Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 325: Huang Luan
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 325: Huang Luan

Chapter 325: Huang Luan

“This matter must be reported to the patriarch. With the young lord and the disciple of the Dugu clans to suddenly become friends with each other, this spells out something major for our clan. If we can use this newfound friendship with the Dugu clan, then our clan will definitely pull out ahead of the others.” Qin Jue thought to himself. Although he was a quiet person who rarely spoke, he was not at all stupid.

Qin Ji walked up to Jian Chen with a smile, “Brother Jian Chen, when you have time, you should come by our Qinhuang Kingdom. Our Qinhuang Kingdom is a few dozen kilometers north of Mercenary City. When you come by our kingdom, come over to the imperial palace and mention my name. This jade ornament will be your proof. As long as you can take this out, no one will doubt you.” Qin Ji took out a small jade ornament the size of his fist from his Space Belt. On the ornament was a complicated design with the word, “Qin” written on it.

“Will do, when I have the time I will go meet brother Qin Ji in your kingdom.” Jian Chen smiled as he took the ornament from him. In his mind, Jian Chen began to suspect something, was Qin Ji the prince of the Qinhuang Kingdom?

Qin Ji and Jian Chen spoke a few more words before finally splitting up from each other.

“Little brother, I have to leave now too. Make sure you remember, you still owe one small thing.” Tianmu Ling spoke as she walked up to Jian Chen and spoke to him in a gentle manner with her mature charm.

Jian Chen gave an embarrassed smile as he spoke, “Sister Tianmu Ling likes to joke I see. You’ve given me a precious item, in the future when I have the chance, I will definitely return the favor ten or even a hundred times back.”

Tianmu Ling followed Qin Ji’s lead and left after that. Everything inside the cave was no longer recoverable, since it had collapsed, many groups of men began to leave in twos and threes. Yet, some people were still staying behind.

Jian Chen and his group didn’t have any plans to stay behind either. After summoning everyone, they all left together, but unlike last time, their group had two new people; Dugu Feng and Ming Dong.

Walking through the forest while chatting on the road, Jian Chen introduced Ming Dong to Senior An and Yun Zheng. It was only the yellow clothed girl that Jian Chen had no idea on what to do since he wasn’t familiar with her at all. Previously it was because of Shi Xiangran that they had been forced to travel together, but even after traveling together for at least a month, Jian Chen still didn’t know the girl’s name. He had wanted to find out, but because of her temper and because of the accident where he saw her body, Jian Chen was afraid that she would give him no face at all. Thus, he had no desire to be the one to poke at the thorns.

“Ah, Jian Chen, who is that girl with the longbow behind us? She’s really beautiful; I, Ming Dong have never seen such a pretty woman. I think only that unknown second miss from the Tianqin clan would compare to her.” Ming Dong asked Jian Chen in a low voice with a great amount of curiosity.

Hearing that, Jian Chen forced a smile on his face, “You should forget about finding an answer about her from me. I don’t even know her name. She and I had a small misunderstanding in the past, and because of Shi Xiangran and his Ruler Armament, we were forced to band together in order to stand against him. This way, we would be able to defend ourselves against him.”

“Shi Xiangran? Is that one of the five experts? How strange, I thought I heard that you were able to kill two Ruler Armament users. These types of people should pose no threat to you at all, just how did you feel so threatened to travel along with her? Could it be Shi Xiangran is extremely strong?” Ming Dong asked with confusion.

“That’s not it at all.” Jian Chen spoke. “Shi Xiangran had a strange barrier that made my attacks harmless to him. With his incredible Ruler Armament to attack us from a large range and was equally hard to dodge. Although I had a secret power, I wasn’t sure that it would be a threat to Shi Xiangran. For the best case scenario, I had decided to travel with her. It was only today in the cave that I was forced into a tough situation that I could try out my last resort against Shi Xiangran’s barrier. I didn’t think that it would be enough to break through! Because of this, Shi Xiangran and Jiede Wukang’s barrier were no longer a threat and I was able to kill them.”

Hearing this, Ming Dong looked on with shock, “Jian Chen, you were able to shatter their barrier, is that true?”

“I was able to borrow some outside help.” With that, Jian Chen revealed the azure and violet Sword Qi to Ming Dong with his finger. The two lights glowed faintly; while they were brighter and stronger than before, it was only by a marginal amount. Under the scorching sun, this light was nothing.

Just as the two glows of Sword Qi appeared, a strange incorporeal amount of Sword Qi filled the air, causing everyone to feel a sudden chill that made their hearts quake in fear.

