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A Bride for the Whole Family
Author :WdGr40
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11 Chapter 11

Sunday morning! Diana couldn't believe it, as she lay in bed, listening to Michael in the shower. They had only been at the Hightower estate for a day and a half. It seemed like years ago and yet at the same time, only a matter of minutes.

And today, she was to meet the last member of the family. She found herself idly wondering if he had the same sexual prowess of the rest of the family. And trembling a little with excitement she knew it wouldn't be that long until she found out.

"Water's fine! Care to join me?" her husband suggested from the bathroom.

Swinging over the side of the bed, she trotted to their private bathroom and poked her head behind the shower curtain, "Hope you meant that, because I'm coming in."

Which is exactly what she did.

The mutual shower was great. There's really something to having someone else bathe your body, she decided, also making the decision that in the future bathing together would become a regular habit.

"Hey, have the Hightowers ever had a big group bath?" she grinned as Michael firmly sudsed over the furred mound of her sex.

He smiled up at her, "Nope, but you might suggest it. We didn't know what we were missing. However, we've all gone skinny dippin' in the pond together."

Diana then took her turn, bathing her husband, enjoying the quivery little thrills that she sent racing through his body. Afterwards, they took their turns toweling each other dry, which gave a whole new meaning to drying one's self after a bath. Another of those habits to be cultivated, she decided.

In keeping with the informality of the Hightower family, Michael slipped into blue jeans and a T-shirt again. Diana chose some aqua-colored bell bottoms and a loose fitting blouse, leaving it unbuttoned and tying it in a big knot below her breasts. Today she definitely put aside any thoughts of wearing a bra. Michael One had made short work of one already. And although his rather rough manner of taking it from her body had been sexy, the damn things did cost money!

The rest of the family had already gathered downstairs and assembled in the kitchen, where Lorraine and the girls were busily preparing French toast. Michael's other brother, Jim, had already arrived.

The Hightower resemblance was more than apparent in the latest member of the family, Diana noted as she and Jim got acquainted over breakfast. He had the same black hair and dark eyes that Michael and Kate had. However, he was much more square built than the others, but just as attractive in his own way.

Afterwards, the family slowly drifted into the den, while Diana and Lorraine stayed behind to clean up the breakfast table. When they finally joined the others, Diana found a reception committee of two waiting for her - Paula and Kate!

She realized now why Michael had been unable to fight the two eager girls off yesterday. He didn't want to, nor would they have let him. She gave in and within a matter of seconds found herself stripped and on the floor.

Unaware of what the rest of the Hightowers were doing, Diana was lost in a flurry of naked girl flesh. Kate, kneeling beside her sister-in-law, took Diana's hand and placed it on the black triangular patch covering her pubic mound.

Unsure of exactly how to handle the situation, Diana tenderly kneaded at the plump knoll, imitating the actions of hands and fingers that had found their way to her pussy in the past. Kate sighed softly and stared down at her smiling. The young girl's own hands reached down and cupped under the pink globes of Diana's tits. Her fingers lovingly caressed the creamy smoothness of the satin-covered cushion of flesh.

Meanwhile, Paula proceeded to demonstrate that she had inherited more than her beauty from Lorraine. The young blonde was down on her hands and knees, spreading Diana's thighs, then crawling into the inviting, opened "Y" of her legs. Her long, slim fingers delicately covered the light-brown down of her sister-in-law's pussy, gently squeezing and massaging.

Diana moaned under the dual attention being given to her body. Kate's hands now were squeezing and rolling delightfully at her tits. Occasionally, her fingers would find their way to the tops of the high cresting globes and playfully tweek the rubbery cherries of flesh that were her nipples.

Paula's finger had worked its way into the deep cleft of Diana's loins, sensually tickling up and down the deep cease of her outer labia. With the same type of playful attention, the blonde's fingertips flirted with aroused excitement around the button of her clit, taunting it with delicious shivery thrills of pleasure.

Likewise, Diana followed the flowing juices welling from Kate's young pussy and wiggled a finger up into the girl's vagina. The effects were immediately apparant in the high-pitched little whimpers that came from the girl's writhing lips. Her hips twisted and turned around Diana's finger, rippling the soft, spongy folds of her cunt.

