Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 864: The Menghuang Tribe
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 864: The Menghuang Tribe

Chapter 864: The Menghuang Tribe

“Patriarch, the auction just happens to have what we need. When the auction starts, I wish that the patriarch can accompany us and help us buy what we need,” said Jian Chen.

With that, a sliver of hesitancy appeared on the Dare tribe patriarch’s face.

Jian Chen understood what he was worrying about, so he followed up. “Don’t worry patriarch. We are men of our word. Since we have agreed, we will definitely do it. Once the auction ends, we will definitely help you deal with the Menghuang tribe. If the Menghuang tribe does not come, we’ll kill our way into the Menghuang tribe on our own accord. Is that fine?”

“Sure, sure, sure. Since the two warriors have put it like that, I will try to cooperate to the best of my ability,” said the patriarch as he smiled gently.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Nubis settled down in the Dare tribe and awaited any sudden attacks from the Menghuang tribe. They were warmly welcomed by the entire tribe and treated like kings.

At the same time, the news that the Dare tribe had found enough experts to deal with the Menghuang tribe was broadcasted out too. It raised quite a large commotion. Other than the grand auction of Jass City held once every hundred years, the discussions between people now involved the battle between the Menghuang tribe and the Dare tribe.

Although there was a great disparity in strength between the two tribes, they both had Saint Rulers. On the Tian Yuan Continent, they would be hermit clans, large tribes that stood at the peak in a radius of hundred thousand kilometers within the territory of the Sea race. The battle between the two tribes would naturally raise the attention of many people.

In an ancient forest fifty kilometers from the Dare tribe, small buildings completely made from wood filled the surroundings. People constantly flowed in and out, while sounds of laughter and cheerfulness rang out from time to time. The atmosphere was extremely lively, teeming with life.

This was the large tribe renowned in the region, the Menghuang tribe.

In the center of the tribe stood a tall tower completely constructed from rock. The tower was the most sacred building in the tribe; its existence represented the peace and strength that the Menghuang tribe experienced with each generation. This was because the four most powerful protectors of the tribe lived in it.

Currently, four old men sat around a table at the very top of the tower. They were all stern.

“I’ve just received the news that the Dare tribe has found enough experts to repel us. I wonder if this is true or false,” said a ruddy old man. He was the current patriarch of the tribe, while the three others were the two protector elders and the previous patriarch. The previous patriarch was the most powerful one here.

“Looks like the Dare tribe plans to have a battle to the death with us. I just wonder what strength the experts they’ve recruited possess,” a protector elder said huskily.

“Although the Dare tribe has some wealth, it’s not enough for them to invite any true experts. Also, our tribe is famed; one of our talented members have been selected to become an emissary of the Serpent God Hall. He has great status. In the territory of the Serpent God Hall, no one dares to treat us impolitely except for those peak-level tribes or clans. As such, I deduce that the Dare tribe’s information is false, only made with the intent to make us fear them. The other possibility is that the helpers they’ve recruited don’t actually want to help them and only want to con them out of their coins. As a result, I’m not going to pay any attention to this at all. As soon as the auction concludes, we’ll kill our way into the Dare tribe,” a protector elder analyzed.

“Previous patriarch, what do you think?” The current patriarch asked the old man who remained sitting there with his eyes closed.

The previous patriarch slowly opened his eyes. “Although we’re so renowned that even several large tribe tribes need to act courteously, we’re not without enemies. I am guessing that there would probably be previous enemies among the experts that have been recruited by the Dare tribe, so we can’t overlook this. Now that the auction in Jass City is about to start, the last fragment of the Octoterra Map is about to appear too. It’ll attract a fight from many large tribes, or even peak-level tribes, so it’s inconvenient for us to start fighting before the auction. The three of you, go check on the Dare tribe to see whether it’s true or not after the auction ends.”

In the blink of an eye, a dozen or so days passed. It was now the important day where the grand auction would start in Jass City. The emergence of the Octoterra Map fragment had attracted many experts and large tribes to gather in Jass City long ago, which made it seem calm on the surface while matters surged beneath. It was the calm before the storm.

Before the auction had even started, a large group of people had already gathered outside the auction center. Gazing over it, the group formed a sea of people; there were so many that even the nearby streets had become blocked. There was a constant hubbub of voices as people discussed things.

A portion of the people had only come to watch, while the other portion had come for the auction. However, all those who had arrived beforehand did not possess much background. They were all people from a few small tribes or clans.

Two hours later, the loud sound set off fireworks rose up from the surroundings. A great boom followed afterward in the sky, which lit up the surroundings with colorful lights. It was quite beautiful.

At the same time, the doors of the auction center were slowly opened too. The people who had crowded outside all began to move inward, entering the auction center in an orderly fashion.

