Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 707: Destruction of the Flood Dragon Bandits
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 707: Destruction of the Flood Dragon Bandits

Chapter 707: Destruction of the Flood Dragon Bandits

“An catastrophe, an apocalyptic calamity. Perhaps the Tian Yuan continent will face such a calamity in the near future? Just what is this apocalyptic calamity and where does it come from? Actually even causing the Primordial God Silkworm created from the laws of the world to leave behind its godsilk.” Jian Chen felt extremely doubtful and curious. He really wanted to know just what kind of calamity would actually require the help of the world to resolve.

“Perhaps it’s because of the Beast God Continent? In the near future, the Beast God Continent should attack the Tian Yuan Continent on a large scale.” Jian Chen immediately thought of the Beast God Continent, but he quickly dismissed the idea Although he was unsure about the strength the Beast God Continent possessed, he knew that even if the Beast God Continent was greater than the Tian Yuan Continent in strength, it was impossible for it to be the root of the apocalyptic calamity.

The three great elders of the Tianqin clan looked at Jian Chen who was actually staring blanking at the golden soft mail. They still believed that Jian Chen was overjoyed from obtaining such a treasure. As a result, one of them walked forwards and smiled beside Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, I wonder if you are happy with this golden soft mail. This type of treasure is extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent.”

Jian Chen returned to his senses from the sudden voice. He quickly hid away his feelings and caressed the soft mail made from Primordial Godsilk. He smiled, “I’m happy, I’m extremely happy. The great elder has put it correctly, this golden soft mail indeed is an extremely rare treasure. It’s really a surprise for me to be able to obtain something like this today."

“Hehehe, my friend, now that the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits and its many Heaven Saint Masters are dead, I wonder what plans this friend has with the remaining forces?” The second great elder of the Tianqin clan asked for instructions. He was extremely polite.

Hearing that, Jian Chen looked around. He only saw that the many bandits on the top of the mountain had all hid far away, staring in Jian Chen’s direction anxiously. They all feared that Jian Chen would slaughter them all. They had considered fleeing, but the terrain of the mountain was dangerously steep and there was only one path down the mountain. Also, that one path had already been tightly blocked by the people from the Tianqin clan, all trapping them on the top of the mountain.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me. Hero, I beg you, please let me go. As long as you let me go, I, Gan Hou’er, am willing to work like a slave for the hero and serve the hero for all of eternity.” Suddenly, a bandit sank to his knees and began to kiss the ground for mercy. His tone was filled with pleading.

With someone taking the lead, all the people behind him returned to their senses. They also began to immediately kneel, kiss the ground and plead for mercy, without any intention of stopping.

“Hero, please spare me, I, Li San’er, am also willing to work like a slave for the hero…”

“Senior, don’t kill me, I beg you, don’t kill me. As long as senior lets me go, senior will become someone like my parents. I am willing to offer up all my savings to senior…”

In the blink of an eye, the top of Coiled Dragon Mountain was filled with a dense mass of people. They all cried out for mercy which resonated through the entire mountain peak. Even a few Earth Saint Masters chose to kneel and beg for mercy. However, there were a few bandits who did not fear death and remained standing still, without any traces of fear in their eyes.

Seeing the dense mass of people in the surroundings kneeling, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows slightly and said deeply, “All of you, shut up!” Although Jian Chen’s voice was not loud, every single word was was heard clearly the bandits. Suddenly, all of them became quiet and stared at Jian Chen with pleading gazes.

In that moment, the top of Coiled Dragon Mountain became completely silent.

Jian Chen looked around and said, “Those who want to live, immediately release the young lady of the Tianqin clan unharmed.”

As soon as Jian Chen finished what he had said, the group of bandits on the ground dispersed like bees. They all sprinted into the manor with their greatest speed, attempting to be the first person to bring out the young lady unharmed.

This was because perhaps, this was their only chance of living.

The human figures flashed about in the surroundings. All the bandits sprinted in one direction. There were even several Earth Saint Masters in them.

Very soon, the young lady in a red wedding dress was carried out in the centre of all the people. She currently displayed an expression of suspicion, clearly unsure about what was going on.

“Senior, the young lady has been brought out by us unharmed. We wish the senior can be the bigger man and let us go.” As soon as the group of bandits brought out the confused young lady , they plead to Jian Chen. Meanwhile, powerful flames of survival were ignited in their eyes.

At this moment, the young lady had also discovered Jian Chen’s group. Shortly afterwards, her gaze was attracted to the twenty-odd corpses of the Heaven Saint Masters. When she saw the bandit boss’s corpse, she immediately came to a realisation, understanding everything.

She could not help but have two clear tears roll down her face. Even though she struggled to believe it, the scene before her, without any doubt, clearly indicated she had been saved.

“Sister!” Qin Xiao immediately leapt off his magical beast, arriving before the young lady with a few leaps and bounds. He held onto the young lady’s shoulder, clearly moved, and said, “Sister, brother and father have come to save you. Now that the boss and all the experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits are dead, you are safe, sister. You don’t need to marry the bandit boss’s son anymore.”