Diana's hips were far from inactive. Paula's head had dropped between the supple thighs she had spread and her mouth was now kissing and lightly biting along the quivering outer lips of Diana's pussy.

Diana's pleasure groan was cut as she suddenly sucked in her breath in a sharp kiss. Paula's soft, inquisitive tongue was now darting up and down the tremulous cleft of her loins, occasionally dipping in the honey-dripping hole of her cunt.

She felt Kate stir at her side, then the moist warmth of a mouth covering the top of one of her breasts.

She pushed her lust-leadened eyes open and found the girl arched over her on her hands and knees.

While Diana finger-fucked her pussy, she reciprocated by sucking wonderfully at her tit.

The new position also placed a very tempting female nipple hovering but inches from Diana's mouth. Without so much as a second's thought or hesitation, Diana twisted her head and captured the dark brown nipple between her lips. She could feel the electric excitement that raced through the girl's body. Then she sucked and licked at the fattening button of flesh, while her finger flowed in and out of the juice-filled socket of Kate's vagina.

The girl came quickly, moaning and crying out in pleasure, then she was gone. Diana thought she saw

someone lift her to her feet, but she couldn't be sure. Paula's licking and laving tongue was controlling her now and her eyes weren't exactly in the shape of focus.

The quick little oral digit that Paula knew how to use so marvelously was now flicking in and out of her cunt, setting off all sorts of delightful little thrills. Letting her body follow the urgings of the blonde's mouth, Diana's hips hunched up and down, pushing her throbbing snatch into the young girl's face.

Writhing and twisting to the old familiar sensations of near climax, Paula responded to Diana's growing need. Her fingers reached out and tenderly fondled the aching bud of her clit.

The added manual touch was all Diana needed! Within seconds, her body was racked by a series of marvelous explosions of exquisite pleasure. The multi-colored starburst spun and sailed, taking her with them.

Moaning and quivering, she slowly descended to the firmness of the earth, once again realizing where she was. She pushed open her eyes and glanced around.

Paula was no longer between her thighs. Instead, the girl now was in the arms of her stepfather. The young supple cones of her breasts flattened willingly against the elder Hightower's chest as he pulled the young girl atop him, as they lay on the floor together, a few feet away from Diana.

The young blonde easily positioned herself atop the man. Diana watched as her graceful hand tucked between her legs and grasped the rigid shaft of his swollen cock. With little or no difficulty, she guided the thick shaft of man sex into the upturned lips of her pussy. The reddened head of his fat glans disappeared into her cunt. Michael One's hips jerked a little and the remainder of his meaty shaft vanished within the youthful belly of his lover, his stepdaughter.

Diana watched with trembling excitement as the couple's hips took up that age-old rhythm. Thick and hard, the stiff length of his cock pulled out of her body. The wet, pink lips of her pussy followed it, flowering outward. Then he jerked back, slamming into the enticing luxury of her vagina, forcing the folds of her cunt back in on themselves.

Michael One's hands were eagerly working on the summery slickness of Paula's tits, much to her delight. Her head was arched back and her mouth was wide, the pinkness of her tongue flicking wildly behind her lips.

Kate was equally occupied by her stepbrother, Bryan, who had once again found himself a willing ass to plug the aroused length of his boy-man cock into.

Bending over the couch as Diana had done yesterday, when Bryan had so expertly reamed her own ass with his prick, Kate accepted the lunging plunges of man meat Bryan sent shafting into the tiny hole of her anus. She could see the young girl's buttocks tense each time the youth threw himself forward, slamming into her body. Over and over their bodies popped together in a vigorous display of youthful sexual energy.

At the rate they were going at it, Diana realized it would only be a matter of moments before Kate was experiencing her second orgasm of the day.

If Diana had had any doubts about Lorraine and Michael's mutual attraction, they were quickly put to rest as her vision moved to the chair positioned opposite the couch. Both Lorraine and her husband had shed their clothes as had the rest of the family. The big-titted woman sat back in the chair with her legs spread wide, while Michael knelt on the floor before his stepmother.

Diana watched, seeing the long, pink length of her husband's tongue slowly snake out and teasingly weave exciting circles over the bare, shaven lips of the blonde-headed beauty's pubis. The tip of his tongue left a moist trail of saliva as it worked, slackening the naked mound of her sex.

