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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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10 Chapter 10

"What in the hell is going on here!"

It was Michael's voice, her Michael's voice, that boomed through the pleasure glowing cloud of her satisfaction. Diana's body suddenly went rigid.

With the same suddeness, Bryan's rigidly embedded cock went limp. In one second it was packed fully up her ass, still oozing the last traces of his release. Then in the next moment, it went limp and slithered from her body in a hasty withdrawal. The reaction would have been humorous under different circumstance. As it was, Diana found absolutely no humor in the situation.

As Bryan rolled to one side and dropped to the couch, she rolled to the other and collapsed on her still pleasantly throbbing rear. She pushed her eyes open and somehow managed to peer through the veiling mists and find her husband standing in the doorway to the den. Apparently he couldn't find any humor in Bryan's quick evacuation of Diana's asshole either. He was just standing there scowling at her, then glaring at Bryan. The youth at her side just lay there, unable to react in much of any manner, except to glance glassy-eyed at his stepbrother and pant trying to catch his breath. The effects of blasting his balls off in his sister-in-law's ass had been somewhat draining on him.

"I asked what the hell is going on here!" Michael demanded again.

"Just what the hell it looks like," the elder Hightower answered his son.

"Bryan was just welcoming Diana into our family," Lorraine added, smiling at her stepson.

"And I suppose you were waiting your turn?" Michael snapped with contempt.

"Of course I was," Lorraine smiled widely. "Diana is quite an attractive girl. And if she has no hang-ups about women, we could...."

"Damn!" Michael shuddered. "I can't believe this! I'm gone for a matter of a couple of hours and you just can't wait to get your lustful claws into my wife!"

"What is this, Michael? A double set of standards? One for you and one for Diana?" Lorraine chided. "You really didn't mind our romp in the library last night. But when Diana gets balled by someone other than her husband, you can't take it."

"That's right," Kate piped up from behind her brother, who until now had gone unnoticed by Diana. "You didn't seem to mind Paula giving you head on the way home from town."

"Yeah!" it was Paula that now chorused up from behind Michael. "I seem to remember him suggesting that we all should go for a stroll down by the pond this evening."

"Right!" Kate echoed. "My brother is a real stick in the mud!"

"Michael, is all this true?" Diana asked, somewhat amused by the sudden sheepishness that raced embarrassingly over her husband's face.

"Of course it's true!" Kate laughed. "My brother digs balling his sisters!"

The dark-haired girl coyly reached down and lovingly massaged her brother's crotch. Michael just stood there, looking helplessly at Diana, unable to say anything. However, Kate's hand eventually left the front of his jeans. The bulging strain under his fly told the whole story.

Diana felt like she should be angry, but all she felt was relief. The confrontation with Michael had been met and was water under the bridge now. She knew he had made it with Lorraine and now Paula. And those facts didn't bother her. He was still her Michael, still her husband and she still loved him. Nothing had changed.

At least nothing had changed with her, that was. She was still unsure about how Michael was reacting to finding Bryan fucking her ass. Or how he would react to the knowledge that his father had balled her and she had come back for more. She wanted to get him off alone and discuss the whole thing.

But Kate and Paula had other things in their minds!

"I think we should show Diana just what Michael had in mind for this evening," Kate grinned to her blonde stepsister.

"Mmmmm hmmmmm," Paula nodded. "Really think Diana should see the type of man she married."

Michael stepped back from the two girls and shook his head, "Just hold on ... this is neither the time nor place."

But neither Kate nor Paula held on. Instead they rushed him. Two bundles of very eager and very sexy teen-age girl were suddenly swarming all over him, while Diana sat back grinning with amusement at the predicament her husband had gotten himself into.

There were five quick tearing "pops" and five white buttons that went sailing across the den, torn from the front of Michael's shirt. If he were doing more than putting up a token fight against the girls, it was hard for Diana to discern. By herself, Kate was able to quickly strip her brother's shirt, while Paula hastily slithered from her skirt and blouse, then peeled away her under garments.

