Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 810: Blocking the Mysteries of the World
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 810: Blocking the Mysteries of the World

Chapter 810: Blocking the Mysteries of the World

The two women no longer paid any attention to Jian Chen and Nubis. They directly sat down in the air and placed the zithers they carried onto their knees. Then they used their white, elegant fingers to quickly but dexterously strum the zither strings, creating a faint, divine melody.

The sound echoed through the surroundings, covering the entire Three Saint Mountain. It seemed to hum with space, causing slight distortions in the surrounding space. Even space was affected before this enchanting sound. It seemed to be dancing happily with the zither.

When Jian Chen and Nubis heard the nature-like zither sound, they could not help but change in expression. They looked at each other, both of them carrying a sternness, because this sound had caused some influence to their minds. They felt like their emotions and their thoughts were lead about by the sound, and could not help but become intoxicated.

“What powerful zither music!” Jian Chen was secretly surprised. This music, played by the two woman, was not even targeted it at him. If it were, Jian Chen understood that the effects would definitely not be as gentle as that.

“Junior, make him fall asleep with the sleeping melody. I’ll prevent the mysteries of the world from descending,” one of them said grimly. Although she was a Saint Ruler, it was extremely difficult to stop the descent of the mysteries of the world.

“Yes senior. I’ll come help you immediately after I make him fall back asleep.” The other woman spoke sternly before abruptly changed the way she played the zither. The music produced became much softer, and it contained an infinite charm. It could pierce through all obstructions to affect the spirits of people, causing them to become sleepy.

The other woman’s music also changed. Her slender fingers had already turned into blurs as they danced about on top of the zither strings, causing a murderous melody to fill all the surroundings. It caused the sky to surge like a storm where the surroundings reacted to it.

Under the effect of the murderous melody, all the energy of the world and World Force above the island were affected. They gathered from all directions under the melody’s control before linking up to form a great, tightly-knit but invisible net, layering together to seal up the entire sky and, as a result, obstruct the descent of the mysteries of the world.

In addition, visible notes shot out from the zither one by one. They quickly flew towards the mysteries of the world with murderous intent in an attempt to interfere with its descent.

The enigmatic mysteries of the world slowly descended from the sky with a profound aura. As the murderous notes struck it, it would ripple slightly, but it did not disperse and soon collided with the huge net. The net could interfere its descent, but it could not stop it.

The mysteries of the world slowly sank into the net, descending towards the cave.

The woman who blocked the mysteries of the world became even more grim. The melody played by her abruptly changed, and the murderous feeling suddenly disappeared, replaced by a muffled tune.

This time the woman played at a much slower speed, but with every string she struck the muffled sound would reverberate in the sky. It contained a great power, as if it was capable of directly crushing the hearts of people. The surroundings were also greatly affected, and the entire region of space distorted greatly. As for where the mysteries descended, the space was directly annihilated, creating a black hole with a diameter of three meters in an attempt to engulf the mysteries.

The mysteries descended from the sky after passing through the various obstructions; even though there were many, it continued forwards with an extremely steady pace. No matter what it was, nothing could stop its advance. It directly ignored the black hole formed from the destroyed space and passed through it, continuing onwards.

“The mysteries of the world this time is much more powerful than last time. Junior, quickly make him fall back asleep, I can’t last much longer.” The woman responsible for blocking the descent became frantic and, shortly afterwards, the melodies rang out hurriedly once again. The visible waves of sound shot out with great lethality, flying towards the mysteries like suicide attacks.

But even with all of this, it was unable to stop the descent of the mysteries. Currently, the mysteries of the world that slowly fell from the sky were less than a thousand meters from Three Saint Mountain.

“Argh!” A shrill cry filled with utmost pain rang out. Shortly afterwards, the cave in the distance rumbled loudly a few times, causing the entire mountain to shake slightly.

“Crap, his mental shock is too great. It’s extremely difficult for him to fall back asleep with my sleeping melody.” The other woman’s expression changed greatly and called out.

Hearing that, the woman responsible for obstructing the mysteries darkened. After a period of silence, she spoke out, “There’s not much time left. If he doesn’t fall asleep, he’ll die for sure when the mysteries descend. Use the spirit-controlling melody to control his mind.”

With that, the woman turned around to Jian Chen and Nubis. She requested, “Two sirs, please help us out in repelling the descent of the mysteries of the world.”

