Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 538: Leaving for the Xiao Family
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 538: Leaving for the Xiao Family

Chapter 538: Leaving for the Xiao Family

Observing the delicate and sincere face of Qiu Ye, Ming Dong let out a mischievous laugh, “So you’re Qiu Ye. How pretty! It’s no wonder that the men from the Xiao family are so willing to come here multiple times to wed you to their young master or something.”

Despite growing up in a small mountain village, Qiu Ye had a face that even most aristocratic daughters would envy. It could not really compete with a national beauty, but if she were to set foot in the open world, she certainly would be considered a rather rare type of beauty.

Qiu Ye’s face reddened in shyness as she listened to Ming Dong compliment her.

“Brother Ming Dong, don’t bully my sister Qiu Ye, alright? Otherwise, even if I can’t beat you, I still won’t forgive you.” Tie Ta grumbled at Ming Dong, he was very protective of Qiu Yue.

Ming Dong strangely glanced at Tie Ta with a mischievous smile, “Tie Ta, I only gave her two small compliments and you’re already so tense. Don’t tell me you like little Qiu Yue.”

Tie Ta’s face reddened in embarrassment. Stuttering, he spoke, “N-no. Qiu Yue is by far too pretty of a woman, how could a coarse person like me fit with her?”

Ming Dong continued to strangely stare at Tie Ta with an exaggerated smile, “I was only joking with you at first, but I didn’t think that I’d actually hit the nail on the head. Brother Tie Ta, love is something that should be said out loud, don’t you know? With you stifling it within your own heart, just how could you win the affection of a woman’s heart?”

Ming Dong’s words caused Tie Ta’s ears to turn bright red. After shuffling around for what seemed like half the day, Tie Ta finally managed to speak, “Brother Ming Dong, don’t make fun of me here okay? I can’t say anything else.”

Ming Dong gave a hearty laugh at this. He glanced at Qiu Yue a couple times. He could see that the barely eighteen year old Qiu Yue had turned so shy because of Ming Dong and Tie Ta’s conversation that her head was threatening to bury itself into her chest.

At this display, Jian Chen and Ming Dong gave a knowing look to each other. With their eyesight, it was natural to see that there was a good opinion of each other between Tie Ta and Qiu Yue. However, what they couldn’t believe was that a woman that had grown up to be so pretty had fallen in love with the mountain that was Tie Ta.

“Haha, this giant here is our village’s most competent, most successful, and most amazing person. Everyday he is able to hunt and bring home a wild animal for the village. My Qiu Yue would go with Tie Ta, but she is also the treasure of my family. For the rest of this life of mine, I would never be able to have anything as precious as her.” A plain but sincere middle-aged woman laughed; she was Qiu Yue’s mother.

“Qiu Yue is the most beautiful lass in our village. Many of the other villagers have expressed their desire to marry her, but none of them have ever been as competent as Tie Ta. In my opinion, out of this entire village, only Tie Ta has the ability to gain this treasure.” An elderly man spoke with a gravelly voice. In these past few years, Tie Ta would go to the mountains every day and hunt for a wild beast before splitting it with everyone in the village. This had earned him the love and respect from everyone in the village to a very deep level.

Listening to the praises of the villagers, Tie Ta could only shake his head modestly and smile, “Uncle, aunty, I am nowhere as good as you say I am.”

A middle-aged woman with a wrinkly appearance could no longer handle the cheerful discussion about Tie Ta and Qiu Yue any longer. She began to impatiently speak, “Aiyah aiyah, stop it with these talks; the most important manner is how are we going to deal with the Xiao family now? This isn’t like before where they were slightly injured. They definitely won’t let us go this time. I bet that the next time they come, it won’t be with a small party of weak messengers.”

“That’s right! We shouldn’t be discussing this at all. We should be making plans to deal with the Xiao family. Although Tie Ta can fight, he won’t be able to fight against all of them. Not only that, but I’m sure that the next group from their family will be filled with highly skilled martial artists.” A man with a metal hoe slung over his shoulders grimly spoke with concern shown all over his face.

In this village, Tie Ta was the strongest. While there were some others that cultivated, they were no stronger than a Great Saint at most. The rest of the villagers were ordinary commoners so weak that they would be toppled by the Xiao family if the two sides fought.

Seeing the worry on everyone’s faces, Tie Ta couldn’t help but try to comfort them all, “Uncle, Aunty, you all don’t need to worry. I will protect the village for sure. No matter how many people come, I will knock them all back.”

Jian Chen laughed as he said, “Tie Ta, this problem isn’t as bad as you think it is. Villagers, you may all rest assured. Since this problem was caused by me, it would only be natural that I help you resolve it.”