The supple blonde single-handed went after Michael's jeans, as Kate performed a rapid strip that matched the disrobing of her stepsister.

Together, they somehow managed to wiggle Michael's jeans down around his knees. He stumbled backwards, then his legs came out from under him. His bare ass thudded heavily onto the carpet and the girls wrenched his pants up and off. He now shared their nakedness.

Paula was at the downed man's side first, her nakedness pressing sensually over his chest and her mouth covering his. Michael's arms hesitated momentarily, then wrapped around her youthful body, hugging her close.

Kate, left out of the embrace, made do with the thick swollen shaft that jutted up from the black hairs covering her brother's crotch.

Reaching out with her hand, her fingers wrapped around the pulsing column of cock and tantalizingly glided up and down its length. Diana could see the muscles of her husband's buttocks tense tightly and his hips jerk upward slightly.

The girl's hand squeezed at the still thickening pole of sex and jacked excitedly along its pulsing length.

Her eyes widened with delight.

Suddenly, her head lowered and her mouth opened widely. In one slooping motion, she captured the gorged thickness of his glans within her lips. Her young cheeks hollowed deeply as she sucked at the plum-like crown.

Again his hips jumped upward, shoving one or three inches of fat prick into her face. She accepted the ponderous mass of sex into her mouth. The still stroking grasp of her hand never missed a beat.

Working with youthful eagerness, Kate's hand and mouth began working in a singular rhythm on her brother's manhood. Her head bobbed up and down as her lips sheathed and resheathed themselves over the jutting shaft.

Diana was amazed. Amazed both at herself and the scene she was watching. This was her husband buried under a writhing blanket of two eager girls. And it was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen.

She had always wondered about couples who got into swinging and their claims that watching their spouse ball with another person was one hell of a turn-on. They were right! Despite her full day's activities with Michael One and then with Bryan, she found herself ready and willing.

She glanced at the youth still seated at her side. But Bryan was engrossed with the activities on the floor. And apparently his own body had not recovered from his recent sexual romp - his cock was asleep in the reddish-blonde bush covering his groin.

Diana's attention turned to Lorraine and Michael One. The big-titted woman was now on her knees before her husband, his cock fully entrenched in her mouth. The elder Hightowers eyes rolled back in his head as his pelvis lurched upward. Lorraine's throat bobbed as she voraciously swallowed the fountaining cream of her husband's release. Michael One collapsed back into his chair, moaning out the sated gratification of his pleasure.

Feeling left out, Diana once more turned her eyes to her husband and the two sisters that had him occupied on the floor.

Kate had given up her oral caresses in favor of a much more mutually satisfying coupling for her and her brother. The young black-headed girl now sat straddled over Michael's crotch, her supple thighs tightly pressing to each side of him and the swollen length of his cock crammed up into her pussy. Michael's mouth was still busily occupied by Paula's and his hands had a firm hold on the sleek cones of her youthful tits.

Kate completed the union of the threesome by slipping her hand between Paula's thighs and wiggling a finger into the blonde's cunt.

Literally sitting in the pilot's seat, Kate slowly began to push, rising up the fleshy rod of pleasure she sat on. The movement also caused her finger to slide from Paula's upturned slash of desire.

Higher and higher, she slid up the thickness of cock, until she hovered above her brother's loins with only the gorged head of his prick sheathed by the pinkness of her outer lips. Then she glided downward, shafting his manhood back into the willing cunt and at the same time she drove her finger into the flowering lips of Paula's pussy.

Again and again, Kate repeated her rising and falling motions until her body was jerking rapidly up and down on the long shaft of flesh she so willingly impaled in her body.

Diana shivered with full arousal. Then shivered again as someone softly touched the interior of her thighs. She turned and glanced down. There kneeling between her opened legs was Lorraine. The woman's blue eyes were rolled up to her, a lewd, knowing smile on her full lips.

