Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 917: Octoterra Emperor’s Schemes
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 917: Octoterra Emperor’s Schemes

Chapter 917: Octoterra Emperor’s Schemes

At this moment, a violent rumble resounded from within the hall. A powerful energy immediately rippled from the hall, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

The hearts of everyone outside sank. They were already expecting that the people who had entered were doomed. The halls really did hide great danger, it was not as peaceful as it seemed.

The hall boomed a few times before quickly returning to peace. Afterward, there was no more activity at all. No one could see what had happened inside due to the Saint Emperor’s power in the hall. Even Jian Chen’s presence could not pass through the walls.

“Looks like they’ve fallen here.” Similar thoughts flashed through the heads of many people. Afterward, their dread for that hall became denser and denser and they swore to never enter it.

However, a series of footsteps rang out soon afterward. The three people who had entered had actually walked out alive, and each and everyone of them was filled with joy. Clearly, they had found some great things.

Currently, their armors had dulled. It had assisted them in resisting those violent attacks, now greatly consumed of power.

Their appearance immediately drew everyone's attention. They all stared at the three people in shock and doubt as they revealed expressions of disbelief.

“They’re actually still alive…”

“Just what was there inside…”

Many people asked immediately but they did not get any response. As soon as the three people came out from a hall, they immediately hurried toward another one without any hesitation.

“There must be some good stuff in these halls. We need to go find them. We can’t let others take it before us,” someone said loudly. Afterward, the people all charged toward the surrounding halls in groups without any more worry.

“Let’s go have a look as well.” Jian Chen waved his arm and led the people behind him to a nearby hall.

Violent booms reverberated from everywhere. A few Saint Rulers in the surroundings had already opened the doors to halls as they wore armor condensed from a Saint King’s power. There were also quite a few people who were knocked far away by the powerful energy that had erupted from the halls.

Jian Chen witnessed everything that was happening in the surroundings. He realized that of all the experts that had entered the Octoterra Divine Hall this time, probably everyone had some of a Saint King’s power other than Nubis, Xie Wang, and him. The Saint Kings had deposited some of their power in them to increase their ability to survive, as once they brought back treasures, the ones that benefitted would be the clan supporting them.

“Looks like there’s also Saint King’s power in Mo Ji and the others. I just wonder how great the power is and what level of cultivation the Saint King possessed when they deposited their power into them.” Jian Chen glanced at the four people behind him from the corner of his eye and secretly raised his awareness.

The seven of them stopped before a hall and stood in silence for a while. Xie Wang spoke from one side, “As soon as the door is open, there’ll be a very powerful attack. It can injure any one of us, so we might as well open it together.”

“Sure, then let’s open it together,” an old man said steadily. He was Gao Da, one of the four people that had joined Jian Chen’s group.

Soon enough, the seven of them opened the door together. Just as it opened, a powerful ripple of energy immediately shot toward them.

They struck out in unison, using their powerful attacks to collide with the ripple of energy.

With a rumble, all seven of them were knocked backward by the energy. They all took a dozen or so steps before stabilizing themselves but were all unharmed.

They entered the hall. The hall was beautifully decorated and although it had already been countless years since it was last opened, it was extremely clean inside and without dust.

Jian Chen glanced around, locking onto the table in the room very quickly. There was a Space Ring, a letter, a thin book, and a stone square board around thirty centimeters in length and width on the table.

The seven of them subconsciously walked toward the room. Abruptly, the space around them began to ripple violently and their surroundings disappeared in that very instant. It turned into a scorching sea of fire that radiated with terrifying heat.

“It’s so hot. This is a formation. We’ve fallen into another formation,” growled Xie Wang. A powerful force immediately exuded from his body, forming a barrier around him to protect him from the heat.

Jian Chen stared at the flames calmly. He felt the terrifying heat and said normally, “This formation is much more powerful than anyone that we’ve encountered before. If I’ve guessed correctly, this formation should be prepared for 15th Star experts.”

“I dislike the heat here very much. Ruler, let’s work together and break through immediately,” Mo Ji said impatiently with a frown. To the Sea race that lived in the ocean, fire was their weakness. There was no member of the Sea race that liked fire.

Jian Chen wielded his King Armament and leaped up high into the sky. He slashed violently at the space above as his sword radiated with a devastating aura.

This attack was equivalent to a casual strike from a Saint King. It completely exceeded the strength of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler and immediately caused the formation space to tremble violently as the sword cut through the air, before shattering loudly.

The sea of fire disappeared and the surroundings returned to how it was previously. Jian Chen’s single attack had broken through it.

When the four people who had tagged along witnessed this, they immediately became overwhelmed with shock. What they knew was that the Turtle clan was a clan with powerful defense and weak attacks. However, the ruler of the Turtle clan before them right now had displayed a strength that completely dispelled what was said in the legends.

