Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 301: The Terrifying Seal of Treasure Mountain
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 301: The Terrifying Seal of Treasure Mountain

Chapter 301: The Terrifying Seal of Treasure Mountain

“I didn’t think you would even know about the Seal of Treasure Mountain our Shi family took possession of a few dozen years ago.” Shi Xiangran laughed darkly.

Immediately putting away her longbow on her back, she continued to run before turning her head towards Jian Chen as she called out to him, “Scoundrel, we have to run!” Even as she cried out to him, she was already running far away with a panicked look.

Jian Chen looked at the frantic girl with some confusion. He was completely puzzled, could the iron chunk in Shi Xiangran’s hand contain some sort of terrifying power?

Despite the confusion, Jian Chen knew that he was completely unaware of whatever secret it might contain. Without any hesitation, he turned and began to run from Shi Xiangran.

“Hmph, with the Seal of Treasure Mountain, you shouldn’t even think about escaping!” Shi Xiangran’s face grew dark as he threw the iron chunk into the air.

As soon as it flew into the air, the iron chunk began to transform into a hundred meter long circumference iron seal as it flew toward Jian Chen’s head at an inconceivable speed.

Jian Chen’s eyes widened as he stared in complete shock at the base of the pitch black iron seal. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing; Jian Chen could swear that he had never once seen or heard about something like this before.

“Just what is this eccentric item?” Jian Chen thought with shock and curiosity.

However, the floating iron seal didn’t give Jian Chen any time to think, and immediately came down on Jian Chen with a huge amount of pressure.

It was with a startling realization that Jian Chen had finally figured out the secret behind the iron seal. This was used for smashing people. If anyone were to be smashed by this, then they would take a tremendous amount of damage.

Jian Chen quickly ran outside. The hundred meter long circumference iron seal descended so quickly that before Jian Chen had even run 20 meters outwards, the iron seal was already falling down towards his head.

With an explosive shout, Jian Chen brought his Saint Weapon up against the base of the iron seal in hopes of slowing its descent.

Just then, the density of the iron seal far outweighed the force Jian Chen exerted. With a bang, the seal slammed Jian Chen’s body down through the earth, leaving behind an unbelievably deep crater.

In front, the shocked girl saw that Jian Chen had been pressed into the ground. Flustered, she stopped running and immediately cursed out loud, “You scoundrel, how could you be this stupid? I told you to run, but you stood there like an idiot. An idiot’s death! That’s what you deserve!”

“Hmph, you dared to go against our Shi family, so this is where you depart from life and die like the beggar you are.” Shi Xiangran spat as he stared at the crater left behind by Jian Chen. The strength of the Seal of Treasure Mountain was clear to see. Ever since the Shi family had gained control of it, it sat within their secured treasure room, its legend passed down from generation to generation. Up until now, its strength had been unimaginable and never had there been an Earth Saint Master that was able to survive a single impact.

Shi Xiangran lifted his hand, causing the floor ahead of him to start trembling. Immediately, the giant seal began to lift up from the ground. It shrank back down to a chunk the size of his fist, and landed in his hand.

After securing his treasure, Shi Xiangran turned back to the dead, middle aged men behind him and took their Space Belts. Then, with the barrier still activated, he turned to chase after the girl.

Just as the seal left the crater to return to Shi Xiangran, a muddy figure suddenly flew out of the hole like a lightning bolt, and stabbed at Shi Xiangran with his Sword Qi enhanced sword.

Shi Xiangran was extremely shocked, but with his strength as an Earth Saint Master, he could react in time to respond. Holding out his long spear in front of him, the barrier reactivated once more. With the barrier activated, the silver sword continued to be pushed back farther and farther away from his body.

“You! How did you not die?” Shi Xiangran cried out as he looked at the muddy figure. This type of result wasn’t something he had expected to see.

Seeing how his attack was repelled by the barrier, the muddy Jian Chen could only sigh in disappointment. Quickly kneeling down to the ground, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Shi Xiangran sneered at the sight, “You are the first Earth Saint Master to not die from the Seal of Treasure Mountain, be proud of that achievement. It would seem that the seal has done a good amount of damage to you. Then allow me to use the seal once more to end your life. An Earth Saint Master can’t take a second hit from this, you should have no regrets with your death this time.”

With this, Jian Chen narrowed his eyes. Having learned his lesson, he quickly began to retreat backwards.

The Seal of Treasure Mountain immediately enlarged before flying towards Jian Chen. The overwhelming pressure from the seal almost suffocated Jian Chen. After taking a single hit from the seal, Jian Chen finally understood just how strong this strange seal was. If he were to be smashed by this seal once more, then it would all be over. Even if he didn’t die, he would be forced to his dying breath anyway.