Then he playfully ran the taunting tongue tip up and down the dark crease of her labia. Again and again, he laved over the lips without dipping into the quivering and slightly pouting mouth of her body.

When he did, Lorraine's reaction was one of definite pleasure. The sandy blonde whimpered in the high-pitched voice of arousal. Her hands reached down and grasped the back of his head, pushing his face into the sleek lips of her pussy.

Immediately, his tongue increased its lapping and probing. In and out, in and out, he speared the softness of his oral digit. Her hips writhed and swayed, doing all sorts of hunching motions, trying to force even more of his tongue into her cunt.

Definitely sexy! she moaned mentally. Watching one's husband make it with another woman is definitely sexy!

Everyone was accounted for, except for brother Jim, she noted, glancing around the room, trying to find her most recent acquaintance in the Hightower family. She found him leaning in the doorway of the den, watching the various samplings of carnal delights presently underway. He was naked like the rest of the family and sported one very rigid and one very much in need cock that jerked and throbbed eagerly from the dark forest of pubic hair spouted over his crotch.

His eyes eventually turned to her. He smiled, unsure, but very much interested in the only unoccupied woman in the room. Diana returned the smile and raised her arm to him. Grinning now, he hastily crossed to her, straddling her body as she lay on the floor. Bending a little, he took her hand and pulled her up to a sitting position. The long hardness of his cock bobbed but an inch or two from her face - and her mouth!

She didn't wait for him to ask for what he obviously wanted. Her long, glistening pink tongue darted out from behind her lips. It brushed tantalizingly over the smooth, gorged head. Then she kissed the straining glans. He moaned and his knees quivered.

She rolled her eyes up to him and received a grateful smile in return.

Then she returned her attention back to the swollen bigness of his sex.

Her tongue went back into action, slickening up and down the underside of the shaft that jutted sharply into the air. Simultaneously, her hand glided sensuously over the insides of his spread thighs, drifting with taunting slowness upwards. She tickled her way to his scrotum and played there, as he continued to stare down fascinated by her every action.

He watched her head move back and forth and her sleek wet tongue dance worshipingly across the knob-like crown of his prick. He listened to the little wet oral sounds she made as she sucked away the clear drops of sexual juices that welled from the center of his glans.

Her hand cupped his testicles, gently playing with their weighty size. He groaned and his legs quivered some more as she worked his aching balls around on her fingertips.

As he watched, her lips formed a puckered little opening. The fingers of her free hand reached up and wrapped around the base of his shaft, edging downward, gliding it to her waiting mouth. He groaned, as he watched the turgid, throbbing head of his cock slide into the round hole formed by her luscious, deep

pink lips.

Her tongue taunted the underside of his glans, then swirled wildly around the sensitive cock tip. Another series of sexy slurping oral noises rose to his ears, adding to the alluring submission of this woman, his sister-in-law, was giving to him.

He was hard and thick and aroused. He intently watched her lips move forward, enveloping him. He wasn't sure which thrilled him more; watching the predatory lips take his length, or the damn fantastic feeling of her mouth working so marvelously on his cock.

His ass tightened and he eased himself forward, feeding her a couple more inches. She accepted it willingly, allowing him into the warm haven of her mouth. His shaft disappeared in her face and the throbbing crown of his rod nudged at the back of her throat. Her breaths were deep, her nostrils flaring as she fought off the urge to gag under the ponderous mass of cook she now held in her mouth.

Slow and deliberately, she slid her head back off the pole of pulsating flesh. Her tongue whirled and swirled in exciting flourishes around his swollen circumference. The moist, feather-like caresses played havoc with his control, but he forced himself to remain stiff and allowed her to take her time and give all the pleasure she so obviously knew how to administer.

His cock jerked and jumped eagerly around in her mouth. Her teeth clamped down around him and she sucked swallowing the saliva filling her mouth. Also savoring the very manly taste of the preseminal fluids that mingled delightfully in her mouth.

Reaching the blood-gorged tip of his prick, her lips tightened and squeezed like a strong elastic hand, forming a straining white ring around the thickness of his cock. She eased her puckered lips back over him. Still unable to move his eyes from her, he watched, testicles aching, as his slackened length of manhood vanished into the humid cavern of her mouth.

