Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 968: Returning to Qinhuang Kingdom
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 968: Returning to Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 968: Returning to Qinhuang Kingdom

The expressions of the two Saint Kings of the Kegu clan both darkened. In their opinion, Jian Chen was clearly a Saint King. He had the power to rip open a Space Gate, yet he just had to borrow the Kegu clan’s one. This was a straightforward provocation.

The Kegu clan was an ancient clan with two Saint Kings protecting it, so how could they endure such an insult? Ke Nan and Ke Bei immediately became furious and roared, “Sir, are you looking down on us? Since you want to humiliate our clan like this, allow the two of us to observe your strength. Let’s see just what you are capable of to be able to look down on us.”

Jian Chen immediately frowned when he heard that. He had come to the Kegu clan purely to borrow their Space Gate. He had never thought that such a simple matter would cause misunderstandings.

Without giving Jian Chen any time to explain, the two Saint Kings both rose and charged toward Jian Chen as they radiated with vast energy ripples. Huge, palm-width swords had already appeared in their hands. They swung the swords directly at Jian Chen.

The space on the Tian Yuan Continent was not as tough as the sea realm. With just the strokes of these swords, the space was shattered, revealing a patch of darkness. However, Ke Nan and Ke Bei remained unaffected. The Saint Weapons in their hands shone with a blinding light, stabbing through the shattered space toward Jian Chen.

Ke Bei and Ke Nan were Second and Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings respectively. Although they were great experts on the continent, they were not worth any attention from Jian Chen. Just the toughness of his Chaotic Body at the third layer was enough to resist attacks from Third Heavenly Layer Saint Kings without any harm.

Jian Chen remained as cold as before. His arm shook violently and the Emperor Armament in his hand stabbed out as a dark streak of light.

Ding ding!

The Emperor Armament collided with the two Saint Weapons with two crisp sounds. The air trembled without stop as a violent storm of energy whipped out.

In the moment the Emperor Armament collided with their weapons, Ke Nan and Ke Bei immediately felt an irresistible force. Not only did it shake their arms until they became numb, a powerful force traveled up their limbs and into their bodies. It shook up their inner organs violently, causing the air to become a bloody mist.

Ke Bei and Ke Nan shot backward out of control, only stabilizing themselves after traveling ten whole kilometers. They immediately became overwhelmed with shock. They both understood that if Jian Chen’s attack was slightly more powerful, they would definitely become extremely heavily injured.

However, Jian Chen seemed at ease, as if he had not struck out with his full strength.

“Sir, who are you? How has my clan offended you? Why must you make it difficult for us?” Ke Nan asked gruffly. He became extremely stern.

“I only want to borrow your Space Gate. I have no problem with your clan,” said Jian Chen.

“Hmph, you’re a Saint King and you’re much stronger than us. You can just rip open a Space Gate, yet you just have to make trouble and come use our clan’s Space Gate. Aren’t you intentionally trying to make fun of my clan?” He Bei said darkly.

Jian Chen could not be bothered with explanations. “If you let me borrow your Space Gate, I’ll leave immediately. Are you going to let me borrow it or not? If you’re not going to, then I’ll use it anyway.” Jian Chen voice was cold, but it was also filled with a powerful confidence. It was like he did not view the two Saint Kings as anything at all.

The current Jian Chen was worlds apart from the Jian Chen of years ago. Back then, he had no power to resist at all when he went up against organizations like ancient clans, but now, he could completely look down on them or even threaten them.

In this world, only those with strength would be respected. There were no principles to argue over, no concept of ‘fair’ or any difference between right and wrong. It all depended on one thing and that was strength. Strength that could make opponents fear or even dread.

The two Saint Kings reacted by changing in expression multiple times. Faced with Jian Chen’s threatening words, they could actually do nothing. The opponent was powerful, strong enough to look down on the two of them or even flip their Kegu clan upside down.

“Alright. Since you want to use our Space Gate, please come with us.” The two Saint Kings finally gave in. They could do nothing whether the opponent was trying to provoke them or if he truly wanted to use the Space Gate. All they could do was bring him to the location of the Space Gate under Jian Chen’s request.

