Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1187: The Special Inn of Lore City
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1187: The Special Inn of Lore City

Chapter 1187: The Special Inn of Lore City

Jian Chen, Chang Wuji, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, Changyang Zu Yunkong, Changyang Zu Yeyun, Changyang Zu Xiao, and the Saint Rulers from the protector clan all gathered together. They focused on what had happened in the clan and their future development plans.

Changyang Zu Yunkong was the most furious of them all. He spoke with a righteous tone as he suggested to completely break free from the protector clan and make the Changyang clan of Lore City independent, without any connections to the protector clan.

The exodus of Changyang Zu Xiao’s clansmen of the Zu branch coming to Lore City was already an explanation for everything. All that they lacked was a formal announcement.

The atmosphere in the hall became heavy. Changyang Zu Xiao and the others all became extremely heavy-hearted as well. None of them said anything.

A while later, Changyang Zu Xiao finally made up his mind. He clenched his teeth, “From now on, I announce that I, Changyang Zu Xiao, will be leaving the protector Changyang clan, and I will no longer have any connection with them.”

“I also announce that I, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, will be leaving the protector Changyang clan…” Changyang Zu Yunxiao was the second person to declare his stance.

“I, Changyang Zu Yeyun, will also be leaving the protector Changyang clan…”

All the people of the Zu branch announced their departure from the Changyang clan. They had already been prepared for this declaration since they had followed Changyang Zu Xiao to Lore City.

The people who had left the Changyang clan were only a small portion of the Zu branch. Many more people chose to stay behind, but the people who came were the most powerful force of the Zu branch.

Jian Chen first visited his parents after the meeting. He spoke a little with them before visiting his three aunts.

His first aunt, Ling Long, and his second aunt, Yu Fengyan, were in rather bad mental states. They had been separated from their children for many years and had not heard a single thing from them, so they missed their children very much.

Yu Fengyan was better. Although she had not seen her daughter in many years, she was slightly relieved that her daughter was at least the holy maiden of a powerful organization.

However, Ling Long was in a permanent state of alarm. What the pavilion master of the Pure Heart Pavilion had said to her before was deeply embedded in her head. Although Changyang Hu had become a disciple of the Pure Heart Pavilion and was heavily favored by the pavilion master, she did not feel happy at all. She feared that Changyang Hu would abandon his family and friends, thus forgetting about her as his mother.

Jian Chen’s third aunt Bai Yushuang was extremely happy in recent years. With Jian Chen’s help, her son’s constitution had been modified, so even though he could not be compared to Jian Chen, his cultivation speed had still increased. He had become an Earth Saint Master just half a month ago.

At the same time, Changyang Ke held his marriage several years ago. His wife was a princess of the kingdom, and the king himself had personally mentioned the engagement.

Afterward, Jian Chen left the Changyang clan with You Yue. They strolled around the city.

“Jian Chen, where are we going now?” You Yue clung onto Jian Chen’s arm as she looked at him in affection. Her face was filled with her gentle nature.

“You will find out very soon,” Jian Chen smiled.

Very soon, the two of them arrived in the center of the city, which was also the busiest area.

A four-story-tall inn stood right in front of them. It was extremely luxurious and extravagant. To outsiders, it definitely seemed like an inn that only rich people could enter, but it was the exact opponent. Not only were there rich merchants and young masters of influential families in there, there were also noisy mercenaries.

“You Yue, let’s go in. It’s been so long, so it’s about time for me to visit auntie.” Jian Chen gently spoke before entering the place with You Yue.

Even though it was not meal time, there were many people in the inn. The first floor was almost full with a great roaring hubbub of thunderous noise. It was deafening.

Clearly, there were divisions regarding the prices of the inn. Most of the first floor was filled with mercenaries who fought and killed outside. They naturally radiated with bold presences. Only a few merchants ate on that floor as well.

The wealthy merchants and scions of great clans had all gone to the second floor. They were not present on the first.

An inn was a place where conflicts occurred the most. Frequently, a few vile-tempered mercenaries would get drunk off of liquor and lose themselves, fighting in the inn and leading to bloodshed in the end.

When Jian Chen and You Yue entered the inn, two groups of mercenaries began arguing.

“F*cking hell, can you keep it down? You’re so noisy that it’s getting in the way of my drinking,” a burly mercenary with fire-red hair furiously slammed the jug of liquor in his hand onto the table. He roared at some mercenaries who were talking loudly.

The hubbub in the inn immediately disappeared. Everyone focused their attention on the red-haired mercenary.

The table which he had yelled out fell silent as well. There were a total of four people there, and every single one of them were flushed from drinking. However, they all radiated with especially bold presences.

This was something that only people who had experienced a slaughter would possess. Clearly, the four of them had gone through a trial of blood before. They were ferocious people who were frequently engaged in brutal battles.

Bang! One of the four people heavily slammed the table and a powerful force turned it into pieces. He glared at the mercenary and coldly said, “How dare you speak to us Baoxiong brothers like that. Do you find your lifespan too long?”

