Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1326: Return
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1326: Return

Chapter 1326: Return

Every single person hiding within the divine hall was fuming. They were furious, yet there was nothing they could do to vent their anger. They were completely helpless due to the current situation. They were not the opponents of the Tao family’s Saint Kings, and if they acted too recklessly, it would be extremely easy for them to die.

“I wonder when the ruler will return. If the ruler returns, he’ll definitely make the Tao family pay,” said an elder of the Turtle clan. He felt admiration from the bottom of his heart for Jian Chen, because he would never forget that the declining clan had only powered up so quickly under Jian Chen’s leadership. The reason why the clan possessed five 16th Star experts right now was all because of Jian Chen. It had nothing to do with the clan itself.

Qing Yixuan raised an eyebrow and disdainfully pouted. She sneered, “Tao Zhengtian has a divine hall. It’s not like you don’t know how tough divine halls are. Those that are not Saint Emperors cannot smash through them. I must admit that Jian Chen’s talent is extremely impressive and that he’s extremely powerful. However, he still can’t do anything to Tao Zhengtian since he has a divine hall. Even if he takes on Tao Zhengtian himself, he’s not his opponent. Under these circumstances, he’ll be useless even if he returns.”

“We believe in the ruler. The ruler is wise. He’s our only hope. As long as the ruler is present, our clan will be able to take on any problem head-on.” A clansmen clearly heard Qing Yixuan talk about Jian Chen from nearby and immediately stood up before righteously roaring out. He was extremely protective over the ruler.

“Yeah, that’s right. Our ruler is powerful. He is wise. Right now, our clan has only become like this because the ruler is not present. If the ruler was present, I believe our clan would be able to deal with any problem under his wise leadership.”

“Isn’t everything happening today explaining everything even clearer? We cannot be without the ruler. Only when the ruler is with us can we become extremely powerful. Without the ruler, we are nothing.”

More and more people spoke. They were extremely protective of Jian Chen and rebuked Qing Yixuan. They all possessed blind devotion to the ruler. Even their minds and beliefs were unconsciously affected by Jian Chen.

Seeing the mad devotion within the eyes of the clansmen, Qing Yixuan rubbed her head in pain. She shook her head helplessly and murmured, “You’re helpless. I really don’t understand how Jian Chen’s convinced so many people with how long he’s stayed in the clan.”

Outside, Tao Zhengtian and the other Saint Kings continued spewing provocations. They virtually used everything to try to force out the ruler, but after several days of hard work, they had not caught even a single glimpse of Jian Chen.

Meanwhile, Tao Zhengtian and the others could not help but begin doubting themselves. They had already guessed that it was extremely likely that Jian Chen was not present, or he was in secluded cultivation.

“Let’s remain here. Even if the ruler of the Turtle clan isn’t here, he probably received a message from someone long ago. He’ll probably return soon.” Tao Zhengtian sat on the top of the divine hall at ease. He stared at the Octoterra Divine Hall with half-squinted eyes. He was extremely confident.

At this moment, the whistling of air rang out. Two figures quickly shot over from the distance.

To the Saint Kings, the two figures’ grasp over space was not very profound, but their speed was stunning because it was not slower than Saint Kings. Even some 16th Star experts could not travel as fast as them.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them stopped between the two divine halls. Their faces were finally visible at that moment. One of them was a young man who seemed to be in his twenties. He wore white robes and was handsome, filled with masculinity. His eyes were sharp like swords, and staring into his eyes would make the observer’s own eyeballs hurt.

The other person was an extremely burly man. His skin was golden and glowed with a faint, metallic luster. He seemed to be made of gold, and the most eye-catching part of him was the center of his brows. There was actually the imprint of an axe there.

“It’s the ruler of the Turtle clan. The ruler’s returned,” a Saint King from the alliance saw them and immediately cried out.

The two of them just happened to be Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

Tao Zhengtian’s eyes began to glare at them at that moment. He stared at them in interest as he sneered, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, you’ve finally returned. I’ve waited for you for several days already.”

Jian Chen stared at Tao Zhengtian and the others who were blocking the main entrance of the Turtle clan with a sunken face. He then glanced over at the Turtle clan. He immediately let out a breath of relief. Although the Turtle clan had been reduced to a mess, there were no corpses or bloody marks. All of them had hidden in the Octoterra Divine Hall.

Jian Chen’s face became filled with heavy killing intent at that moment. He had never thought that Tao Zhengtian would come and block the main entrance of the clan before he could even find him to settle their debt. If he had not left behind the divine hall, the entire clan would probably have been rinsed in blood.

“Tao Zhengtian, I was just about to go to your Tao family to completely settle our enmity. I never thought that you’d be so smart and obediently come to meet your maker,” Jian Chen growled.

Tao Zhengtian chuckled aloud, “Ruler of the Turtle clan, you overestimate yourself. I’m standing right here. I’d like to see how you kill me.” He was confident. He was currently at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer as a Saint King and infinitesimally close to the Ninth. He had gained a clear understanding of Jian Chen’s strength in the battle before, which was not enough to threaten him at all.

Jian Chen sneered, “Then I’ll show you I can kill you right here.” Suddenly, a vast presence surged from Jian Chen. It crushed down on Tao Zhengtian with an unstoppable force.

Tao Zhengtian and the four other Saint Kings suddenly displayed different expressions. Jian Chen’s presence was just far too powerful. Even Tao Zhengtian, a peak Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint King, shivered inside. At that moment, he even gained the impression that he was standing before a Saint Emperor.

The five of them were no longer as composed as before. They all stood up in shock while disbelief plastered across their faces. Their hearts churned inside.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, I’ve treated you with a lot of caution, but I’ve still underestimated you in the end. I never would have thought that your strength would have reached such a level in such a short amount of time. You’re no weaker than me. However, just that much strength is still wishful thinking if you want to kill me. If you don’t believe me, we can fight it out somewhere else.” Tao Zhengtian no longer remained where he was after throwing that out. He immediately flew off into the distance with the divine hall, traveling extremely fast. He disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

The four other Saint Kings had entered the divine hall as quickly as they could, so Tao Zhengtian had taken them with him.

“Ruler of the Turtle clan, if you have the guts, then come!” Tao Zhengtian’s voice loudly rang out from afar.

Jian Chen moved. He used the Illusory Flash, causing his body to fuse with the surrounding space. He chased after Tao Zhengtian extremely quickly at a speed no slower than him.

Jian Chen’s understanding of the Illusory Flash had reached a new level in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. Coupled with his increase in strength, the speed he traveled when using the Illusory Flash had increased as well.

“Mysteries of War, Celestial Movement!” Tie Ta turned into a streak of golden light as he tailed behind Jian Chen.
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