A Lifetime With You
7 Canceled Engagement II
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A Lifetime With You
Author :kxm06
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7 Canceled Engagement II

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Silence. Absolute silence in the room. After listening to Tian Weilong, Feng Wang Shu dropped any sign of respect he had towards the Crown Prince and could no longer hold in the anger he was trying to control. "Who do you think you are?" Feng Wang Shu stood up, his voice low and rumbling, louder than he intended. "You walk into my home, cancel your engagement with my eldest daughter and now wish to marry my younger daughter? Am I hearing things correctly, Crown Prince?"

"Yes," the Crown Prince replied with a slight smile, seemingly not affected at all by the Prime Minister's anger. His short response almost made Yangmi burst into laughter. Yangmi looked at her father and as expected, his red face looked ready to explode in any second.

"Never in a million years!" Feng Wang Shu yelled, turning his back away from the prince.

"Prime Minister, forgive me for saying this as you are my elder but you don't have any say in this. I'm here to inform you of my intention and Imperial Father will surely agree," Tian Weilong said while slowly raising the teacup to his lips. He was the Crown Prince after all. Whatever he wants he will get; simple as that. In the end, the Prime Minister is a subject and Tian Weilong carries the royal blood, heir to the Dragon Throne, the future Emperor of Feng Huang.

"What about me?" Qing Qing interrupted the tension between her father and the Crown Prince. "Don't I have a say in this?"

Tian Weilong's face slightly faltered before he quickly masked it with a smile. That change did not go unnoticed by Yangmi who although looked like she was only focused on her grapes, were actually all eyes and ears to the scenario that was happening right in front of her. She couldn't not pay attention because there were no replays. Yangmi sighed, the downside to ancient China. "Of course you do Qing'er. So, what do you think?" He addressed Qing Qing so intimately that it took everyone by surprise.

Qing Qing got up and walked to her father's side, a silent indication she was standing by her father. "One, don't call me Qing'er. We're not familiar with one another. Calling me Miss Feng Qing Qing will do. Two, I agree with my father, I won't marry you," she said, daringly looked into the Crown Prince's eyes. She inwardly huffed. She cannot believe that right after canceling his engagement with her sister, he wants to marry her! Really, doesn't this make her the homewrecker? The audacity of him! She hated men like him who were thoughtless and only cared about themselves.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, timeout," Yangmi thought to herself. "In the novel, Qing Qing shyly respond with a yes and then gave Yangmi a glance as if she was looking down at her. She clearly remembers reading this. Shouldn't Feng Wangshu also agree to the Crown Prince's proposal? Why isn't any of this following the storyline? Perhaps my existence messed it up? Could that be a possibility?" Yangmi felt like pulling her hair out. "But why?! I was just being a bystander. I didn't do anything that dramatic to change the story!"

Qing Qing looked towards Yangmi and furrowed her eyebrows when she noticed her older sister mumbling unknown things under her breath, making strange gestures as if she was a lunatic. "Jie jie?" Everyone diverted their attention to Yangmi, "What do you think?"

Yangmi didn't respond immediately. She wanted Qing Qing to marry Tian Weilong so she wouldn't have to face death as she did in the book. She just wanted to eat, sleep, and enjoy ancient China. Was it too much to ask? Her heart won over her brain and she quickly dashed towards Qing Qing's side. She already admitted to Qing Qing that she was not the previous Yangmi, therefore, she believes Qing Qing won't do anything to harm Yangmi… at least for the moment. " I'll just agree with Qing Qing to show that I'm on her side. For now, I'll just take it one step at a time."

"Your Highness, don't you think that you're being extremely disrespectful right now? I comply with your wishes to cancel the engagement with me but I won't allow you to force my sister to marry you!" Yangmi said.

Feng Wangshu looked at Yangmi in surprise. The maids and butlers of the Feng household also turned to look at each other in disbelief. Was this really the Eldest Miss? Wasn't she deeply, madly in love with the Crown Prince and forced the Prime Minister to ask the Emperor for the engagement? How come she's letting him go this easily? Is the sun finally rising from the west?

"So she wasn't lying when she said she's not the original Yangmi," Qing Qing nodded to herself.

Tian Weilong gave a small smile. This isn't going as he planned. "I know that my words are too straightforward and may have hurt you Miss Feng Yangmi but my feelings for your sister are true."

"No need to worry Your Highness, your words haven't hurt me in the slightest bit. But as the Crown Prince, I truly believe that you are someone who respects a woman's decision. My sister has clearly stated that she doesn't want to marry you, you understand right?" Yangmi said, not leaving any room for Tian Weilong to argue back. Yangmi gave Qing Qing a look that only the two of them could understand.

"I originally would not have the courage to reject your proposal. However, you have to remember that Your Highness and my jiejie were once engaged. It wouldn't look too good for the public to see if we were to marry. It would not only tarnish my sister's reputation but mine as well," Qing Qing said, backing Yangmi up.

Tian Weilong furrowed his eyebrows. If he remembers correctly, these pair of sisters were like fire and ice. So why are they suddenly in harmony?

Feng Wangshu listened in silence. He originally did not want the engagement between Yangmi and Tian Weilong to happen because of the fierce battle for the throne. He wanted to remain neutral, refusing to take any sides. Furthermore, the inner turmoils of the harem were not as grand as it appeared to be. He did not want his daughters' lives to be at risk. Being present in the royal courts for over 20 years, Feng Wangshu knows that it's not all fun and games, especially with the current state of the country.

It was only a few selected higher-ups that fully grasp the slow brewing war that was about to encapsulate Feng Huang country.

As Feng Wangshu continued to brood over the situation, a drop of sweat appeared on his temples, and although it seemed impossible, his frown got even deeper. His eyes slowly light up and his face became serious. "I understand now."

"Yangmi, Qing Qing, leave. I have something to say to the Crown prince." Wang Shu said, his extremely calm voice causing the people in the room to subconsciously frown. Seeing that Qing Qing was about to open her mouth to refute him, he added, "Privately."

Yangmi looked at her father and noticed a change in his expression. He seemed to be no longer angry but his gaze was now firm. Realizing that there was more than what's on the surface, she grabbed her sister's hand and dragged her out the door. "Come on mei mei, let's leave father and the Crown Prince to talk amongst themselves."

After the girls left, with the maids following after, the room contained only Feng Wangshu and Tian Weilong. Feng Wangshu didn't beat around the bush and spoke, "I know you don't love Qing Qing so tell me, what's your true intention?"

Tian Weilong slowly got up and stood face to face with the Prime Minister, his height slightly towering over Wangshu. The smile that the Crown Prince had put on throughout this whole event finally dropped. His eyes no longer sparkling but were now dark, giving off an aura of a ruler.

"Who says I don't love Qing Qing?" Tian Weilong challenged, "However, it seems as if you already know the answer to your own question Prime Minister. But alright, I'll amuse you."

"Laohu Army," Tian Weilong began, "I want it."


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