Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 305: Seeing the Ruler Armament Once More
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 305: Seeing the Ruler Armament Once More

Chapter 305: Seeing the Ruler Armament Once More

Tian Zhou stared at Jian Chen with a dangerous gleam, “Do you mean to kill me?”

Jian Chen laughed, “This is the consequence of your actions. It was you that started all of this and decided that I was in the wrong, and then you wanted to kill me. Do not blame me for returning the favor.” With that, Jian Chen slowly pulled the sword out from Tian Zhou’s chest, causing a river of blood to come pouring out.

Jian Chen’s sword had only pierced through Tian Zhou’s chest two inches away from his heart. While it had run through the chest, it wasn’t a life threatening injury for a man like him.

Knowing that Jian Chen was determined to kill him, Tian Zhou threw away his cautionary attitude and with a serious shout, he roared, “If you wish to kill me, then be prepared to pay a heavy price!” Tian Zhou’s giant sword burst out with light as a fire-like essence began to coil around his sword. The temperature around the two immediately soared higher as even the grass below began to rapidly dry up.

“Go die then!” Tian Zhou howled as his sword transformed into a flaming light that came roaring down at Jian Chen. He knew that as long as the strange, longbow wielding girl was there, he had no chance to escape. No matter where he went, he would die, but he could hopefully drag Jian Chen down with him. Even if he couldn’t kill Jian Chen, he would at least deal a significant amount of damage to him. Right now, there was only a month left until this part of the competition was over. That meant that this would be the most intense part of the competition. If he could injure Jian Chen at this crucial moment, then even an Earth Saint Master like Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to leave this place without harm.

With that single sword strike, a strong pressure flooded the area and pressed down on Jian Chen’s body. With this sensation, Jian Chen felt as if he was stuck in a quagmire, and that his own movements had become restricted.

Tian Zhou’s sword was undoubtedly using a battle skill.

Jian Chen sneered. He had seen plenty of battle skills, and had even experienced the taste of a tornado-like battle skill before, so a battle skill like this was nothing.

Only if there was no alternative would Jian Chen try to go head to head against a battle skill. But he knew he generally didn’t have enough power to go against one. Sliding forward, Jian Chen narrowly dodged the sword and swiftly shot his blade forward towards Tian Zhou’s throat.

Before Tian Zhou could even react, the Light Wind Sword was against his neck.

“Even if you try your hardest, your fate won’t change. You are not an opponent for me.” Jian Chen laughed as he looked dangerously at Tian Zhou. “Tian Zhou, since I am friends with the Tianqin clan, you may give me your final words.”

“You truly dare to try and kill me!” Tian Zhou roared with an angry look. After exchanging several blows, he had already figured out that he wasn’t strong enough to fight Jian Chen. Even a battle skill wouldn’t be enough to defeat this twenty year old youth. Knowing that Jian Chen wasn’t a Great Saint Master was truly a fact that he found hard to believe.

Jian Chen sneered, “Do you really think that just because you are a member of the Tianqin clan, I won’t make a move against you? I’ve already shown enough restraint.”

“If you kill me, the Tianqin clan won’t let you go.” Tian Zhou began to show a sliver of fear.

Jian Chen’s glare dimmed as he shook his hand, causing the Light Wind Sword to strike Tian Zhou’s face with a slap. The sharp edge of the sword cut slightly into the man’s face and drew blood.

“You….” Tian Zhou grew indignant as he glared furiously at Jian Chen, yet he made no move to attack him. If looks could kill, then Jian Chen would have been burned to ashes by Tian Zhou’s malicious glower.

Humiliation. This was the biggest humiliation Tian Zhou had ever felt. As a direct member of the Tianqin clan, Tian Zhou held a clear, decisive role of power and status. Even Qin Xiao couldn’t compare to his status. But Jian Chen’s actions had been nothing better than a slap to his face with his palm. This act alone had almost caused Tian Zhou to explode in anger.

“What about me, so what if I kill you? Don’t even bother to threaten me with the Tianqin clan. You are not the representative of the Tianqin clan, and if it weren’t for the sake of brother Qin Xiao, then I would have taught you a lesson back at the Tianqin clan’s compound.” Jian Chen stated. With a fierce glare, he kicked Tian Zhou in the chest; however, whether it was accidental or intentional, Jian Chen had kicked him where Tian Zhou had been stabbed with the sword earlier.

Tian Zhou stifled a groan as he was sent flying five or six meters into the air before finally crashing back down to the ground. Spitting out a mouthful of blood, his face went as white as parchment as his chest began to flow with blood again.

Jian Chen brought out his Light Wind Sword in a flash once more before stabbing at Tian Zhou’s throat with a terrifying amount of Sword Qi. Just as he stabbed down at him, a weak sounding voice came from behind.

“Jian Chen, please, don’t kill him. In the end, he’s my uncle.” Qin Xiao had somehow awoken during their fight, and had struggled to get to where Jian Chen was, his voice a barely audible whisper.

Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword suddenly stopped right in front of Tian Zhou’s face, the chilling feel of the Sword Qi already close enough to touch Tian Zhou’s body. There was no fear in his face; after several years of life or death fights, Tian Zhou was experienced with fatal events. Death had no effect on him.

