Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 809: Three Saint Island
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 809: Three Saint Island

Chapter 809: Three Saint Island

In the sky above the southern oceans, Jian Chen and Nubis were fused with the surrounding space. They utilised Spatial Force to traverse in the sky over the oceans. They had already become blurry figures, quietly zooming across the sky.

“With our speed, we should reach the island mentioned by senior Tian Jian very soon.” As he flew, Jian Chen murmured to himself, but was heard by Nubis extremely clearly. The two of them currently had no idea what happened at the Changyang Manor.

Nubis’ eyes flickered with a light of excitement. He said, “Although the inherited memories in my head has some information about the Sea race, so many years have passed; the Sea race has definitely also changed greatly. The information in my memories might not be entirely correct. Right now, how the Sea race is like is unknown. I need to quickly find a place where I can absorb the hidden essence of my clansman. If I absorb the essence of a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King, my strength will definitely skyrocket. It’ll greatly increase my ability to protect myself.”

“Let’s rest for some time if we can after we reach the island. You can use that time to absorb the essence.” Jian Chen smiled. Right now Nubis was a great source of help for him, so, naturally, it would be better the stronger he was.

The two of them traveled for another two hours in the sky before finally coming across a very large island. Anchored at the harbor of the island were various sailboats of different sizes, with many simple fishermen hurrying about, constantly moving goods.

“This should be the island mentioned by senior Tian Jian. Let’s go have a look,” Jian Chen said, before heading towards the island with Nubis.

The island was very large, almost half the size of the Gesun Kingdom. However, there were not many people who lived on it, only a measly few hundred thousand people, and.a large portion of it was undeveloped wilderness. A huge, hundred-meter tall stone tablet was inserted into the ground at the harbor, and on it were three large, finely engraved words: Three Saint Island.

Jian Chen and Nubis descended into a dense forest on the island before walking towards the small city not too far away. It was the only city of the island, and the entire population of the island lived there.

At this very moment, the clip-clopping of horses could be heard vaguely in the distance. A group of a hundred men on extremely simple horses slowly galloped over. They wore simple clothes. They were peaceful-looking and without the slightest killing intent, extremely different from the fighters on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Ah’Liang, this time, when we head out to sea for a month, we need to catch an even larger fish and broaden the horizons of the people.” The burly, middle-aged man walking at the front laughed aloud. His tone was bold.

“Brother Wei is right. We need to capture an even larger fish this time to show off our might in place of the Ranke Squad.” A young man in his late twenties said from beside the middle-aged man. His voice was filled with thick excitement.

“Half a month ago, the 兰格小队 caught a fish over thirty meters long and caused a hubbub in our Three Saint City. Many fishing squads admired them. This time, when we go out to sea for a month, everyone needs to work hard. We must bring back an even bigger fish to show off to the Ranke Squad and show them how powerful our Blue Banner Squad is.”

The group of a hundred men spoke as they rode their simple horses before quickly coming across Jian Chen and Nubis. Their exotic attires immediately became the centre of attention for the group of people, each observing them in amazement.

The group of people stopped ten meters before Jian Chen. The leader, the burly middle-aged man, spoke to the two of them, “Oi, brothers, looking at what you’re wearing, you shouldn’t be people from our Three Saint Island, right?”

Jian Chen and Nubis both stopped and roughly glanced over the group of a hundred. Other than the leading middle-aged man, who was an Earth Saint Master, they consisted of Saint Masters and Great Saint Masters.

Jian Chen clasped his hands at the man, “Sir has a broad insight. The two of us indeed are not people from the island. Since the two of us were recognised by sir with a single glance, perhaps there are other outsiders that visit this island often?”

The man did not analyse Jian Chen’s intentions at all. He said boldly, “I’m Zhou Wei, the eldest in my Blue Banner Fishing Squad, so all the members of the squad call me brother Wei. The Three Saint Island indeed has some outsiders who come, but there’s extremely few. If I remember correctly, the last time someone came to our Three Saint Island seemed to be ten years ago. Oh right, I wonder how the two brother would like to be referred as?”

