Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 141: Where is He?
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 141: Where is He?

Chapter 141: Where is He?

Now that the Tianxiong clan had renounced their search for Jian Chen, they all immediately started to retreat from the Magical Beast Mountain Range. At the sight of the firework, they all started to move out quickly.

However, Jian Chen didn’t plan on letting the Tianxiong clan off that easily. Although, there wasn’t much he could do against Tianxiong Lie, against those Great Saints and Saint Masters, he could easily make do with them. Although the Magical Beast Mountain Range usually made it difficult to find other mercenaries, the Tianxiong clan mercenaries were all wearing white and had the Tianxiong emblem on their robes, so finding them was an easy task.

Occasionally, the sounds of battle could be heard in the mountain range. Even as the Tianxiong clan members retreated, many groups still came across Jian Chen and were killed. He had accumulated months of rich experience after living in the Magical Beast Mountain Range and could appear and disappear like a ghost with the help of the complicated terrain. His surprise attacks caused his enemies to be unable to defend themselves. Even the times when Jian Chen was discovered by mercenaries, Jian Chen still surprised and killed them in the end with a single strike.

Even if Jian Chen was encircled by the experts of the Tianxiong clan, he could rely on his superior speed to escape into the forest without a trace. This had pained the Tianxiong clan greatly since none of them could chase him. Even the Middle Saint Masters were unable to come up with a way to chase him.

In half a day, all of the Tianxiong clan had finally gathered together. Seeing that only 100 people remained, Tianxiong Lie was very depressed. In the beginning, they had entered the Magical Beast Mountain Range with half a thousand mercenaries, he didn’t think that in just a few days time, they would lose over 400 members. To the Tianxiong clan, this was a serious loss.

A serious glint of murderous intent radiated from Tianxiong Lie for a split second as his desire to kill Jian Chen had reached unprecedented levels. Not only did he kill his Kang Er, but he had even caused a tremendous amounts of damage to the Tianxiong clan. Right now Tianxiong Lie wanted to do nothing more than devour Jian Chen’s flesh and drink his blood.

Seeing the gloomy face on Tianxiong Lie, every mercenary in the vicinity felt a tightness in their throats. No one dared to say a word in case they invoked the wrath of Tianxiong Lie. At this moment, no one dared to say anything that could possibly offend him.

“Let’s go!” Tianxiong Lie waved his hand with a gloomy face. As he lead them away from the area, he knew that after experiencing such a loss, it would be very hard to say that the Tianxiong Clan was still the number 1 clan in Wake City.

The remaining Tianxiong mercenaries walked through the forest without any magical beasts daring to attack them. However, an air of depression emanated from this group, they were clearly listless, and their spirits were low.

Behind them was a leather wearing figure that was closely following them nimbly through the trees. He moved in a way that the nearby tall grass barely moved at all, and even though he was no more than 50 meters away from the Tianxiong group, the Tianxiong clan members did not notice him and continued to walk onward. Because of the loud sounds they were making, they were unable to hear the even more minute sounds that their follower was creating.

The person behind them was very cautious, using the tall grass to conceal his movements, he quickly followed closeby. In a few seconds, he was within 20 meters without being noticed yet.

At that moment, the bright and shiny glint of a sword appeared in the man’s hands. Still hidden by the grass, the man disappeared into a blur and flew behind the back most mercenary of the Tianxiong clan.

Crossing over the 20 meters dividing him and the group of mercenaries, the man’s sword glinted as it swished through the air and stabbed at the very last person in the group.

The sword flashed several times as it moved at inconceivable speeds, stabbing through the necks of 5 mercenaries.

Without stopping there, his silver sword became a blur once more as he stabbed at the throats of another 3 people in a split second.

“Everyone be careful, that man’s here!”

Just as those 8 mercenaries were killed in a lightning fast speed, one mercenary finally came to the realization that they were under attack and yelled out a warning for everyone.

Upon hearing the warning, every mercenary pulled out their Saint Weapon and stared around themselves. However, just as the first man spoke, the assailant had already retreated back into the foliage just as quickly as he appeared.

“Stay still, don’t even think about escaping!”

A roar boomed from behind as Tianxiong Lie leaped forward with his axe in hand. Chasing after the man, the other 20 Saint Masters then followed suit.

Seeing Tianxiong Lie and the other Saint Masters chase after the man, the remaining Tianxiong clan members let out a breath of relief. Their previously nervous expressions laxed by a large amount as well. For the past few days, they had been terrorized by this man who had killed many of their strong brothers. It was with good reason that they were afraid of him, wondering just when it would be their turn to be the ones on the ground by his hands.

Suddenly, just as they let out a sigh in relief, the tall grass split open as a silver sword flew out from it in a brilliant show of light.

“Pch!” “Pch!”

Two mercenaries then fell to the ground with their throats stabbed through.

This sudden movement had disturbed many men, the moment they saw this, each and every mercenary there had turned pale with fright, “Everyone be careful, he’s here!”

Before the man could finish talking, a leather wearing man came out from the dense foliage with his sword at the ready to stab into the nearest person.

The remaining Tianxiong clan members all held their Saint Weapons up, since they held the advantage with numbers, they all started to spread out in a ring to entrap the invading person inside.

Even after being encircled, the leather wearing person didn’t have a frantic expression on his face. Holding his sword in his right hand, he continued to defend himself against the attacks that came at him from every direction. His speed was so fast, it caused his attackers to be speechless, but these men were only at the Great Saint level, so when it was his turn to attack, they saw little to no opportunity to dodge.
Following the continuous string of collisions, the leather wearing man lashed out with his sword, stabbing into the throats of 5 different mercenaries with a hazy glow of Sword Qi following his sword.

After killing those 5 mercenaries, the man didn’t continue fighting, instead he opted to run from the encirclement. Entering the foliage, he disappeared without a trace as the remaining mercenaries were powerless to stop him.

Not too long after his escape, an earth attributed Saint Force flew into the area as Tianxiong Lie returned with the other Saint Masters. Looking around the area, all he could see was the corpses on the ground without any signs of their assailant.

“Where is he?!” Tianxiong Lie roared furiously as he asked the mercenaries there.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》