Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 404: Punish the Heavens, Destroy the Stronghold
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 404: Punish the Heavens, Destroy the Stronghold

Chapter 404: Punish the Heavens, Destroy the Stronghold

Seeing the incoming Jian Chen, Qian Yun looked startle. A single attack from him had damaged his Saint Weapon and his fighting spirit. Without delay, he immediately turned around and began to flee.

Jian Chen stared at the fleeing Qian Yun with a cold sneer and called out after him. “I will spare your life here today. Another day, you will come to personally witness the destruction of the Qiangan Kingdom. May you realize your folly in meddling in this affair.”

Hearing this, Qian Yun’s body began to shudder. Previously, he had thought Jian Chen to be someone beneath his notice. But now, he was fully aware of Jian Chen’s strength and didn’t doubt his ability to do as he said.

In order for a kingdom to be destroyed, it did not mean that the inhabitants would need to be slaughtered. If all of the strongest members of the kingdom were killed, then the kingdom would only be a kingdom in name.

If Jian Chen was strong enough to go against five Heaven Saint Masters by himself and win, then even if the Qiangan Kingdom were to pool together every single Heaven Saint Master, they would still not have a good chance of winning.

In this moment, Qian Yun’s heart was filled with regret. If he had known Jian Chen’s strength earlier, he would have stayed out of this affair completely.

“This has nothing to do with the Qiangan Kingdom. If you have any grievances, then come after me and do not involve the innocent!” Qian Yun called out behind him as he fled.

Chang Wuji was overwhelmed with shock as he looked at the youngster that was Jian Chen. There was yet another sense of familiarity, but all Chang Wuji could feel at that moment was just shock. Although the four Heaven Saint Masters of the Pingyang Kingdom weren’t relatively strong, Qian Yun was a terrifying opponent to fight against after his ascension on becoming a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. It was only a matter of time before he became a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. It would take a considerable amount of energy before Chang Wuji could even dream of fighting him to a standstill. He never would have imagined that the youth in front of him would be able to not only sever the arm of Qian Yun, but to also force him to run with his tail tucked between his legs.

“Just who is he? I have never seen such a young Heaven Saint Master before. No matter how much I look at him, I feel as if I know him from somewhere.” Chang Wuji was utterly confused as he thought to himself. This youth was far too strong, causing him to feel extremely curious on who he could be.

But Chang Wuji made no attempt to leave. The four Heaven Saint Masters of the Pingyang Kingdom had cut off the four limbs of Changyang Hu, causing a rift of pure hatred between him and them. Today, if he did not behead the heads of the four, then there would be no way that Chang Wuji would be leaving from this spot.

The escape of Qian Yun had caused the remaining four Heaven Saint Masters to fall into despair. Qian Yun was a figure of absolute strength and dominance. With his departure, there would be no way for the four to have even the most remote of chances on stopping Jian Chen.

At this moment, the Origin Energy of the Sword Spirits had already flew at the four men once more in an attempt to ruthlessly cut off their heads.

The four Heaven Saint Masters had not yet discovered just how strong the Origin Energy was for themselves. So, instead of evading, they began to use their Earth Tier Battle Skills and charged to fight Jian Chen.

Right now, they could only fight with the last of their strength. The Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill was their strongest option left remaining to them.

With a look of disdain, Jian Chen’s Origin Energy split apart into four blades.

When the two sides clashed, the Saint Force from the four Saint Weapons instantly blew outward with an explosive amount of force. The Heaven Saint Masters were sent flying back while the energy from the blast destroyed the entire ground around them.


As soon as they clashed, the four Heaven Saint Masters began to spit out blood from their mouths. In an instant, their faces paled as they looked at the new jagged edge on their Saint Weapons from where the Origin energy had made contact with it.

“N-no! This isn’t possible! Just how could a Heaven Saint Master destroy another Heaven Saint Master’s Saint Weapon?” One of the four cried out in terror while the other three were in mute shock.

Instead of saying something, Jian Chen continued to glare at them with his cold eyes. The wind blowing around him began to pick up in speed and ferocity before propelling him forward with alarming speed. In a flash, he had arrived at the four Heaven Saint Masters thirty meters away and lashed out with his Origin energy formed sword. As the sword came down, a flash of azure and violet could just barely be seen.

Two of the Heaven Saint Masters had been too fatigued to fight anymore and had their heads lopped off. However, instead of dying, their heads looked in horror at Jian Chen before a layer of energy sent them flying away into the sky.

Propelling himself even faster with his wind element, Jian Chen thrashed out with his left hand at the two heads. Making contact, both heads immediately began to vibrate from the blow, scattering their spirits and killing them completely.