“Damn it all, what kind of an object is this for it to be so strong? And just why haven’t I heard of such a thing before?” Jian Chen cursed as he looked at the giant seal flying towards him. Even when he was in Kargath Library, he had never seen any information about such a thing.

The Seal of Treasure Mountain flew at tremendous speeds, and with Jian Chen’s injuries, he could not run as fast as before. This meant he would not be able to outrun the seal. Even now as he glanced back, the seal was already quickly approaching him.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Suddenly, a concentrated amount of fire could be heard as a series of golden arrows flew through the air and smashed against the seal.


Following the loud bang, the iron seal began to shake for a moment before flying at Jian Chen at a slightly reduced speed.

Seeing how the iron seal was about to end Jian Chen’s life, the yellow robed girl immediately stopped running and withdrew her longbow to shoot at the seal with frightening speed. Each arrow allowed Jian Chen another moment to run away to escape from Shi Xiangran.

“You repulsive wench! Wait until I grab ahold of you, I’ll definitely torture you to death!” Shi Xiangran glared at the girl with a malicious look as he roared and gnashed his teeth in anger.

“Scoundrel, hurry up and get to where I am!” The girl ignored Shi Xiangran and cried out for Jian Chen to follow her.

After hearing the girl, Jian Chen didn’t hesitate any longer and immediately threw himself in her direction as the iron seal followed close behind.

She continued to pull back her bowstring, and arrow after arrow continued to fly at the seal, causing multiple explosions to rock the air.

With the girl’s assistance, Jian Chen finally pulled far away from the the seal and arrived where the girl was.

“Hurry up! The Seal of Treasure Mountain is incomparably strong! If it smashes into a Heaven Saint Master, even they will take on heavy damages! It’s a good thing that Shi Xiangran’s strength isn’t that high, otherwise he’d be able to use the Seal of Treasure Mountain to its fullest potential!” The woman cried as she continued to fire arrows at the seal while retreating backwards.

The Seal of Treasure Mountain’s advance was slowed as each arrow shot by the girl exploded upon impact. At the same time, she and Jian Chen continued to run away from it. After a certain distance, the girl aimed her bow at Shi Xiangran; although her arrow wouldn’t be able to hurt him, the explosive arrows would still prevent him from moving forwards.

“The Seal of Treasure Mountain can’t get fifty meters out of his reach, otherwise it’ll be uncontrollable.” The girl explained to Jian Chen as if she was very familiar with the treasure.

As the two ran farther and farther away, Shi Xiangran could only watch from afar while being pelted with arrows. They eventually disappeared from sight.

Four hours later, Jian Chen and the girl finally came to a stop ten kilometers away, and found a mountain cave to take refuge in. The cave wasn’t too large, and there were even traces of someone having enlarged the hole.

Sounds of crackling could occasionally be heard from the small campfire lighting up the cave. Jian Chen lay powerless on the ground with a pale face. First, he had been hurt by the girl’s arrows and then fought in a battle with her. Then, before his body had even healed from his wounds, he had been smashed deep into the ground by the giant iron seal. This had caused more damage to his body then he was used to, and had even threatened his life. Right now his entire body was crushed and damaged to a large extent. If a regular Earth Saint Master were to be hit by the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then they would’ve died for sure.

The sounds of clothes being torn could be heard as the girl tended to the wound on her arm behind a large rock. The longbow continued to stay on her back for safety.

“Cough!” Jian Chen coughed twice as two mouthfuls of blood flew out from his mouth. With his current injuries, it was imperative that he heal as quickly as possible. However, with the girl nearby, he wasn’t able to use his Radiant Saint Force to heal himself. If he were to use it, then his secret would definitely be revealed.

Jian Chen didn’t want his secret regarding the Radiant Saint Force to be revealed, since everyone knew that Radiant Saint Masters were completely inept in martial arts. They could be said to be extremely weak. Since he was an Earth Saint Master and his aptitude with the Radiant Saint Force wasn’t bad at all, then there would definitely be a lot of trouble for him if it were to be revealed. If he were to silently endure the pain and try to circulate his inner Saint Force, then his healing factor would be somewhat accelerated.

At that moment, the girl came out from behind the stone with her wounds all dressed. Looking at the muddy Jian Chen, her eyes revealed a rare emotion of worry before quickly being hidden once more. Holding out a single white jade bottle toward Jian Chen, she said, “This is my family’s secret healing panacea. Go and use it.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》