Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 300: Seal of Treasure Mountain
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 300: Seal of Treasure Mountain

Chapter 300: Seal of Treasure Mountain

“Luan Er, you can’t hold on for much longer now. Hand over the Ruler Armament obediently and don’t resist.” The youth laughed again with a carefree smile as if the Ruler Armament was already his.

“Shi Xiangran, you are dreaming if you think you’ll be able to get my Ruler Armament!” The girl shouted angrily as she turned toward Jian Chen. “Scoundrel! If you help me deal with them, then I’ll write off our differences!”

Hearing the girl request for help, the youth’s face grew dark as he looked at Jian Chen dangerously, “This is a personal grudge between the Shi family and the Huang family. If you try to intervene, then be prepared to face the consequences.”

“This is the grudge between our two families, if an outsider dares to intervene, then they won’t be able to live another three months!” The other male fighting the girl cried out in anger as he moved about in his black clothes.

“Anyone not related to this matter should leave immediately or else face the wrath of our Shi family. Any one of our hated enemies will be eternally hunted down!” The second man with a scar on his face roared as he tried to intimidate Jian Chen.

Although they had the superiority in numbers, they desperately wanted the Ruler Armament. At such a crucial moment, they didn’t want another mishap to happen. In the case that they could take hold of the Ruler Armament, then they would have nothing to fear. Within the Gathering of the Mercenaries, no man would be able to threaten them if they were to use the Ruler Armament.

Jian Chen stood right where he was in complete disregard of the men’s threats. Looking at the girl being pushed back, Jian Chen began to hesitate for a moment on whether or not he should help her avoid this calamity.

Although the past event had caused Jian Chen to feel some guilt, he hadn’t forgotten about the heavy price he had paid in the past. The two elders had caused a tremendous amount of damage to him so severe that he had almost no chance of survival. Adding onto that, the girl had also tried to attack him from afar with arrows of unbelievable strength. Then she had shot more than twenty arrows at him, causing him to feel a good amount of anger.

A miserable cry could be heard as the girl wasn’t able to dodge in time and took a slash to her arm. Right now the three men were advancing in on her from three different directions, making it nearly impossible for her to escape.

At this sight, Jian Chen knew that the girl wouldn’t be able to last any longer. Throwing away his hesitation and biting his lips, he made his decision. With his Light Wind Sword, he flew into the encirclement and blocked the sword of the black robed man.

“So you dare to get in the way of our Shi family, you must be tired of living!” The man roared.

“Kid, it’s too late to run now.” The long spear wielding youth thundered at Jian Chen while lashing out at the girl with a malicious face and an angry roar.

Refusing to listen, Jian Chen began to launch a fierce amount of Sword Qi from his sword to the black robed man.

Using his axe, the black robed man waved it in order to block the incoming attack. In the end, his axe wasn’t fast enough for Jian Chen. In two moves, he was completely overwhelmed by Jian Chen. Just as he tried to swing his axe, Jian Chen’s sword thrust forward with such a speed that the man wasn’t able to recall his axe in time. The sword immediately pierced through his throat with the tip of the sword, causing droplets of blood to come dripping out.

The black robed man looked at Jian Chen with a rigid look of disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Jian Chen had been so fast for him to be unable to even react to his strike.

“Third eldest!”

Seeing the black robed man die, the other man fighting the girl immediately flew into a teeth gnashing rage with eyes that overflowed with killing intent for Jian Chen.

Even the nearly thirty year old youth had been caught off guard by this. he didn’t think that such a young youth like Jian Chen would be able to kill an Earth Saint Master so quickly. Such a strong fighting strength like this had even caused him to feel some fear.

“My friend, there is no need for you to incur the anger of our Shi family. Could it be that you’ve forgotten about how this girl has treated you? If you join hands with us, then if we can deal with this girl, our Shi family will reward you heavily.” The youth spoke out to Jian Chen.

“Spare him your lies, the men from the Shi family have always been despicably shameless! Your words are nothing but empty; once you’ve killed a member of the Shi family, then they will never let you go!” The girl was afraid that Jian Chen would help them and began to talk quickly.

Jian Chen continued to have that cold impassive look on his face as he pulled the sword out from the black robed man’s throat. He had ignored the words from both sides since he had long since made his conclusion. Immediately running toward the other man fighting the girl, his sword flashed like lightning in an attempt to strike at him.

“You’re seeking death!” At this, the youth cried out in anger as his face clouded over. He hadn’t thought that the youth would refuse his sweet sounding invitation. This was a heavy shock to him and caused him to feel extremely angry as well before feeling a strong amount of killing intent overtake him.

Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword flew at the man with multiple mirror images that covered the sky with the sheer amount of them. It was hard to tell the difference between real and fake and even if the man could tell, it would disappear in the next second as the sword came ever so close to him.

