Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 506: Leaving For the Sect of Dragon and Tiger
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 506: Leaving For the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Chapter 506: Leaving For the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Seeing the injured state Qin Wutian was in, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light, “Just what in the world happened for you to be in such a state?” He asked with a low voice.

“Imperial Protector, we followed your orders to go to the Sunset Kingdom to find the runaway prince. When we finally found and captured the prince, we ran into four of the individuals from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger on the road back. They injured us and rescued the second prince. Although none of my hundred soldiers were killed, practically everyone was heavily injured.” Qin Wutian spoke weakly.

“How ridiculous is this? The Sect of Dragon and Tiger seemed to have eaten the guts of the leopard if they are willing to oppose our Qinhuang Kingdom.”

“We cannot let matters stand like this. We must ensure that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger pays a heavy price in return.”

“We absolutely cannot pardon them.”

“The conduct of their sect is clearly meaning that they do not bother putting our Qinhuang Kingdom in their eye. This is a clear provocation of us.”

Hearing this, several Imperial Advisors were furious beyond belief. Their hair flew up like the mane of a furious lion — the actions of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had enraged all of them.

“We will make sure that we repay them in kind. The palm of Heaven does not neglect anyone and would strike down anyone with their hand.” Qin Wuming was furious as well as he growled.

“Father speaks correctly. No matter who it was that hurt my elder brother, that hand will definitely move toward them.” Qin Wujian spoke dangerously, his eyes glinting with a dangerous killing intent.

Qin Wuming looked to Jian Chen, “Imperial Protector, please allow us to go to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. This matter is important to the dignity of our Qinhuang Kingdom, we cannot let things stand like this.”

“Yes, Imperial Protector, this matter encroaches upon the dignity of our kingdom. Let alone the trifling Sect of Dragon and Tiger, even one of the other eight great powers would have to face justice if they committed such an act. The men of our Qinhuang Kingdom are not some easy target to bully.” One of the Imperial Advisors spoke virtuously.

“Everyone speaks correctly. This matter has to be responded to in kind. We cannot so easily pardon the Sect of Dragon and Tiger for this.” Jian Chen’s voice paused slightly as he turned to look at Qin Wutian. “Qin Wutian, you go and recover your strength first. I will send someone to the imperial city to bring all of the Radiant Saint Masters over.”

Qi Wutian nodded without a word before allowing himself to be led away by two other soldiers to rest.

After Qin Wutian had left, Jian Chen’s eyes scoured over the others, “Let us all discuss our plan on dealing with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. What ideas or plans might everyone have?”

“The Sect of Dragon and Tiger is actually willing to make an enemy out of us, for such a small and insignificant prince. It appears that they are so reliant on their backings that they no longer fear the Qinhuang Kingdom. Other than that, the second prince has some sort of particular status that is beyond our estimations of him being a simple prince.” Cao Keqin speculated.

“Right. That line of thinking is not different from this old man’s own. However, I believe that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger isn’t actively working to have us as their enemy. They are working on the second prince’s behalf. Otherwise, the hundred soldiers wouldn’t have just been heavily injured. With four Heaven Saint Masters, killing them all wouldn’t have been difficult at all.” Another Imperial Advisor gave his input.

“No matter what goal they have, we should still pay them a visit to regain the face we have lost to them, and ensure no other faction undermines our Qinhuang Kingdom.”

Jian Chen hummed for a moment, “How about this, we wait until Qin Wutian’s injuries have fully healed before we set out and see just what attitude their sect has toward us.”

“Yes, that’ll do. If need be, we can also have the other Imperial Protectors come spearhead this.” Qin Wutian spoke.

After that, everyone split up. Simultaneously, all of the Radiant Saint Masters within the imperial city of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom were gathered to heal Qin Wutian’s wounds. Radiant Saint Masters were extremely precious within the Tian Yuan Continent, meaning that they were sparse in numbers. Within such a large city like this one, there was roughly a dozen of them, and they were not particularly strong. The strongest was only at the Fourth Class, so with the scope of Qin Wutian’s injuries, it took two whole days for him to completely recover.

After he had left the halls, Jian Chen immediately walked toward the resting room where the king of the Gesun Kingdom was. Within, the Heaven Saint Masters Khafir and Ye Ming were both inside.

The four sat by the table for a moment before Jian Chen spoke, “There is a clash between us and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. We are on the verge of walking toward their sect. Your Majesty, you and your army will return to the Gesun Kingdom tomorrow.”

“Changyang Xiangtian. Allow Ye Ming and I to accompany you to where the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is. Although our strength pales in comparison to the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, we are still of help.” Khafir spoke.