Changing her approach, she pulled up from his rod of meat in a fast, fire-igniting motion. Her teeth bit down into the super-sensitive glans. She nibbled and licked the bulgy arrowhead, relishing its feel as if it were some rare tidbit of sexual delight especially grown for her. Then she slid up and down on the saliva-slickened pole, allowing it to bury itself in her face, then evacuate her mouth, over and over. She sucked. She sucked, showing the pleasure she took in performing the oral task of satisfying his throbbing staff of desire.

In and out, she sucked. Out and in, she licked. He watched her head bob in rhythm with the entrance and exit of his cock. His buttocks were boulders of aroused tension that swayed with the sliding tempo of her mouth. He cradled her head lovingly, fully appreciative of the tender care she was giving him. He moaned and groaned. His body trembled, fighting desperately to prolong the prodigious sensations she was creating in his loins. At the same time, his balls were seething and burning with a rising tide of come. His scrotum was taut, like stretched leather on a frame. His balls throbbed as he fought to hold back the oncoming explosion of lust.

Realizing the fever of his urgency, she rocked back and forth, sheathing and resheathing her mouth on his lust-pulsing shaft. Faster and hotter, her mouth sucked. With growing, greedy vigor and ardent desire, she licked at his thickness.

Fire, boiling liquid flames, shot up from his balls and jetted free, writhing and lashing into the warm receptacle of her mouth. Lust unleashed exploded from the depths of his groin, rushed up through his shuddering cock, finally gushing from the small, mouth-like slit on the crown of his prick. Hot, white, steaming, creamy come blasted out.

Her lips quivered with excitement. Her delicate nostrils flared widely. He emptied himself into the willing oral chalice. He groaned as the thick flood of sperm and semen scalded over the soft, pink tongue that still lovingly caressed him. He moaned as the burning eruption of sexual cream splattered and coated the roof of her mouth. He grunted as the heavy, fiery eaves spurted down her throat drenching her tonsils.

With his shaft firmly embedded in the moist interior of her mouth, the orgasm-racked tips of his glans pushed at the back of her throat. Eagerly she drank every drop he had to offer, sucking up and devouring the heated liquid of his groin. Her throat bobbed and trembled as she swallowed over and over. She downed each thick blast as fast as she could to stop from gagging and strangling on his mighty release. She sucked as his cock jumped and fountained freely within the tender walls of her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed deeply as she sucked away every oozing drop from the lust-pounding length of his cock. And when the violent eruption ebbed, she rolled the thick viscosity of his cream in her mouth, milking away any traces that might have still been caught in the throbbing bigness of his sex.

He reached down and eased her lips away from his still jutting shaft.

His cock popped free from her lips and bobbed wildly before her eyes. It glistened clean and red from the vigorous bath she had given it. He smiled down at her gratefully, then staggered back a couple of steps and backed into the wall. Blank-eyed, he stared around the room, then slowly slid down the wall and just sat there.

Diana chuckled to herself and once more turned her eyes to the rest of the family.

Michael One and Paula had apparently reached mutual satisfaction. They were still in each other's arms, lovingly caressing one another. However, the elder Hightower's prick had definitely lost some of its vigor and now slept limply at his crotch.

Kate and Bryan had also concluded their ass-to-cock pairing and the black-headed girl was now on her knees before her stepbrother doing her damnest to revive his prick. Her naturally red lips were tightly stretched around his prick, sucking and eating at him.

Only Michael and Lorraine were still in action. Well, she corrected herself, Michael was at least. Lorraine was lost in the oblivion of orgasmic ecstasy, writhing and groaning as Michael's tongue unleashed the consuming flood of lust in her body.

Her husband suddenly pulled his head from the pussy he had so thoroughly occupied and stared up at his stepmother, a pleased smile on his lips. He reached up and grasped her hips and slowly pulled her from the chair. She moaned, but seemed to be unaware of what was happening.