The man grew serious at this sight. Immediately closing his eyes, he allowed his spirit to feel out the sword’s true trajectory as the giant sword in his own hand began to pulsate with Saint Force.

Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword continue to strike forward one movement at a time. Each thrust was inconceivably fast and seemed as if it was just one huge blur. Anyone on the outside would only see Jian Chen was striking once, but in reality he had already struck out several times in a single movement that made it seem like one.

With such a fast speed like this, the man would be unable to block all of them and could only defend himself a few times before the sword strikes increase anymore.

“This opponent is too strong, lord Shi, please activate the barrier!” The man cried as he retreated away from Jian Chen. His voice had already began to tremble in fear as he felt his neck start to bleed from being nicked several times.

Hearing the frightened yelp of the man, the youth looked on in alarm. Hastily, he looked at Jian Chen and the man’s fight only to see that the man was slowly being forced back away from Jian Chen while defending himself blindly.

At the same time, the girl he had been fighting turned to look at Jian Chen with her bright eyes. With a look of disbelief, she too felt shocked from such a the scene.

“How can this be? His strength has suddenly become something completely amazing! He wasn’t like this before, and even then he was already injured by several of my arrows before!” The girl was in shock. Then, a light went off in her head as she thought, “Could it be that he was holding back his strength when he was fighting me?’

“Kid, you’ve ruined a major affair with our Shi family. We will definitely not forgive you for this! Even if you run to the ends of the earth, our Shi family experts will dismember your body limb by limb!” The youth roared with anger. Each word had been angrily gnashed out for emphasis. Even as he spoke, a transparent barrier suddenly came into view and protected his entire body.

The youth retreated from his battle with the girl and came to protect the middle age man from Jian Chen’s attack. His long spear was like a viper that blurred as it flew at Jian Chen’s heart.

Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword suddenly began to spike with an incredibly sharp amount of Sword Qi. As it met the long spear, the sword slid across the spear’s shaft to stab fiercely into the barrier.

The barrier shook for a moment before regaining a tranquil state almost instantly. While the barrier looked weak, the defenses were actually absurdly strong so even Jian Chen’s sword was unable to shatter it.

The youth behind the barrier looked at the sword with some fear before glaring at Jian Chen with a sneer, “Kid, you’re not long for life now.” With that, he hefted his spear upward before smashing down at him with a whistling sound.

Without a single word, Jian Chen dodged the spear before turning toward the middle aged man. With a silver light, his Light Wind Sword flew at his throat.

The middle aged man was still feeling some fear from Jian Chen’s sword, so he could only try to defend himself from Jian Chen. When he saw Jian Chen’s sword come at him, he lifted his sword up in a protective manner while throwing himself back to allow the barrier to protect him. Although being beaten by a twenty year old youth was extremely embarrassing for him, compared to his life, what use was face or money?

Just as the Light Wind Sword made contact with the man’s sword, the very tip immediately broke through the sword and stabbed into the man’s heart. A large amount of the Sword Qi within the sword burst outward and completely destroyed his heart and the other inner organs.

The man’s body immediately locked up rigidly as blood poured out from his wounds. Even in death, his eyes stared at Jian Chen in utter shock before slowly falling to the ground, dead to the world.

“Y-you…” The youth hidden behind the barrier went ashen in the face while trying to say something. Both of his eyes spat out metaphorical fires as he stared at Jian Chen with pure hatred that was unmatched by any other feelings he had ever felt before.

Before, he was in great shape without any major problems. He had thought that his plan was already perfected and the Ruler Armament was already in his hands. However at this crucial moment, Jian Chen had appeared and turned back the situation. His completed mission had instantly gone up in smoke and he had even lost two of the Earth Saint Master experts with him.

“Shi Xiangran, I don’t see any way for you to take my Ruler Armament now.” The girl spoke with relief in her heart as she stared vehemently at the youth. A few days ago, the fellow bodyguards from the Huang family had valiantly given up their lives in order to protect her from the Shi family men.

Just thinking about those deaths had caused the girl to feel an extreme amount of grief and anguish. Slowly retrieving the longbow on her back, she drew the longbow and pointed it at Shi Xiangran despite knowing her strength wasn’t strong enough to break the barrier.

Shi Xiangran’s face grew extremely dark, “Good, good, good! I wasn’t planning on using my secret treasure, but you’ve really forced my hand!” With that, Shi Xiangran suddenly took out a iron chunk within the Space Ring on his finger. The chunk was dark green in color and had a simple decorative design on it.

The moment the girl saw the chunk in his hands, her face instantly grew shocked, “That’s the Seal of Treasure Mountain! I didn’t think that the Shi family would have allowed you to carry such a priceless defensive treasure!”
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