A Heaven Saint Master was not as frail as an Earth Saint Master. They were capable of controlling the energy of the world itself and boasted a superior spirit than anyone below them. If one wanted to kill a Heaven Saint Master, they would need to extinguish the spirit.

The two beheaded bodies fell from the sky with blood gushing out from their necks along with the listless two heads Jian Chen had just blasted.

The death of two of their comrades came as a deadly shock to the remaining two Heaven Saint Masters. Looking at Jian Chen with terrified expressions, their hearts had already begun to spiral into depression. It hadn’t even been long enough to boil a cup of tea since the battle had begun, but in that time, the strongest of the five Heaven Saint Masters had fled, the weakest two had been killed, and the remaining two had lost their fighting spirits. The enemy himself had been completely unharmed—a feat that left the other two trembling in total fear.

After killing two Heaven Saint Masters, Jian Chen continued on and returned to the last two with his blade ready to strike.

The last two survivors were heavily injured, but when they saw Jian Chen coming at them, they both blanched in horror before crying out, “Run!” Not a single speck of their fighting spirit remained.

Snorting, Jian Chen flew even faster after them. With his wind element, he was capable of matching their speeds almost effortlessly. Waving his right hand, the Origin energy he was wielding shot toward the two Heaven Saint Master’s heads.

One of the Heaven Saint Masters turned around abruptly and activated his Earth Tier Battle Skill as he slashed at Jian Chen.

When the two forces collided, yet another explosion could be seen while the Heaven Saint Master took advantage of the shock wave to propel him even farther away from Jian Chen. However, there was a new jagged chip on his Saint Weapon, causing the man to cough out another mouthful of blood in pain.

At the same moment, another flash of color be seen. Jian Chen’s second strike came as fast as his first strike, and before the Heaven Saint Master could get out of range from Jian Chen, the Origin energy sliced through his throat like beancurd.

With lightning quick speed, Jian Chen’s left hand shot forward and clapped the man’s detached head, destroying his spirit from the inside with the special attack.

Jian Chen took back the Origin energy into his body and extended a finger on his right hand. All of the blood that had splayed out from the newly killed man instantly formed a blade that shot toward the final Heaven Saint Master.

Caught off guard, the Heaven Saint Master felt something pierce through his chest from behind. Before he could even howl in pain, the air in front of him began to glow red as a sword made of fire suddenly began to expand and form a sea of fire that devoured even the skies.

“Not good!” The Heaven Saint Master turned pale in fright. Waving his Saint Weapon, he tried to scatter the flames to reveal a path through. But he had not accounted that another flame sword would take shape right behind him and easily cut off his head.

With a raise of his hand, a crossbolt covered with a dark glow shot forward and speared through the head with a bloody aftereffect.

And just like that, all four Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang Kingdom were killed.

As soon as the explosions on the battlefield had ended, the entire world seemed to have gone quiet. The myriad of soldiers beneath Jian Chen were still on the ground in a pile of corpses. The blood of many had dyed the earth a bloody red and filled the air with its pungent smell.

Chang Wuji himself could only stand dumbly in midair. He was utterly shocked to the point of not even being able to talk. In almost no time at all, the four Heaven Saint Masters had been killed without the youth sustaining any injuries at all. Something like this would surprise anyone.

Just then, the four heads of the Heaven Saint Masters began to float around while Chang Wuji watched.

“Let them float on top of the walls.” Jian Chen spoke. Despite killing the four as revenge for his elder brother, he still did not feel happy.

“I… I thank sire for his assistance.” Chang Wuji’s voice trembled with emotion as he spoke. If there was such a mysterious figure assisting the Gesun Kingdom, the kingdom would surely improve among the ranks of all the kingdoms nearby.

Staying silent, Jian Chen looked back to the stronghold. Waving his hand, the ruins of the stronghold walls began to tremble for a moment before parts of the fifty meter tall walls began to float into the air. With a bright glow of light surrounding the pieces, the debris began to smash into the stronghold itself one after another.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the pieces smashed into the stronghold, the entire area began to shudder as if an earthquake had caused a nearby mountain to shatter apart. Under Jian Chen’s control, the fifty meter tall stronghold wall fell over onto the stronghold, causing serious structural damage to it. At that moment, the entire wall had finally fell to Jian Chen’s might along with the stronghold itself.

Everyone watching had been stunned into a dumb silence, even Chang Wuji had his mouth wide open. The youth right in front of him was far too strong if he could easily destroy such a large stronghold. Although he was only a Heaven Saint Master, he had easily destroyed the building as easily as if he was knocking over a house of cards.
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