Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 995: Imminent Danger
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 995: Imminent Danger

Chapter 995: Imminent Danger

“My child, it’s a pity that I can’t see you one last time. I wonder how you are right now. Did following that human make you suffer?” Rum Guinness thought inside. Despair had already filled her heart. She knew that the barrier would not last much longer without more support from her. She was dead for sure after it had broken.

Although she was a powerful Class 7 Magical Beast, she was no longer in her peak condition. She did not possess her previous strength.

At this moment before death, she missed and worried about her child the most.

Outside, the booms from the barrier constantly rang out. The Heaven Saint Masters rained the barrier with attacks under the directions of the Saint Ruler. This made the barrier’s power rapidly decrease.

Old man Hou floated in the air. He stared coldly at the barrier below as caution flooded his eyes. He had already charged up his strength, secretly ready to strike out at any moment. He made his preparations so that the Class 7 Magical Beast hiding in the barrier would be unable to attack him suddenly.

Far away, Jian Chen tailed the white tiger hair as he carried You Yue. The white tiger stood on his shoulder. He traveled toward the north of the continent, where Rum Guinness had hidden herself.

At the side, Rui Jin and Hei Yu followed him closely. Although they could rip open Space Gates, they had no idea of the precise locations as there was only the tiger hair as a guide. As a result, all they could do was follow the tiger hair.

However, they were still extremely fast even though they were flying.

In the blink of an eye, several days had passed. Jian Chen’s group had crossed through countless kingdoms of various sizes as well as many mountain ranges. They flew constantly and approached the north after they traveled for tens of millions of kilometers.

At the same time, the Heaven Saint Masters finally broke through Rum Guinness’ barrier. The barrier had repelled theirs attacks for over ten days, and this consumed all its energy. It revealed the dark entrance to the cavern.

The Heaven Saint Masters immediately retreated after the barrier broke. Old Hou entered the cavern carefully alone. He saw the powerless Rum Guinness on the floor at first glance.

Rum Guinness’ eyes were filled with weakness and were dull. She glanced at old Hou, before she slowly closed her eyes. She had already accepted death now, as she did not have the power to flee in her current condition. Even if she made a final, full-powered retaliation regardless of the consequences, she would not be able to injure a Saint Ruler in peak condition.

Old Hou stood cautiously as he stared fixedly at Rum Guinness for a while. Only after he confirmed that the Class 7 Magical Beast was actually heavily injured did he relax slightly. However, he was still unwilling to be careless. With a wave of his hand, he gathered a powerful energy, shooting it toward Rum Guinness with lightning speed.


Rum Guinness was sent flying without any resistance. She collided against the cavern wall behind her heavily before she fell to the ground. A few mouthfuls of blood immediately spurted from her mouth. A terrifying injury had formed on her body as blood flowed from it. It dyed her snow-white fur red.

Rum Guinness’ eyes darkened once more. She became even weaker.

Old Hou could not help but laugh aloud when he saw this. He said, “Looks like my worry was unneeded. Your injuries are far worse than I had imagined. Looks like I’ll be able to obtain a Class 7 Monster Core and a magical beast corpse with ease today.”

As he spoke, energy began to gather in old Hou’s hands once more. He struck toward Rum Guinness again. He was unwilling to approach Rum Guinness at all out of caution, afraid that she was faking it all.

The white tiger that stood silently on Jian Chen’s shoulder suddenly trembled when Rum Guinness was injured. Two streaks of light immediately shone from its eyes and the vast presence of a Class 7 Magical Beast began to radiate from its tiny body. The presence contained a burning fury.

Roar! The white tiger roared loudly at the sky. It was not like its earlier growl, but a true tiger’s roar. It was deafening and basically spread through the entire sky.

Afterward, the white tiger leaped off Jian Chen’s shoulder. Its curled-up wings suddenly unfurled and began to flap. The white tiger turned into a white streak as it shot off with unbelievable speed. It disappeared in an instant, almost like teleportation. It was moving as fast as it could.

The white tiger’s sudden actions caused Jian Chen and the others to become stunned. However, Jian Chen realized something very quickly and his face sank. He hoarsely said, “Xiao Bai’s mother is likely to be in danger right now. Let’s hurry.”

“Jian Chen, your comprehension of the mysteries of the world is just far too limited. Let me take you,” Hei Yu said. With a wave of his arm, an invisible force instantly surrounded Jian Chen and You Yue. Afterward, it did not hold back at all, fusing them with the surrounding space even more. Through the use of Spatial Force, they turned into a blur with Rui Jin and Hei Yu. They passed the tiger hair instantly as they chased after the white tiger.

Rum Guinness had taken several heavy attacks in the marshland. She lay on the ground on her last legs, as blood had dyed her completely red. The blood on the ground had already formed a pool, while her eyes were dark. She seemed to almost close her eyes.

Old Hou smiled ruthlessly. He no longer had any fear now and a curved blade appeared in his hand. He planned on giving Rum Guinness a final strike to completely end her life.


At this moment, a great roar boomed from afar. The sound began near the horizon and rapidly grew louder and arrived nearby in an instant.

The roar possessed a great pressure like the angry roar of a lord. All the magical beasts living in the poisonous marshland were frightened, collapsing onto the ground as they trembled.

Even the Heaven Saint Masters and old Hou were frightened by the roar. However, the effect was not as heavy as they were humans.

“T- that’s a Class 7 Magical Beast. Another Class 7 Magical Beast has actually come.” Old Hou’s expression changed drastically, becoming extremely ugly.
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