Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 304: Meeting Qin Xiao
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 304: Meeting Qin Xiao

Chapter 304: Meeting Qin Xiao

“Qin Xiao~~~!” Jian Chen roared angrily as his entire figure blurred away from sight. With a lightning like speed, Jian Chen flew toward the three men who were currently fighting. At the same time, an enormous amount of killing intent began to exude from his body, shooting straight into the air.

The girl watched as Jian Chen sped away with a flabbergasted look. She was previously standing right next to him with her golden longbow out. From the days she had traveled with Jian Chen, she had quickly learned his personality, but this was the first time she had seen such a drastic change in him. She hastened after Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s roar was immediately heard by the three combatants. The two bloodsoaked figures were shocked; they hadn’t expected to come across anyone that was familiar with the young lord of the Tianqin clan. The two of them had already used up all of their strength fighting and were immensely relieved to see a new chance at life. The moment they saw Jian Chen run toward them, their happy look froze in place before disappearing from their faces and were instead replaced with looks of utter despair.

The both of them knew Jian Chen and how he was the only foreign friend of Qin Xiao, but while his talent at cultivation wasn’t all that bad, Jian Chen was still young and only a Great Saint Master. Their opponent was an Earth Saint Master and a truly strong one at that with his wind Saint Force. If the two of them combined wouldn’t be able to force him to a disadvantage, Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to.

By this point, the wind attributed Earth Saint Master had noticed Jian Chen. The moment he saw the handsome look on Jian Chen, his face immediately lost his look of confidence. A deep feeling of dread washed over him as he lost all of his desire to fight.

“Hmph, I’ll let you go today.” The Earth Saint Master spat out unwillingly before flying into the air to run away.

Just as the man left, one of the heavily injured men that lost most of his Saint Force immediately lost consciousness.

The other man had no energy remaining either and fell to the ground on his back with a withered expression.

“Qin Xiao, Qin Xiao! How are you feeling, wake up!” Jian Chen quickly arrived at Qin Xiao’s side while calling out his name repeatedly in a frantic manner.

Qin Xiao’s wounds were rather severe and he was covered with blood. Even the surrounding grass beneath him was soaked with his blood. On his body, Jian Chen noticed two terrifyingly deep wounds. Right on his waist, Qin Xiao’s body was nearly cut in two with only around half of his body still connected. The other wound was on his chest where a sword had been run through, causing a severe amount of damage to even his inner organs. Qin Xiao right now was already halfway through the gates of the underworld.

“Quick, use your bow to shoot him down! Don’t let him escape!” Jian Chen roared as he pointed at the rapidly disappearing figure of the wind attributed Earth Saint Master to the yellow clothed girl.

Coming into view, the girl already had a hand reaching toward her bow in order to kill the man, but the moment she had heard the commanding tone of Jian Chen, her eyebrows narrowed as she dropped her hands. Returning her hands to where they originally were, she spoke with a frosty tone, “I refuse to, why should I listen to you?”

“Bang!” Jian Chen’s fist slammed into the ground, creating a half a meter hole deep into the soft ground. The bloodshot eyes of Jian Chen stared dangerously at the girl as his rage continued to fly into the air. This time, Jian Chen was truly angry.

Seeing the nearly blood-thirsty and animal like visage of Jian Chen, the girl’s heart shook with some fear before stopping in place. In this moment of clarity, she suddenly felt a great deal of regret. When she refused to shoot the escaping person and lost her attention, the wind attributed Earth Saint Master had traveled past the mountain range and out of sight.

“Ji-Jian…Jian Chen.”

Just as Jian Chen was about to use the Radiant Saint Force to heal Qin Xiao’s wounds, a faint sounding voice could be heard as Qin Xiao’s eyes opened just a crack. His mouth trembled slightly as he called out Jian Chen’s name quietly.

“Qin Xiao, hold on! I’ll heal you up in a moment!” Jian Chen began to control the Radiant Saint Force around the World Essence to heal Qin Xiao. Right now Qin Xiao was in extreme danger, his life was hanging on by a thread and could be cut at any moment.

“Jia-Jian….Jian Chen.” Qin Xiao’s eyes opened a little more as his right arm quavered in an attempt to grab onto Jian Chen’s hands. Slowly placing it on his Space Belt, he began to speak, “H-he…. help….. me br-bring… out…. a gre-green… b-bo-bottle…. out… fr-from… my… Sp-Spa-Space… Belt….” Qin Xiao’s voice was beginning to fade in and out as his voice grew faint. With a faint exhale, his head tilted down and he fell unconscious.

