Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 826: Absolute Killing Formation—Ten Thousand Dragons
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 826: Absolute Killing Formation—Ten Thousand Dragons

Chapter 826: Absolute Killing Formation—Ten Thousand Dragons

Through the drop of golden blood, Jian Chen immediately began to imagine what had happened in the ancient times. However, this was just his imagination.

Jian Chen was almost certain that this drop of blood belonged to the ancient war god, Aergyns. However, he was unsure if Aergyns had left this drop of blood here willingly. Maybe the blood was obtained using a different method by the experts of the Dragon Clan, and then using a special method, they refined it into a formation which possessed some might of the war god.

“Just a droplet of blood is already so powerful. It can easily kill off Saint King corpses. This war god of the Hundred Races really does have terrifying strength. No wonder he’s someone who’s surpassed Saint Emperor.” Jian Chen thought as he stared at the golden blood on the white tiger’s back that was growing further and further away.

Suddenly, Jian Chen seemed to think of something. His eyes narrowed abruptly and staring fixedly at the blood, a powerful gleam of light immediately exploded from his eyes.

“Golden blood. It’s golden blood. Aergyns’s blood is actually golden. Tie Ta’s blood is golden too…” Jian Chen’s heart began to beat heavily. A terrifying notion appeared in his mind; he stared deeply at the golden blood that gradually disappeared into the distance. He exclaimed, “Xiao Bai, remember this place. You never know, we might come back here in the future.”

As it ran, the white tiger looked back and glanced at where the blood was. It snarled, as if it was replying to Jian Chen.

Next, the white tiger ran about in the Fantasy Star Ocean, creating a great commotion and attracting the corpses from all around. It then led all the corpses to be sucked up by formations, using the powerful formations in the Fantasy Star Ocean to trap them. The white tiger would immediately bring Saint King living corpses to a formation capable of slaughtering Saint Kings as soon as they came across one.

The white tiger had utterly destroyed any peace of the Fantasy Star Ocean ever since it had appeared. The noises he produced essentially echoed through the general region, attracting them all to it.

Jian Chen remained on the white tiger’s back along the way, passing through various formations unharmed despite the terrifying experience. There were many more formations in the actual Fantasy Star Ocean than the outskirts and they were much stronger too. There were hundreds of killing, illusionary, and trapping formations for Saint Rulers. The white tiger fully utilized these formations to trap many Saint Rulers.

There were also many powerful killing formations for Saint Kings. The formation created from a drop of Aergyns’s blood was only one of them. The white tiger finished off over ten Saint King corpses through them.

Three of the Saint King corpses had been obliterated by the formation made from Aergyns’ blood and failed to rebuild their bodies even after a great time. A few others were trapped in a different formation, unable to break free, while the other Saint King corpses all fell into various killing formations, their bodies were constantly destroyed by the formations until all their energy was consumed and they were unable to reform their bodies.

The white tiger produced sky-shaking roars to attract the nearby Saint Ruler corpses time after time. On the other hand, Jian Chen laid on its back without doing anything. Over three hundred Saint Ruler corpses tailed them closely in the mean time.

Jian Chen had now understood. The white tiger wanted to play; it treated this process entirely as a fun game. The various formations were unable to trap the white tiger, while the living corpses were not as fast as it—even Saint King living corpses could not be able to catch up after the white tiger unfurled its wings. It could be said that in the Fantasy Star Ocean, as long as there were not any Saint Emperor corpses, nothing could threaten the white tiger.

Jian Chen eyes suddenly narrowed. Several kilometers ahead, space was distorted. He was unable to see what was happening inside clearly. Jian Chen had come across this many times; it was just a sign of an activated formation. However, an indistinct purple figure attracted Jian Chen’s attention in the blurry distorted space.

“It’s the Heavenly Enchantress. She’s fallen into a formation,” Jian Chen murmured. He recognized who the purple figure was and his heart tightened. He pointed forwards and called out, “Xiao Bai, head over there quickly.”

The white tiger basically took Jian Chen’s word for it. It did not hesitate at all, immediately changing directions and charging at the formation while hundreds of Saint Ruler corpses followed them.

It was a grey, hazy space in the formation. The Heavenly Enchantress levitated one meter in the air with her legs crossed, while the unadorned Zither of the Demonic Cry laid on her hands. Ten elegant white fingers formed blurry afterimages, quickly playing the first twenty strings of the zither. She produced notes after notes hurriedly, while the twenty-first zither string would also be struck from time to time. It would result in violent rumbles in the surroundings.

The Heavenly Enchantress became extremely grim and her forehead was already covered in a layer of sweat. She had continued into the depths after she had been separated from Jian Chen the night before. She had accidentally fallen into a powerful formation, one of the top level formations of the Dragon clan; it was well-known since the ancient times. It was the absolute killing formation—ten thousand dragons.

