Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 67: Bi Clan
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 67: Bi Clan

Chapter 67: Bi Clan

Changyang Ba wanted to reject Jian Chen’s proposal of going alone, but Jian Chen had been adamant in his decision. So in the end, Changyang Ba had no choice but to agree.

After the discussions were over, Bi Dao said, “From what I heard in the royal palace, the Hua Yun Sect has already received the news and is moving towards Lore City at top speed. They’ll be at Lore City by late afternoon at the very latest, so it would be best if you send Changyang Xiang Tian away from Lore City as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be too late by nighttime.”

Everyone’s faces became solemn once more. Then, Chang Bai stood up and said, “Then let’s have the fourth master gather his things before I take him away on the Eagle Beast.”

Soon after that, everyone started to leave the main hall.

“Xiang’er, please go to mother’s room; there are matters we must discuss.” Bi Yuntian said as she walked towards her room.

After entering her room, Bi Yuntian pulled Jian Chen with her to sit with him. By this point, Bi Yuntian’s cheeks had tears streaming down her face. She knew in her heart that after Jian Chen left Changyang Mansion, it would be a very long time before the mother and son would be able to meet again. Life in the Tian Yuan Continent was complex, and Jian Chen didn’t know what hardships he would go through or what unfortunate events would happen to him, so this was possibly the last time the mother and son would ever see each other again.

“Xiang’er, you are no longer young in age and you’ll soon be leaving this place. So there are things that mother should tell you first.” Bi Yuntian’s tears shone like sparkling crystals as they dripped from her face, “Xiang’er, didn’t you ever think why it was strange that you didn’t have a grandfather or grandmother?”

Jian Chen nodded his head without making a sound.

Bi Yuntian continued to say, “Xiang’er, your mother is actually not from the Gesun Kingdom. My homelands originate from one of three biggest empires: the Karl Empire. Not only that, but my Bi Clan has been a powerful family that goes back for over a thousand years. It had a powerful influence stronger than that of the Hua Yun Sect and resided in the King City Ming Huo City. Your grandfather was a powerful Saint Ruler, while you have four other great elders who have reached the Heaven Saint Master level and hold high positions in our Bi Clan.”

Bi Yuntian sighed, “It’s a shame good things don’t last forever. While your mother was still young, your grandfather received a letter and never returned, leaving behind no information at all. 20 years after the disappearance of your grandfather, the four elders of the clan sent two people to look for him. Two days after their search began however, an astonishing piece of information was reported; the two that were sent out had been killed in the countryside!” Bi Yuntian’s face was full of sorrow after saying that.

“This piece of information was like a bolt of lightning coming from a clear sky. While the two elders were only at the Heaven Saint Master level, they were still considered as some of the strongest in the Tian Yuan Continent, so it was inconceivable to think that they could be killed. The elders didn’t even have time to run, and so to this day, the Bi Clan are still clueless on what enemy could be strong enough to have such a grudge towards our Bi Clan; your grandfather may have encountered something similar as well.”

“Unfortunately, our mysterious enemies didn’t even give us time to catch our breath. On the very same night of the murders, a huge group of mysterious men invaded our Bi Clan. They were all very strong, and the remaining two elders were unable to repel them; ultimately, they got killed. Without the powerful elders, there were no longer any strong people left to protect us. At that moment, some loyal members of the clan tried to help a group of us escape the massacre, but in the end, only your mother and uncle were left. It was only after your uncle and I hid in a family home that we were able to escape from Ming Huo City with our lives.”

“After hiding for a few hours, we turned our heads and immediately left via a mercenary caravan heading towards the Gesun Kingdom.”

The tears were still flowing from Bi Yuntian’s face as she cried in deep sorrow, “Xiang’er, at that moment of greatness, we had over a thousand members to our name. But to this day, all that remains is your uncle and the two of us. You must remember that you not only have the blood of the Changyang clan in you, but the blood of the Bi Clan as well. You must carry on the Bi Clan’s name, so please remember to protect yourself. Do you understand?”

Jian Chen nodded his head in silence as his heart churned with emotions. For a very long time he couldn’t calm himself, since the news his mother had told him had struck the very core of his emotions.

After some time, Jian Chen finally calmed himself down and said, “Mother, could it be that we still haven’t figured out our mysterious enemy’s identity or how strong they are?”

Bi Yuntian shook her head, “I have no idea. Your mother and uncle were still young at the time and so we didn’t understand much. So we had no idea who they were. If anyone knew, it would be the elders, but they’re dead now.”

Afterwards, Bi Yuntian fished out a red embroidered pouch and looked it as if it was bringing back old memories. “Xiang’er, before your grandfather disappeared, he gave me this red pouch and said it was a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. By this point, it’s well over a thousand years old so please take care of it. Those mysterious men had most likely exterminated our Bi Clan for treasures like this.”

Jian Chen’s eyes looked at the embroidered red pouch and said, “Mother, what exactly is in this then?”

