Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1313: Movements of the Tao Family
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1313: Movements of the Tao Family

Chapter 1313: Movements of the Tao Family

In the World of Forsaken Saints, the scorching sun shone like blood as its demonic light illuminated the world. It was extremely hot, such that it felt like one’s skin was being burned when it landed on people.

The cultivation resources in the World of Forsaken Saints far outclassed the Tian Yuan Continent. To the people of the continent, the World of Forsaken Saints was like the heaven of legends, a holy land for cultivation.

However, Tian Yuan Continent seemed like the realm of immortals in terms of scenery. There was nowhere in the World of Forsaken Saints that could rival the beauty of just a few places on the Tian Yuan Continent.

A vast mountain range only smaller than the World Mountains stood on the eastern side of the world. All the steep mountains possessed flat peaks, as if they had been forcefully chopped off by someone, allowing majestic, ancient halls to stand on them. The hall in the very center was over ten kilometers long and wide. It stood several thousand meters tall. It was the most eye-catching since it was completely made from white jade. The snow-white structure gave off a different kind of ambient light as the blood-red sun shone from above. It was enchanting.

This was the most sacred and most glorious place of the World of Forsaken Saints, the Sacred Spirit Hall.

The Sacred Spirit Hall was supreme within the World of Forsaken Saints because they were the rulers. If the World of Forsaken Saints was an extremely vast empire, the Sacred Spirit Hall would be the imperial palace while the Spiritking would be the current emperor. He possessed supreme authority and controlled the world.

The Spiritking currently sat on a grand throne in simple clothes with a metal sword on his back within the hall. Below him sat over forty Origin realm experts quietly, and below them were the illusionary souls of several dozen Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

“Spiritking, the other world is pitifully weak. Not even a single Saint Emperor has appeared…”

“Spiritking, the other world does not have origin energy and the energy of the world is thin. The strongest people among them are equivalent to Saint Kings at Great Perfection, and there’s only a few thousand of them.”

“Spiritking, the other world lacks origin energy, but the scenery there is extremely beautiful. It’s like a realm of immortals. I swear that I’ve never seen such a beautiful world before…”

The Saint Kings all reported everything they had learned from the other world to the Spiritking without hiding anything at all.

The Spiritking and the other Origin realm experts all frowned. The strength of the other world was nowhere near what they had imagined.

“Spiritking, there’s an extremely frightening plain of ice in the other world. As soon as I was transported away, I was frozen by extremely heavy frost. I lost consciousness without even being able to exist,” another Saint King at Great Perfection reported courteously.

However, this only raised the slight attention of the Spiritking and the Origin realm experts. There were quite a few danger zones in the World of Forsaken Saints that could kill Saint Kings at Great Perfection instantly, so it did not attract their attention.

“Spiritking, since the other world does not have origin energy, it’s impossible for them to give birth to Origin realm experts. As a result, the Origin realm expert who guards the seal is likely to be a natural spirit, because only natural spirits can continue cultivating in such horrendous conditions,” said an old man at Returnance. He had lived for several tens of thousand years, so he was knowledgeable. He knew many secrets and rumors, something that the Spiritking could not rival since he was only eight hundred years old.

“Elder Mu Tu has raised a fair point. The Origin realm expert is definitely a natural spirit. There can’t be many of them, so what should we do next, Spiritking?” Another Returnance elder asked.

The Spiritking paused for a while before coldly replying, “The plan will remain the same. Once the spatial tunnel stabilizes enough, send five hundred personal guards through. Since the other world does not welcome us, we can only conquer it by force.”

“But your personal guards are only Saint Emperors. They won’t be able to contend with that Origin realm expert,” a Returnance elder said with some worry.

The Spiritking did not waver at all. The metal sword on his back produced a clear resonance as it flew into his hand as a dark streak. He gently rubbed it and said, “Just let my Sword of Passing Clouds deal with that Origin realm expert. I’ll leave a portion of my power in the sword. I may not be able to use my full strength, but it’ll be more than enough to keep that expert busy.”

A huge divine hall stood in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall within the sea realm. It was the main base of the Tao family. Many newly-built buildings stood around it, housing a few ordinary clansmen within the alliance.

