squeezing with inciting firmness. Her hands dug into his hind cheeks, turning the whiteness of his skin to a bruised red, then a tortured white. The urgings of her fingers and palms only increased the kneading of his hand.

She squeezed herself close against his youthful chest, rolling just a little so that the balls of her tits flattened. His tongue speared back into her mouth and she sucked welcomingly at it.

Her fingers tickled up and down the deep crease separating the hard cushions of his ass cheeks. He squirmed against her, moaning as best he could with his tongue still trapped between her sucking lips. Lower and lower, the seductive dance of her fingertips drifted. His squirming increased, as he pressed himself harder against her, pushing her back into the couch.

The action slightly raised his rear mounds enough for her fingers to part them further. The delving tantalizations of her brushing fingertips dipped deeper, softly drifting over the taut ring of his anus. Once again he groaned and pushed himself hard against her. A response that only increased as an inquisitive little fingertip pushed up into his asshole and wiggled around as a reminder of the greeting into the Hightower family he was supposed to give her.

Squeezing tightly down on the now lust-aching mound of her sex, he managed to tickle a finger into the moist lips of her labia, then eagerly drilled into the juice-flooded channel of her vagina. Excited shivers rocked through her body as she accepted the impaling digit and contracted the muscles of her cunt around it with approval.

Slowly, the embedded finger began to move, doing a small twisting movement, then wiggling. Responding, she repeated the motions with the finger she had plugged into his ass. Together, they worked each other's bodies, stirring and fanning the flames of desire that sizzled through them.

As his stepfather had finger-fucked his mother but moments ago, the boy slowly slid his finger in and out of the hot pocket of sex between his sister-in-law's thighs. There was no doubt in his mind now. She

was enjoying it as much as he was. Her hot cunt seemed to grip at him, sucking at his finger each time he plunged it up into the mouth of her belly. She was moaning now and her hips were swishing around on the couch beneath her.

That she was ready and willing to take the hardness of his pulsing cock was more than apparent to him when he finally slid his mouth from hers and whispered in her ear, "You've got to get up and lean over."

She nodded reluctantly and slowly pulled the finger she had embedded two knuckles deep from his ass. He whimpered a little as the digit came free. As she did when he slid his finger from her cunt, leaving her evacuated and empty.

Extracting herself from his young arms, she stood. Michael One and Lorraine were still seated in their chair. They smiled at her with approval. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt that she should be uncomfortable with them just sitting there watching her and their son satisfy the lust of their bodies. But she didn't. In fact, she found herself admitting she enjoyed the thought of the older couple watching them. And that Lorraine's hand was gripped tightly around the fully erect length of her husband's cock, slowly jacking at him, only added to the excitement that was filling her body.

Smiling back at the couple, she turned her back to them and leaned over the couch as Bryan had directed. With her arms out-stretched to fully support her weight, she spread her legs, opening her body up to the rear attack that would come shortly.

The boy was behind her now. The fat head of his cock nudged at the upturned curves of her buttocks. She could feel the warm wetness of his preseminal oils smearing their clearness over her skin as his cock jumped and jerked with its excitement.

She remembered the deliciously thrilling method he had used to prepare Paula to take his cock and shivered. The thought of his mouth kissing at her anus and the soft warmth of his tongue probing into the little mouth of her ass was enough to drive her wild. She did her damnedest to relax, knowing with the first exquisite contact of his mouth she would go rigid with excitement.

She trembled as his hands reached out and soothingly roved over the upjutting half-moons of her hind cheeks. He was gentle. His hands tenderly whispered the command to relax and prepare herself for the entry he was going to make into her bowels. She thought relax, letting the soft caresses of his hands lull her toward the state of readiness he wanted.

His gently circling palms drifted between her thighs and pressed against the silken softness of them. She eased her legs further apart. He could see the uptilted mound of her pussy now and the moisture of her desire that dampened the light brown pubic fur covering in like a soft carpet.

His hands slowly and gingerly massaged at the plump knoll for a few seconds, then once again, his finger wiggled into the wet pocket of her cunt. She whimpered with the unexpected invasion of her body, but did not protest, as his finger swirled around, then once again withdrew.

She moaned in disappointment and excitement as she felt his hands grip each of the cushions of her buttocks and spread them. His moist finger dipped into the deep cleft of her ass and tapped at her anus, transferring the juices it had brought from her vagina.

While she would have preferred his mouth and tongue, the finger-to-cunt-to-ass method he used to make her body ready for him was far from a turn-off. First he drilled and pumped his digit into her pussy, whirling around in the abundant juices that readily flowed within her. Then he returned to her anus, slickening the tiny ringed mouth with a supply of the natural lubricants he had taken from her pussy.

Over and over, he repeated the process. His finger slowly worked its way up into her ass. Then it glided in and out, as he oiled the tight channel with her own juices. She moaned as the probing length of his finger pushed its way in and out of her hot ass. The sensation was fantastic, like an appetizer to what was to come next; a sampler that prepared her for the thickness that was coming.

