Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 860: Fragment of the Octoterra Map
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 860: Fragment of the Octoterra Map

Chapter 860: Fragment of the Octoterra Map

Tian Jian replied slowly, “Many years ago, I fused my origin soul with the hall and borrowed its power to observe the world. I sensed a terrifyingly powerful energy from the Sea race and confirmed that it was the sea goddess. As for why I didn’t tell you all, do you believe this is good news? Knowing would actually make you all worse off, making you all worry.”

Everyone present understood. The news about the sea goddess caused them to experience an extremely great pressure; if it was possible, they would rather not hear about it.

“Now that Jian Chen’s taken the Winged Tiger God into the territory of the Sea race with him, what do you all think we should do?” A member of the ten protector clans said with a deep voice.

Many people present became extremely grim. With the Tian Yuan Continent’s current strength, the realm of the Sea race was a forbidden zone without any doubt. Even if they united all the power on the entire continent, they would not be able to fend off one of the four supreme champions that had surpassed Saint Emperor from the ancient times. Even if they worked with the Beast God Continent, they would probably still be unable to oppose the Sea race.

The protector clans were ancient clans that had survived from the ancient times. There were many records in the clans, so they knew about the strength and terror of those who had surpassed Saint Emperor extremely well.

“I find this to be rather fishy. Since the sea goddess is still alive, why have we not heard any news about her even after so much time? It has even made everyone believe that she already had passed away from old age.” analyzed an old man.

With that, many people first stared blankly, before their eyes began to twinkle in thought.

A middle-aged man said, “I think that’s reasonable. Since the sea goddess is still alive, why has she kept such a low profile? That doesn’t make sense. Is she perhaps hiding for something? Or has she always been asleep and has only just woken up?”

“A Saint King has a lifespan of six thousand years, while a Saint Emperor has ten thousand. With the sea goddess’s strength that has surpassed Saint Emperor, her lifespan will definitely be even longer but it’s already been so much time since the ancient times. No matter how long her life is, she shouldn’t be still alive.”

“Perhaps it’s just a strand of the sea goddess’s soul that she left behind?”

“If it’s just a strand of her soul, there’s nothing to fear.”

The people from the ten protector clans all discussed their views and ideas.

“The sea goddess saved Jian Chen at the most crucial moment. I think she already knows the existence of the Winged Tiger God too and will definitely take it. The Beast God Continent needs it even more urgently than us, so there’s bound to be conflict between the Sea race and the magical beasts. Why don’t we just watch on from a distance if this is the case and let both of them sustain great losses? You never know, we might even be able to fish up some spoils from it.”

“You’re right. And we can use the Beast God Continent to probe the situation of the sea goddess as well.”

Currently, a voice filled with rage roared out in the depths of some mountains abundant in the energy of the world. “Heavenly Enchantress you bitch. So much for me being so infatuated with you and yet you treat me like this. You actually stopped me from killing Jian Chen. You’re a wretched couple, a wretched couple I say! I, Bi Jian, will definitely make the two of you regret it!”

“Jian Chen you bastard, you son of a bitch. You took my love. I will definitely make you suffer so much that you wish you were dead. So what if you’ve run off to the Sea race? I won’t let any of your friends or family off the hook. I will make the Flame Mercenaries into a bloodbath.”

“Cough cough, Bi Jian, calm down. There’s a great elder from the Changyang clan guarding Jian Chen’s family. You must not act recklessly and remember to never clash with them openly. We still can’t offend the protector clans.” Bi Yifei’s weakened voice sounded from within the cave.

“Dad, I know, I know what I should do,” said Bi Jian with bloodshot eyes and ragged breath. The rage within him had already reached the utmost limit.

Changyang Zu Yeyun stared blankly out the window in a building toward the main door of the Changyang clan in Lore City, her face filled with sorrow.

“Kong’er, just where are you…” Changyang Zu Yeyun said miserably. In the recent years, she had not taken a single step out of Lore City, awaiting for her son’s return quietly. Even she herself no longer had any idea how many times she had said things along those lines.

“Sigh, there goes another few years. Kong’er lifespan is getting shorter too. It’s a pity that the world’s so big. We can’t find him at all.” Changyang Zu Yunxiao also sighed sorrowfully. He felt extremely miserable.

The Flame Mercenaries had also experienced an extremely great change in these four years. The original city walls had already been demolished and the construction of a city made out of tungsten alloy had begun too. Under the hard words of hundreds of thousand of workers, blocks of meter-wide tungsten alloy cubes were stacked up, already forming a city wall of over thirty meters in height. After four years, the reconstruction of Flame City had reached a third of the way there.

Meanwhile, the act of building the city by the Flame Mercenaries was so great that it shook up a portion of the continent and raised the attention of various powerful organizations.

Over these years, You Yue and Bi Lian both began to hand down matters gradually to their subordinates, devoting more time to cultivation.

Their constitution had been improved by the heavenly resources left behind by Jian Chen. They cultivated much faster than ordinary people and with the personal guidance from two Saint Rulers, Bi Hai, and Jiede Tai, they had already become Great Saint Masters.

Ming Dong, Tie Ta, Fatty, Yu Yifeng, Dugu Feng, and others spent the entire time in seclusion. They never appeared, so no one knew just how powerful they had grown to either.

In the highest room of a tower at the Huanggu clan, the patriarch stood courteously before a large metal door.

