A Lifetime With You
1 Introduction
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A Lifetime With You
Author :kxm06
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1 Introduction

@@The hour on the clock finally turned 9. Once it did, Feng Ruyi quickly grabbed her bags, clocked out, and went home. As an office woman, each day was monotonous and boring for her. She was not close with any of her coworkers as she seemed too aloof and serious. Not that she wanted to be close with them anyways. Little did her coworkers know, her austereness was only a facade. The stone-faced 45-year-old woman no longer exists once tucked in her bed and a novel in her hands. As she reads, Feng Ruyi began to giggle every five seconds. She loved spending her free time reading novels. Especially the ancient Chinese ones on transmigration and rebirth. Seeing the female protagonist get her revenge on her evildoers and the godly male lead fond over her made Ruyi's heart full. The current novel she was reading was called "Back in Time: Everyone Wants Me!" It's currently very famous in China with over 50 million readers across the nation. Although Ruyi just bought it today, she was already two-thirds done with the book. The novel was about Feng Qing Qing, a modern feminist who transmigrated to a world similar to ancient China. With her strong outgoing personality, she attracted many hearts, including that of the male lead, Tian Weilong. Of course, she dealt with many jealous girls and their schemes, including that of the evil antagonist Feng Yang Mi.

Feng Ruyi wanted to keep on reading but her drowsy eyes betrayed her. Slowly but surely she fell asleep, mumbling the words, "If I'm the protagonist of a Chinese novel, I would..." As Ruyi fell into the world of dreams, a bright point of light moved rapidly across the sky, hovering over her apartment and then quickly fades out over a span of a minute.



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