The young lady of the Tianqin clan was so moved that she could not express herself. She felt that she was unable to accept what had happened in such a short time. She just could not believe it, that the Tianqin clan had actually saved her, as well as killed so many experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits.

“Qin’er, it must’ve been hard for you these days.” The patriarch of the Tianqin clan also arrived before the young lady. His tone was full of concern.

At this moment, Qin Xiao suddenly pulled the young lady by the hand to Jian Chen. He said emotionally, “Sister, it’s all because brother Jian Chen helped out. If we didn’t have brother Jian Chen’s help, just our Tianqin clan wouldn’t have been enough to fight off the Flood Dragon Bandits. Sister, you probably don’t know but brother Jian Chen’s strength has already increased greatly. He’s already become a Saint Ruler and killed the twenty-odd Heaven Saint Masters with just the flick of a finger.

When the two words ‘Saint Ruler’ entered the young lady’s ears, her delicate body suddenly froze. Shortly afterwards, she stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. She struggled to believe that Jian Chen who was younger than his brother had already become a Saint Ruler.”

At that moment, Jian Chen’s impression in the young lady’s heart rose to an unbelievably great level. In that silent moment, it had already been deeply engraved in the young lady’s mind unknowingly.

Even though she felt swamped in disbelief, the young lady returned to her senses without much time. She hurriedly bowed to Jian Chen, “I thank lord Jian Chen for his help.”

Jian Chen smiled before hurrying to help the young lady to her feet. He said, “Young lady Qin Qin does not need to be so polite. This is something Jian Chen should have done. It’s not worth mentioning.”

The young lady slowly stood up with Jian Chen’s help. Her eyes were pooled with tears and looked emotionally at the handsome face filled with righteousness. Other than endless gratitude, something else seemed to be present in her eyes.

Jian Chen also felt slightly unnatural from being stared at by the young lady. He smiled slightly, but just when he was about to say something, a hubbub rose up from close by.

“Release me, release me. What are you doing? Are you rebelling?”

A youth in a great red robe had his hands tied up behind him by several large men and carried into the courtyard. Afterwards, he was brutally thrown onto the ground. The men said politely to Jian Chen, “Senior, this is the bandit boss’s son. It’s him who came up with the idea of abducting the young lady.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen’s gaze grew cold. He examined the youth closely and realised that he was around thirty years of age and had an ordinary appearance. He seemed to display an unconcealed arrogance in his expression.

“You bastard, so the person who came up with the idea of abducting sister is you. I, Qin Xiao, will never let you go.” Flames of rage surged in Qin Xiao’s eyes. He directly ran up and began beating up the youth, hitting the youth to a point where he cried aloud.

“You dare to hit me! Do you even know who my father is? He’s the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits, the strongest below Saint Rulers. Do you even want to live anymore? And you guys, are you rebelling?” The youth raised his shoulders in attempt to cover his head and hooted aloud. He clearly did not understand his current situation.

“Li Yunji, why don’t you open your dog eyes and have a look. Your father lies not too far away.” One of the big men who dragged out the youth cursed at him without holding back. Although he was a member of the Flood Dragon Bandits, all the experts were already dead so he had no fear.

“What, dad’s dead?” The son of the bandit boss, Li Yunji, was shocked. At this moment, he finally saw the twenty-odd corpses not too far away. He immediately became stupefied.

“Brother Jian Chen, let me handle this bastard. Hmph, you actually attempted to seize my sister. I, Qin Xiao, definitely will not let you off so lightly.” Qin Xiao said to Jian Chen. He was enraged.

As for what Qin Xiao had said, Jian Chen clearly did not have any objections, agreeing to it without any hesitation.

Soon afterwards, the Flood Dragon Bandits that had rampaged about for several centuries was forcefully dispersed under Jian Chen’s might as a Saint Ruler. They were all chased off the mountain and Jian Chen magnanimously gifted the spirit mountain to the Tianqin clan.

The news about the dispersion of the Flood Dragon Bandits spread very quickly, creating a great uproar in the surrounding radius of several tens of thousand kilometers. It caused countless people to be shocked and at the same time, the inside story about how the Flood Dragon Bandits dispersed slowly came to be known from the mouths of the former bandits. Everyone knew that the Tianqin clan of Zhuya Kingdom had invited a Saint Ruler to pacify the Flood Dragon Bandits and at the same time, take over Coiled Dragon Mountain.

With that, the reputation and status of the Tianqin clan soared in the area. The fact that they had connections with a Saint Ruler was an extremely great piece of news, causing all the forces in the surroundings to grow envious. At the same time, the Tianqin clan also became a great force that could not be offended in the area from the support of a Saint Ruler.

After dealing with the matters there, Jian Chen did not stay for long. He declined the many urges from the Tianqin clan for him to stay longer and immediately set off for Qinhuang Kingdom.
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