When his fingers finally left the juice-filled mouth of her sex, she could feel him reach up and grasp the rigid shaft of his cock. Relax! she urged herself, anticipating the newness of the Hightower cock she was so willing to take within her lust commanded body. Relax! she repeated, as she heard him move closer, readying himself for the attack.

Then he was there, sharply driving the full length of his hard sex into her body!

But he wasn't in her ass!

He had plunged his full throbbing shaft deeply into the vulnerably exposed, upturned slash of her cunt.

She groaned.

Her ass wiggled in a provocative dance against his groin.

Her whole body trembled under the abrupt impact.

Despite the complete surprise of his maneuver, she relished the long hardness that packed deeply into her pussy. Perhaps he's changed his mind, she thought in the sudden confusion of the moment, though not really minding. He felt good inside her. And at the moment, that was all that mattered. Lorraine and Michael One's activities had left her body aroused. Bryan's delicious finger-fucking had only tripled the excitement. Now all she wanted was to be fucked and have the consuming desires of her body released. Immediately, her hips began to work with his pelvis as he pumped himself in and out of her.

Yes, she moaned to herself, yes, this is it. This is good!

In and out, he plowed into her cunt, shafting himself in deep, grinding strokes. His crotch slapped into her uptilted ass, making a sharp little popping sound as they collided flesh on flesh. She rocked back and forth, sliding on and off the plunging length of manmeat that impaled her over and over. She rose, climbing higher and higher on the clouds of pleasure. Her whole body focused on the thickness of his sex and the hard length that plowed into the furrow of her pussy.

He rocked her, his hips whipping back and forth. He speared her, his rod of cock pumping in and out. She was close, closer than she could believe, especially since her father-in-law had already seen that she was well-fucked that day. But this young boy, the youngest member of the Hightower clan, had her going again. Her spread thighs were throbbing at an ever increasing rate. Her body was quaking as waves of heightening pleasure washed through her.


No! No! No! Nooooooo!

The deep-rooted stalk of his manhood had suddenly jerked free from the sheathing channel of her belly with a wet sucking sound. She was empty, hollow, abandoned on the very edge of her release. Her body quaked and screamed in violent protest.

"Ahhrrrgggahhhh! God! Oh, my God!"

The complete thickness and hardness of his prick was suddenly embedded to the hilt in her ass.

The shock of the abrupt impalement was almost painful. She knew it would have been, had it not been so quick.

But, instead, she only felt packed. She felt every throbbing inch of his unyielding cock slammed deeply into the tight tunnel of her rectum. Like a ponderous pole of flesh, his presence filled her body. He was a brand of fire shoved firmly into her bowels, burning with a sexual heat that swirled and flamed in a sunburst of lust.

In an involuntary reaction, her muscles clamped with viselike tightness around the column of sex that invaded her. She heard his pleasure-filled moans above her own grunting groans. She pushed and squeezed trying to expell the massive rod that stuffed her so fully.

But he remained. His thickness remained firmly implanted in the pushing and squeezing channel of her back. He throbbed and pulsed, jerking with inflexible lust.

His hands were back on her buttocks, slowly caressing the creamy smoothness of her pink ass cheeks. The message of his palms penetrated the shock-ridden clouds of her mind. Relax, it said, quelling the violent quivering of her ass muscles. She once again let his hand lull the tenseness of her body. Slowly, but surely, the taut squeezing vise of her bowels went flaccid, stretched over the rigid length of his cock She accustomed herself to him, feeling out his full size and knowing she was quite capable of taking all that he could give her.

Still, he did not move. Instead, he just stood there, his body washed in the exquisite velvet tightness of her ass. His cock was drenched in the fiery heat of her bowels. Her ass squeezed down on him again. This time the violent desperation of her first clutch was gone. Now her tightness came more as a relishing caress. He moaned deeply as his prick jerked and throbbed.

In a slow circling movement, her upturned ass wiggled as she squeezed and relaxed the smooth sheath of her asshole. His groaning rose, echoing a little within the den. She picked up the tempo of her swaying hips, washing the thickness of his rod in a ball-aching flare of exciting friction.

Then his hips moved.

Outward his big cock came. The walls of her ass tunnel strained out and over the blood-gorged knob of his glans as he pulled from her. The emptiness he left in his wake was five times worse than the sudden wrenching from her pussy.

Further and further, he pulled until only the plump crown of his prick was embedded in the tiny, squeezing mouth of her back. She wiggled a little and he groaned.

As she did, his pelvis started inward. Forcing her body to relax, she accepted the ponderous mass of his sex. Inward the unbending pole of his manhood drilled back into her ass. Inch by inch, she accommodated him, as he strained and stretched the round, smooth socket of her rear.

Her body came alive again, trembling with hungry delight as he entered. Deeper and deeper the throbbing heat of his cock penetrated, rooting itself into the velvet recesses of her rectum. His crotch pressed into her ass cheeks and his hips jerked, forward a little spearing his cock even deeper.

