A Lifetime With You
6 Canceled Engagement I
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A Lifetime With You
Author :kxm06
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6 Canceled Engagement I

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Tap. Tap. Tap.

That sound alone was enough to make the maids nervous, sweat dripping from their forehead as their heads were hung low.

Qing Qing continued to tap her dresser table, her eyes staring down on the hardwood floor, pondering over the previous meeting. The encounter with Yangmi has made her develop even more questions. Should she trust Yangmi's story? There's no reason not to. Was it told accurately? Not exactly. After devoting hundreds of hours to studying criminal justice, Qing Qing can confidently say that she is able to distinguish whether someone is being truthful or they're lying. When she heard Yangmi tell her story, Qing Qing felt that there was something slightly off about it. She had to give it to Yangmi though any other person, besides Qing Qing, would have never discovered that Yangmi might be hiding something. That was how well Yangmi was at deception. What it is, Qing Qing hasn't figured out yet. All she can do at the time being is to be near Yangmi and determine what's her true purpose. Qing Qing will give Yangmi a chance and if she turns out to be a snake, she won't hesitate to avenge the original Qing Qing and eliminate her. Sooner or later, the whole truth will come out.

Soft sounds of shuffling footsteps on the wooden floor broke Qing Qing out of her thoughts. She looked up and it was her main and only maid, Meili. "Youngest Miss, the Master has asked for your presence at the main hall."

"Did he say why??" Qing Qing asked inquisitively. It was strange. Her father has never called for her before. When he did, he would personally come to her himself.

"No… he just said for you to come," Meili nervously answered with her head hung low.

Qing Qing grew quiet before standing up from her chair, not wanting her father to wait on her for too long. "Let's go."

When Qing Qing walked into the room, she arrived to a quiet and awkward atmosphere. On the left, she sees her sister sitting leisurely while peeling the skin off her grapes. On the right, she sees her father, his eyes are sharp and his face red and furious. In the center of the room was a man whom she has never seen before, his sitting posture failing to conceal his tall height. He was wearing a navy blue silk robe with gold engravings etched along the sides. He had swordlike eyebrows that make him seem cold and noble. His eyes were sharp but carried a hint of mischief in it. His long eyelashes were looking down, not looking at anything in particular, while taking slow sips of tea. One look and Qing Qing knew that this person was not to be provoked and if she wanted to keep her head on her body, it was better to avoid him.

The moment Qing Qing arrived, all eyes were on her. "Qing'er, you're finally here. Quick, have a seat," Feng Wang Shu said softly to Qing Qing.

Despite his obvious gentle tone, Qing Qing could tell that her father was not in a good mood. His gentle voice only made Qing Qing have goosebumps run down her back. Nevertheless, she quietly obeyed her father and took a seat next to him. She took a peek at the stranger to only find him already looking at her, his eyes in deep thoughts. Quickly, she darted her eyes away from him.

"Your Highness, my younger sister is finally here. What you have to say, finish it," Yangmi said lazily, continuing to eating her grapes. When Yangmi found out that the Crown Prince had arrived to her house, she already knew that he was here to cancel the engagement. She had to admit, he was pretty handsome but he was Qing Qing's and that was as far as her thoughts went. When he announced the annulment, her father was furious and started yelling various profanities. He did not seem to care that the person he was shouting at was the Crown Prince of Feng Huang and it amused Yangmi. She couldn't help but feel love. This is much more entertaining than any Korean soap-opera she watched. When Wang Shu asked Tian Weilong for his explanation as to why he no longer wanted to marry his oldest daughter, Weilong asked for Qing Qing to be here as well. Initially, Wang Shu refused but Weilong would not give him a reply unless Qing Qing was present.

Yangmi noticed the glances between her younger sister and Tian Weilong. They finally met. Now all Yangmi needs to do is enjoy the show.

"I want to cancel the engagement with Yangmi," Tian Weilong said immediately.

Qing Qing was surprised. He was her sister's fiance? And he wants to cancel the engagement? What a bastard. Her initial reaction of him was that he was pretty feasible. If they were in the modern world, she would definitely date him. Of course, he only holds a single nail when compared to Wallace Huo. However, now that she found out that he came to annul the engagement, she no longer puts him in her eyes. She turned her head away from him and decided not to pay him any more attention.

Tian Weilong looked at Qing Qing appreciatively; the wait had been worth it.

"Crown Prince?" Wang Shu's loud and stern voice broke Weilong's thought.

Weilong cleared his throat and continued, "The reason why I want to cancel the engagement with Yangmi is because I am not in love with her."

"Love? Nowadays, no one marries because of love. Once you guys are married, you will grow to love one another," Wang Shu tried to reason. Internally he is cursing the prince a thousand times. If Tian Weilong wasn't the Crown Prince, Wang Shu would have already imprisoned him and let him rot to death.

"That would be true," Weilong responded, "If I have no one in my heart but I do. The truth is I'm in love with someone else."

"You're what?" Wang Shu yelled, his jaws clenching. It was already enough that Tian Weilong wants to cancel the engagement but now he's saying he's in love with someone else? Clearly, he is not giving the Prime Minister any face. Worriedly, he turns to look at Yangmi, fearing she would cry out grievance but instead, he saw the end of her lips curving up, no tears in her eyes. Wang Shu was dumbfounded. Is it possible for a person to change so much? Wang Shu felt a headache coming. Ignorant to the inner turmoils of her father, Yangmi sat still in silence, evidently amused by all the drama.

"I'm in love with someone else," Weilong repeated, not affected at all by Wang Shu's anger. His eyes slowly wandered towards Qing Qing while his voice projected at Wang Shu. "I wish to have Qing'er's hand in marriage."


Ah, here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for.

Yangmi felt all giggly and leaned back on her chair, throwing a grape in her mouth. Everything is going exactly as planned. Yangmi peeled another grape but this time offered it to Qing Qing. "Mei mei, would you like a grape? I've never tasted ones that were so delicious." Qing Qing turned her head and glared at Yangmi. Yangmi slowly retracted her hands and pop the single grape in her mouth. "...Or not."


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