A long way down
2 The Beginning
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A long way down
Author :BigHTRecords
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2 The Beginning

The discovery of a new element led to a craze in research technology, Professor Turnell was excited to experiment with this new element but was worried about the after effects it may cause. This was because it was the first time that anyone dared to use it in any type of experiment, as it was so strong. The unknown put most off but not Professor Turnell. She placed her latex gloves on and put on her safety equipment tight, tighter than necessary, but she wanted to be on the safe side of course. Her blonde hair, which looked a little grungy but not entirely was tied with a purple bobble which looked very 'used'. Her lab coat appeared to have unidentifiable markings on it but looked reasonably presentable. One thing about Professor Turnell is that she is crazy enough to attempt anything, especially in her unusual manic moods were she was pleasant and had a glow about her. Catch her on an off day, and you would see a tired, moody and rather irritable side, but not completely unsociable of her personality. She was a what you call a 'mad scientist'. The supposedly new element had arrived in the lab, in a sealed green box that was labeled with ' Do Not Open' on the front in a deep red writing.

Professor Turnell: Could you prepare this for me? It doesn't seem to be reacting with the Oxygen or Nitrogen within the atmosphere.

Lab assistant: Yes

This lab assistant wasn't your average person, I think you would have to be mentally impaired to cope with Professor Turnell as she can be... how to describe it... insane?

Her name was Chloe Smith, a well-respected doctor in the psychology department of Leeds general infirmary.

Turnell finally received the tube back from analysis, and it seems to have no radioactive properties and was deemed safe to work with. Turnell was just casually talking to Chloe about their plans to go out for a few after work and Chloe noticed a green light that appeared on the Professors face. It was radiating from the tube!

Professor Turnell: Oh shit!

Chloe: That's odd it tested negative as a reactive agent. It's a balanced element.

Professor Turnell: Haha I accidentally must have got some of my spit in the tube, Why is it glowing though?

Chloe: Not a damn clue, should I call poison control?

Professor Turnell: Give it 5 minutes, it might do something.

As they waited, the element stopped glowing like a traffic light and went a stone greyish looking colour similar to clay.

Professor Turnell: Well. That was boring.

Chloe: Like you then?

Professor Turnell: Ahhh you're mistaken, you got me mixed up with that guy at the bar.

The guy she was referring to was last nights bartender that kept giving her drinks 'on a tab' which she never paid back and just left.

Chloe: He wasn't even funny, or good looking. He had nothing going for him.

Professor Turnell: I know, that's why it's funny you got so drunk and left me to pay, thanks for that.

Chloe: You paid for all 19 of my cocktails? Makes a change, you never do anything for me.

Professor Turnell: You are such a liar, I do loads for you.

Chloe: Like wh*Bang*

The door swings open hardly out appears Holly Mostyn, who is childhood friends with both Chloe and Professor Turnell.

Holly Mostyn: Hey, where's the toilet?

Chloe: Holly! Nice to see you at this hour.

(In fact, it was 3 am when Holly arrived)

Professor Turnell: You can't be in here it's a controlled area! How the hell did you even get in?

Holly Mostyn: I needed a pee so I came to find where you all were at. The security was asleep with his hand in his curry, so I just pretty much pressed the release button on the door. And here I am.

Chloe: Look to your left do you see a corridor?

Holly: *shouting* Yeah!

Chloe: The first room.

Holly: *shouting* Okay!

So while Holly was peeing, Chloe discovered that the tube had gone missing but the element had remained sitting quite comfortably onto the countertop.

Chloe: what the fuck?

Professor Turnell: what?

Chloe: The tube has disappeared

Holly: I'm back! The what has disappeared?

Professor Turnell: Eh, how?


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