A Lifetime With You
4 Do you like Wallace Huo?
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A Lifetime With You
Author :kxm06
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4 Do you like Wallace Huo?

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Everyone immediately noticed the change of atmosphere in the room, especially Feng Wang Shu. Since he watched them grow up, Wang Shu knows each of their personalities like the back of his hand. His oldest daughter Yang Mi tended to be more prideful and outspoken. Thus, she was not afraid to offend others—even if they had a higher status than her or if she was the one in the wrong. On the other hand, his younger daughter Qing Qing was more of an observer and tended to be extremely shy. However, at this moment, it seemed as if their personalities had switched. Wang Shu noticed the strong glint in Qing Qing's eyes. Her eyes were no longer plastered on the floor. Instead, she willingly and confidently made eye contact.

Wangshu noticed that Yang Mi kept playing with the bed sheets, twisting and turning it until it wrinkled. Her body sat up straight, clearly tensed. Her eyes showed undisguised fear and apprehension.

Qing Qing broke Wang Shu's observations, "How are you feeling jiejie?" There was a superficial concern in her words that Yangmi couldn't help but sit up straighter as though she was preparing for the fight of her life.

"I'm fine, I apologize for making you worry," Yang Mi replied with a forced smile. Everyone couldn't help but open their ears. Did they hear right? The arrogant eldest daughter of the Prime Minister apologized? Did she hit her head when she faint? If you said that the sun rose from the west today, it'll be more believable. According to the rumors, Yang Mi was spoiled, stuck up and tended to bully the weak. Since her father was the Prime Minister, she got away with anything. If she wanted, she could kill someone and everyone would shut their eyes and close their ears.

However, the person who was most surprised was Liqin. Liqin knows how much Yang Mi hates Qing Qing. Every day, she witnessed the eldest miss's evil schemes against Qing Qing. Although Liqin didn't agree with any of them, she was just a servant so what could she do? Furthermore, Yang Mi was the one who personally chose Liqin to be her maid when Liqin was five-years-old. For female orphans, they only had two choices: become a maid or a prostitute. Since then, Liqin is forever grateful towards her Miss. Liqin has been at her Miss's side since she was five so it wasn't hard to notice the change in Yang Mi. Early this morning, Liqin noticed the vast difference in Yang Mi. When Yang Mi spoke to her, she was more gentle which was different from her usual impatient tone. Her eyes portrayed a kinder light and her arrogant aura was gone, making her look approachable. It seemed as though her Miss soul was replaced by another. Realizing her thoughts, Liqin shook her head. Such a thing can't possibly happen.

Qing Qing wasn't too sure of what to make of Yang Mi's response. From the memories of the old Qing Qing, Yang Mi would always snap back at her no matter what she would say. There was not a moment of kindness from Yang Mi towards Qing Qing in the memories that she acquired.

"But where are the usual harsh words?" Qing Qing couldn't help but feel dumbfounded. She came in the room with her sleeves rolled up, prepared for a fight but instead, she got big timid eyes looking at her as though she was the bully. From a stranger's perspective, it seems as though Qing Qing came to ask Yang Mi why was she not dead yet.

"Is it because Father is here?" No, that's not it. Yang Mi was open about her feelings towards Qing Qing to their father multiple times. In fact, everyone in the household knows about the relationship between the two sisters.

As Qing Qing was trying to find answers, Yang Mi spoke up, "Can everyone please leave? I would like to be alone with my younger sister." The arrogant and prideful Yang Mi who hated being in the same room as Qing Qing actually wanted to be alone with Qing Qing? Forget opening their ears, they need to clean them!

Wang Feng Shu looked at Qing Qing, mentally asking her if she agreed. Qing Qing met his eyes and gave him a slight nod. When Wangshu left the room, who would dare stay? In less than a second, the room was empty, leaving the two sisters to stare at each other in silence.

Yang Mi did not want to die nor did she want to fight with the female protagonist because it never ends well for the antagonist. No matter how great and good-looking the male lead was, her life was more important. Yang Mi had a strong urge to end the novel here by giving the male protagonist to Qing Qing and call it a truce. Since it has always been Yang Mi's dream to be in ancient China as a daughter of some wealthy and prestigious family, all she wants is to live in peace and enjoy the luxury she was given and watch as the drama unfolds in front of her.

She remembered that when the female protagonist was in the modern world, her favorite actor was Wallace Hou. Qing Qing watched all of Wallace's movies and had spent hundreds of dollars purchasing items that he advertised. As a result, it took the female protagonist a long time to accept the male lead because although he had unparalleled beauty, he was no Wallace Huo.

Yang Mi looked up at Qing Qing who was silently observing her actions. She flashed a huge smile, causing her two dimples to appear on both sides of her cheeks and making her appear delicate and mischievous.

Before Qing Qing could analyze what that smile meant, the next words coming from Yang Mi's mouth made her froze. "Do you like Wallace Huo?"


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