Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 672: Seeing Brother Changyang Hu
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 672: Seeing Brother Changyang Hu

Chapter 672: Seeing Brother Changyang Hu

“Xiang’er, whom might this senior be?” Changyang Ba asked. Despite knowing that his son was a Saint Ruler, he still didn’t dare neglect his etiquette towards another one.

“Husband, this is the patriarch to my Bi family.” Not even letting Jian Chen speak, Bi Yuntian beat him to the punch.

Changyang Ba was startled. Looking at Bi Hai, he couldn’t understand just how Bi Yuntian would suddenly have her family patriarch appear here. But he quickly recollected himself and cupped his hands in greeting to Bi Hai, “Junior Changyang Ba pays his respects to the patriarch.”

“This junior pays his respects to the senior!” Following Changyang Ba’s example, the other high-ranking members of the cupped and bowed their hands in respect to him. Each and every single one of them knew that the ability to create a barrier was something only a Saint Ruler could do.

But none of the doyens of the clan could hardly contain themselves. Not a single one of them thought that the figure right besides Bi Yuntian would also be a Saint Ruler.

“Patriarch, this is my father!” Jian Chen introduced Bi Hai to Changyang Ba.

The expression on Bi Hai’s face didn’t change. Instead, he measured Changyang Ba up and down with an indifferent look. “While your talent is mediocre, you gave birth to an exceptional son. Well done.”

The earlier part to Bi Hai’s words made Changyang Ba feel rather embarrassed. The fact that a person of his age could breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master was already considered quite decent, but it was by no means on the level of a genius. However, it also didn’t mean that he was bad either. So when Bi Hai commented that he was mediocre, Changyang Ba felt slightly depressed. But the later half of Bi Hai’s words filled him up with the utmost pride. Having a son as accomplished as Jian Chen was an achievement any father would be proud of.

“In the future, you needn’t call me patriarch. Just call me grandfather.” Bi Hai spoke.

“Yes, grandfather!” Bi Yuntian, Changyang Ba, and Jian Chen responded.

Soon after, Changyang Ba invited Bi Hai to the center of the manor to discuss. Due to Bi Hai’s status and absolute strength, he received the most warmest of welcomes from the entire clan. Even Jian Chen and Bi Yuntian accompanied him to the halls while talking. Never did any matter relating to the Bi family ever come up however.

Two hours later, the group assembled in the halls finally scattered apart, and for the time being, Bi Hai took up residence in the manor.

In Changyang Ba’s room, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian sat by a table to talk to one another.

Changyang Ba looked to Bi Yuntian with a conflicted look. “Yun’er, could you possibly tell me what in the world is going on? Why has a Saint Ruler suddenly appeared in our manor? Was your previously family not a small one?” In the past, Changyang Ba asked Bi Yuntian of her family, but Changyang Ba had only thought that the Bi family was a small familial power to some small city since he had never heard of the name before. But when a Saint Ruler from the Bi family suddenly appeared out of nowhere today, he finally realized that the Bi family wasn’t as unordinary as he thought.

Bi Yuntian sighed. “Husband, I beg your forgiveness for hiding so many things from you. Long before, I was experiencing some sorrows, and the true events that happened to my Bi family was not an easy matter to talk about.”

“I can understand that. Yun’er, if things aren’t convenient to talk about, then there is no need to talk about it.” Changyang Ba spoke.

Bi Yuntian shook her head softly. “Now that I’ve finally found the patriarch to my family due to the help of Xiang’er, there’s no need to hide it anymore. You should know about the circumstances to my family.”

Afterwards, Bi Yuntian explained the entire story of what happened to the Bi family to Changyang Ba so that he could understand the story.

After listening to Bi Yuntian finish the epic that was her family history, Changyang Ba was very quiet for a long time. His mind was completely shocked at what he had just listened to.

A Saint Ruler that looked after a thousand year old family. A family that even the Changyang Clan couldn’t possibly hope of using to scale in power. Changyang Ba could never have imagined that the fourth wife he chose would possibly be related to such a powerful family. It was all very hard to take in.

It took a long time for Changyang Ba to finally calm himself. His face was still filled with conflicting emotions however. “Yun’er,” He sighed. “I’ve never thought that you’d have such an identity. You’ve must have felt burdened by these secrets. If the patriarch to your family didn’t appear today, I’m sure you would have hidden this secret from me my entire life.”

“Husband, I have my troubles. The enemies to the Bi family are strong, and even my patriarch stands no chance against them. For that reason, I never told you in case that news would leak out. Even though there is that chance today still, husband, I hope that you will keep my secret. It must never reach the ears of an outsider.” Bi Yuntian repeated seriously.

Nodding his head, Changyang Ba pledged, “I understand. Be at ease, my wife. Your family secrets will be safeguarded by me. But we must find an excuse to tell the doyens of the clan as well.”


In a very remote part of the Changyang Manor, there was a small courtyard. It wasn’t too big, but there was a small two story pavilion with a garden of its own to be seen.

It was quiet in this courtyard with not a single person to be seen. Even the soldiers patrolling nearby didn’t dare go near. This courtyard felt almost abandoned and not important to the entire manor.

But despite this, there were actually eight strong-looking soldiers standing as still as statues around the place. Their glares were intimidating, and their expressions were blank. They represented the elite soldiers of the clan and were all Great Saint Masters in strength.

At this moment, a white-robed youth came striding forward to walk into this small courtyard.

Upon seeing this youth, the eight soldiers immediately felt shocked, but then a reverent look entered their eyes and they stood straight to attention to greet him.

“We pay our respects to the fourth master!” As soon as the youth came walking by, the eight soldiers bowed at the waste to greet him respectfully.

This youth was Jian Chen!

“There’s no need for such etiquette. How has my eldest brother fared recently?” Jian Chen asked the eight soldiers kindly.

“If I may report, fourth master, the eldest master has been in his room almost every day. Very rarely does he come out.” One soldier reported to him.

Jian Chen nodded his head with a conflicted look in his eyes as he regarded the faraway mansion. Sighing to himself, Jian Chen strode inside.

The small pavilion was spotless with simple furniture and decoration to be seen here and there. Not a single item that could be seen as ‘invaluable’ was placed inside, and it looked more like the house of a peasant farmer. Such a plain decorated interior made this place feel extremely offbeat in comparison to the entire Changyang Manor.

Sizing up the pavilion, Jian Chen then looked to the wooden stairs that lead up to the second story. Without bothering to hide his entrance, Jian Chen took one step at a time across the wooden boards so that they would creak loudly at every step.

“Fourth brother, fourth brother, is that you?” A simple-sounding voice called out to Jian Chen’s ears. It was a voice that was filled with warmth; it was the voice of Jian Chen’s eldest brother, Changyang Hu.

“Big brother, it’s me. Your fourth brother has come to see you.” Jian Chen called up from down below. Scaling the stairs, he quickly made it up onto the second floor.

“Fourth brother, you’ve come! I knew I heard your voice just then! Come, someone help me up!” Changyang Hu’s voice shook with a nervous excitement.

As soon as Jian Chen entered the room where Changyang Hu was, he could see his limbless brother being attended to by two maids onto a wheelchair.

“This slave pays her respects to the fourth master!” Upon seeing Jian Chen, the two maids attending to Changyang Hu curtsied to Jian Chen.
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