“We cannot forgive this person for speaking to us like that. Let’s take his life as an apology,” one of the four people called out. His temperament was unnecessarily volatile as well. He had already condensed his Saint Weapon, which was a huge axe.

The red-haired mercenary snickered, “I really wonder if you know how to spell death for speaking to me like that.” As he said that, he clenched his hand and vast amounts of fire-attributed Saint Force immediately gushed out, quickly condensing into a huge, fire-red sword.

“Earth Saint Master!”

“And he can actually control fire-attributed Saint Force, the element with the greatest offensive capabilities of the six!”

A few surprised mutters immediately appeared in the inn. Earth Saint Masters were rather rare in Lore City.

The mercenary and the four brothers brandished their weapons. They were already close to fighting.

At this moment, a middle-aged man who seemed to be a merchant stepped forward. He clasped his hands and gave them a smile, “You must not be people of the Gesun Kingdom, right? I am a Fang Yanhua, and I’d like to advise you that you’ve chosen the wrong place to fight. You must never cause trouble in this inn, or even Heaven Saint Masters will face disaster.”

Both parties’ expressions changed when they heard that. Heaven Saint Masters were peak-level experts in their eyes. There were only around ten of these powerful experts even with the entire kingdom in perspective.

Of course, that was ignoring the hidden power of the Changyang clan.

The red-haired mercenary calmed down very quickly after being surprised. He did not believe what the local had said and laughed, “Even Heaven Saint Masters will face disaster? What, is this inn protected by a Saint Ruler?”

The merchant expected the mercenary to respond like that. He smiled, “That may not be the exact truth, but it’s basically like that. This inn is a place protected by the Changyang clan. The Changyang clan has Saint Rulers.”

“Hmph, do you think I’ll believe that a mere inn will receive the protection of the great Changyang clan? Do you think I’m as easy to trick as a kid?” One of the four brothers sneered. They did not believe what the merchant had said.

The merchant glanced at them in pity before sitting down again. He no longer paid any attention to them.

The temperature in the inn rapidly climbed. The huge sword in the red-haired mercenary’s hand was coated in a layer of red light, and he stabbed at the four brothers.

The four brothers did not hold back either. They all drew their Saint Weapons, and they were all Earth Saint Masters as well. It was just that each one of them was not as powerful as the red-haired mercenary alone, so they needed to work together.

At this moment, a group of people in black clothes quietly made their way in. There was a total of twelve of them, and all of them possessed neutral expressions. The leading middle-aged man was a Heaven Saint Master.

Many people in the hall immediately began to look at them in envy and admiration. They were a disciplinary squad of the Changyang clan, and even their weakest member was an Earth Saint Master. The simple, black clothing had become a representation of strength, status, and glory in the eyes of the people in the inn.

“Take away all those who dare to make trouble here!” The leading man coldly stared at the four brothers and the red-haired mercenary. Just his gaze was enough to make the five aggressive mercenaries shiver inside. All their intent to battle vanished.

“A Heaven Saint Master!” The thought of death crossed their heads. They had never thought that they would actually provoke such a powerful expert and that it would happen so quickly. Was the inn really protected by the Changyang clan.

They even lost the courage to resist in front of a Heaven Saint Master. All five of them were taken away by the disciplinary squad.

“Everyone please continue to enjoy your meals. I am the captain of this squad, Jiang Cheng. Please forgive me if I have disturbed you.” Jiang Cheng did not act haughtily like a Heaven Saint Master. He seemed like any other person. This was not because he had no pride, but he would only show his pride outside. In the inn, he needed to lower himself even with his identity because he knew very well just how close the owner was with the Changyang clan. He was not even willing to offend the guests of the inn.

At this moment, Jiang Cheng’s face suddenly hardened. He stared blankly at Jian Chen and You Yue, who were about to go to the second floor. His face became filled with disbelief, which was soon replaced by excitement and joy along with unhideable respect and admiration.

Jiang Cheng quickly walked over and dropped to one knee in front of everyone. He said with a trembling voice, “I greet the young master and your majesty.”

Jian Chen smiled as he waved his hand. An invisible force pulled Jiang Cheng from the ground and he said, “A Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, not bad. Jiang Cheng, guard this inn well. You can become a Saint Ruler within a hundred years.”

Jiang Cheng became so happy that he was unable to express himself. He emotionally said, “Don’t worry, young master. I will use my life to guard this inn. As long as my life is intact, no one will be able to cause trouble here.”

Jian Chen nodded before proceeding to the second floor of the inn. Only after a while did a commotion erupt on the first floor.

“Young master? Is that young man the young master of the Changyang clan?”

“He’s an Imperial Protector of our kingdom and a prodigy of the continent. He’s become a Saint Ruler at such a young age…”

“That’s probably not all to it. I heard that the young master has become a Saint King now…”

“I never thought that I’d see the elusive young master of the Changyang clan…”

All the people in the inn were extremely excited. The young master of the Changyang clan was a legend across the Continent. Although most people knew his name, there were very few who had actually seen him in person.
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