The azure and violet Sword Qi was Jian Chen’s biggest trump card, but he had revealed it many times already and it had been seen by many people. Thus, the azure and violet Sword Qi could not longer be considered a secret. It was no longer necessary to try and hide it; it was only necessary to hide away the secret behind it.

After the survival competition was over, they would enter the individual fighting tournament which would take place on an elevated platform against other strong individuals. If Jian Chen wanted to be the number one rank, then he would have to use his azure and violet Sword Qi, thus there was no longer a point in hiding the Sword Qi.

Jian Chen didn’t talk about the azure and violet Sword Qi too much, aside from a little display of their strength and their name, Jian Chen hadn’t said anything else about it. Even with the azure and violet Sword Qi revealed, he still wanted to keep some factors of it hidden so when the time comes, it would still be a mysterious threat.

“Jian Chen, the azure and violet Sword Qi you have, could it be from the Supreme Treasure you bought from the Treasure Pavilion?” Qin Xiao’s eyes flashed with realization as he asked his question.

Hearing Qin Xiao’s words, Jian Chen was stunned. He didn’t think that Qin Xiao would have made a connection between the Multicolored Stone in his body and the azure and violet Sword Qi. This had also made him smile, he now had an explanation. This was because Qin Xiao’s words had some meaning to them. The strong azure and violet Sword Qi using the energy from the Supreme Treasure was a fitting explanation.

Jian Chen’s attitude caused everyone to think that the azure and violet Sword Qi was because of a Supreme Treasure. Although Senior An and Yun Zheng had no idea what a Supreme Treasure, they both knew from the name itself that it was an unknown treasure and looked at Jian Chen with envy.

The yellow clothed girl walked up to Jian Chen and spoke quietly, “I have some words to speak with you.”

Jian Chen had some doubts as he looked at her before finally walking out of the group to a vacant spot a hundred meters away where the girl followed him to.

Ming Dong and the others stopped traveling as they all looked on, curious to know what the girl wanted to speak to Jian Chen about. Then Ming Dong had a strange but deep smile on his face as he laughed, “That girl must like Jian Chen if she has to walk that far away so that we wouldn’t be able to hear them.”

Senior An nodded his head in thought as well, “I can see that as being likely. Jian Chen is quite handsome and strong, he’s not too bad of a person as well. There is no woman under the heavens that would not be swayed by him. However, that girl’s temper is really quite bad, could it be that she is the spoiled daughter of some rich clan? She really is quite haughty.”

Hearing Senior An’s words, Yun Zheng and Qin Xiao both nodded their head in agreement. Only Qin Jue and Dugu Feng remained silent.

On one side, Jian Chen looked at the yellow clothed girl, “What did you want to say?”

The girl looked at Jian Chen with a complicated look and hesitated before saying, “Not only did you kill Shi Xiangran and Jiede Wukang, but you also took their Ruler Armaments. The two clans won’t let you go for this, you should be more careful in the future.” The girl spoke with a rare amount of concern. Although she still harbored some angry feelings from when Jian Chen had seen her body, but after dealing with him for some time, she had come to understand him more. From her anger for him rose a new type of feeling.

“That I know.” Jian Chen stated.

“Also, I would like to thank you for killing Shi Xiangran. Now that he is dead, there is no need for us to continue traveling together. Therefore, I should head out on my own way.” The girl’s voice was extraordinarily soft, and in her eyes was a seldom seen reluctance. Although she had only come to know Jian Chen for a month, she came to enjoy this feeling she had. Right now as she was prepared to leave Jian Chen’s group, a complicated sensation could be felt rising up within her body.

Jian Chen seemed to look far away without a single word as the winds from the area blew on his body, causing his clothes to billow and his long black hair to flutter and dance in the winds. This sight made him seem like a hero from a legend.

The girl looked at Jian Chen’s handsome face as she began to struggle for a moment before finally speaking out loud with courage, “Did you not want to know my name?”

“You never told me, how would I know it?” Jian Chen spoke calmly.

“Did it not occur to you to ask?” The girl began to look a little angry as she stared at Jian Chen with her beautiful face.

“With your temper, I was afraid of a bad result.” Jian Chen spoke helplessly. Against her temper, he had tasted it enough times.

She was finally defeated. With a hurt look, she spoke in a low voice, “I am Huang Luan, remember my name. Goodbye.” With that, she turned to walk away from Jian Chen as the wind blew behind her, causing her yellow clothes to flutter in the air. Even her long hair had begun to dance in a ballad like motion as the wind carried it.
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