Jian Chen understood what Qin Xiao’s message was right away. Carefully taking his Space Belt without touching Qin Xiao’s wounds, he began to furiously search within the contents before finally taking out three green porcelain bottles.

Just as Jian Chen took out the three bottles and opened them, a sweet smelling fragrance could be detected.

Each bottle contained a thumb sized pill that exuded a faint white glow.

“This…this is?!” Jian Chen cried out in shock and recognition. While the three pellets had a faint powder look on the shell, inside the shell was a pure amount of Radiant Saint Force.

Jian Chen was like a Radiant Saint Master and clearly understood the effects of the Radiant Saint Force. Immediately grabbing the pellets, he placed them into Qin Xiao’s mouth.

After swallowing the pill, Qin Xiao’s face began to take a turn for the better in color. Despite the Radiant Saint Force filled pill not being enough to fully heal Qin Xiao, saving his life would be no problem at all. However, Qin Xiao had yet to awaken.

After Qin Xiao’s condition was stabilized, Jian Chen let out a breath in relief. Then he turned to the two bloodsoaked men.

He had recognized the two men. One of them was Qin Jue, the one that Qin Xiao had said his father had picked up from the outside world and raised. He was born and raised within the Tianqin clan and had an extremely loyal heart, but right now he was unconscious. The other man also wasn’t a Tianqin clan member and was one of the men who had entered the Space Gate to Mercenary City with him. He was the comrade of Tian Zhou, but right now his face was deathly pale as he sat on the ground and ate a healing pill to recover his strength.

Three men quickly came into Jian Chen’s line of sight at a quick speed.

The three men were quickly detected by everyone, “Eldest Brother!” Suddenly, a joyous sound could be heard as the slowly healing person looked at the three approaching men and tried to crawl up to meet them.

These three men were unexpectedly Tian Zhou and two other brothers from outside the Tianqin clan.

“Fourth brother!”

“Fourth brother!”

“Fourth brother!”

Tian Zhou and the other two were quick to recognize the bloodsoaked figure and instantly called out in panic as they ran to his side.

“Fourth brother, how are you feeling, who did this to you?”

“Fourth brother, tell us, just which bastard beat you to this state?”

Seeing the bloodsoaked figure of their brother, the other two men were furious. Tian Zhou’s own face was rather unsightly as the three began to look around only to see the unconscious figure of the young lord of the Tianqin clan, Jian Chen, and the golden longbow girl right next to him.

“Who are you!” One of the men roared at the girl. They all knew who Jian Chen was, but not who this new girl was.

The girl looked at the three in disdain as she turned her head arrogantly to the side. It was as if she wasn’t willing to talk or even look at them.

Seeing the attitude of the girl, the other man barked at her coldly, “Naughty girl, we asked you a question, are you deaf?”

After he spoke, the girl’s expression darkened as she stared at them with a hateful glare, “Say one more word and I’ll kill you.” She had guessed that Jian Chen knew these men, and if it weren’t for that, then she would have long since moved against these people. After all, these three men were Earth Saint Masters and would undoubtedly have many tokens with them.

“You…” The man she spoke to growled angrily as a machete like weapon appeared within his hands, “You must be tired of living. I’ll teach you a lesson then!” With that, he flew at her.

“Hey, second brother, don’t be so reckless! You shouldn’t act so soon against a beauty like her.” Immediately, a rather ugly looking man held out his hand to stop the other man from attacking as he looked at the girl with a lecherous gaze.

Hearing this, the second brother was stunned for a moment before realizing what was happening. With a dark laugh, he spoke, “Third brother, you’re the smart one among us! It would be a crying shame for this beautiful woman to die so soon!’ Then, speaking to the girl, he laughed once more, “Little beauty, I’ve changed my mind. Killing such a beautiful person would be a big shame. Why don’t you accompany us for a good time. If you can make this a pleasurable time, then big brother here will let you go.”

The girl’s face froze over in a dark expression.

Hearing this, even Jian Chen’s face grew dark. Although he had plenty of complaints about her, he couldn’t respect the two for their words now, that the girl and him were both on the same side. Lastly, Tian Zhou and his brothers didn’t sit right with him as Tian Zhou had initially caused plenty of trouble for him back then in the Tianqin compound.

