A Lifetime With You
3 The First Meeting
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A Lifetime With You
Author :kxm06
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3 The First Meeting

*Edited by buzyhoneybee*

Prime Minister Feng Wangshu paced back and forth around the room. It's already been half a day but his daughter still hasn't woke up yet. Earlier in the morning, he was in his study room writing a report for the Emperor when he heard a loud shriek from the west courtyard. Since that is where his eldest daughter resides, he quickly ran over to Yang Mi's room. There he found his Yang Mi unconscious on the floor with her maid anxiously calling her. Feng Wangshu immediately sent someone to bring the Imperial Doctor over.

"Why isn't she awake yet?" Wang Shu furiously asked the Imperial Doctor. As the Prime Minister of Feng Huang country, Wang Shu's power was only second to the Emperor so once the doctor heard the minister's fury, he quickly fell to his knees.

"I'm confident that the reason why the eldest miss fainted is due to stress," the doctor quickly answered. "When I felt her pulse, her heartbeat was beating at a fast rate. Since she is young, I've eliminated the possibility of a heart attack. I conclude that this is the result of stress or fear."

Wang Shu narrowed his eyes and was about to question him more until he heard a faint groan from the bed. Slightly turning his head, he saw that his daughter was beginning to wake up.

"Yang'er! Yang'er! How are you feeling??" Wang Shu asked, his face full of concern.

Yang Mi's body felt heavy and weak. The light was bright, causing her to squint. She was trying to process her surroundings. She faintly hear a name being called out. Opening her eyes, in front of her was a middle-aged man dressed in official robes from the ancient times.

"Where am I?" she wonder. The last thing she remembered was laying on her bed and reading the novel "Back in Time: Everyone Wants Me!" Quickly, a high feminine voice disrupted her thoughts.

"Miss, you're okay! I thought that you would never wake up," Liqin cried, tears streaming down her small pale face. Seeing Liqin with her swollen red eyes,, Yang Mi finally remembered why she lost consciousness—she transported into a book. And no, she was not the protagonist but she was the ruthless antagonist.

"Oh, god," she realized that Yangmi's ultimate fate was death and felt the need to faint again.

In the book, Feng Yang Mi was loved by her father, the Prime Minister and because of her spoiled nature, the servants feared her. At a young age, she blamed Feng Qing Qing,the protagonist, and her mother for the death of Yang Mi's mother. Since then, she would always bully Qing Qing. Since Qing Qing was quiet and reserved, she endured the bullying and never fought back. Yangmi's bullying got so brutal that she caused Qing Qing to die. After Qing Qing died, a girl from modern world transmigrated into Qing Qing's body. The once shy and timid girl turned into an outspoken and brave woman. This change of personality caught Yang Mi's fiance Tian Weilong, the crown prince of Feng Huang, attention. Jealousy drove Yang Mi to the brink of insanity, doing everything she could to get rid of Qing Qing. Unfortunately, it ended with her being given a white silk cloth. As she tried to recall the details of the story, the door to Yang Mi's bedroom slowly opened. The girl had long silky hair with the top tied up in two loops, similar to butterfly wings. She had pale skin, cherry lips and big round eyes, making a beautiful and delicate face. However, the first thing that Yang Mi noticed first was the evil glint in her eyes and her confident walk. It was quite clear from the moment she walked in—she was not the timid girl described in the novel. If anything, she was the confident girl from the modern time.

"Qing Qing, what are you doing here?" Feng Wang Shu asked. One can't blame him for being surprised. The relationship between Yangmi and Qing Qing was like a vicious lioness and a rabbit. The rabbit can't run without suffering a few injuries. .

Qing Qing gave her father a small smile and then turned towards Yang Mi. "Of course, I came to see my dear Jie Jie," Qing Qing answered. There was unconcealed hatred in Qing Qing's eyes. The two sisters began an intense eye contact, both unwilling to back down. Yang Mi broke contact, her eyes stopping at the gold butterfly hairpin in Qing Qing's hair.

In the story, the day after Qing Qing transmigrated, she decided to wear a butterfly hairpin because she felt that it signified her growth and change. This only made Yang Mi realized that today was the day after Qing Qing transmigrated which means that Yang Mi transmigrated after the original Yangmi killed the original Qing Qing.

Really, why does the author have to make life hard for her? In her head, Yang Mi has already cursed the author a thousand time.

Qing Qing slowly walked up to Yang Mi. Every step she took , Yang Mi heart pounded faster with anticipation. Knowing the story, the new Qing Qing will certainly take revenge for the original owner.

Yang Mi couldn't help but take a big gulp. Crap.


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