Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 676: Rainbow Clouds
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 676: Rainbow Clouds

Chapter 676: Rainbow Clouds

With the rainbow clouds covering the skies, the intense sun that was shining above was completely obscured from the ground below. The skies above the Gesun Kingdom was completely blocked from the sun, but the resplendent light from the rainbow clouds was filled with a holy lustor almost; a holy symbol of things to come. As it filled the world, the entire area was no longer the same color as what it were if the sun were to shine on it. Instead, it was filled with the bright multi-colored light that made the world seem as if it belonged to a fantasy world.

Down on the ground, the citizens of the kingdom were stunned. In no time at all, everyone began to talk to one another about the clouds above with great intensity. Everyone simply didn’t understand what in the world was going on, and soon enough, the entire kingdom was abuzz with discussion about the rainbow clouds.

One said that the rainbow clouds were an auspicious sign and a sign that peace and fortune would be coming in the future.

Another said that the rainbow clouds were a message to the entire world that an absolutely precious treasure was about the appear.

Some said that the rainbow clouds were a sign that another powerful existence was born onto the world.

One person had even said that this was a warning sign that the entire continent would be washed into a storm of terror and carnage.

But whatever the rainbow clouds were a sign of, everyone could at least agree without a doubt that something huge was about to happen, and everyone that saw it would be affected by it. News like that would surely spread out from the kingdom with lightning quick speed.

From Mt Hushan in the Gesun Kingdom, the three Heaven Saint Masters of the Huayun Sect all stared out at the rainbow clouds with stern faces and silent mouths.

“Grand elders, what in the world is going on? Why has these clouds suddenly appeared over our heads? What does this mean?” The recently broken through Heaven Saint Master Saiya asked in confusion. He was extremely confused about why these rainbow clouds were suddenly appearing.

The two grand elders Saiya spoke to stared at the rainbow clouds for an even longer time without a response. Soon enough, the two of them sighed with a look of undisguised jealousy and admiration on their faces.

“Someone has broken through. And it’s someone close by too. It seems that the Tian Yuan Continent has yet another Saint Ruler on it now.” One of the grand elders sighed.

Saiya grew awestruck. A Saint Ruler was an existence that Saiya himself had no hopes of ever becoming. He could understand that as it were, he had no means of reaching such a realm since he was already late in his years when he became a Saint Ruler. Becoming a Saint Ruler was infinitely harder than becoming a Heaven Saint Master, making the task impossible for him.

The other grand elder continued to stare off into the distance from where the rainbow clouds were spreading from. Perplexed, he spoke, “The rainbow clouds aren’t too far away from us. This Saint Ruler has to be within the kingdom then.”

“I agree. From the looks of the clouds, we should be within ten thousand kilometers of it. That’s a very close distance. According to our knowledge, there aren’t any Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters here, so who is this individual?”

“I’ve heard that the freak from the Changyang clan has become a Saint Ruler already. While I couldn’t verify the truth of this matter, the rumors are very fierce. Even if that freak hasn’t become a Saint Ruler, he can’t possibly be too far away from it. If he was just half a leg into the Saint Ruler realm before, do you think think the one who became a Saint Ruler now is him? It’s a little far-fetched, but his talent isn’t of the ordinary ilk. Furthermore, the heart of the rainbow clouds are right above the Changyang Manor.”

“What! Grand elder, are you saying the one who became a Saint Ruler was Changyang Xiangtian?!” Saiya’s face froze up in shock as he stared at the grand elder. Subconsciously, his left hand clutched at the empty robes to his right hand

The loss of his right arm was an unforgettable memory to Saiya. When he lost it to Jian Chen those years ago, he had been oppressed by Jian Chen and thus became half a cripple. It was a pain that he could never wash away and never forget about.

The two grand elders continued to look up at the skies for a while. “I cannot be certain if it truly is that freak from the Changyang Manor. Saiya, go to the base of the mountains and dispatch some disciples to Lore City with haste.”

“By your wish!” Saiya responded affirmatively before flying to the base of the mountains as fast as he could to send someone to the Changyan Manor.

In the area of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom the Flame Mercenaries occupied, Nubis, Jiede Tai and Huang Tianba stood side by side on the top of the imperial palace to look off into the faraway horizon.

They were far away from the Gesun Kingdom, so the rainbow clouds couldn’t be seen here along with its multicolored light. But with their strengths, they could sense the happenings of the faraway places.

“Someone has made the breakthrough. Who could it be?” Jiede Tai asked questioningly. The birth of a Saint Ruler was no small matter as it would affect even these three.

“That direction is the direction of Jian Chen’s family. It would be a good fit to say that Jian Chen was the one to make the breakthrough.” Nubis conjectured.

“Are you saying brother Jian Chen has become a Saint Ruler?” Huang Tianba was astounded. Both Jiede Tai and Huang Tianba stared incredulously at Nubis; his words were a little too much for either of the two to accept.

But then Huang Tianba looked relieved. Laughing, he spoke, “That would make sense then. It’s a little hard to believe, but brother Jian Chen’s talent is practically unprecedented. No one in the past has ever had a talent like his! He had already the strength of a Saint Ruler, so breaking through is only the next reasonable step!”


The rainbow clouds persisted to stay in the skies for six hours before finally receding away from the world. By now, the sun was already falling down beneath the horizon to show only half of its face. As such, the world was now a natural crimson hue rather than the multi-colored one from before.

In the Changyang Manor, Changyang Ba and the other elderly figures could still be seen standing from where they were hours before. The only difference was in their expression. Before, they were worried, but now, they were filled with excitement since they knew that the fourth master of the Changyang Clan had finally beaten the obstacle and made the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler. To truly have a Saint Ruler in their clan was an achievement that everyone felt extremely prideful of.

Everyone knew that as long as there was a Saint Ruler presiding over them, the future implications would be tremendous!

“Creaaaak!” Suddenly, the previously closed doors began to open. In the next second, the white robes of Jian Chen made it into view of everyone.

There was a nice smile on Jian Chen’s face. His expression was calm and serene--nothing too different from before. But if one were to look at him with not their eyes, but their hearts, they could see that the aura that Jian Chen carried with him was drastically different than before. In the past, his aura was sharp and open, making him feel like an unsheathed blade ready to strike. But now, that sharpness was hidden away from them to become rather calm. It was almost as if he had regressed into becoming an ordinary person.

If a person of an even higher realm were to look at him, they would feel as if they were looking at an illusion. An illusion where Jian Chen had become one with the world almost inseparably. From a rise of his hand or the fall of his foot, the mysteries of the world would follow with it.
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