After experiencing the intense battle with the Turtle clan, the alliance always kept the divine hall outside. All the important members of the alliance, including the several Saint Kings, stayed in the divine hall to prevent a sudden sneak attack from the Turtle clan.

The Tao family had suffered heavy casualties last time and had lost several Saint Kings. The violent ripples of battle had even affected the foundation of the clan, but this failed to weaken them. They had become even more powerful than before.

This was because Tao Zhengtian used this as an opportunity to gain complete control over the clans in the alliance. He was the only one in possession of a divine hall, so the other Saint Kings could only join the Tao family to protect themselves from the Turtle clan’s attempts at revenge.

Tao Zhengtian sat at the center of the divine hall in the back while the Saint Kings from the other clans sat beneath him in an orderly fashion. They were very reluctant to have their relationship with the Tao family devolve from allies to subsidiaries, but they were helpless to stop the transformation.

“The strength of the Turtle clan has surpassed all of our imaginations. We may have a divine hall that the Turtle clan can do nothing to, but they also have one as well, so we can’t do anything to them either. Our enmity has already reached a point of no return, where only one of us, the alliance or the Turtle clan, can remain in the end. With my understanding, the ruler of the Turtle clan is an unprecedented genius. His strength has rapidly increased, and in just a few short years, he’s grown from the 15th Star expert to the 16th Star, and he’s a rather powerful 16th Star expert. If this continues, he’ll become an emperor without long,” Tao Zhengtian said heavily. He was extremely stern.

The Saint Kings below felt shocked. One of them immediately asked in doubt, “Patriarch Tao, becoming an emperor is not that easy. Aren’t you overestimating the ruler of the Turtle clan by saying he will become an emperor?”

“Yeah, patriarch Tao. The ruler of the Turtle clan really does have some skill. I do believe that he will reach the level of hall elders, but I cannot believe that he will become an emperor.” The Saint Kings in the hall revealed their doubts.

Tao Zhengtian slowly answered, “Who knows about the future? I’ve conducted special investigations of the ruler from the Turtle clan, and according to what I can recall, he was not even a 14th Star expert a few years ago. The grand elder of the Turtle clan had been slain by one of the five great magical beasts and two of the great human experts. It’s only been so long since then, yet he’s already become one of the stronger 16th Star experts. His rate of improvement really is unbelievable. If you’re saying it’s due to some heavenly resource, I really cannot think of any one that can increase his growth at such a rate. As a result, I’ve concluded that he possesses shocking talent, and his potential is tremendous. If he successfully matures, he will definitely become an emperor in the future. At that time, there will only be death for us even if we have the divine hall.”

The Saint Kings all revealed ugly expressions. They all felt extremely heavy inside.

Tao Zhengtian continued, “As a result, we need to kill him before he fully matures.”

“Patriarch Tao, the experts of the Turtle clan outnumber us, and they also possess a divine hall. We cannot kill their ruler,” a Saint King bitterly replied.

Tao Zhengtian sinisterly smiled, “I have my plans for this. If it succeeds, the ruler of the Turtle clan will be dead for sure, even if he has a divine hall.”

Tao Zhengtian immediately concluded the meeting before silently leaving the divine hall without alerting anyone. He made his way to the territory of the Serpent God Hall as quickly as he could.

At the same time, it had already reached the final few days before the three month deadline in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. Jian Chen and Tie Ta had embarked on their journey back with bountiful harvests. They followed the marks they had left behind, heading to the exit of the world as quickly as they could.

The Xuanhuang Microcosm was extremely large. They had not even covered a tenth of the entire space in the time they had spent there, but they still found many heavenly resources and gathered many energy crystals of Class 9 Xuanhuang beasts.

However, what Jian Chen was most joyous about from this trip was not the large amount of high quality heavenly resources, but that he had found all the materials for the Azulet swords. His dream of many years would finally come true.

A day later, a Saint King elder walked courteously into a vast but extremely quiet hall within the central divine hall of the Serpent God Hall’s territory. He said to the empty hall, “Hall master, the ancestor of the Tao family, a peak-level clan in the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall, wishes to see you. He stated that he has some important matters to report.”
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