Diana shivered again, this time with the realization of what her mother-in-law had planned. She had wondered about it in the past. She had wanted it last night when she had watched Kate and Paula from behind the one-way mirror. Now she was being offered a very tempting proposal from a woman she found as sexy as the two girls. Perhaps even more so.

Not quite sure of herself, Diana nodded.

The blonde-haired woman's smile grew as her eyes tilted down to the light brown triangle of pubic moss veiling the lips of her daughter-in-law's cunt. Her head slowly moved forward.

Diana's heart jumped in a double-time beat and she sucked in deeply, as she stared down, watching the misty, golden-haired woman inch closer and closer to the quivering lips of her sex. Shivery little trembles raced through her body as she felt the gentle, warm streams of her breath flowing from Lorraine's nostrils and tickling their way through her pubic down. Uncontrollably, she moaned as the red lips of her companion pressed lightly between her thighs.

Lorraine's head pulled away just a little. Diana could see her lips part and her tongue, pink and wet flick behind her lips, then slowly snake out.

Then it was there!

The tip of another woman's tongue was wetly working through the bush of her pubic hairs and softly brushing at the quivering lips of her cunt. Diana whimpered as the excitement of the moment rushed in heated waves through her loins.

In a long, teasing lap, the probing oral digit languidly worked its way up and down the deep crease of her cuntal mound, delicately tickling at the pink pouted lips.

Trembling with excitement, she reached down and tenderly caressed her mother-in-law's cheeks, giving her approval of the woman's actions. She could detect no difference in the feel of Lorraine's tongue and the manly tongues that had found their way into her quim. The only difference was the lust-arousing knowledge that this mouth belonged to another woman.

Waves of quivery gooseflesh rippled in thrilled excitement over her body as Lorraine's hands slowly moved lovingly over the interior of her thighs. Higher and higher, the woman's exploring fingertips crept, working their magic as they came. Then they were at each side of her pubic knoll, gently massaging at the plump mound of her sex.

She moaned as the woman's hands pressed down and pushed outward to each side. From her position on the couch, she could see the pink lips of her labia spread and open and Lorraine's head duck further between her thighs.

Her tongue darted out again and licked gingerly up and down the pinkness of the opened glash. At the top of the wide slit of sex, the flickering tip of her tongue discovered the aroused nubbin of her daughter-in-law's clit. She pushed her face into the spread cunt and her lips tenderly kissed the sensitive button of flesh.

Diana moaned loudly and caressed the woman's head, wanting to press her even closer, to bury her face within her snatch, but unsure of how Lorraine would react. Instead, she decided to allow the other woman to work at her own speed and fully enjoy the new thrills she was awakening in her body.

Lorraine's lips reached out again and kissed the excited bud of pleasure. She sheathed its sensitive little length, caressing it softly with her lips, while her tongue tenderly tapped and laved at it. There was no doubt that ministrations were appreciated. She could feel the trembling and quivering of her daughter-in-law's body and the pleased moans and sighs that came from above her.

Still licking and taunting at the bud of her clit, she sucked at the small length of penis-imitating flesh, delighting in the sharp gasps of pleasure that accompanied her maneuver. Her own body was growing in its arousal, as the taste of male and female sexual juices mingled in her mouth. She was a vessel of sheer sex that could and would satisfy either man or woman.

Lorraine's hands spread the lips of Diana's cunt wider. Her mouth and tongue were moving again, lapping in broad wet strokes up and down the cleft of her loins. Tauntingly, she worked, teasing at the inner lips of the young woman's labia, but never entering.

Diana groaned; the sensations were fantastic, as was the total view she had of the woman between her thighs. In the past, there had only been a couple of times she had actually gotten to see a man give her head. Now that she was having her first experience with a woman, she was glad that she was able to see as well as feel the full sexy movements of Lorraine's tongue.

Abruptly that teasing oral digit speared its way into the juice-filled hole of her vagina.