Jian Chen casually followed behind the two Saint Kings under the gazes of countless clansmen as he swaggered to the Space Gate’s location. Afterward, it was personally activated by Ke Bei and Ke Nan.

Seeing how Jian Chen really did plan on using the Space Gate and did not come looking for trouble, the two of them could not help but secretly sigh a breath of relief. Ke Bei asked expressionlessly, “May I ask where you want us to lock on the Space Gate?”

“Qinhuang Kingdom of the eight great kingdoms,” said Jian Chen.

The Space Gate quickly locked onto the Qinhuang Kingdom, and Jian Chen then directly crossed through the Space Gate under the gazes of the two Saint Kings.

With Jian Chen’s departure, the two of them quickly closed the Space Gate and sighed a great breath of relief inside. They had finally sent away an annoying opponent.

Jian Chen directly arrived at the Qinhuang Kingdom through the Space Gate. After determining his location, he directly flew toward the imperial palace of the kingdom, disappearing in the blink of an eye. He was extremely fast.

It was peaceful in the imperial palace and groups of elite, armored guards patroled the surroundings in an orderly fashion. The quiet palace possessed some grandeur and an inviolable prestige.

At this very moment, a tremendous presence appeared in the surroundings. It seemed to be able to affect the world, causing the weather to change. The clouds in the sky churned as if there was a great dragon swimming inside.

The presence became stronger and stronger as it rapidly approached the palace.

The four Imperial Protectors who cultivated in the Qin Heaven Palace opened their eyes at the same time. Shock flashed through their eyes. Without any hesitation, they left the building and floated high up in the air. They stared grimly in the direction of the presence.

At the same time, all the Heaven Saint Masters in the palace and city felt the presence that made them shiver from the bottom of their souls. They were all shocked as well. They stopped what they were doing and looked into the air, in the direction of the presence.

“It’s a Saint Ruler. A Saint Ruler has come to Qinhuang City. Looking at this presence, the person is probably one of the more powerful ones as well.”

“I’m guessing that they’re at least of the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Only an expert like that can cause me to tremble.”

“The Saint Ruler comes with ill intentions. I’m guessing he’s come to look for trouble with the kingdom.”

“What’re you scared about? The kingdom has the four Imperial Protectors guarding it. With an advantage in numbers, who dares to provoke us? They’ll just return in the end after suffering a loss.”

The many Heaven Saint Masters in Qinhuang City began discussing. As they were too weak, they thought the owner of the presence was a Saint Ruler. To them, only Saint Rulers would appear sometimes on the Tian Yuan Continent. They did not even consider the more powerful Saint Kings.

This was because Saint Kings were just a group of people that existed in legends to them. They would not appear even in thousands of years.

The four Imperial Protectors hung in the air. Qin Yunlong said deeply, “What a vast presence. The owner of this presence is at least a Saint King.”

“Just who is he? Why has he come to our Qinhuang Kingdom? We haven’t seemed to have offended any expert in so many years,” the Imperial Protector besides Qin Yunlong said. He was extremely grim.

The other two Imperial Protectors were grim as well, filled with uneasiness inside.

A figure shot over from afar with lightning speed under the nervous gazes of the four Imperial Protectors. He arrived before the four of them very quickly and stopped. It was Jian Chen.

The four Imperial Protectors had already clasped their hands. Just as they were about to bow and greet the person, they suddenly saw Jian Chen’s appearance. They were stunned immediately, before disbelief flooded their expressions. They mouths hung agape. They were completely astounded.

“J- J- J- J- Jian Chen!” Qin Yunlong cried out. He stared at Jian Chen in disbelief as his heart began to churn. Never did he even consider that the owner of the powerful presence was Jian Chen, who had gone missing for several years.

“Imperial Protector Jian Chen, why is it you…”

“Jian Chen, have you already become a Saint King in just those few short years…”

“Jian Chen, are you a Saint Ruler or Saint King right now…”

The other three Imperial Protectors all called out together. All of them stared at Jian Chen in disbelief. They could naturally feel the tremendous presence from Jian Chen. As they currently faced him, they could actually feel an invisible pressure that implanted the thought of defeat in their minds.

Naturally, only Saint Kings could make them feel like that. However, they just struggled to believe that Jian Chen had broken through Saint Ruler so quickly to become a Saint King.
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