“That cannot do, headmaster. You and senior Ye Ming will both have to return with the king. The ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals from the Qinhuang Kingdom will go with me to exact justice on the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. There cannot be an individual not at the Heaven Saint Master rank within our list.” Jian Chen didn’t hesitate to shoot down Khafir’s proposal. Although it would be difficult for the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom to come across danger, precautions had to be made, and Jian Chen had planned on having Ming Dong and the others to be sent back with the army since they offered the best security.

“Very well then. We will take charge of the well-being of the army then.” Khafir understood Jian Chen’s worries without another word to be said about the matter.

The king noticed the grim expression on Jian Chen’s face, guessing that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had done something particularly repugnant. “My dear nephew, this matter with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, how serious is it?”

“Your Majesty, please rest assured. The Sect of Dragon and Tiger is quite strong, but they cannot be compared to the Qinhuang Kingdom. This time they have offended the Qinhuang Kingdom’s honor, this is something the Qinhuang Kingdom won’t idly stand by for. If need be, I believe the Saint Ruler of the Qinhuang Kingdom will get involved as well.” Jian Chen spoke without worry. With the Origin Energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits, Jian Chen didn’t fear any Heaven Saint Master. All he truly worried about was the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

Upon hearing the words ‘Saint Ruler’, Khafir and Ye Jing both let out a startled gasp. A layer of strength that high was something that was beyond their comprehension. Although a Saint Ruler was only one realm away from them, the distance between the two realms could never be made up, like a fly going against an elephant.

The Tian Yuan Continent had actually an ancient saying — under a Saint Ruler, all are ants.

“This is already something we cannot get involved in.” Ye Ming sighed.

“Ah!” Khafir sighed, “To think those years ago, the very first headmaster of Kargath Academy was a Saint Ruler. It is unfortunate he was a free-wanderer who loved to travel. I have no idea where he has gone, and it has already been hundreds of years since we last heard from him. If the headmaster were to continue watching over the Gesun Kingdom, then our kingdom would have soared a long time ago.”


On the second morning, the army stationed in the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had prepared themselves to leave. A million of the soldiers had already gathered outside of the city in a clearing. All they needed was the order and they would set out immediately.

“Jian Chen, you must be careful.” Ming Dong regarded Jian Chen. He knew that Jian Chen would be going with a group of people to deal with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, but he was especially worried for him.

Jian Chen chuckled, “Why are you so grim? It is not like I won’t return, do not forget I represent the Qinhuang Kingdom, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger will not dare to act against me.”

At this time, You Yue took off one of the accessories she wore. Hesitating for a moment, she then personally handed it over to Jian Chen before speaking with a whisper, “Changyang Xiangtian, this is the Longevity Lock my mother gave to me. It can bring peace to a person, and now, I give it to you in hopes that you will be protected.” You Yue’s face had gone red, but she was still able to wrap the Longevity Lock around Jian Chen’s neck.

Jian Chen gave an embarrassed smile as he tucked the Longevity Lock on his neck behind his clothes. Feeling the warmth radiate from within the object, Jian Chen’s heart felt at peace.

“This Longevity Lock, I will treasure it for sure.” Jian Chen smiled gently to the princess as he pledged. This was the very first time he had been given something by a woman, and it was something to be worn very close as well.

“Xiang’er, finish your matter with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and quickly come back. The restoration of the Changyang clan is nearly complete. You are an important figure to our clan, without you, the Changyang clan will be unable to continue with the ceremonies.” Changyang Ba spoke.

“I know, father. When my business with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is done, I will return.” Jian Chen replied.

After bidding farewell to everyone, the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom’s army departed. Aside from Jian Chen, the generals, and the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom, all of the others followed the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom back to the Gesun Kingdom. All that was left were a hundred soldiers who would protect the treasury as the artisans continued to dismantle it.

Jian Chen watched the army leave before returning back to the imperial palace. However, the overly large palace was now empty without a single person to be seen, giving off the sense abandonment. Only the sounds of the tempered steel of the treasury could be heard being stripped from within, giving a small bit of life to the palace.

On the next day, Qin Wutian’s injuries were fully recovered by the Radiant Saint Masters. Not willing to stay much longer, the group immediately set out for the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

The Sect of Dragon and Tiger was situated on top of a large mountain relatively close to the Sunset Kingdom, but it was not a place where any country could define it as their own territory. The surrounding area wasn’t under the jurisdiction of any kingdom and belonged solely to the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

The Sect of Dragon and Tiger had existed for a thousand years at the very least, so their sect being located here was not a secret at all. Many people knew of this sect’s existence, but only a small amount of individuals knew that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had a Saint Ruler as their strongest force of power.

Although the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had existed for many years, they were very strict in their standards for accepting disciples. Thus, they did not have many of them — not even ten thousand of them. However, among these numbers, each and every single one of them were gifted individuals who would spend years under the tutelage of a Saint Ruler. Because of that, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would produce one strong individual after another, leading to the sect’s continuous rise in power instead of it weakening.
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