Biting his lips, Jian Chen stared at Tian Zhou like a starving wolf and growled, “For the sake of brother Qin Xiao, I’ll spare your life today.” With that, Jian Chen recollected his sword before looking at the Space Ring on Tian Zhou’s finger. Jian Chen loftily grabbed the Space Ring and walked back to where Qin Xiao was.

Tian Zhou crawled up from the ground with a heavy look as he stared icily at Jian Chen’s retreating back. Wordlessly, he tried to address the wound on his chest before walking away. His Space Ring had been taken, and he had been humiliated by Jian Chen, but there wasn’t a single word he could say. Revenge could come later; as long as he lived, he would be able to find an opportunity to wipe out the unbelievable humiliation he had suffered today.

The bloodsoaked third brother stood behind Tian Zhou with a baleful glare as a large amount of killing intent radiated from him.

Jian Chen stopped his movements as he turned his head to look at the third brother, “Who said you could leave?” With a slash of his sword, a burst of Sword Qi flew at the man.

The third brother had already sustained heavy injuries that had taken up the majority of his strength. Thus, he was unable to dodge this blow and was speared through by the Sword Qi.

The originally bloodsoaked third brother fell to the ground slowly as more blood came pouring out of the thumb-sized hole in his throat.

Tian Zhou shook slightly, but he continued to move away without stopping. Quickly, he disappeared past the mountain ridge.

Jian Chen walked to Qin Xiao’s side and inspected his wounds before taking the other two Radiant Saint Force filled pills to feed him.

“No, Jian Chen. One pill is enough, give the other one to brother Qin Jue.” Qin Xiao blocked Jian Chen from feeding him another pill.

Nodding his head, Jian Chen put one pill into Qin Xiao’s mouth before turning to Qin Jue and giving a pill to him as well.

With a small amount of hesitation, Qin Jue took the pill into his mouth before closing his eyes to heal. With his innate silence, he had no words to say.

Jian Chen walked to where the yellow clothed girl was and said, “Please look after these two for a moment, I’ll go collect a few things from nearby.”

The girl looked at Jian Chen with a skewed look before turning her head angrily to the side without another word.

Jian Chen didn’t beat around the bush either, and instead looked around himself. Pushing the tips of toes on the ground, he immediately shot off like an arrow into a specific direction before quickly disappearing from sight.

Seeing how Jian Chen had finally disappeared, the longbow wielding girl pouted unhappily as her beautiful face held some anger.

Jian Chen returned quickly with a bunch of wrist sized branches. Setting them on the ground, Jian Chen took out a few piles of rope and some quilts and began to busy himself with them.

In a flash, a simple stretcher was made for Qin Xiao to lay in. Carefully placing Qin Xiao in the stretcher, Jian Chen knew that Qin Xiao’s waist had almost been cut in half, making it impossible to walk. Even standing would be tantamount to being impossible, so a stretcher would be needed.

“Brother Jian Chen, I’m sorry to be such a bother.” Qin Xiao spoke out emotionally.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed, “Qin Xiao, if I am your brother, then don’t say such words.”

Qin Xiao grabbed Jian Chen’s hands without a word, but his heart was filled with emotions.

Grabbing the stretcher, Jian Chen lifted him into the air so the stretcher was at his shoulders. Turning around to look at Qin Jue, he asked, “Are you able to move still.”

After Qin Jue had eaten the pill with Radiant Saint Force, his body was in better condition than before. While he wasn’t completely healed, it was better than nothing.

With some effort, Qin Jue stood up and stared at Jian Chen with a complicated expression, “I’ve no problems, but I won’t be able to fight. However, I’m capable of running.”

“This isn’t a good place to idle about, let’s go.” Jian Chen said.

Neither the girl or Qin Jue had any objections to this, and so after taking the second, third and fourth brothers’ Space Belts, the four of them left the area.

“Bang!” Suddenly, a loud sound could be heard as an equally large amount of energy was seen rippling through the air. Jian Chen and the others could even detect that the earth below them was vibrating slightly.

“Bang bang bang bang!”

From far away, a loud sound and a large amount of energy could be seen and heard. Even the shaking of the earth continued despite the long distance, and had even cracked the ground slightly.

Jian Chen and the others immediately stopped their movements and looked at a giant mountain several hundred meters away where they could barely make out the sight of what was happening.

“There are people fighting over there, they seem quite strong.” Jian Chen spoke with a solemn expression.

As soon as he spoke, a giant, iron-like seal flew from the mountains before crashing down to the ground.

“Bang!” With a mighty crash, the ground shook violently once more in a stronger surge than before, making it seem almost as if there was an earthquake.

“That’s the Seal of Treasure Mountain!” The girl cried out in shock. Her face grew solemn as she said, “Shi Xiangran has to be fighting with someone. Seeing how far back the Seal of Treasure Mountain was sent flying, the enemy must be very strong, or else there has to be many of them.”

At that moment, the seal began to fly upwards back toward the mountain slope. Jian Chen and the other three could see that before the seal could come flying down, another figure flew up into the air with his flaming, scarlet sword smashing against the seal.

“Bang!” Like a clap of thunder, the sound shook everyone’s ears as they all saw a ripple of energy fly forth. The seal continued to wobble in midair as it flew back constantly.

“Ruler Armament! That sword has to be a Ruler Armament for it to knock back the Seal of Treasure Mountain so far back!” The girl cried out in shock.
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