“If you don’t wish to die, then it would be best for you two to shut your mouths.” Jian Chen slowly stood up as he stared coldly at the men in front of him.

“F*ck, kid. The beauty and us two are talking, since when was it your turn to interfere? Death won’t come easy for you.” The second brother glared at Jian Chen dangerously. While Jian Chen had a decent friendship with the young lord Qin Xiao who was within the same clan as Tian Zhou, they were the brothers of Tian Zhou and knew that Jian Chen was not a person he liked.

The previously silent Tian Zhou looked on with a dark expression. He had a look full of killing intent directed at Jian Chen; he had already a large amount of complaints about Jian Chen back in Walaurent City and had even started a dispute. If it weren’t for the patriarch coming to stop the two, then he would have fought Jian Chen. Even in Mercenary City, he had wanted to hit Jian Chen many times but was held back due to the Grand Elder. However now, there was an opportunity sitting right in front of him, he would naturally not let this go by.

Tian Zhou gave a knowing look at the bloodsoaked man who instantly understood what Tian Zhou was getting at. Pointing at Jian Chen, he cried out loud, “Eldest brother, second brother, third brother! We were attacked by this heartless kid! This cruel youth wanted to kill our Tianqin clan’s Qin Xiao. The other clans member and I were caught off guard when he struck and were injured severely! If it weren’t for eldest brother coming here so fast, then I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to meet with you right now.”

Sniffing away his tears, the fourth brother began to moan out loud.

Tian Zhou’s face froze after the outburst as he glared at Jian Chen, “Youngster, you’ve twisted the kindness of my elder brother while holding the esteemed title of being an honored guest, how could you be so devoid of a conscious? Today, I, Tian Zhou, will not forgive you. Third eldest, go and capture the would be murderer of our Qin Xiao.” In Tian Zhou’s eyes, Jian Chen was only a Great Saint Master and didn’t bother to see him as a person worth capturing personally.

“Yes, eldest brother!” Immediately the third brother sprung into action and flew at Jian Chen with his Saint Weapon. From the start, he had never bothered to place this “Great Saint Master” in sight.

With a gleam of light, Jian Chen didn’t bother to say anything since it would all be useless.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a weak sounding voice could be heard as the blood covered Qin Jue awoke when the people were all distracted. With a good amount of effort, he spoke out fragily, “You misunderstand. We were attacked by an extremely strong Earth Saint Master who was unrelated to brother Jian Chen.”

Tian Zhou’s face turned ugly as he stared at Qin Jue, “What rubbish! Qin Jue, you’ve must of hit your head, you, Qin Xiao and fourth brother were clearly ambushed by Jian Chen, what other person is there?”

Hearing that, Qin Jue’s eyes flashed twice but went silent. He had only just woken up and didn’t hear Tian Zhou’s initial words so he wasn’t clear on the situation. He did know that Tian Zhou desperately wished to make life difficult for Jian Chen. but with his severe injuries, he couldn’t even look out for himself, let alone muster up the strength to help Jian Chen.

At this moment, the third eldest had already reached Jian Chen and sneered right in front of his handsome, white face. With a single movement, his arm reached out to grab Jian Chen’s shoulder with a strength that would shatter even the bones of a Great Saint Master.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously as the Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand. The Light Wind Sword had already stopped right next to the man’s throat before the third eldest could react.

This sudden development caused the man to become shocked. Even the arm that was going to grab at Jian Chen’s shoulder instantly stopped as he stood completely still.

“Y-yo-you…” The third eldest kept staring at the sword at his throat in pure speechlessness as his shock caused him to begin to stutter.

A single “Great Saint Master” had unexpectedly been able to bring his Saint Weapon up to his neck without him noticing. For an Earth Saint Master, this was something he was completely shocked to realize.

“You’ve managed to turn black into white with this situation. Do not blame me for being impolite.” Jian Chen glared icily at Tian Zhou as he spoke.

Having been threatened by the younger generation, this made Tian Zhou’s face go dark, “Forward! Kill him and save third brother!” With that, Tian Zhou withdrew his red colored sword and charged toward Jian Chen.

Taking out his own Saint Weapon, the second brother charged toward Jian Chen as well.

At the same time, the third brother that was held hostage against Jian Chen’s sword immediately took advantage of the shift of focus from him to Tian Zhou and the other two. With a swift movement, his hands flew at Jian Chen’s throat in an instant.

