Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1290: The Final Material
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1290: The Final Material

Chapter 1290: The Final Material

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had stayed in the earth-attribute region for several days. He had come across over twenty Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts during that time. He killed them all and collected their corpses and energy crystals.

However, Jian Chen had gained a clear understanding of the strength of Class 10 Xuanhuang beasts after being chased by one before, so he did not provoke any of them over these past few days. As soon as he came across a region that might have been the territory of one, he would take a long detour around it.

Other than that, Jian Chen had come across many Immortal Tier heavenly resources as well. The various heavenly resources he had collected over the past few days had already formed a small mountain. There was so many that even Jian Chen was shocked.

A few days later, Jian Chen passed through the earth-attribute region. He had only a month and a few days left until his three months in Xuanhuang Microcosm came to an end, so he knew just from the size that even if he spent the rest of his time here, he would not be able to make it through the entire mountain range.

The mountain range was just far too vast. It was the largest Jian Chen had ever been in. To cross through a region with his speed took several days even if he traveled in a straight line. He would have to spend even more time if he wanted to search through every region. With his remaining time, just searching through a single region would be extremely difficult, let alone the entire place.

“I can’t waste valuable time here. I should cross the mountains and enter the depths to have a look there. There must be even more treasures there,” Jian Chen made up his mind. Although he knew that there were still a lot of Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts left in the elemental mountains, he no longer planned to stay any longer. He immediately changed directions and crossed the mountains as he made his way into the depths.

Jian Chen traveled for two whole days before making it through the mountains, arriving in the region they encircled. The huge basin seemed like an ancient forest as trees towered over him. They were several hundred or even thousands of meters tall. The vegetation there grew vigorously, having reached over ten meters in height. It was teeming with life.

Although it was only separated by a single mountain range, the outside and inside seemed like two completely different worlds.

Jian Chen entered the forest. The heavenly resources in the forest were even more plentiful than the elemental mountains. When he had traveled less than twenty kilometers, he came across another Violet Cloud Peach Tree. It had already reached the fifth grade. Asingle peach could provide the energy equivalent to two thousand five hundred years of cultivation.

An extremely powerful Class 9 Xuanhuang beast guarded the tree. Jian Chen believed that even if the Xuanhuang beast had not reached the peak of Class 9, it was close already. He spent a lot of effort to slay it before taking all the immortal peaches with him.

“That’s Mortal Energy Fruit. Master, Mortal Energy Fruits are an immortal fruit that can recover consumed energy extremely quickly. If you’ve consumed too much energy in a fight, you can consume one and return the energy within you to its peak amount in an extremely short amount of time.” Zi Ying discovered another extremely rare heavenly resource and cried out in excitement.

“Master, go pick the Mortal Energy Fruit. They’re extremely rare even in the Immortals’ World. They’re one of the best immortal fruits for recovering energy. Every single one of them is extremely expensive, and they’ve even reached the fifth grade.” Qing Suo happily encouraged Jian Chen.

Jian Chen gazed over and discovered a tree over ten meters tall up ahead. A few fist-sized, milky-white fruits hung on its branches. The fruits possessed a special pattern on their surface, and up close, the pattern seemed like the faces of people.

“And there’s Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo over there. The sap of the bamboo is something that can heal the injuries of the soul, and it can also refine the soul and strengthen it. They’re even more valuable than the Mortal Energy Fruit, an item of demand but no supply,” Zi Ying then said as he pointed at a region of amethyst bamboo nearby. He became even more delighted.

However, he suddenly became stunned after saying that. He stared at an amethyst, fist-sized rock within the bamboo forest, and a while later, he suddenly cried out, “Yin Hellstone, that’s Yin Hellstone. Master, there’s even a piece of Yin Hellstone within the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo. That’s the last material for forging the Azulet swords!”

Qing Suo was surprised by that and immediately looked over as well. Joy filled her face and she said, “It really is Yin Hellstone. I never thought that we’d find the final material for the Azulet swords here. Master, you have to obtain that stone no matter what. Once we forge the Azulet swords, master will truly embark on the Way of the Sword. Master will also be able to practice the techniques of the Way of the Sword.”

Jian Chen became excited as well. Forging the Azulet swords was extremely important to him. Not only would he be able to obtain a weapon that truly suited himself, allowing his strength to skyrocket, he would also be able to formally practice the techniques of the sword and continue further into the realm of the Way of the Sword. He could become a true practitioner of the sword with the techniques he acquired.

Although he had already reached Sword Origin, he was not in possession of his fated swords, so every time he used the wonders of the Way of the Sword, he felt like he was lacking something. He was unable to use his power naturally.

Jian Chen was tempted to run up and hug the stone, but he needed to suppress the urge. He cautiously looked around as he expanded his soul.

Jian Chen could tell from the sword spirits that both the Mortal Energy Fruit and Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo were no worse than fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches, yet they had actually appeared together, with a piece of Yin Hellstone sandwiched in between. The beast that guarded them would obviously be powerful.

The senses of Jian Chen’s soul were severely restricted within the basin. Even as he poured all his efforts into his soul, he could only engulf a radius of five kilometers. The two heavenly resources and the Yin Hellstone were ten kilometers away from him, so it was impossible for him to discover any Xuanhuang beasts if they were hiding there.

Jian Chen became rather troubled in that moment. He needed to obtain the Yin Hellstone no matter what, but it was quite possible that a Class 10 Xuanhuang beast, or a beast even stronger than that, guarded the Mortal Energy Fruit and Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo. It was definitely not something he could fight. He did not know if he would have the time to collect the Yin Hellstone if he faced the pursuit of such a powerful Xuanhuang beast.

“Master, there are no Xuanhuang beasts in a radius of five kilometers around the Mortal Energy Fruit and Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo. It’s probably left, but from the residual presence, this Xuanhuang beast should be a Heavenly Immortal already, and even a late or peak Heavenly Immortal,” Zi Ying said sternly.

“What! The Xuanhuang beast’s already reached late or even peak Heavenly Immortal? Doesn’t that mean it’s even more powerful than the python I can across a few days ago?” Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat. This was horrible news to him.

“That’s exactly the case. The python master came across a few days ago was only an early Heavenly Immortal, quite a lot weaker than this one.” Qing Suo became rather stern as well. They were uncertain if Jian Chen could flee if he ended up being pursued by this beast.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, can you see just how far the Xuanhuang beast has gone? If it’s gone far enough away, I can try to snatch it. I might have enough time to take away the Yin Hellstone,” Jian Chen asked. His attention was entirely set on the Yin Hellstone. The Mortal Energy Fruit and Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo were valuable, but he set them aside for now.

Although the Xuanhuang beast was not close to the Yin Hellstone, it was still a beast in the tenth class after all. It could travel several dozen kilometers in the blink of an eye. Jian Chen feared that the Xuanhuang beast was close to the Yin Hellstone, hidden in a place the sword spirits could not detect.

“Our powers have been greatly suppressed in the Xuanhuang Microcosm as well, so we can only see up to a region of a little less than twenty kilometers. We are helpless any further than that,” Zi Ying regretfully replie
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    《Chaotic Sword God》