“Reporting to ancestor, I’ve already inquired about it. Your newly accepted disciple, Huang Luan, has reached the Third Cycle as an Earth Saint Master. She’s currently working hard on her cultivation under the personal guidance of the ancestor from the Huang family, Huang Tianba.”

“Third Cycle Earth Saint Master. This speed is a little slow. If this continues, it’ll at least take a dozen or so years before she reaches Heaven Saint Master. It seems it’s time for me to bring that girl back. Only when she is by my side will her cultivation speed increase and only then will she reach Heaven Saint Master in the shortest amount of time possible.” An ancient, powerful voice boomed from inside the metal door. It was the ancestor of the Huanggu clan.

Jass City was deep under the sea in the Sea race’s territory and was a very well known city in a radius of several tens of thousand of kilometers. It took up an extremely large area and had a great population. It was an extremely bustling city.

The travelers beside Nubis and Jian Chen gradually increased as they reached a distance of ten kilometers from the city with Kai Ya. Almost all of them were members of the Sea race, with long, blue hair and blue skin. However, other than this, they seemed just like the humans on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“Jass City is a king level city. Only Seasoul Warriors beyond the 13th Star can fly in it. If the two warriors have reached the 13th Star, you can enter directly by air and there won’t be a need to pay a fee to enter the city.” Kai Ya stared at the two of them as her eyes glimmered with interest.

Jian Chen stared into the distance. Just as she had said, he discovered that every person who entered the city needed to pay a varying number of crystal coins to the soldiers.

Jian Chen pulled out a hundred-year-old heavenly resource from his Space Ring and said, “Miss Kai Ya, we’ve used up all the crystal coins on us. Is it possible to use this heavenly resource to exchange for some crystal coins with miss?”

Kai Ya smiled brightly and pulled out a small, bulging bag of money from her Space Ring. “Warriors, here are a hundred grand-quality crystal coins. Just treat it as a gift from me. Please keep the heavenly resource, warriors.”

After some silent thought, Jian Chen accepted the bag full of coins from Kai Ya. “Since it’s like this, then treat it as if the two of us owing miss Kai Ya a favor. We’ll definitely repay it in the future when we get the chance.”

Jian Chen and Nubis separated with Kai Ya outside the city. They directly paid the fee with the hundred grand-quality crystal coins and disappeared into the crowds.

“Miss, do you perhaps know these two warriors? Why did you give a hundred grand-quality crystal coins to them so magnanimously? That’s not a small amount,” asked a guard in confusion after Jian Chen and Nubis left.

Kai Ya watched as the two of them disappeared into the crowds. “I practice the Innate Spirit-opening technique so I can look into certain things much deeper than other people. I believe in my instinct. The two of them are not simple; forming a good tie with them right now might just bring great benefits to our tribe in the future.”


“No buts, let’s go into the city.”

Inside Jass City, Jian Chen and Nubis strolled through its bustling streets. In order to not draw attention, Nubis had already changed his golden hair and clothes to blue on purpose, while Jian Chen remained the same.

It was approaching the great auction that Jass City held once every hundred years, so conversations about it could be heard everywhere on the streets.

“Apparently, there’ll be a lot of treasures that’ll appear in the auction this time. It’s drawn in people from many large tribes, so it’ll definitely be another fierce battle between them when the time comes.”

“I heard that there’ll be three Di Level Saint Techniques in the auction this time. I wonder if that’s true or not.”

Saint techniques were equivalent to the battle skills from the Tian Yuan Continent and were just another name for them. The saint techniques were divided into four levels by the Sea race, the Tian Level, Di Level, Xuan Level and Huang Level respectively. The Tian Level was the most powerful, equivalent to Saint Tier Battle Skills on the Tian Yuan Continent, while the Huang Level was the lowest, equal to Human Tier Battle Skills.

“There’s not just Di Level Saint Techniques. I heard that there’s also going to be a Tian Level Saint Technique for auction too but it doesn’t seem to be complete. Only thirty percent seems to be there.”

“There’s also liquid mercury in this auction. It’s a substance from the Sea of Despair and is created by the world. It’s extremely rare and is sacred to the Sea race. With just a mouthful of it, someone with ordinary talent can gain talent that is even rarely seen in a thousand years.”

“I heard there’s also going to be a Class 8 Radiant Spirit Pill for auction. It’s from the distant Tian Yuan Continent and is an extremely valuable medicine for healing. It’s worth cities.”

“It’s rumored that a fragment of the octoterra map is for auction. It was left behind by the Octoterra Emperor ten thousand years ago who had reached the 17th Star. It’s the key to opening the Octoterra Divine Hall. Inside the hall is the Octoterra Emperor’s legacy and all of his belongings.”

“There are eight fragments to the Octoterra Map. It’s rumored that seven fragments have already appeared, now all in the hands of the seven great tribes. Looks like the one this time is the final fragment.”

Jian Chen and Nubis strolled down the streets, observing the local customs and traditions of the Sea race as they listened to the people in the surroundings talk.

“This Octo-something Emperor was actually a 17th Star expert. According to how the strength of the Sea race is divided, he should be a Saint Emperor. That’s a dwelling left behind by a Saint Emperor. Interesting, interesting,” muttered Nubis as he stroked his chin. An expression of great interest appeared in his eyes.

Just as Jian Chen wanted to tell Nubis to keep a lower profile, Zi Ying’s voice sounded in his head.

“Master, I’ve found another material to craft the Azulet swords. It’s ten kilometers ahead.”
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