Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 240: Six Cycles of an Earth Saint Master
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 240: Six Cycles of an Earth Saint Master

Chapter 240: Six Cycles of an Earth Saint Master

The two elders continued to talk gently, but with everyone standing closeby having a strong sense of hearing, they had naturally heard the words being spoken.

“What? The youth that was just standing here was that Jian Chen? He’s…so young though, how could he be so strong then? Just how many youths have you seen wield so much power?” A man spoke in awe.

“Right right, he truly is so young and yet so unique.”

After the two days where two major clans had been annihilated, everyone was painfully aware of the name Jian Chen. However with the incoming invasion of the magical beasts, everyone had placed the wave in the front of their minds and had forgotten about the clans. This was a point of life or death for them, and so the deaths of the Zhou and Tianxiong clan were not worth a higher priority and quickly receded into obscurity. Jian Chen’s name was no longer mentioned either and did not come to mind as quickly.

“This can’t be said for sure.” A tall man sneered with some contempt, “Those were nothing more than rumors, and none of us had seen the matter for ourselves personally. But to me, I’m sure these rumors are only partial truths and were greatly exaggerated. Just look how young he his, he can’t be a year past twenty. How can someone so young cultivate to such a powerful level? Maybe he began cultivating when he was in his mother’s womb? We can’t say for certain that the destruction of the Zhou and Tianxiong clan was done by one person or with the help of a few others.”

The others began to nod their heads, what this man had said had a great deal of logic behind it. Rumors were rumors after all; each one of them had weathered many storms and listened to many rumors, but only a small part of them were true while the vast majority were half truths or not even truths at all.

Hearing the group trying to guess at the real truth, Yun Li couldn’t help but reveal a knowing smile on his face yet at the same time, his body couldn’t help but shake and tremble for a moment. He could only lament over the fact that he too was not aware of Jian Chen’s strength, but he did know that the event regarding him and the envoy in the garden not too long ago had forced both the envoys and him to take a major loss. This wasn’t something that Yun Li was willing to share with the group.

Jian Chen arrived at where the envoys stood with a smile, “Whether or not Wake City can be successfully defended depends on senior envoys.”

Katata could only laugh as he looked at Jian Chen with an amicable smile, it was this smile that made everyone want to be good friends with him.

“Jian Chen, since I’m older than you, might I call you junior Jian Chen, or is that too much?” Katata asked casually.

“There’s no problem at all of course.” Jian Chen replied with a smile. Even though Katata was smiling at him with such a kind look, he was still on guard. In his experience, if Katata’s expression was a genuine feeling from the heart, then he was definitely a person worthy of being a friend with. However if it was nothing more than something fake, then the man’s strength should be feared and guarded against.

Katata looked at Jian Chen closely, “Junior Jian Chen, although my brother and I are both Earth Saint Masters, the strength of a Class 5 Magical Beast is still something that can go against our expectations. Even if the two of us were to join hands to kill the magical beast, it would still be a difficult task, so therefore, I sincerely hope that junior can lend us a hand if the time arises.”

With a self deprecating smile, Jian Chen replied “Senior envoy, you must be joking. I’ve only the strength of a Great Saint Master, how would I fight against a Class 5 Magical Beast? Doing so would be the same as throwing my life away.” Even though he had said that, Jian Chen’s heart couldn’t help but thirst to fight against a Class 5 Magical Beast, but at the same time he knew that his strength wasn’t sufficient enough to fight against one unless he used the strength of the azure and violet Sword Qi.

“Junior, you truly are modest. In the garden you had displayed such an explosive amount of power that frightened even my brother and me. Even now, my body still aches from the pain I felt then. If junior is to use that same power, then I am sure that the Class 5 Magical Beast will fall to your hands.” Katata said.

Jian Chen had a bitter smile on his face, “Senior envoys, that very power isn’t something I can control. Nonetheless, this one will strive hard to defend Wake City against the magical beast wave.”

“Haha, as long as you mean those words, then my heart will truly be at ease.” Katata spoke with some relief.

Taking note of the change in his tone, Jian Chen quickly continued, “Senior envoys, with you two here, this magical beast wave will be no problem, correct?”

Hearing that, Katata could only sigh, “True, before, I didn’t even bother to think the Class 5 Magical Beast to be my enemy. But now that I am standing here, I don’t dare belittle it.”

Jian Chen’s expression changed as well, “Could it be that the class 5 Magical Beast will be hard to deal with even if both seniors joined together?” He asked with surprise.

“Correct!” Katata’s smile suddenly disappeared without a trace as it grew unnaturally serious. “When my brother and I were standing here, we both detected a presence so strong that it could suppress even the both of us!”

Katata’s evenly spoken words had been like a clap of thunder in Jian Chen’s ears. He couldn’t help but be utterly surprised as he muttered, “How is that possible? A Class 5 Magical Beast with a presence so strong that it could suppress both seniors? Just how strong is that magical beast?”

Katata smiled bitterly, “Junior Jian Chen, it seems to me that you don’t know how Earth Saint Masters are classified, allow me to explain it to you.” He paused for a moment to draw breath before continuing, “Saints, Great Saints, Saint Master, and Great Saint Masters all are split into three additional layers. Those three layers are the Primary, Middle and Peak layers. After the Earth Saint Master realm, there is suddenly six different layers of strength. We call these the six cycles. The first cycle is weakest and the sixth cycle is the highest. In the case that one breaks through to the sixth cycle of the Earth Saint Master realm the following stage is the Heaven Saint Master realm.

“My brother Katafei and I are only at the second cycle in ranking. As for the hidden Class 5 Magical Beast, I suspect it is at the fourth cycle in terms of strength at the very least. It’s even possible that it is at the fifth cycle, where it is many times stronger than my brother and I combined.”

Jian Chen’s face grew deathly serious as he listened to Katata. When Katata had said that Earth Saint Masters were divided into different levels of strength, he couldn’t help but wonder how strong the Class 5 Magical Beast that was found in the forest was.
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