A long way down
4 Chloe“s house
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A long way down
Author :BigHTRecords
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4 Chloe“s house

Turnell and Holly lock up the lab and go to the car park. It always weirded out Turnell strangely when it was dark because the street lights were a deep red. Holly always looked at her funnily for being like this.

Holly: Why are you so weird?

Turnell: Well because I've worked her for 7 years now. Someone was murdered here and the red lights made me think of the blood.

Holly: So pathetic

Turnell: Shut up!

Turnell takes out her car keys out of her leather jacket pocket, they were a little cold. Her car was a Mercedes Benz Class C. It was very well kept, and had a blue under-light when it was unlocked. She always dreamed of being on the formula one but typically woman don't get accepted. She had a job on the side with a pimped up Polo that she partook in rallying with.

Turnell: Hurry up, I can't be bothered it's almost sunrise. And I ain't driving with the sun in my eyes.

Holly: Have you ever heard of sunglasses?

Turnell: Obviously, I just prefer driving without them on.

She starts up the car with the keys in the ignition and sets off to Chloe's house. Holly rolls a spliff and hotboxes the car with Turnell being only just able to see the road. They pull up toward a security gate and park up.

Holly: Hurry up and get the fuck out it's freezing

Turnell: Alright, chill out woman.

Holly: I have forgotten the security card. Shit!!!!

Turnell: You're joking

Holly: Just playing but hurry up though.

They open that gates that reveal a massive supercar collection of Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, and a very beautiful Rolls Royce, in a midnight blue.

Hollie: How many cars does this woman need?

Holly: Not too sure 3? One for work, One for business and one for luxury obviously!

Hollie: I bet she's low-key a drug dealer on the side

Holly: Who knows ;)

The mansion had shock value, the water fountains were tall and quite elegant, they added a nice touch to the marble path and the well-groomed garden. Of course, she didn't do any of this herself, her world-class gardener came once a week to add finishing touches. Holly was basically hired to do her cleaning and they very close friends so she doesn't mind doing a few jobs here and there as Chloe can't really find the time to. Turnell just stays over time to time to see them both as they don't get much time to hang out like they used to. They stuck together through thick and thin, but they all realized someday it wouldn't be the same. They have families to provide for, and full-time jobs and they can find very few spare moments to spend with each other. Memories would always come back from the past, and they will be memories that they will treasure until they die.

Holly: Should we go inside?

Turnell: No, I came here to chill outside.

Holly: Okay let's go in then.

She opened the door. The door was twice the size of Turnell and she always considered herself to be pretty tall at 5'7. It had a pretty design on it too, lily flowers to be exact. The doormat had the words 'You're lucky to still be standing.' engraved on to it.

Woof! Woof! The dog starts barking aggressively but calms herself when she sees us.

Maid 1: Welcome Miss Mostyn and Turnell, would you like me to take your jackets?

Holly: It's okay, we are just going to the swimming pool anyways.

Turnell: Swimming? I didn't bring a suit.

Holly: I'm sure Chloe has loads of your clothes anyways the amount you stay over.

Turnell: I basically live here, I do pay the electric bill :)

Holly: Well let's go swimming!

Turnell: Fuck yeah!

Chloe arrives back looking rather dazed, although Turnell and Holly aren't aware of this.

Chloe: I don't feel so good you know, I haven't slept properly in a while so I got sent home.

Maid 1: Would you like to go in the sauna Miss Smith it's very good for getting rid of stress.

Chloe: I'd love that actually, thankyou.

Maid 1: You are very welcome i'll get it prepared for you.

Chloe waits in the living room, she was pushing herself too hard recently and her boss Professor James Matton sent her home to recover for a few days. She had a rough edge to her, perhaps a little bitchy, but this gave her great character. Her coldness toward some particular things allowed her to do her job, being a doctor is very stressful and is a job that requires a lot of commitment. It's almost deadly. She enters the sauna with an almost daunting look on her face. She was completely emotionally and physically exhausted from her high-pressure occupation and people always assumed she had a god complex, but that wasn't true. She was very confident but remained humble toward everyone, poor or rich. Most of her life was hidden from the public as she was famous in her field, she was the best in her position of this time. Positivity and having a real work ethic allowed her to push her to extremes and led to breakthroughs in medical science. She actually did a lot of extra work at home and would talk to Turnell about her research and Turnell would test these hypotheses in the lab or in clinical trials. They had many millions in research projects that made advances in cancer research and dementia studies. Turnell looked wiped after going 60 lengths in the 20m pool and Holly looked as if she didn't break a sweat.

Holly: Fancy going in the sauna, you look like you will be sore if you don't.

Turnell: I'm so tired I suppose it couldn't hurt.

They walk toward the sauna to find it's occupied, surprised, they pear suspiciously through the crack. They don't see anything but a vast amount of steam.

Turnell whispers: Did you leave the sauna on again?

Holly: No! Do I look like an idiot?

Turnell: Yes, yes you do.

Chloe sighs and just sinks back into reality again. Turnell walks in with pretty much all her clothes on, which is really questionable as you're not meant to wear many clothes in a sauna. She locks the door preventing Holly getting in.

Turnell: I have steam in my eye, who is this.

Chloe laughs hysterically, she thought ' Turnell can be so stupid at times.'

Turnell: Well I can tell if your laughing at me it's definitely you.

Chloe: Who's you?

The sauna had soundproofing and was locked so it was impossible to tell what Turnell was doing in Holly's eyes.

Holly sighs and goes to the jacuzzi.

Turnell: Chloe, you're back so early, you okay?

Chloe: Well do you want the good news or the bad?

Turnell: Preferably both.

Chloe: I managed to save a young girl with stage 4 cancer and it's been completely eradicated from her body. Which is amazing!

A tear appears in her eyes.

Turnell: That's fucking amazing! You can be so cold but then so warm sometimes.

Chloe: Uhh fuck off, that's the only good thing that came out of today.

Turnell: Ooof, what happened sounds bad.

Chloe: It's not necessarily bad, just annoying for me. I got sent home because I overworked myself on this particular patient. But do need to focus on myself for a little while I've been up to my eyeballs in stress and work. Stress isn't particularly good for anybody, so my boss forced me to go home.

Turnell: Chloe for god sake, you should look after yourself more, it's a high-pressure job it wouldn't been too long until you had a mental breakdown. It's scary being in such a powerful position with so many lives in your hands, you have to look after yourself to look after others, have you eaten?

Chloe: Sometimes I do forget to eat I'm that busy.

Turnell: A Sunday dinner always suffices a lonely heart.

Chloe: Oi, I never said I was lonely!

In fact, she much preferred her own company, she was lonely, but by choice. And she only had a few loyal friends that were worthy of her time that she had so little of.

They continued talking in the sauna while Holly was increasingly getting more curious about what was happening in the sauna. She thought 'Is she dead? Nah she probably fell asleep.' She knocked on the glass door and Turnell unlocked the door unleashing the steam.

Holly: I thought you were dead.

Turnell: Suprise, I kinda forgot you were behind me. Chloe was just telling me about one of her patients.

Holly: Chloe's in? Ohhh that's who was in the sauna, she must have come back early.

Chloe: Heyy bitch!

Holly: Hey gal!

Holly gives Turnell a death glare.

Holly: Why did you lock me out prick!

Turnell: Could have been a murder in there, so I thought I'd just go in and take my chances aha hahaha

Holly: Fuck off, you just wanted to go in on your own selfish cunt.

Turnell: Haha true.


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