Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 732: Taking a Master without much Choice
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 732: Taking a Master without much Choice

Chapter 732: Taking a Master without much Choice

Where the second test was held in the Radiant Saint Master Union, an old man quickly approached the entrance, so fast that he seemed to be stepping on clouds. He was a ruddy old man with eyes that seemed as profound as the vast night sky. It gave people a feeling that if they were not paying attention, they would fall into it and become lost. The old man wore long, white, luxurious robes, but he did not carry any sort of badge on his chest. As a result, it was impossible to tell just what class the old man was.

As soon as the old man arrived at the second testing room, he was immediately attracted towards the dazzling light inside. Through the blinding light, he could vaguely see a slim person bathing within it. The person seemed like a descending god, filled with a certain holiness.

The ninth and fourteenth elder not too far away were both already completely stupefied.They stared tongue-tied at Jian Chen within the white light and did not discover the old man at the entrance at all.

Jian Chen’s eyes were tightly closed. His two arms were spread out while his head was raised up high, holding a posture of gazing at the sky. He was currently using all he had to pull the Radiant Saint Force from the barrier. At this moment, he was already functioning at his limit as a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, without holding back anything. This was because he knew that if he wanted to reach Class 7, this was perhaps the more crucial step, as only with a brilliant achievement could he be highly regarded in the union. This would allow him to have an easier path towards Class 7.

He knew many things. There were indeed very few Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters throughout the continent because most of them had gathered within the City of God. As a result, there were plenty of Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters in the city, with a few being supported by powerful organisations from behind. As for Jian Chen, although he had reached Class 6 at such a young age and would become the centre of attention, he did not have anyone supporting him from behind. It was unable to prevent Radiant Saint Masters with powerful backgrounds from using underhand methods to force him out of a chance to reach Class 7.

Jian Chen was even worried about the notion that there were a few people in the union who would want to eliminate him for a greater chance at reaching Class 7 for themselves.

Although Jian Chen had considered doing things with a low profile and without raising too much attention, it was just impossible. After all, only Class 6 Radiant Saint Master could obtain the chance at becoming Class 7, so he could not keep his strength as a Radiant Saint Master concealed. After all, a twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was something miraculous.

However, Jian Chen believed that it was not enough with just this. He was also curious about the Radiant Artes, which was why he tried so hard on the second test. After all, the second test was to test talent for practising Radiant Artes.

Towards the ceiling of the room, around forty-five percent of the Radiant Saint Force sealed within had been drawn out from the barrier by Jian Chen, where it gathered around Jian Chen, radiating with blinding light. This was Jian Chen’s limit. Right now, no matter how hard Jian Chen tried, he was unable to draw any more Radiant Saint Force from the barrier.

“Looks like this is my limit. I just wonder about the results.” Jian Chen sighed secretly to himself before slowly releasing the Radiant Saint Force that he had forcefully drawn from the barrier.

The Radiant Saint Force around Jian Chen did not disperse, and was instead all sucked back into the barrier by a force, returning to how it was before.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes. A sliver of exhaustion appeared on his face. Although Jian Chen did not even spend an hour on the test, the period of time had exhausted a large portion of Jian Chen’s mental strength. He had not felt this tired ever since he reached Class 6.

Jian Chen turned around wearily. He discovered the stunned ninth and fourteenth elder with a single glance and with a change in his mood, a sliver of joy appeared in the depths of his eyes. He clasped his hands, “Elders, I’ve already completed the test. I wonder how I’ve gone.” If it was before, Jian Chen would have still felt rather anxious, but after seeing the expressions of the two elders, he became confident.

“Okay! Good! Good! Great! Excellent! This result is excellent! For a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master to be able to draw forty-five percent of the Radiant Saint Force from the barrier, it means that they are already approaching Class 7. My horizons really have been broadened today.” As soon as Jian Chen finished speaking, an old voice sounded from near the door. The old man near the entrance strided in, his gaze at Jian Chen filled with praise and admiration.

The old man alerted the ninth and fourteenth elders, allowing them to return to their senses. When they realised who it was, their expressions both changed and immediately clasped their hands at the old man, “I greet the president!” Closely afterwards, the ninth elder quickly turned around and scolded at Jian Chen with a low voice, “Yang Yutian, this is the president of our union. Why don’t you hurry up and greet him!”

Jian Chen was slightly surprised. However, he did not hesitate and immediately clasped his hands at the old man, “Yang Yutian greets the president!”

The president of the union stared at Jian Chen with a smile and asked affectionately, “Child, so you’re called Yang Yutian. Tell me, how old are you?”