“There’s only a small piece of fur that’s smaller than the size of one’s palms inside. Your mother has no idea what it’s used for.” Bi Yuntian placed the red pouch onto Jian Chen’s hands and said, “Xiang’er, even if this pouch only has fur in it, it’s still a family heirloom, so there’s no way this piece of fur is not simple at all. Right now you are the Bi Clan’s only hope, so passing down the family heirloom should be a given. I hope you protect yourself well, but it’s best if you keep this pouch hidden at all costs. Although it’ll be unlikely to come across a person that recognizes it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Jian Chen silently nodded as he took the red pouch.

“Dong dong dong!”

At that moment, a knock was heard on the door as a voice called out from the other side. Quickly wiping away her tears, Bi Yuntian called out, “Who is it?”

There was no sound outside the door for some time. Eventually, a voice said, “Sister, it’s me.”

Hearing that familiar voice, one that he had not too long ago heard, Jian Chen stared blanky at the door. It was the man from the palace: Bi Dao.

Hearing the voice, Bi Yuntian looked puzzled before saying, “Come in.”

The doors opened as a black robed man slowly walked in; it was precisely Bi Dao.

Bi Yuntian slowly stood up from her chair as she looked at him with a pained expression. “Brother, it has been 20 years since you last saw me. I had thought that you had already forgotten about me.”

Jian Chen’s stare hardened. From the fact that his mother called him her brother, he could already tell that the middle-aged man in front of him was his uncle.

“Ai…” Bi Dao sighed. “Sister, I’m sorry, your older brother was wrong to not visit you during the last 20 years. In truth, your brother never forgot about you, it was just that the burdens your brother was carrying were too heavy to bear. Vengeance for our Bi Clan will definitely be carried out by me. Sister! Your brother will live out the rest of his life for the sole purpose of revenge..”

Bi Yuntian sighed as well, before turning her head to look at Jian Chen, “Xiang’er, this is your uncle——Bi Dao.”

“Uncle!” Jian Chen spoke. This was the first time he had uttered the word, as well as the first time he had seen him up close.

Bi Dao sized up Jian Chen before offering a smile, “Xiang Tian, I have heard about you; word of your accomplishments has resounded through the capital, and have even been whispered of inside the royal palace. You are truly worthy of being a descendant of our Bi Clan. I eagerly anticipate the day when you have grown strong and honorable. Do not disappoint me.

After talking, Bi Dao immediately grew solemn once more as he faced Bi Yuntian, “Sister, I know you hate to see Xiang Tian leave, but there is no other way. As it stands now, the Changyang Clan cannot oppose the Hua Yun Sect, but if Xiang Tian leaves, the situation will improve dramatically for both the Clan and Xiang Tian. Letting Xiang Tian stay in the Mansion will bring no good benefits. It may even cause the Changyang Clan to end up like our Bi Clan. Right now we just need to smuggle Xiang Tian away before nightfall. Otherwise, he won’t be able to leave, even if you agreed to let him go.”

Bi Yuntian nodded her head slowly. Since the emperor wasn’t willing to help them publically right now, how could she not understand this reasoning?

Afterwards, the tear-streaked Bi Yuntian helped Jian Chen gather some clothes and items before escorting him out.

As the two of them arrived at the rear courtyard, they found Jian Chen’s aunts, his father, and Chang Bai were there waiting for him. Right behind them stood a gigantic and majestic, Eagle Beast .

Changyang Hu grabbed Jian Chen’s arm, his expression downtrodden as he spoke with concern, “Fourth brother, you’d better be careful in the outside world, understand?”

Jian Chen nodded before saying with a smile, “Don’t worry big brother, I will definitely protect myself. But after I go, you’d better not goof off. You must continue practicing the battle techniques..”

Changyang Hu nodded his head fiercely and said, “I will, fourth brother. Your elder brother’s lack of strength has burdened you. From now on, I will strive even harder to cultivate and grow stronger.”

Jian Chen’s second sister, Changyang Mingyue, walked up to him and gave him a spice bag, “Fourth brother, your second sister made you a safety charms and wishes you safe travels. You’d better wear it.”

Right now, Changyang Mingyue was already 18. She had become a tall yet slender beautiful girl that was capable of causing an entire city to fight for her.

Jian Chen took the safety charm from her. Although he knew that the charm wouldn’t provide any substantial amount of defense, it was still a gift from his sister that was filled with concern.

“Thank you, second sister. I will definitely take care of this charm.” He said with a smile.

Changyang Ba walked forward with a ring and spoke, “Xiang’er, this is a Space Ring your father had long since prepared for you. This was meant to be your graduation present from Kargath Academy, but I don’t believe you need to wait that long for it anymore. Your father will give you this Space Ring; there is already something I have prepared for you inside.”

“Thank you, father!” With a grateful look, Jian Chen took the Space Ring.

“Xiang’er, the Space Ring is absolutely a precious item within the Tian Yuan Continent. In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, don’t reveal your Space Ring to anyone, even under the most dire circumstances.” Changyang Ba said.

Jian Chen nodded, “Father, Xiang’er understands.”
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