A long way down
3 HT the element.
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A long way down
Author :BigHTRecords
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3 HT the element.

Professor Turnell: This is impossible the tube has been eroded and the countertop hasn't?

Chloe: Don't ask me I work with mental patients not glass. This is just a part-time job that I go working with someone like you. Too stressful!

Holly: Oh yeah, by the way, I took the tube,, they needed it downstairs.

So the element hasn't made the glass disappear, it was just holly. But they were still unaware of the properties of the element, so Professor Turnell decided to burn it. Holly sets up the bunsen burner, as she did in high school and drops the HT in the beaker.

Professor Turnell: Everyone ready?

Holly: Just hurry the fuck up already!

Turnell: Okay, okay!

The gas had to be turned on at the mains, so Chloe goes and does that while Turnell gets the lighter from her jacket pocket. Holly stands impatiently waiting for everything to go horribly wrong.

Turnell: Okay the gas should be on, let's go boys!

The light emerges from the gas and hits the bottom of the curved beaker.

A weird blue smoke comes off the HT, that has an instantly elevating effect.

Holly: Why do I feel really funny all of a sudden?

Turnell: I.... I dunno.

Chloe: Wooo, I feel like dancing!

The room becomes thick of a intriguing blue smoke that seems to have an effect on the dopamine receptors in the human body.

Holly: What tunes are you putting on then?

Chloe: Are you okay hun? They're already on.

Turnell: Scatty Tunes!

Holly: Shut up, you weirdo.

They seem to really into dancing and the lights go out. it's 4:30 am and none of them feel the slightest bit tired. Chloe has work at 6, Holly has children to see at their homes, and Turnell needs to turn the bunsen off before she passes out. It's pitch black, but none of them have noticed the lights have gone out. See in the dark? Perhaps.

Turnell: It's spliffs and patron!

Chloe: blazar, fitted, altered, where the lads at? what's the motive?

(This song is Mist Zeze Remix)

Holly: Guys, the Whatever has gone pink.

The whatever she is on about is the element (Ht) it is giving off a purply pink smoke. They start to feel more focused, you could call it a similar feeling to caffeine, but a lot stronger. Turnell turns off the gas and the smoke slows to a halt. The element cools to a rainbow colour.

Chloe: Shit it's five to six, better go bye guys!

Holly: See you at yours!

Turnell: You are so rude (rolls eyes)

Holly: (slaps Turnell) Shut up!

Chloe: (Throws her house keys to Holly)

Chloe: Feed my dog while you're at it?

Turnell: I'll do it

She leaves with all her stuff for a 12-hour shift at Leeds hospital.

Holly: Should we go to Chloe's now then?

Turnell: Have you asked her?

Holly: Duh, she gave me her keys.

Turnell: Let me lock this up, this could be dangerous stuff, although I had a fun night.

The element was a new drug, with no real explanation of health risks and could have the potential for anything so it is locked away by Turnell in a safe with a ridiculously long code (12 characters to be exact) and stored safely away in the lab.


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