“I am Jian Chen, and the person beside me is Nubis.” Jian Chen said simply. He did not look down on the mere Earth Saint Master, even though he was a Saint Ruler.

“It’s the great Nubis.” Nubis correctly immediately, before viciously eyeing Zhou Wei. A sliver of disdain appeared on his face and he said, “Even you, a little kiddo, dares to call me, the great Nubis, brother? Hmph, do you want to die? I have lived close to a thousand years. That’s more than enough to be your grandfather.”

“Nubis, tone it down. Your disposition will only cause trouble for nothing.” Jian Chen grimaced slightly and spoke unhappily.

“Hmph, I’ll let them off this time.” Nubis sneered gently and turned away arrogantly. He would definitely not allow weak people to directly call him by his name.

Jian Chen clasped his hands at the surrounding people apologetically, “Apologies, my brother’s temperament is quite bad. If you have been offended, please forgive me.”

“No problem, no problem, it was me who was rude. I’ve forgotten that all the outsiders are powerful Heaven Saint Masters. Sirs, you must have come to seek the teachings of the mistress of our Three Saint Island, to hope that you can reach Saint Ruler.” Zhou Wei seemed to understand the intentions of outsiders extremely well. As he spoke, he pointed behind him, “Do you see that huge mountain? That’s the holy grounds of the island, called Three Saint Mountain. That’s where the three saintesses live.”

Jian Chen looked towards the mountain and then clasped his fist at Zhou Wei. He said, “Many thanks for sir’s information. We still have things to do, so we will be bidding farewell first.” With that, Nubis and Jian Chen quickly flew towards the mountain.

Very soon, the two of them arrived at the mountain peak. They did not hide their presence, so, as long as it was a Saint Ruler, people would be able to sense their arrival.

“I wonder who has come to my Three Saint Island? State your name.” A gentle, pleasant voice originated from the sky above the mountain. With two flashes of white light, two young, white-dressed women appeared, both carrying zithers.

The two females only seemed to be twenty years old. Their appearances were fair and alluring, rare beauties in the world. They were pretty enough rival with You Yue, Huang Luan, Kara Liwei and so on. However, the two girls before them carried a celestial aura, like fairies. They clearly had some small differences compared to normal women. This was something that Huang Luan, You Yue and so on lacked.

“Saint Rulers!”

In the instant Jian Chen saw the two women, he was slightly shocked. The two girls before him were actually powerful Saint Rulers.

“I am Jian Chen from the Tian Yuan Continent. I want to seek the mistress of the island for some matter,” Jian Chen said with clasped hands. His gaze paused on the zithers held to their chests for a moment, and the light in his eyes flickered. He was thinking of something.

“The mistress of the island is currently in seclusion; she cannot come to meet guests. Please come back after a few days.” One of the women said softly.

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows. After a slight hesitation, he asked, “Then when will the island mistress come out of seclusion?”

“This is not something the two of us know. It may be a few days, a few months, a few years, or even a few decades.” The woman continued.

“It’s a pity you’ve come too late. If you came three months earlier, you would’ve been able to meet the mistress.” Another woman said.


Suddenly, a howl filled with utmost pain reverberated from a cave on the mountain peak. With it followed various rumbles as countless rocks were sent flying from the cave. At the same time, the invisible World Force in the surroundings slowly gathered towards the hole, while an extremely profound presence descended from the void.

“There’s someone breaking through to Saint Ruler!” Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed abruptly and called out deeply. A sliver of shock had appeared in even Nubis’ eyes.

The two of them had also experienced the breakthrough to Saint Ruler, so naturally they could tell that someone was in the process of breaking through.

However, the expressions of the two Saint Ruler women changed. They immediately cried out, “Crap, he’s woken again. Quickly, use the sound of the zither to suppress his awakenings and make him sleep again. We can’t let the mysteries of the world descend on him.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》