She moaned, clutching at the bigness of his sexual rod. Her ass clamped lovingly around the pulsing circumference that plugged her asshole. Her hips gyrated again, swirling the volcanic heat of her bowels around him.

Then he was pulling free again, slowly, as if unwilling to give up the well-rooted depths he had achieved,

but at the same time unable to remain still. She relaxed and let him withdraw, quivering as his movement set off a whole series of blazing sensations.

As he inched his way back into her rectum, she forced her body to remain calm, allowing him to probe back into the seething depths he had set afire with desire. Over and over, he stroked slowly in and out of her, as if he were getting the feel of unfamiliar territory.

Then, as his pace increased, her ass started working on its own.

Relaxing, she accepted all of the burning sex brand he could give her. As he withdrew, she squeezed tightly down, delighting in the pleasure-aching moans that she drew from his throat.

Her own hips still circled in their provocative dance, but now they moved up and down, helping him as he fucked her with taunting slowness. It was under the slow-motion pace of his prick that she started the rise toward the plateaus of pleasure his abrupt exit from her cunt had so rudely wrenched her from. Her whole body was alive again. Every nerve was opened to the arousing sensations he sent rocketing through her. In and out, he plowed into the quivering furrow of her ass. She focused her being on the thickness of his fleshy piston, worshipping the filling mass of its size.

She thought about Lorraine and Michael One, who sat watching the expert poling of her body, and wondered if the scene they now viewed was affecting them the way their sexual play had gotten to her? But she knew she really didn't care. All she cared about was the growing hunger of her lust-laden body and the adamantine pole of flesh that moved in and out of her ass in a steady rhythm.

Her greed for cock got the better of her and her hips jerked quickly back and forth. The boy behind her got the message and immediately increased the rocking of his pelvis. No longer did he inch his way into her bowels, but glided in a long, smooth stroke, then reversed his motion and slithered outward.

It was good, but she wanted more. Her hips increased the pace once again and he responded. Their bodies met in a spongy sort of cushioned thud, crotch to buttocks. The hairy sac of his testicles slapped at the upturned curves of her hind mounds.

She gyrated and swirled around his ever moving cockshaft. He groaned and poled into her. She squeezed and sucked at his length, relishing every fat inch of pleasure he fed into her. She rocked back and forth, aiding in the repeated impalement of her body.

His hands gripped into her butt, his fingers digging roughly into the firmness of her ass cheeks. He clung to her, using her buttocks for support. His hips lurched and once more he quickened the tempo of his anal spearing.

Groaning with delight, she accepted him over and over. Her own body met his rhythm. She bucked into him, driving his plunging rod deeper and deeper into the volcanic depths of her ass. She jerked away from him, wrenching the pole of sex from her.

Her body quaked under the ever increasing impact of his body. He seared in and out of her and she loved it and wanted more. Which is exactly what he gave her. His crotch slapped loudly into her buttocks now, jarring her and setting the elongated cones of her tits juggling back and forth.

She grunted and moaned as the fever of ardent lust grew and blazed outward. She lurched back into him, trying to bury the stiff shaft of sex even deeper into her ass. He burned into her, pistoning in and out of the tight, clinging tunnel of her rectum.

She wanted to cry out, urging him on harder and deeper, but he pounded into her, jarring the words

from her throat so that only aroused hisses of flaming desire were emitted into the air. She felt it was growing now. Hot and higher it swirled within her. Flaming out from her seething asshole, it consumed her loins and set the sensitive button of her clit to aching.

Her hands gripped into the cushions of the couch. Her knuckles were deadly white, strained with the intensity of her growing fervor. Her ass rocked and bucked, swallowing up and sucking at the thick shaft of cock that filled her.

Harder and harder, he speared. Like a jackhammer of flesh, he ground himself into the burning recesses of her anal tunnel. His balls were lashing with fire, boiling as the need for release grew. He grunted as he slammed and shafted into the sweet tightness of her anal sheath.

Back and forth, their bodies rocked together, feeding the consuming passion that now filled their bodies. Again and again, they pounded into one another. His cock drove its full length into the glove-like tightness of her ass. And she accepted the burning rod of pleasure; a rod of pleasure she now lived for.

Higher and higher, they whipped each other on, driving them ever closer to the peaks of their desire.

Harder and more urgently their bodies demanded the release that throbbed and ached within them.

She came first, her whole body erupting. Pleasure unleashed within her in a wildly flaring nebula of delight. She cried out her satisfaction, as quake after soul-shattering quake of relief and pleasure washed through her body. Her ass contracted and trembled, sucking greedily at the still poling length of his prick.

From behind, she heard him groan and his hips suddenly lurched forward, driving his shaft deeply into her back cbanne. The fat crown of his shaft jumped and jerked. Then there was the wet warmness, as he spilled the juice of his desire into the recesses of her bowels.

Spurt after spurt of thick cream blasted into her, as he clung to her ass. She could feel every little throb of his release and loved every tiny quiver of his shaft.

Gratefully locked together ass to cock, they groaned and whimpered in the magnificent sensations of their mutual climax.


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