“Just what’s happening? Why are you preventing other from becoming a Saint Ruler?” Jian Chen asked hoarsely.

“There’s no time to explain it right now. We just can’t let the mysteries of the world descend for him, or he’ll die for sure.” The woman replied with a deep voice, while she continued playing the zither. Visible sound waves with murderous intent shot towards the mysteries powerfully, slowing its descent.

Nubis crossed his arms and sneered slightly, “Hmph, what has other people’s lives got to do with me? I, the great Nubis, won’t be saving a mere Heaven Saint Master’s life. And fending off the mysteries of the world isn’t that easy.”

After a slight deliberation, Jian Chen did not choose to only watch on. The soy-bean sized chaotic neiden in his dantian spat out strands of Chaotic Force, filling up every inch of his body. He pushed his Chaotic Body to the maximum before arriving below where the mysteries descended with a tremble. He directly threw a fist upwards.

When Jian Chen’s fist collided with the mysteries, it actually just passed through. The mysteries were formed by the laws of the world and were not tangible. Jian Chen’s punch did not affect it at all.

The light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. With a thought, the surrounding space immediately froze in an attempt to stop the descent of the mysteries.

However, what surprised Jian Chen was that the mysteries completely ignored the frozen space. It moved about freely, just as before, and slowly descended.

“What weird stuff. My attacks and the freezing of space can’t affect it at all. Looks like using World Force is useless. I can only try Chaotic Force now.” Jian Chen thought, before surging Chaotic Force began to leak from his body. It directly condensed around his hands before he pushed them. The Chaotic Force flew towards the mysteries with a presence of destruction.

As soon as the Chaotic Force came in contact with the mysteries of the world, both energies fell into a deadlock, keeping each other at bay. Meanwhile, the descent of the mysteries was finally stalled.

However, this did not last for very long. Although Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force was powerful, it was not the complete Chaotic Force, and since it was not steadily supplied, it was consumed in just a few seconds and vanished. Without the Chaotic Force as an obstruction, the mysteries continued downwards.

Watching as the strand of Chaotic Force sent out disappeared so quickly, Jian Chen also felt pained. His chaotic neidan was already tiny; he did not have much Chaotic Force left. With every portion he used, it would disappear. It was extremely difficult to recover.

Watching as the mysteries of the world grew closer and closer to the cave, Jian Chen also became uneasy. He was currently deliberating over whether he should expend some more Chaotic Force to help out someone he had never even met.

At this very moment, an elegant but dignified zither melody slowly appeared in the sky. It seemed to be divine, and with its appearance the entire space became blurry. Clear ripples had appeared.

The divine melody was played by the world. At this moment, the entire region of space seemed to become a huge zither, while the ripples of space that constantly appeared were the strumming of strings. As the strings formed from the space were constantly hit, the laws of the world seemed to be forcefully changed by a mysterious power, causing the space around Three Saint Mountain to become its own world, a different domain.

And in this domain, the descending mysteries of the world were forcefully halted, as if they were locked up mid-air by a mysterious energy and unable to move at all.

When the two Saint Rulers heard the zither, they immediately rejoiced. They both stopped playing and called out, “Master, you’ve finally come out of seclusion!”

“Argh!” A shrill cry rang out from the cave again. It was filled with pain, as if it was enduring unbearable torture.

“And you’re still not sleeping!”

An illusionary voice originated from the space, and it seemed to be filled with an utmost charm. With just the single sentence, it seemed to be able to make everything in the world fall asleep. With that, the cries from the cave finally stopped, and shortly afterwards there was the sound of something heavy falling onto the ground. Afterwards, there was only silence.

The words did not only affect the person gone mad in the cave. Even Jian Chen and Nubis were greatly affected; the two of them immediately felt light-headed. Their eyelids felt heavy, and they became drowsy.

However, the two of them returned to their senses very quickly. They were both greatly shocked, and great waves rose in their hearts. Even as Saint Rulers, they were affected. The charm of the sound could not longer be described as terrifying. If they were in a battle and they suddenly became distracted, it would be life-threatening.

“What a terrifying melody, what terrifying sound. This woman must be a demoness.” Nubis, who was always prideful and arrogant, had currently hidden away his attitude completely. A deep fearfulness appeared in his eyes.
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