Diana's body quaked as pleasure flooded through her loins. Like a velvet-covered finger, Lorraine's tongue dipped into her cunt, then flicked around in a twirling, reaming motion.

The woman withdrew and lapped up and down the opened lips of pussy, teasing the budded nubin of her clit, then drove her tongue back into her partner's quim. In and out, in penis-imitating fashion, she ate at her pussy, sucking away the thick flow of lubricants and swallowing them into her stomach, where they mixed with the heavy cream of her husband's groin.

Diana's hips began to rise and fall in a bunching manner, as the driving tempo of her mother-in-law's oral

digit took control of her body. She moaned and whimpered with each drilling rush of tongue. Her eyes, heavily laden with lust, fluttered closed as she centered her being on the rapidly laving pleasure.

She felt Lorraine's finger creep up the outside of her pubic mound. Then an inquisitive fingertip was tapping and fondling at the button of her clit. Electricity sizzled through her body, jarring her with waves of growing lust. The woman's face suddenly pushed into her cunt, burying itself in the wetness of her pussy. The spearing tongue drilled in and out, ever increasing its whipping tempo.

Again, for the fourth time that day, she felt the throbbing rage of her thighs expanding and breaking outward. She welcomed the rushing sensation that caught her up in its arms and swept her into the halls of orgasmic oblivion. Somehow amid the flashing colors of ecstasy, she reached down and pulled Lorraine's finger from her clit, which was aching from the pleasure-pain of her manipulations.

Slowly she descended from the dreamy world her climax had sent her hurtling head-on into. There, still licking and lapping at her cunt, was Lorraine. Forcing her eyes open, she stared down at the woman, then grinned.

Bryan had at last come to life again. Standing behind his mother, he had lifted her ass up, which explained the sudden burial of the woman's face in her cunt, and had entrenched his swollen cock within her pussy. Diana now found herself being lifted toward oblivion again, as Lorraine's excited tongue was whipped on by Bryan's plowing prick.

In and out, the boy's hips jerked, shafting his manhood into his mother's belly. The blonde-haired woman's trembling increased, as well as did the rapid spearing of her tongue. Diana closed her eyes and let the sweeping flesh tremors of her body throw her back into the welcoming pleasure of soul-shattering bliss.

This time as she settled gently down to earth, she heard Lorraine's own pleasure cries and opened her eyes to find her mother-in-law lost in her own climax and Bryan once again emptying his balls, this time into his mother's cunt.

Then two of them, mother and son, collapsed on the floor at the foot of the couch. Diana was just able to pull her legs out of the way and swing them atop the sofa to avoid a painful end to a satisfying and pleasing experience.

She glanced over to Michael One's chair, but it was empty. She found the elder Hightower on the floor where she had last seen her husband. Stretched out on his back Michael One now had Paula straddled over his crotch, with the thickness of his club-like cock embedded within her pussy. His mouth was fully occupied with his own daughter's cunt, as Kate sat above his face, enjoying the pleasures of his tongue. Both the girls had found something to keep their hands busy. They fondled and rolled each other's breasts.

"Hi," Michael piped from behind the couch. "Could you use some company?"

Her head twisted up to find her husband grinning down at her. She smiled and nodded.

Eagerly, he crawled over the back of the sofa and slid down beside her.

"I've missed you."

He gave her a quick, light kiss and pulled her to him.

"If what Kate said was true, you seemed to be getting along all right by yourself," she pouted in mock disapproval.

"And what about you? You and Bryan seemed to have found something to keep yourselves occupied in my absence," he chided, kissing her again, this time, his tongue moving lovingly into her mouth.

"As well as your father," she added, as they finally parted. "All three times."

"Three times!" he shook his head in disbelief. "And now there was Lorraine!"

"And now there's you," she grinned, reaching down to his crotch and finding the hardened length of his cock, somewhat surprised at its condition after Paula and Kate.