It was said that in the ancient times, three Saint Emperors of the Hundred Races died to this exact formation, achieving wide renown. It was known as one of the most powerful killing formations in the world.

Deafening dragon roars constantly boomed through the illusionary hazy space. The entire space was filled with huge dragons; they all used their dragonbreaths, swung their claws, used various secret techniques or just charged directly at the center.

There sat the Heavenly Enchantress in the air. She used her zither to block the attacks from all directions strenuously. Countless soundwaves shot from the zither, surging in all directions.

The formation was extremely well known during the ancient times. It was recorded clearly in Mercenary City, detailing exactly how terrifying it was. As a result, the Heavenly Enchantress understood this formation very well.

The absolute killing formation—ten thousand dragons, was just as the name suggested; it was a lethal formation formed from a total of ten thousand dragons. The formation had five forms; in the first form, all ten thousand dragons were as powerful as Class 5 Magical Beasts. In the second form, they all increased to Class 6 in strength.

With the third form, the ten thousand dragons were all Class 7 Magical Beasts.

All ten thousand dragons would be raised to Class 8 with the fourth form. Against ten thousand Class 8 Magical Beasts, even peak Saint Kings would be utterly doomed once they entered the formation.

The dragons would reach Class 9 in the fifth form. Each dragon would be as strong as a Supreme Saint Emperor.; the ten thousand dragons would be equivalent to ten thousand Saint Emperors.

However, throughout the Dragon clan’s history, the fifth form had always remained a legend. They were only able to use the fourth form at most. However, the three Saint Emperors of the Hundred Races had all died to the fourth form during the war.

“I hope this ten thousand dragons formation is incomplete with the third form beings its limit.” The Heavenly Enchantress prayed in her heart. She was still able to forcefully break through the third form if she burned her vitality greatly but once it reached the fourth form, it would be certain death for her.

She had already been trapped in the formation for several hours. In this time, she broke through the first and second form of the formation by herself. She currently faced the third form.

All ten thousand dragons possessed the strength of Class 7 Magical Beasts. It was equivalent to ten thousand Saint Rulers.


Suddenly, all ten thousand dragons roared at the sky simultaneously. Soft whisperings drowned the space and a vast energy radiated from the ten thousand dragons, filling the entire region.

“They’ve started to use their innate ability!” The Heavenly Enchantress murmured. She was extremely grim. The innate abilities from ten thousand Class 7 dragons was enough to kill any Saint Ruler. It was even enough to make ordinary Saint Kings worry.

The Heavenly Enchantress gritted her teeth and a sliver of determination appeared in her eyes. A slender finger gently touched the twenty-third string. Her finger was cut as soon as she came into contact with it. Bright red blood immediately began to flow, before being absorbed by the string.

The twenty-third string became completely red after absorbing her blood. It radiated an extremely profound aura which seemed to contain the laws of the world. At the same time, a gentle, graceful zither note seemed to hum softly from beyond the sky, echoing through the entire formation space.

The Heavenly Enchantress paled from the loss of blood through her finger. This blood was not ordinary blood; it was essence blood, containing the three vital energies of a human. It was extremely precious.

Currently, the Heavenly Enchantress used her vitality as a price to use an ability completely beyond her strength.


All ten thousand dragons produced an earth-shaking roar. It was filled with the endless might of dragons and seemed to be able to shatter the void. It created countless sound waves, layering upon one another in the formation space as it quickly radiated towards the Heavenly Enchantress with an aura of absolute destruction.

The Heavenly Enchantress gently struck the twenty-third string at the same time.

Ding! It rose like the first sound in the world. It was only a musical note, yet it contained a great power. A powerful sound wave that was visible with the naked eye began to expand in all directions at an unbelievable speed.

The sound completely suppressed the roar of the ten thousand dragons. Wherever it passed through, space would ripple, blazing through anything that blocked its way. It surged towards the ten thousand dragons like a hot knife through butter, gently colliding with the ten thousand dragons.

Soundlessly, all ten thousand Class 7 dragons in the formation space disintegrated. The third form had been broken.

The Heavenly Enchantress had played the twenty-third string at the cost of her vitality. All ten thousand dragons fell to a single wave of sound.

The twenty-third string trembled violently. The Heavenly Enchantress had already become sheet-white as all blood drained from her face. Her eyes also dulled for a period of time, revealing the weakness she struggled to conceal.


Suddenly, another dragon roar rose up. Soon afterward, vast presences appeared in the formation space. The ten thousand dragons had reformed their bodies and they each radiated with an aura countless times more powerful than before.

Despair immediately appeared in the Heavenly Enchantress’ eyes when she saw this. She said with endless bitterness, “The fourth form. It’s the fourth form. I never thought this would be a complete one. Looks like I’m fated to die here today.”

Breaking through the third form of the ten thousand dragons formation was already her absolute limit. She possessed no more strength for any resistance against the fourth form a form that could even slaughter Saint Emperors.
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