Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 403: One Against Five
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 403: One Against Five

Chapter 403: One Against Five

With that, Jian Chen reinforced the bubble surrounding Changyang Hu with another wind element bubble before sending him to Chang Wuji’s side.

The fierce blaze of the fire element had already calmed down a bit as if Chang Wuji was afraid of hurting Changyang Hu. Gently grabbing hold of him, the elder’s eyes softened in its gaze.

“Young master, this is all my fault.” Chang Wuji’s lips began to tremble as he spoke. After using his Heaven Tier Battle Skill to kill two of the Heaven Saint Masters, the Pingyang Kingdom had taken revenge on Changyang Hu.

In this current state of Changyang Hu, Chang Wuji had been grievously hurt in spirit. Changyang Hu had grown up under his supervision, and while they had a master and slave relationship, their feelings for each other were closer to being called a family. To see Changyang Hu as a cripple, Chang Wuji had no idea just how Changyang Ba would take this.

Quashing his feelings, Chang Wuji looked to Jian Chen and spoke honestly. “I don’t know sire’s name, but in the future, our Changyang clan will surely thank sire for his kindness.”

Jian Chen spoke no words; while Chang Wuji’s words had caused him to feel quite happy, Changyang Hu’s current state had forced him to feel no joy. His feelings had taken such a heavy hit that he couldn’t even bring himself to talk anymore.

Turning back to look at the five Heaven Saint Masters, he moved into a fighting stance, “Qiangan Kingdom, do you truly wish to interfere? There is still a chance to back out.”

But Qian Yun was completely unaffected by Jian Chen’s demeanor, “This old man merely wishes for the Heaven Tier Battle Skill. If I can grab a hold of it, then it matters not if I interfere. The Gesun Kingdom is already on the verge of collapse either way.”

“Good, then today I will eliminate your Qiangan Kingdom as well.”

“How arrogant, just who do you think you are? Not only did you wish to raze the Pingyang Kingdom, but my Qiangan Kingdom as well?” Qian Yun rebuked, as if insulted by these words.

Growing silent, Jian Chen began to blaze up with an intent to fight. His eyes were already flashing with the azure and violet glow, creating a mystifying spectacle that would shock anyone. Extending his right hand, the fallen debris from the stronghold began to float up before shooting toward the five men with an azure and violet glow.

Not even bothering to spare a glance at this attack, each one of the five sneered before a wave of Saint Force surge forward and smashed against the flying debris.

But the countless pieces of debris sliced through their Saint Force like butter before continuing onward to the five Heaven Saint Masters.

Blanching, the five immediately grew even more serious. “There is a strange force afoot, be careful.” Qian Yun remarked before forming a slender longsword with Sword Qi blazing from it. Slashing at the fragments aimed at him, he began to gracefully shatter each one to dust.

The other Heaven Saint Masters hadn’t tarried either, immediately taking out their Saint Weapons, they swung them about to protect themselves. But the swarm of debris was far too much for them and so several pieces had managed to make their way through their defenses and penetrate into their bodies.

There was a shocked look on their faces before throwing out all notions of not taking the fight completely serious.

“Use your Saint Force to protect yourself!” One of the Heaven Saint Masters cried before a colorful swarm of Saint Force covered his own body. It condensed like a protective shroud around his body. However, the shroud had been unable to completely protect its master from the debris and had only managed to slow down the speed.

Knowing that this could not be allowed to continue for much longer, the five combined their attacks and struck out all over the area before charging toward Jian Chen.

Raising both hands and then forming fists, Jian Chen began to levitate the fallen crossbolts on the ground to converge them into one spot. At the same time, several trees began to be forcefully uprooted from the ground and filled the air with wood splinters. In the end, the two sources began to combine together in order to form a long sword several hundred meters tall that stabbed into the skies themselves. From far away, it looked as if it was a giant tower that scaled into the heavens while radiating with a bright azure and violet glow.

“Wh… what is this?” The four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom and Qian Yun from the Qiangan Kingdom were stunned. The pieces that were being levitated by Jian Chen had suddenly formed a giant sword out of nowhere; a sight like this had caused them to cry out loud by accident.

“Is… is this a Heaven Tier Battle Skill?” Asked one Heaven Saint Master seriously.