"I was watching you and Lorraine," he explained without her having to ask, then moaning as she stroked up and down on the firmness of his manhood.

"Michael, why didn't you tell ... uh ... about your family?" she asked.

He shook his head, "I don't know. I guess I was afraid you'd disapprove. What would your reaction have been if I suddenly said, "Look, for the past several years my family has been balling each other. Want to join in?"

She stared blankly at him, then grinned, realizing how ridiculous he would have sounded if he had told her, and wondering if she would have even believed him.

"Then, you're not hurt. I mean, about your father and Bryan," she asked.

"No. What about Lorraine, Paula and Kate," he replied.

She shook her head in the negative, "I thought you and the girls together were sexy. It was sort of a surprise watching my own husband make love with another woman, but I dug it."

She paused, still confused by all that had happened within the last twenty-four hours. "If you're not upset by finding me and Bryan together, then why were you angry when you walked in?"

He chuckled, "Upset with myself mostly. I did a hell of a lot of worrying about how you would react if you found out about my family and myself. You see, it took me a long time to find a woman like you and I didn't want to lose you. I was ready to give this whole scene up for you. Then, when I walked in and found you balling with Bryan, I just couldn't believe it. After all that worrying, you had accepted what was happening with the Hightowers without the slightest hesitation. Somehow the whole thing made me a little mad. You should have made a little protest, just to satisfy all that concern I've been living with ever since I met you."

She smiled and pulled him to her, "I protested, sort of ... but that's a long story. We can save it for another time. Right now I feel marvelously good and I want my husband to make love with me."

He grinned, then dropped his mouth to hers, his tongue flicking and dancing and doing all sorts of wonderfully arousing things that ignited and fanned fresh flames of want and desire.

Sliding onto her back, she pulled him atop her. Directing the thick, pulsing shaft of his cock between her opened thighs, she nuzzled the swollen crown of his sex into the willing lips of her labia. Despite the want and lust she had felt for Michael One and his stepson, this was the Hightower for her.

His hips did a quick little jerk and slid the full length of his cock into the liquid warmth of her vagina.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned deeply, as her teeth nibbled at his neck.

Lorraine's mouth had done an excellent job of preparing her for him. While she now had to admit that a

woman was exciting, tongue and lips, whether they be a man's or a woman's, could in no way compare with the fantastic feel of a man's cock fimly embedded deep within the harbor of her body. And nothing could compare to the wonderfulness of her man!

"God!" she whispered, moving her lips and still nibbling teeth up to the tempting morsel of his ear lobe. "You feel so damn good inside me! Like you were made for me!"

He turned his head so that their mouths met and his lips brushed lightly against hers as he spoke. "I was. Haven't you noticed that before!"

"Hrumph!" she snorted playfully. "I'm married to a cocksure bastard!"

"At your service, madam," he grinned and covered her mouth with his.

His hips did another one of those sexy little wiggles that sent his prick jerking and twitching within her vaginal channel. At "my" service, she repeated with smug satisfaction.

"I love you, Michael," she sighed as his lips once more slipped from hers.

He grinned, loving the marvelous feel of their union, "I know."

She kissed him lovingly, "And that's what makes you such an arrogant mother fucke...."

"Hold on, wife," he corrected quickly. "I never made it with my mother!

Only my stepmother!"

She grinned, squeezing down on the fullness of his sex sheathed into her belly. He moaned softly as he stared into her eyes.

"Well, right now, I want you to make it with me," she said. "I want my husband to ball me. Fuck me! Screw me! Make love to me!"

"My pleasure," he grinned widely and once more moved his lips and tongue to her mouth.

And it was - his pleasure!

Languidly, his hips slowly rose, withdrawing his cock from its deep-rooted haven in the warm recesses of her belly. He moved a tantalizing fraction of an inch at a time, while his tongue completely occupied her mouth with a flourish of darting probes.