“President, Yang Yutian is twenty-four this year!” Jian Chen immediately replied. He knew very well that in the Radiant Saint Master Union, the president’s power superseded everything. As for the elders, they stood under the president, holding varying statuses similar to patriarchs of different clans.

“A twenty-four-year-old Radiant Saint Master, along with the talent in practising Radiant Artes approaching Class 7! Good good good!” The president was overjoyed. He also felt extremely excited from discovering such a great prodigy today.

Shortly afterwards, the president seemed to remember something. A gleam of light immediately flashed across his eyes, “Yang Yutian, are you willing to take me as your master, as well as join the Radiant Saint Master Union and become one of the core members?”

A sliver of shock flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. The president of the union actually wanted to take him as a disciple. It had greatly exceeded what he was expecting.

The sliver of shock in Jian Chen’s eyes was caught by the president. He could not help but smile, as he thought Jian Chen was shocked from the sudden but great news. He smiled, “Yang Yutian, perhaps you’re unwilling to take me as your master?” Although that was what he said, there was no underlying tone of dissatisfaction at all.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth and thought to himself, “Whatever, if I can increase the success rate of reaching Class 7 and saving mother and father, so what if it’s just temporarily bowing down before someone. Compared to mother and father’s lives, how significant is this mere pride?” Thinking up to there, Jian Chen bowed low to the president. He said, “I’m willing. Disciple Yang Yutian greets master.”

“Congratulations president for gaining a disciple with such outstanding talent. What a joyous occasion!” The ninth and fourteenth elders congratulated the president at the same time.

The president smiled from the bottom of his heart, before pulling of an exquisitely-crafted blue badge from his Space Ring, passing it to Jian Chen, “Yang Yutian, you are the third disciple I’ve taken. The first one passed away one hundred years ago from old age, while the second one is also Class 6 and is currently in seclusion, practising Radiant Artes and making preparations for Class 7 in a year’s time. This blue badge is the symbol of a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. You should wear it.”

“Yes master!” Jian Chen carefully accepted the blue badge from the president, placing it towards the left on his chest.

“Ninth elder, fourteenth elder, the two of you should explain the rules and the other services offered by the union to my third disciple for me.” The president turned around and told the two elders.

“We will follow what the president says.” The president clearly held a very high status in the hearts of the two elders, as they both displayed courteous emotions.

“Child, you should first go with the two elders. Come back here in three days, we’ll hold the ceremony of becoming a core member of the union. After the ceremony is over, you can enter the Radiant Saint Tower to learn Radiant Artes.” The president turned around again and told Jian Chen. However, when he mentioned the ceremony of becoming a core member, a weird light flashed across the depths of his eyes.

Hearing the Radiant Artes being mentioned again, Jian Chen’s curiosity to it increased greatly again. He could not help but asked, “Master, just what is these Radiant Artes?”

The president chuckled, “Radiant Artes are the only method that Radiant Saint Masters can use to attack. There’s a great variety of them, essentially infinite. Child, once you become a core member and enter the Radiant Saint Tower, you will understand more clearly yourself.”

“Oh right, there’s something else I have to remind you about. In this period of time, it’s best if you don’t come in contact with the people from the Kazda clan, the Kara clan and the Zaar family. Currently, the Holy Empire seems peaceful, but there’s actually a raging storm underground. The peaceful Holy Empire is about to change, though, it has nothing to do with the union at all as to which clan the Holy Empire falls to. You’re not a member of the three clans, so it’s best if you don’t participate in it.”

“Disciple understands!” Jian Chen replied purposely with a respectful tone.

Witnessing Jian Chen’s conduct, the president nodded his head in satisfaction. Shortly afterwards, a white cloud quickly gathered under his feet, completely formed from Radiant Saint Force. Under Jian Chen’s astonished gaze, he departed on the cloud.

“Yang Yutian, do you see? When the president left, he used a Radiant Arte. He can fly with it, and its speed is also extremely great. If it is practised to a high level, it’s not any slower than Saint Rulers using Spatial Force.” The ninth elder stared at Jian Chen with a smile. The talent Jian Chen had displayed along with the fact that he had become a disciple of the president had already caused the two Class 7 elders to treat him completely differently. If it was another Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, the two of them would not even bother to pay any attention as elders.

“Radiant Artes, the only was Radiant Saint Masters can attack. I’m looking more and more forwards to it. I wonder just how powerful Radiant Saint Masters who are known to be harmless can become after practising Radiant Artes.” Jian Chen thought to himself

“Yang Yutian, let’s go and sit there for a while. We can explain the rules as well as some other services offered to core members from the union.” The fourteenth elder said kindly. However, with his slightly husky voice, not only did he fail to sound gentle, he sounded rather creepy.
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