With a look of disdain and a sneer, Jian Chen pulled sharply on the sword on the third brother’s neck. In an instant, his head separated from his body as a fountain of blood splurted from his neck and dyed the ground below them with his blood.

“Third eldest!”

“Third eldest!”

“Third brother!”

Tian Zhou and the others cried out in fury and grievance.

“You bastard! I’ll definitely kill you today!”

“For vengeance!”

Tian Zhou and the others roared in anger as they glared at Jian Chen with eyes that could start fires as if they wanted to destroy Jian Chen.


Suddenly, another whistling sound could be heard as a golden ray of light came from behind Jian Chen. In an instant, the lightning like bolt of light speared through the second brother’s chest. Right where the heart should be, only a hole could be seen.

Even after striking through the second brother’s chest, the arrow didn’t lose speed at all and traveled another hundred meters before smashing into the side of a mountain slope and disappearing from view.

Jian Chen turned his head to look only to see the icy cold visage of the yellow clothed girl. In her hands was the golden Solunar Bow with the bowstring looking as if it had just been twanged.

The second eldest was the one that had first insulted her, and with the girl’s personality, there was no way for her to forgive him at all. If the third brother hadn’t been killed by Jian Chen, then she would have killed him as well.

The second eldest’s eyes opened wide as he looked at the golden longbow and the girl wielding it in disbelief. He had never thought that a young and weak looking girl like her would possess such a terrifying amount of fighting strength. That golden arrow had traveled at a speed far beyond what he could detect.

“Bang!” The second eldest’s body fell to the ground, dead. After being killed by this weak-looking young girl, he would never be at ease even in death.

Seeing his second brother fall dead, Tian Zhou’s face grew alarmed before instantly turning white. Both Jian Chen and this young girl’s fighting strength had far exceeded what he had expected. The second and third brother both had a strength that wasn’t too far away from his own, but they both had been instantly killed.

The most terrifying thing was the arrow that the yellow clothed girl shot out. They left him in a state of terror; if it had been him that was shot at, there would have been no time for him to dodge since they were so close. He would have met the same fate as his second brother.

Tian Zhou immediately halted his forward momentum toward Jian Chen. With this sudden change in development, he was suddenly stuck in a problematic dilemma.

Jian Chen turned to look at Tian Zhou with an attentive gaze and taunted, “Were you not saying that you were going to kill me? Just why haven’t you done anything yet then?”

Hearing this, Tian Zhou’s face grew unsightly as he stared at the two with a venomous look. “Brat, I, Tian Zhou, won’t forget this day!” With that, Tian Zhou flew in the opposite direction to flee.

Immediately pulling at her bow, the girl was just about to shoot at the fleeing Tian Zhou when Jian Chen disappeared from his original position and flew toward Tian Zhou.

Halfway to him, Jian Chen’s sword flashed in the light as a concentrated amount of Sword Qi flew at Tian Zhou.

Feeling something peculiar chase after him, Tian Zhou flew to the side and simultaneously used his fire Saint Force enhanced sword to smash at the Sword Qi he couldn’t avoid. With this delay, his traveling speed was much slower than before and so Jian Chen had quickly caught up to him before stabbing at him without hesitation.

After being blocked from his escape path, Tian Zhou could do nothing else but fight Jian Chen. With his Saint Force exploding out from his body, the pressure around them began to escalate as the grass below them began to wither away.

“Ha!” Tian Zhou shouted. With a heavy swing, his giant sword came raining down on Jian Chen.

Without fear, Jian Chen slammed his own Sword Qi enhanced Light Wind Sword against the other. Then, with a shake of his hand, the Light Wind Sword slapped the sword, sending the giant sword flying to the side. With a strong amount of power, the sword immediately stabbed deep Tian Zhou’s chest before the tip came exiting out from his back.

“You-you are an Earth Saint Master? How!?” At that moment, Tian Zhou had been brought to full clarity. The person he had never bothered to look at was not a Great Saint Master, but an Earth Saint Master!

“It’s no wonder! No wonder at all that you were able to kill third brother and chase up to me!” Tian Zhou’s face ashened as he began to feel a great amount of regret. If he had known earlier that Jian Chen was an Earth Saint Master, then he wouldn’t have tried to provoke him.

“How unfortunate, you learned of this too late.” Jian Chen stated emotionlessly as his killing intent went undisguised.
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