She moaned, feeling him withdraw. The very slow-motion movement of his manhood was a taunting trick that he knew drove her wild. She loved it and the exciting anticipation of the moment he would eventually quickly jerk his hips and thoroughly spear the pulsing pole into her sex.

But the sudden movement she wanted wasn't to come this time.

His hips moved downward in the same snail-like pace he had used to pull from her.

She could feel every minute movement of the swollen length of his cock. She quivered at the gorged knob of his glans twitching in their excitement. She whimpered as she squeezed down on his fleshy root and forced him to strain against the velvet textured walls of her vaginal folds.

For several minutes, he slid in and out of her body in this slow taunting manner. She realized that had any other member of the family been watching, they would have been hard-pressed to say if his hips were

actually moving. But she knew! And she felt the slight increase of his flowing speed.

She also knew that there wasn't going to be any quick stabbings of his cock that would suddenly rock her body. Not this time, at least. No, now he was savoring the marvelous feel of their bodies joined in love and want for one another. This time, he was going to make it long and loving, slowly working their need into an excited frenzy of desire.

When his hips increased speed again, it was still too slow for her want. But that was the sweet torture of this prolonged method that Michael had discovered. He wouldn't be rushed. He taunted her with pleasure, never giving her all she wanted until the last moment, then plunging in and out, trying to drive his hard shaft all the way through her body and into her mouth.

"Oh! You bastard!" she moaned, as his hand wedged between their bodies and slid into the slit of her cunt, playfully fondling her clit. "Two can play that game."

His fingertips swirled wonderfully around the aroused bud of her clit. Her body trembled as the fantastic sensations of pleasure shot through her. For moments her own hand that was wedging itself toward their loins could do nothing but stop and wait until he let up just a little.

And when he did, her hand shot between his legs, capturing the hairy sac that dangled securely from behind his cock. He moaned.

"But you've got these," she chuckled, noticing the quickened tempo of his hips. He now glided in a smooth steady stroking motion.

Tenderly caressing the kidney-shaped forms of his testicles in her fingertips, she rolled his balls. His moaning delighted her. It reminded her that she had the same sexual power with him that he had with her.

She let the wrinkled bag rest warmly in her palm, while she playfully used her fingers to shoot his balls around in the confines of their sac. His moaning increased as she created that pleasureful mixture of slight pain and delight.

His hand abruptly left her clit and grasped her wrist, pulling her hand from his balls, "No, you'll have me blow off in no time at all."

"Mmmmmmmm," she flicked her tongue around his ear, feeling the excited quivers that raced along his back.

His hands moved along her thighs and tucked under her buttocks. The angle of his entry abruptly increased and he slid deeper into the enveloping channel of her belly. She moaned and reached down grasping his ass.

Again his rhythm increased into a quick, smooth shafting stride that whipped in and out of her. She moaned and pumped her hips to meet each driving drop of his pelvis. The stirrings of release were suddenly there and flaring quickly. From the tenseness of his ass, she could tell his balls were once again preparing to empty themselves into the chalice of her vagina.

"Close," she whispered. "Close."

His hips jerked quickly, slamming into her, sluicing down into the heated interior of her quick. Her own pelvis hunched up and down, sliding over the full length of his cock like a fleshy, clinging scabbard. She contracted her muscles, squeezing him and milking at the swollen, pulsating wand of pleasure he so readily fed into her.

Harder and deeper, in a striving drive for release they worked each other, giving and taking each ounce of pleasure their bodies had to offer. Grunting and groaning as they neared the moment of completed sensations, they became two people joined as one, man and woman, lovers, husband and wife.

She came first, skyrocketing with multi-colored starbursts that sizzled with orgasmic electricity through the overloaded nerves of her body. She clung to him desperately, her contracting channel of love gripping at the throbbing staff of his sex.

Like a volcano, his balls erupted, blasting off another thick load of sperm and semen. His body shook and quivered as the creamy fountains spurted from the pin-prick hole in the center of his glans and deluged the hole of her cunt.


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