Jian Chen’s words had caused many of the villagers’ faces to light up, prompting one of the middle-aged men to ask in a hurry, “Milord, is what you say true? Will you truly be able to resolve this problem?” From Jian Chen and Ming Dong’s robes, the villagers could see that they were no ordinary people. They just had to have some sort of power behind them. When they heard that Jian Chen would personally settle this giant issue with the Xiao family, the villagers felt as if they had managed to grab ahold of that final strand of straw that anchored them to life.

Although the Xiao family was of no major importance in the Gesun Kingdom, in such a small village like this, they were an unbelievable might that could not be defended against.

Jian Chen smiled and nodded in a friendly manner. Despite the people in front of him being the lowest of the low in terms of social hierarchy, Jian Chen treated each and every single one of them as equals without arrogance.

“Everyone may rest assured. I will take care of this issue with the Xiao family and guarantee that they will never cause a commotion for the village again.” Jian Chen confidently spoke.

Jian Chen’s words elicited an explosion of joyous shouts. Everyone’s faces revealed smiles of great joy. Although the Xiao family had only sought Qiu Yue and not the entirety of the village, the villagers felt extremely close with one another due to the limited numbers they had. As a solidified front, whenever one family had troubles, the entire village also had troubles. When Qiu Yue had came across this problem, everyone else felt quite anxious about it.

“There’s no time to lose then. We’ll head straight for the Xiao family and resolve this straight away. The sooner we do so, the sooner everyone may rest in peace. Ming Dong, Te Ta, let us depart!” Jian Chen spoke.

With a joyful expression, Tie Ta responded, “Alright! In any case, you two are much stronger than I am. With you two around, I doubt that the Xiao family would dare try to be excessive with us.”

“Excessive?” Ming Dong couldn’t help but smile in contempt, “Who do you think my brother is? To have him personally come to the Xiao family is already giving them face. Just what right does the Xiao family have to dare be excessive to him. They wouldn’t even have time to try and beg for our favor!”

After the plans were made, Jian Chen and the other two left the village and rushed to the Xiao family.

The Xiao family was a clan that had been established only a few dozen years ago. Situated within the First Class City known as “Huangge City”, they were one of the three biggest powers there and were consequently a short distance away from the village.

As soon as the three exited the mountains, Jian Chen carried Ming Dong and Tie Ta into the air toward Huangge City.

“Woah, Jian Chen, you’re really amazing if you can fly! Can all Heaven Saint Masters fly through the sky like this?” The muffled voice of Tie Ta could be heard. In his voice, the delight from flying for the very first time could be heard.

Zooming through the sky at a tremendous speed, they quickly traveled hundreds of kilometers away from the village in the direction of the city. Using the wind element to cover Ming Dong and Tie Ta’s body, Jian Chen guided them all straight to Huangge City. Then locating the Xiao family’s location on a map, they touched down where the clan should be living.

Jian Chen and the other two descended into the empty space of the Xiao family’s courtyards with the guards of the family instantly noticing their arrival. Even the observers from the outside of the compound had seen them descend from the sky, causing a tremendous clamor to appear. News that a Heaven Saint Masters had graced their city with their presence had subsequently spread like wildfire.

Several middle-aged men came running out of the compound as soon as they saw Jian Chen, Ming Dong, and Tie Ta descend to their courtyard. Staring at the three in astonishment, they immediately bent their backs in respect. One of the men among their group respectfully yelled out, “This one is the captain of the guards for the Xiao family. We welcome your presence into our home.”

Jian Chen’s eyes calmly swept over the soldiers with an expressionless face, “Call out the head of the Xiao family to greet us!”

“Yes, this one will notify him straight away. If my lords would please relocate themselves to the halls to rest while I notify the master.” The guard nodded his head in an attempt to curry favor. This was the very first time he had ever gotten close to such an individual like a Heaven Saint Master. He was so terrified of saying the wrong thing that he was afraid to confirm their identities.

“There’s no need. The person I am looking for should be here.” Jian Chen calmly responded while looking straight ahead.

A group of people could be seen hurrying over. There were about twenty to the group, both young and old. At the very front was a forty year old middle-aged man.

When the group saw Jian Chen and the other two, they looked at them with suspicion. Everyone had been called to hurry on over when they heard that several Heaven Saint Masters had touched down in the Xiao family’s compound. However, they couldn’t help but question when they saw their faces; Jian Chen and the other two were far too young. It was not at all the appearance a Heaven Saint Master would have.

Despite the suspicion in their minds, they didn’t dare judge them just by looks. A Heaven Saint Master was still an individual their family could hardly afford to offend. Bowing down to the three men, the middle-aged man that stood at the group respectfully said, “Honored Heaven Saint Masters, this one is the head of the Xiao family, Xiao Yun. I welcome milords to my Xiao family, and give thanks to the honor you have given us by visiting.”
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