Around thirty meters up the huge auction castle, a round platform a hundred meters wide slowly extended outward. It was for receiving special guests with great status and had reserved enclosure. On the platform, several dozen young girls dressed glamorously walked about gracefully. They all carried bright smiles and gave people a cordial feeling.

As the platform stabilized, several waves of people flew up from the grounds, directly landing on the platform. They were warmly received by the female servants and led through a special tunnel to their enclosures.

However, those who had the right to enter the platform were all prestigious members of the Sea race. There were plenty of people from first-rate clans and tribes that were equivalent to hermit and ancient clans on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Jian Chen and Nubis also flew over with the patriarch of the Dare tribe from far away and directly entered the platform. Immediately, a servant walked up with a shining smile and said softly, “Three esteemed warriors, please present the number plate to your private enclosure so that this one can help lead the way.”

The patriarch immediately pulled out the number plate to his reserved enclosure and passed it to the servant.

“Warriors, please follow me.” The servant girl’s smile was like a hundred flowers blooming, extremely pretty.

The three of them said nothing and followed the servant inside. Besides them, many other people from different tribes were also received by a servant then led into the castle.

At this very moment, the patriarch’s steps paused slightly. He suddenly glanced behind him, while a glaring light began to flicker through his eyes. A sliver of obscure killing intent rose from his body.

There were plenty of Saint Rulers among the people who could be seated on the platform. The change in the patriarch was immediately noticed by them so many of them immediately looked over curiously. However, no one said anything.

Even though the Dare tribe was not powerful, he was still a Saint Ruler after all. No one wanted to provoke a Saint Ruler for nothing.

Jian Chen and Nubis also halted their steps. When they saw the behavior of the patriarch, they immediately followed his gaze. They saw that in the distance, three old men flew toward the platform with several Heaven Saint Masters. The two of them could tell with a single glance that the three old men were Saint Rulers.

“Warriors, they’re people from the Menghuang tribe. The three leading old men are the present patriarch of the tribe and the two protector elders,” the patriarch of the Dare tribe said softly. His gaze toward them was filled with an unconcealable hatred.

A sliver of interest flickered in Jian Chen and Nubis’s eyes. Their gazes toward the three old men immediately took a cold turn.

“Hahaha, I never thought that the patriarch of the Dare tribe would participate in the auction this time as well. It has really surprised the three of us.” The three old men from the Menghuang tribe also discovered the Dare tribe patriarch’s presence. Immediately, one of them laughed aloud.

“Hehe, didn’t the Dare tribe spend all its wealth searching for experts? How would you have additional crystal coins to come participate in the auction this time?” The old man in the center laughed. He was the current patriarch.

As he spoke, the three experts from the Menghuang tribe unconsciously studied Jian Chen and Nubis, who stood beside the patriarch of the Dare tribe.

The face of the Dare tribe patriarch darkened. He sneered, “Menghuang tribe, I want to see how long you can still act so arrogantly. After the auction concludes, my Dare tribe will be awaiting your Menghuang tribe’s arrival.”

The three experts’ expressions changed and their eyes immediately narrowed. The current patriarch said, “Patriarch, I wonder what type of experts you have found to boast like this?”

“The two warriors beside me are both powerful Seasoul Warriors of the 14th Star. Menghuang tribe, do you really think that my Dare tribe is easy to oppress?” The patriarch sneered.

As soon as they heard that Jian Chen and Nubis were 14th Star Seasoul Warriors, the three old men’s expressions immediately became rather ugly. They really did not think that the Dare tribe would succeed in recruiting such experts. If the Dare tribe really did gain the assistance of two 14th Star Seasoul Warriors, their tribe would experience much greater difficulties in swallowing up the Dare tribe. They could even be faced with failure.

The three old men immediately focused their attention on Jian Chen and Nubis. The patriarch of the Menghuang tribe said, “May I inquire the names of these two warriors?”

Jian Chen glanced indifferently at the three experts from the Menghuang tribe. He did not pay much attention to them, turning around and speaking to Nubis and the Dare tribe patriarch, “Let’s go in. The auction’s about to start.”

“You are right. The auction’s starting soon. We can’t afford to waste time with the people from the Menghuang tribe. Let’s go, let’s go.” The patriarch of the Menghuang tribe immediately followed with what Jian Chen wanted, before they were gradually led off into the distance by the female servant.

Looking at the backs of the three, the three experts from the Menghuang tribe who had been cast aside immediately became extremely ugly. Their faces became so dark that they would be on the brink of raining if they were clouds.

“The two mysterious people recruited by the Dare tribe are very powerful. I can’t see through them at all,” said a protector elder of the Menghuang tribe.

“I can’t see through them either and I can vaguely feel a vast pressure from the two of them. They’re definitely Seasoul Warriors of the 14th Star. Looks like the Dare tribe really has found the strength to deal with us,” said the other protector elder.
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