Gently handling her, he positioned her on the floor, spreading her thighs wide open to him. Diana could see the quivering nakedness of her shaven cunt. The outer lips of her labia were parted and trembling. Within the wet slit, she saw the scalloped folds of the inner lips of her pussy. They, too, were still quivering with the pleasure of her climax. The palpitating folds dripped with the aroused juices that flowed from her depths. Her clitoris was extended for what appeared to be at least a half of an inch. It was thick and throbbing.

As a matter of fact, so was Michael - a fact he apparently meant to put to good use, Diana thought as she watched her husband.

Clutching at the heavy forms of Lorraine's breasts for support, he slid atop her and hung above her. His cock, hard and long, lurched hungrily at the mouth of her belly. His hands brutally crushed the sensitive tits beneath his fingers. Tortured white flesh squelched up through his fingers. Lorraine groaned.

Without giving her the slightest indication of his intentions, he slammed his lust-rigid cock into the desirous mouth of her pussy. He smacked wetly into the trembling folds of her inner lips. The swollen tip of his prick rammed its way between the pouting scallops and was sucked deeply into the juicy interior of her hot body.

Lorraine cried out.

Actually, Diana decided it was more of a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

Her eyes flared open and stared at her stepson. She started to speak, but he jerked out of her slick oil-filled, well-lubricated channel, stiffling the words so that they came out as a long "oooohhhh!" He smiled down at her. She smiled back.

Her smooth willing sheath of liquid warmth flowered around him. It clamped tightly and seemed to suck on the swollen length of his cock, which, in turn twitched and jerked in the heated inner lips of her hungry slit. It sucked him back into the moist, tight chamber of her belly. The velvet-textured walls of her vagina rippled impetuously, fondling his length with thrilling caresses. He hung there above her, their bodies joined at their fiery cores. He hung there and soaked up her softness and arousing heat.

He moaned as he pulled himself from the tightening channel. She clung to him, stretching the sensitive skin of his shaft. He wanted to swing his hands away from her breasts and fall, crushing into the springy cushions on her chest. But his determination to finish as he had started won out. Once again, he was fully intent on fucking this willing woman, while raised high above her.

With a confident smile on his lips, he swung his hips inward, shooting his full length into her body. Her eyes closed. A muffled groan gritted out from behind her pleasure-clenched teeth. That clutching, naked pussy of hers clung to him, trying to hold him locked within her. He eased out and plunged back into the humid tunnel. Her breasts quivered under the grasping grip of his hands, trembly and shivering.

She arched her hips to him. The pouted, wet lips of her cunt reached out to swallow him, balls and all. Her muscles squeezed and relaxed in a thrilling exotic rhythm. The movement sent excited currents racing through the stiff length of his cock. Pressure increased in his balls as he drove in and out of her saddle of desire.

He increased the power of his knifing thrusts into her sweet, hot hole. The muscles of his thighs were rock hard, chording beneath the skin of his legs. His raised position allowed him to use these muscles to boost the mighty surges of his groin. Their cores met in loud, wet slaps.

She welcomed the thrust and begged for more and harder plunges. He obliged and flung himself into the clingy cunt with such violence that it jarred the breath from her lungs. Little moaning cries trickled from her throat continuously. Her hands were on his shoulders, pulling him down. He came falling hard into the cushions of her breasts. Her fingernails were in his skin, raking and clawing like sexual talons. Her head jerked from side to side while her tongue washed across his slickened lips. Her body writhed and twisted with urgency. Her pelvis leaped up to accept each ramrodding plummet of his swollen cock.

He drilled and reamed into her flowering pussy. He drove with reckless abandon into the slippery well of her sex. He tried to knock the bottom out of her cunt. But she just opened up new untouched reaches of her vagina. Grunting and groaning, he plunged and thrusted. Like an organic jackhammer, his shaft ravaged her slit of lust.

She came jerking and bucking under him. She contracted and relaxed and contracted and relaxed over and over. A long, low pleasure scream tore from her lips. Her vaginal channel was suddenly flooded with even more juices.

Then he came. The sensation was fantastic. In fact, his whole body rocked and quaked under the tremendous outgushing of hot semen and sperm. The walls of her drenched cunt milked at him in the hope of securing a few more drops that might seep from the head of his cock.

Diana watched as the last throbs of his release passed from her husband. His deflated organ slowly slithered from his stepmother's well-pumped pussy. He rolled to his back on the floor beside her. Both of them panted. Neither had any intention of moving for several moments.