“It can’t be, it doesn’t have that power a Heaven Tier Battle Skill would exude. This isn’t a battle skill!” Qian Yun cried out.

In the next moment, the giant floating sword began to condense before forming a hundred meter longsword. With this decrease in size, the items making up the sword had been compressed against each other in an inexplicably dense manner. Along with the density of the sword, the brightness of the azure and violet Sword Qi began to increase as well.

With a fierce howl, Jian Chen brought the giant sword smashing down toward the five Heaven Saint Masters in an attempt to kill them.

Adopting a grim expression, each one of the Heaven Saint Masters cried out as they began to use their Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skills.


Another explosion could be heard as the energy from the resulting blast threatened to rip apart the skies. The energy continued to cause havoc and destruction as it washed over the air and shook the earth, Several parts of the earth had even crumbled and sunk in from the energy. In the aftermath, all of the surrounding area within a ten kilometer circumference had been affected.

The five Heaven Saint Masters began to grow pale as the energy forced their bodies backwards. Two of the weaker Heaven Saint Masters had already began to spit out blood.

Even Jian Chen had been forced to fly backward before stabilizing himself. The area around him began to distort from the energy, making it hard for him to differentiate what was happening.

It had only been a thousand meters before Jian Chen could stabilize his footing. Catching sight of the five men, Jian Chen immediately began to congregate all of the surrounding fire element in the world around him before forming five different flame swords. Each one flickered with an intense flame that looked as if it could roast the air. In the following seconds, the temperature around the swords had begun to heat up.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Five ear splitting sounds could be heard as the five flame swords streaked toward the five Heaven Saint Masters.

There was a glint of light in Qian Yun’s eyes as he flew into the sky to evade the sword aimed at him. Transforming into a streak of white light, he charged straight at Jian Chen.

The four other Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom were looking even weaker than before now and could not dodge in time. Without any other choice, they instantly utilized their Earth Tier Battle Skill to strike at the flame swords.

The four flame swords broke apart upon contact and filled the entire sky with fire. At the same time, because of the sudden expansion, the four Heaven Saint Masters were completely submerged within it.

After a moment, four raggedy figures came flying out of the fire. Each one had a layer of Saint Force protecting their bodies in order to prevent any serious wounds, but the two weakest Heaven Saint Masters had several parts of their body looking charred with their clothes already burned away.

“Blast it all, just how is he this strong? With just a simple sword made of fire, we were completely unable to resist the effects of it. He has to be a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master at the very least!”

“To hell with this, I could clearly see him using the wind element when he was flying, so just how is he able to control the fire element?!”

“This brat is far too strong, there’s no way he isn’t a senior figure that has spent all of his time cultivating!”

“Perhaps he is another ancestor of the Changyang clan? Even with his strength being this strong as a Heaven Saint Master, we are completely unable to do anything.”

The four Heaven Saint Masters were completely intimidated by Jian Chen’s display of might now. With the four of them and Qian Yun combined, their attacks hadn’t even inconvenienced Jian Chen yet.

“Accept your death!” Qian Yun cried out as he approached Jian Chen from the front and prepared to drive his sword through his eyebrows.

With a cold smile, Jian Chen formed a blade of pure azure and violet Sword Qi in his right hand before stabbing out at Qian Yun before he could strike first.

The Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Qi was far too pure of an entity, so when Qian Yun’s sword had made contact with it, there would inevitably be a crack on his sword.

Upon taking damage from his Saint Weapon, Qian Yun took on heavy damage as well. Spitting out some blood from his mouth, he looked at the weapon in his hand in complete shock.

Without a delay in his movements, Jian Chen stabbed with the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits once more. With great ease, the Saint Force protective shroud around Qian Yun’s body had been pierced straight through before Jian Chen’s strike aimed for Qian Yun’s head.

“What energy is this?” Qian Yun cried out in terror before jumping backward to avoid it.

While the Origin Energy formed sword had missed Qian Yun’s head and allowed him to escape with his life intact, his entire left arm had been severed by the blade. Spitting out blood, Qian Yun began to drop to the ground looking extremely frail.

Stifling a groan of pain, Qian Yun rose a thousand meters into the air once more and stared at the blade in Jian Chen’s hand. “Just what is that energy? With its force, my Saint Weapon had been hit.”

Staring darkly, Jian Chen began to use his killing intent to glare at Qian Yun before chasing after him.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》