“The ruler’s strength really has broadened our horizons, it is incredible for the ruler to be able to break through a formation targeted at 15th Star experts with a single attack,” someone said a few words of praise with a dazzling smile.

Jian Chen remained as usual and said, “This formation may be targeted toward 15th Star experts but it’s no longer as strong as it was before after so much time has passed. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to break through it so easily. Let’s go see exactly what treasures are hiding in this hall.” With that, Jian Chen entered the room with his King Armament in hand. He glanced past the items on the table, before locking onto the stone board.

Jian Chen extended his hand toward the stone board. His hand sank when he held it; the board did not have a weight that matched its size. It was at least several hundred kilograms in weight. Lifting it would be an extremely arduous task for those with weaker strength.

Jian Chen lifted up the stone board without any difficulty and examined it. There were a few engravings on it but it seemed incomplete. It was impossible to determine what it was. However, Jian Chen could feel a pressure from it that seemed to originate from the world. The pressure was filled with surging battle intent.

Jian Chen sensed the pressure carefully. For some reason, he felt familiar with the pressure as if he had felt it somewhere before.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through Jian Chen’s head. He growled, “This is a fragment of a Tian Level Saint Technique.” Saint techniques were how the people of the sea realm referred to battle skills, where they split them into the four levels of Tian, Di, Xuan and Huang. Tian Level Saint Techniques were Saint Tier Battle Skills on the Tian Yuan Continent.

All the other people stared that the stone board in Jian Chen’s hand with burning interest when they heard that. However, they become disappointed soon after. Xie Wang sighed and said, “It’s a pity that it’s incomplete. It’s useless.”

“Even when complete, Tian Level Saint Techniques are extremely difficult to comprehend. There are even many 16th Star experts who have failed to grasp one. That’s even more impossible with the one incomplete right now. If we don’t collect all the pieces, this fragment will remain useless,” Mo Ji said with a sigh as well.

Jian Chen lowered his head in thought. He could still remember clearly that when he had assisted the Gesun Kingdom in repelling the four kingdom coalition all those years ago, he had once cleared out a kingdom’s treasury. In there, he had surprisingly found a fragment of a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

However, that fragment clearly did not match up with the one that they had just found as the two were different battle skills.

Afterward, Jian Chen examined the three other items. The Space Ring was filled with large quantities of grand quality crystal coins, reaching into the tens of millions. There were also several monster cores besides the coins, ranging from Class 5 to Class 7. There was even a Class 8 Monster Core.

An incomplete cultivation method was recorded inside the thin book. It was only a small part of it.

The letter contained the Octoterra Emperor’s comprehension of his cultivation as well as some matters regarding the latter part of his life. It too was incomplete.

“Other than the Space Ring, the other three objects are all incomplete. They’re basically trash. This Octoterra Emperor sure likes to mess with people.” Nubis could not help but curse.

Jian Chen paid no attention to Nubis’ grumbling and looked toward the others. He asked, “How do you want to split these items? Does anyone have any good suggestions?”

Mo Ji and the three others glanced at each other when they heard that. One of them then spoke a suggestion, “The ruler’s strength is extraordinary and will be more capable of protecting these items. As a result, I would recommend placing the objects in the ruler’s possession for now. We can discuss how we split it in detail after we’ve left the hall.”

“I agree with this suggestion…”

Everyone else agreed to this suggestion and Jian Chen accepted it as well. He put everything away into a separate Space Ring.

They checked through the hall once again. They had virtually flipped the entire hall upside down but they found nothing else. They then left the area.

They entered another hall that had not been entered yet as soon as they got out. Breaking through a formation, they successfully obtained what was stored inside.

However, the things inside were all exactly the same. There was a Space Ring that contained a small fortune, an incomplete letter, an incomplete cultivation method and a small fragment of the Saint Tier Battle Skill.

Afterward, they entered a third hall. They obtained the exact same objects as before. It seemed like everything in each hall was the same.

“Looks like the Octoterra Emperor has divided the items into countless pieces and placed them in each hall. You would need to obtain all the other pieces to get the whole item. The Octoterra Emperor actually wants us to kill each other.” Jian Chen’s face sank as he reached an understanding of the Octoterra Emperor’s intentions very quickly.

Of the items the Octoterra Emperor had left behind, everything could make people drool regardless if it was the incomplete Saint Tier Battle Skill, his comprehensions, his understandings regarding cultivation or his cultivation method. Even 16th Star experts would find it to be an irresistible enticement. Jian Chen could already expect that there would be a brutal massacre between the hundred and sixty experts that had entered the divine hall.
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