However, brother-in-law Jim seemed to have regained life. Diana turned watching the revitalized man push up from his seat on the floor. Carefully stepping over the still caressing bodies of Michael One and Paula he headed toward Lorraine.

Michael was barely able to roll out of the way to avoid the descending foot of his brother, who straddled the still heaving body of his stepmother. Grinning down at the woman on her back, the youth suddenly dropped to his knees, then leaned over her with his arms extended. His cock settled in the deep valley separating the mountainous pillows of her white breasts.

Without a single word of direction, Lorraine's hands rammed solidly against the sides of her tits that jutted milky from her chest, trapping the aroused length of man meat between their cushiony forms. Jim moaned softly as the pliant flesh enveloped him.

His hips suddenly began to rock back and forth, shafting the angry red pole of hard cock in and out of the tunnel formed by her mammouth mammaries.

That Lorraine was ready to satisfy another man so soon after the double pleasure Michael had set free in her body didn't surprise Diana. The woman had an incredible appetite for sex. A characteristic her daughter-in-law realized she shared. Just watching the **** of Lorraine's magnificent tits sent delighted thrills of sensuous lust through Diana's loins. It was easy for her to imagine what it felt like to have Jim's stiff cock gliding back and forth between her own breasts. An experience she admitted she wouldn't mind having happen.

Lorraine's hands now squeezed hard against the sides of her mountainous jugs. She squeezed them tightly together, trapping Jim's cock between the creamy walls of almost flaccid-looking flesh of her tits. Her head strained upward in an arch that Diana knew must be torturing her corded neck. Her mouth opened like a gaping cavern, that tried to capture the inflamed crimson crown of her stepson's prick as he pushed his way through the soft path formed by her hands and breasts. Both of them were shaking now, obviously enjoying the tit fucking.

Jim's hips increased their already frantic pace. He hunched into the woman's chest. He bucked like some wild mustang set on dislodging an unwanted rider. He groaned and grunted like a mounting stallion. His cock was burning with the friction of Lorraine's billowy breasts.

She was moaning and groaning. Those supersized tits of hers were just as sensitive as they looked.

Diana wondered if she could get off on them alone.

She didn't have to wait long to find out.

With a last mighty thrust, Jim rammed his fleshy sword through the tight-pressed channel of tit. His bulging red glans prodded their way between the mounds of flesh and jerked into the air, throbbing lustfully on Lorraine's chin. Hot come fountained in thick, heavy spurts from the gorged tip of the shaft. Lorraine's mouth accepted the steaming load, welcoming the taste of her stepson's release.

Diana watched as the blonde's throat quivered and she swallowed. A major achievement in her strained

position. But just as amazing was the violent quaking that had once more seized the blonde's body. She was coming! She had been able to get off on Jim's tit fucking!

Abruptly Jim lost his balance and fell from his stepmother. He lay half on and half off her. His cock stood jerking in the air like a flaming spike of flesh. Oozing come still welled from its swollen head.

The remaining couples in the room had changed partners, Diana found as her eyes glanced back around the den.

Michael One was now paired with his own daughter. He had the sexy young teenager down on her back. His arms were looped under her legs, jerking them into the air, while his thick cock stabbed in and out of her juicy little quim.

There was little Kate could do in the restrained position, other than moan with the filling pleasure of her father's cock. Which exactly was what the young girl was doing, accepting the deep drilling of the ponderous rod that slammed in and out of her body.

Still on the couch, Bryan and Paula were lying side by side in the old position of sixty-nine. Their tongues were working at a frantic pace, doing their damnedest to satisfy the mounting urges of their young bodies.

A stir from behind Lorraine drew Diana's attention. It was Michael, pushing himself to his knees. He glanced around the entangled couple surrounding him. He smiled with amusement. His eyes then moved to Diana and his grin broadened.

Rising to his feet, he turned toward her. His cock was already on the rise again. He stepped over Lorraine and Jim, coming to her.

Diana quivered with anticipation as he lowered himself to the floor beside her and pulled her to him.

It was going to be a repeat of yesterday, she thought as his tongue probed deeply toward her throat. A wonderful repeat performance of Saturday!


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