Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 227: Submission
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 227: Submission

Chapter 227: Submission

The other seven men with pale faces could clearly sense Jian Chen’s intent on killing them. If Jian Chen was only just able to kill Tianxiong Lie, they would be shocked, but the method on how he did it had completely terrified them to a dizzying amount.

When Jian Chen had so easily stabbed through Tianxiong Daoyun’s Saint Weapon, it had demonstrated that if he wanted, Jian Chen could easily kill the seven Great Saint Masters with as much ease as stepping on an ant. Although a Saint Weapon was a man’s weapon, it also symbolized their connection with their life. If their Saint Weapon broke, then they would die. Even if they were unfortunate enough to live, they would be no better than a cripple.

Right in front of their eyes was solid proof that Jian Chen could easily destroy their Saint Weapons without trouble. Just thinking about how they were walking the narrow line between life or death had truly shocked them deep to their core. By now, the seven of them had lost their fighting spirit and could only look at Jian Chen with a different expression than before, but still mixed onto their faces was a great deal of fear.

“Stop! Fellow brother please stay your hand.” Seeing how Jian Chen was staring at them with a look full of malice, one of the elders hurriedly called out to him while reabsorbing his Saint Weapon into his body as if showing his unwillingness to be Jian Chen’s enemy.

Then Jian Chen snorted, “Be lenient to you? What a funny thing to hear. Just a moment ago I had told you to not get involved, but you ended up involving yourself anyways, so don’t blame me.”

Jian Chen’s words had caused the seven to look afraid for a moment before the elder who had spoken up before said once more, “Junior, this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. We aren’t from the Tianxiong clan and were only invited by them. Today if you let us go, we will not be able to thank you enough.”

“That’s right, junior, if you let us go today, we will truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” The other elder spoke quickly. At this critical juncture that would decide their life, both elders had already thrown away their high noble status for a better chance of survival. Jian Chen’s method of killing Tianxiong Daoyun had already made their defenses absolutely useless. In their eyes, just protecting their lives today would be a higher priority than anything else.

Plus, more importantly, they had no grievances or hatred with Jian Chen. It was only because Tianxiong Lie had invited them that they were involved in this matter.

Jian Chen continued to stare at the seven men with a flashing eye brightly. For a moment, he was silent, but then a small smile appeared on his face, “So it’s like that? Then I’ll give you a chance to live.”

Upon hearing that, the seven Great Saint Masters’ eyes sparkled. Despite five of the seven not speaking up to protect themselves, they all had the same strong desire to live.

Seeing the strong desire to live, Jian Chen’s mouth began to grow wider as he spoke, “There is one condition to your survival. From today on out, you will surrender and pay your allegiance to me.”

The seven men’s faces suddenly started for a moment with an unsightly look. Each one went silent as an intense struggle began to happen within themselves.

Knowing how the seven weren’t able to decide, Jian Chen’s face went cold for a moment, but inside, he was laughing. When he had used the azure and violet Sword Qi to kill Tianxiong Daoyun, it was quite excessive, but he had already planned it all out. His goal was simple, by use of an overpowering amount of force, he would force the seven into submission and eventually use that power to expand his Flame Mercenaries.

Of course, if they continued to be pig-headed and refuse to surrender, then Jian Chen would kill them without hesitation.

Seeing the seven men in front of him, Jian Chen knew that his plan was already halfway there. For now, he only had to see what the seven would decide on.

Jian Chen understood the “Strike while the iron is hot” ideology, so immediately, he said, “I know you are all influential figures of Wake City with a large amount of power and face. Do not think that I am trying to humiliate you by trying to have you submit to me. It’s actually the opposite, if you submit to me, then I, Jian Chen, will guarantee that your achievements in the future will be far better than your current ones. Your achievements will even soar to a previously unattainable height instead of being limited to such a small and withdrawn city like Wake City. Do not doubt my abilities.”

All the men suddenly looked up as if they all felt a mutual feeling between them. Although they all thought Jian Chen to be too young, his strength was so strong that they felt as if they had been left behind in the dust. This display of strength had really proved that Jian Chen’s identity was not simple at all. Of course, there were even a few people within their group that were convinced that Jian Chen belonged to an extremely powerful clan.

With that, the seven men couldn’t help but think that being allied with Jian Chen would not be a bad thing. In fact, it would be a tremendously big opportunity for them to go along with Jian Chen since they wouldn’t know for themselves if they would truly reach a new height of power.

“Fine, I am Weiss, the representative of the Dohre clan. The Dohre clan agrees to follow you. From today on out, my men are yours to supervise.” The first elder who had spoken previously, pledged.

Jian Chen couldn’t help but have a happy smile on his face.

“I am Kai Er of the Kai clan. From today on, my clan is yours to dispatch.” The second elder spoke.

Jian Chen’s smile grew even wider. He hadn’t thought that these two elders were the representatives of the Kai and Dohre clan. These two clans were very powerful clans that, while not on the same level as the Tianxiong clan or Zhou clan in Wake City, Jian Chen had heard about before.

“What about you five?” Jian Chen turned to the five middle aged men. The Great Saint Masters could be considered to be a decent leveled warrior on the Tian Yuan Continent. So when it came to these type of people, he didn’t wish for them to be killed since aside from Ming Dong and him, the Flame Mercenaries had no one else. If he wanted the Flame Mercenaries to expand, then he would need to gather as many strong people as possible.

“Fine, I am willing to follow you, but I cannot guarantee if my fellow brothers will do the same.”

After that, the remaining five men all consented to follow Jian Chen as their leader.

From far away, the hundred guards of the Tianxiong clan looked at Jian Chen with wide eyes as if they were watching a drama. Every man had gone silent with shock as they watched seven of Wake City’s famous figures who had initially been invited by Tianxiong Lie to fight Jian Chen all follow him. They could never believe that these seven would be subservient to the one man who had killed Tianxiong Lie.

Despite it all happening right in front of him, the hundred guards still couldn’t believe their eyes.
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