Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1309: A Desirable Boy
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1309: A Desirable Boy

Chapter 1309: A Desirable Boy

Bi Lian raised her head and looked at the guard in doubt after hearing his report. She asked, “Are you saying that all the clothes the boy wears will turn golden, like how they were before they were taken off, and the clothes that were taken turn to dust as well?”

“Yes, vice city lord. That’s exactly what’s happening, and I’ve even sent people to verify the outcome. This matter cannot be wrong. The boy only looks to be three or four years of age, so he hasn’t cultivated before, yet he possesses an ability like this. I believe he is definitely something impressive,” the guard politely replied. Although he was an Earth Saint Master, a reasonably powerful expert, people like him were just far too plentiful in the Flame Mercenaries. As a result, he dared not to show any arrogance before Bi Lian even though she was weaker than him.

You Yue looked over as she ate her cake and became interested. She said to Bi Lian, “Sister Bi Lian, I’m assuming that this boy possesses some natural ability. These types of people are extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent. Why don’t we go see just how wondrous he is?”

Bi Lian became interested as well. She put down her work at hand and stood up in excitement. She said, “Okay, sure. I haven’t gone out in ages, so we can stroll through the city with this.”

You Yue and Bi Lian had hit it off since they were around the same age, so they immediately left the estate on two mighty Class 5 Magical Beasts with a group of guards. A Saint Ruler secretly tailed them to protect them.

The Bright Moon Divine Hall stood within the estate silently as it shone with an everlasting glow. Its presence was vast, and it was beautiful, but it was also filled with a holy presence.

In an empty corner of Flame City, an ordinary house sat. It was pitch-black inside. Visibility was non-existent, and it was filled with the silence of the dead. However, an invisible pressure seemed to permeate the interior, making the house feel suffocating.

At this moment, the door to the building opened, but the sunlight outside failed to enter the room. A skinny man entered the house like a ghost before silently closing the door. He dropped to one knee and growled, “Sect master, vice sect master, the vice city lord, Bi Lian, and You Yue have left the estate together.”

“Have they brought the Bright Moon Divine Hall with them?” A deep and husky voice materialized in the dark.

“The Bright Moon Divine Hall remains in the estate. They have not brought it with them,” the man politely replied.

“I understand. You can leave,” the same voice rang out again. It seemed to come from everywhere, making it impossible to discern the place it originated from within the darkness.

“Yes sect master, vice sect master. I shall leave,” the person turned around and left. He did not make a single sound as he walked, even when opening or closing the door.

“Fantastic. They’ve finally left the city lord’s estate without the Bright Moon Divine Hall. Sect master, we can use this opportunity to take revenge.” A heavy voice rang out again within the dark room, but it was clearly different than the person who had spoken before.

“We’ve already remained here for a long time just to kill the people most important to Jian Chen. You Yue is his fiancée while Bi Lian is his sister. If we assassinate the two of them, Jian Chen will definitely be left in agony. It’s just been a pity that they’ve been hiding in the city lord’s estate and have never come out. I fear the Bright Moon Divine Hall that resides there, which is why we’ve waited until today. An opportunity has finally presented itself now. I’ll wipe out their souls for sure, so they won’t be able to be revived by a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.”

“Hmph, Jian Chen, my Underworld sect is not something that can be trifled with. You’ve wiped it out, so just wait for our wild revenge. Killing your fiancée and sister will only be the first step…”

The people hiding there were sect master Gu Zhen and vice sect master Luo Qi of the Underworld sect who had managed to flee.

At this moment, a large group of people gathered in a large street. They discussed events with one another, causing the entire street to be blocked. A boy in gold clothes stood blankly in the center of the crowd as he looked at the people around him in confusion. His cute face was filled with curiosity.

Ever since he had found the city, he had been encircled by large crowds of people numerous times. Many of them hurriedly gifted him beautiful clothes, which made him extremely happy, but he could never understand why the people around him always liked to point at him.

“I’ve heard that no matter what clothes they are, once they are worn by this kid, they’ll turn golden. Its quality is extremely great, such that it becomes invaluable. Just look at the clothes on him. Anyone with some insight can tell that his clothes are worth even more than gold with just a single glance…”

“I’ve heard of that as well, but I also heard that once the clothes are taken off him, they will return to how they were before and that they cannot be touched, or they’ll be reduced to dust…”

“What a wondrous boy. Surely he doesn’t have an ability like the Midas Touch. If that’s true, doesn’t that mean that he can produce endless amounts of wealth…”

Many people conversed around the boy, but when they heard about the Midas Touch, all of their eyes burned with desire.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman squeezed her way to a spot right before the boy. She smiled as warmly as she could and softly inquired, “Precious, you can’t find your family? All the people around here are bad people. Only I’m good. Come with me, I’ll go find your family with you, okay?”

“Kid, come with me. I can guarantee you a hearty life…”

“Brother, come with sister. I like you the most…”

The people around the boy frantically began to fight over him, but since they were not people with great statuses, they could not use force due to the lack of deterrence from people fighting back. As a result, they could only try various methods to trick the boy away.

At this moment, four Heaven Saint Masters descended from the sky while flickering with light colored by specific attributes. They landed in the center of the crowd and surrounded the boy from four different directions. Afterward, one of them clasped his hands at the surrounding people and said, “Everyone, we are from the Zhou hermit clan of Zhou. This boy belongs to our Zhou family, so we shall be taking him away.”
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    《Chaotic Sword God》