Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1314: Hall Master of the Serpent God Hall
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1314: Hall Master of the Serpent God Hall

Chapter 1314: Hall Master of the Serpent God Hall

“The Tao family of the Sea Goddess Hall?” A heavy voice suddenly rang out from the empty hall. It seemed to come from everywhere, making it impossible to determine its origins.

“Esteemed hall master, it is the Tao family of the Sea Goddess Hall. Tao Zhengtian is currently waiting outside the divine hall. He wants to see you,” the elder said courteously.

The hall master thought a little in silence and said, “Recently, an intense battle erupted between the Turtle clan and the Tao family. The Tao family suffered heavy casualties. I already know why Tao Zhengtian has come. Let him in.”

“Yes, sir!” The elder bowed before leaving.

Soon, Tao Zhengtian was brought to this majestic hall under the lead of the elder. Tao Zhengtian immediately erased all presence of arrogance when he arrived there. He lowered his head slightly and behaved politely. He refrained from breathing heavily and dared not to look around.

“Esteemed hall master, Tao Zhengtian is here,” said the elder politely.

“You may go.”

“Yes, hall master.”

Only Tao Zhengtian stood in the extremely grand hall after the elder was dismissed. He immediately bowed at the empty throne there and politely said, “Tao Zhengtian greets the esteemed hall master.”

The hall master did not appear, but his heavy voice rang through the hall, “Tao Zhengtian, I know why you’ve come. You want me to help you deal with Jian Chen.”

The voice seemed to possess a certain amount of pressure. Tao Zhengtian immediately felt like his soul was about to shatter from the voice, which terrified him. Afterward, he became even more courteous toward the hall master.

“The esteemed hall master is too smart for me, to have actually read my intentions. You are correct. I have come this time hoping that the hall master can step in and remove the threat of the Turtle clan, so my Tao family can be saved,” Tao Zhengtian said in a deep voice, without the dignity of the patriarch of the Tao family at all.

“Your Tao family belongs to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall. It has nothing to do with my Serpent God Hall, so why should I save you?” The hall master queried.

Tao Zhengtian immediately dropped to one knee and politely said, “Esteemed hall master, the enmity between my clan and the Turtle clan has reached the point of no return. Only one of us can remain standing in the end. Meanwhile, the ruler of the Turtle clan has an unknown friendship with the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall, so it’s impossible for her to protect us. With the entire sea realm in perspective, only you can save my clan. Please protect us.”

Tao Zhengtian paused before continuing, “Not only does the ruler of the Turtle clan, Jian Chen, possess an extremely deep enmity with my clan, he’s never viewed the sacred Serpent God Hall with any importance at all. Back then, he came to challenge the dignity of the Serpent God Hall with just his Octoterra Divine Hall, so he cannot be forgiven. Even cutting him to pieces would not be enough to make up for his crimes.

“Unfortunately, the ruler of the Turtle clan possesses unprecedented talent. He’s growing just far too quickly. He’s reached the 16th Star from the 14th Star in just a few short years, and he’s reached the higher levels of the 16th Star. If he is given some more time, he’ll definitely reach the level of emperors. At that time, not only will he devastate my Tao family, he’ll become even more fearless. He will cause trouble for the Serpent God Hall and cause endless problems for the esteemed hall master.”

The hall master fell silent after listening to Tao Zhengtian’s analysis. Only after a long while did he say, “What you said is rather reasonable. Jian Chen’s talent is very great and his speed of growth has even taken me aback. He really might become an emperor once he is given enough time.”

Tao Zhengtian cheered inside. He knew that the hall master had been tempted, so he took the opportunity to add, “Esteemed hall master, we cannot let the ruler of the Turtle clan to become an emperor, because he belongs to the territory of the Sea Goddess Hall and has an extraordinary relationship with the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall. If he becomes an emperor, the strength of the Sea Goddess Hall will skyrocket. At that time, probably the balance of the entire sea realm will shift. This is extremely detrimental to you, esteemed hall master, so we need to eliminate the ruler of the Turtle clan as soon as possible.

This time, the hall master fell silent for quite a long time. He also seemed to be able to sense the danger that Jian Chen would bring. The forces of the sea realm were locked in a three way stalemate right now, where each territory possessed an emperor. They were in a balance with one another, but if the Sea Goddess Hall gained another Saint Emperor, then the balance would definitely be broken.

The hall master finally said after a very long time, “Tao Zhengtian, there are restrictions between we three emperors. We cannot trespass each other’s territory so easily. At the same time, that little girl, Yadriam, has become a Saint Emperor slightly later than me, but her strength is unfathomable. She is not easy to deal with, so I cannot cross the boundary to slay the ruler of the Turtle clan. You are responsible for baiting him into my territory. As soon as he sets foot here, I can kill him without any fear. At that time, even that little girl Yadriam won’t be able to say anything.

“Yes. Do not worry, hall master. I will definitely draw the ruler of the Turtle clan here,” Tao Zhengtian was overjoyed. He appeared excited but mumbled inside, “I never thought that the hall master of the Serpent God Hall would fear the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall so much. Looks like she’s stronger than him.”
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