Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1351: Shocking Sword Qi
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1351: Shocking Sword Qi

Chapter 1351: Shocking Sword Qi

The second stage of forging and refining the swords was the most important process. Not only would this stage impact the success and failure of the forging process, but it would also control the quality of the swords. The swords power would completely depend on this step and determine whether or not he could successfully forge them.

Jian Chen and the sword spirits got to work when they arrived at this step. The sword spirits took the lead by rapidly inscribing inscriptions on the swords.

When the inscriptions covering the immortal swords were about to be completed, the dull blades began to shine with a weak glow and a sharp presence. The glow rapidly strengthened as more inscriptions were added.

The second step was an extremely lengthy process. Jian Chen used his left hand to pour in Chaotic Force so that he could forge the swords and so that the Chaotic Force would be able to perfectly fuse with the swords. His right hand burned with Chaotic Flames, nurturing the swords as they went through the inscription process so that the inscriptions could fuse perfectly with the swords.

Chaotic Flames consumed Chaotic Force extremely rapidly. Jian Chen’s chaotic neidan had clearly shrunk after several days of constant use.

Above the ruins of Mercenary city were several dozen divine halls that seemed to surround the city. There was a large, empty region directly above the seal in Mercenary City. No one stayed there so that they could avoid being struck by the streams of energy created by the spatial tunnel.

The four races all took up one side, making them divided. The humans had the most people. Virtually all the Saint Kings of the continent had gathered. After them were the experts of the Wasteland Continent, who had sent three-quarters of their entire force with forbidden artifacts.

There were fewer magical beasts than the Hundred Races, but all three Saint Emperors had gathered together. They all remained within their own divine halls, giving off presences that were obviously meant to deter the other parties but caused the atmosphere to feel heavy.

The Sea race possessed the fewest people, only a few dozen. However, no one dared to underestimate them.

Several Emperor Armaments had been stabbed into the ground below and gave off terrifying pulses of energy, causing the surrounding space to shake. They were extremely powerful.

The experts of Mercenary City had all gathered within one of the divine halls in the human region. The person who lead them was the grand elder of Mercenary City.

The grand elder sat on the highest point in the room. His face had darkened and he was extremely stern. There was also some worry present on his face. He mumbled, “The great elder still has not refined the supreme divine hall. I wonder when he will succeed. If we have the divine hall, our confidence will be greater when dealing with the invasion of the World of Forsaken Saints. I just hope that they don’t attack too soon, or we might not be able to repel them with our strength here.

“Changyang Qing Yun’s taken away the ancestral weapon of his clan. Back then, Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Qing Yun left together. Changyang Zu Xiao has already returned while Changyang Qing Yun and the other great leaders are nowhere to be seen. I wonder where they’ve gone with the ancestral weapon. Have they changed their minds now?” The sixth elder of Mercenary City asked.

The grand elder fell silent before standing up, “I’ll go see Changyang Zu Xiao right now and ask him about the situation. The ancestral weapons of the ten protector clans are crucial for repelling the invasion. If great elder Tian Jian uses them to cast the supreme killing formation left behind by the city lord, we’ll be able to temporarily stop the World of Forsaken Saints even if they send an army of Saint Emperors.

The grand elder left the divine hall of Mercenary City and went to Changyang Zu Xiao’s divine hall to inquire about the situation. He wanted to borrow the Emperor Armament of the Changyang clan.

“Something has happened to our Changyang clan. Our founding ancestor, Yang Lie, has returned. The ancestor has taken away the Emperor Armament and the great elders of the Yuan and Qing branches were heavily injured. They are currently in seclusion and healing, so they are unable to come,” Changyang Zu Xiao told the truth after hesitating for a while. Although the return of their founding ancestor was unbelievable, the Tyrant’s Blade School had already mentioned a similar occurrence before.

“What! The founding ancestor of your Changyang clan is still alive!?” The grand elder of Mercenary City was astounded. After all, it had already been more than a million years since the Changyang clan had been founded. The clan was even more ancient than Mercenary City.

Changyang Zu Xiao gently sighed while his feelings became mixed. The return of their founding ancestor was supposed to be something to celebrate, but he was unable to lighten up no matter what since the founding ancestor’s past identity was actually his own great-grandson. The hierarchy had been reduced to a mess.

Because of this matter, Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun remained silent and depressed.

The grand elder fell silent for a while, finally accepting this shocking piece of news. Afterward, he asked, “Changyang Zu Xiao, do you know where the senior is?”

“He’s left with the founding ancestor of the Tyrant’s Blade School, Guihai Yidao. I don’t know where he is, but he will recover his strength very soon. When the World of Forsaken Saints invades, the ancestor should appear,” said Changyang Zu Xiao.

“Fantastic, fantastic. This is just fantastic,” the grand elder was overjoyed. The strength of the Tian Yuan Continent would drastically increase that way.

“When the great elders of the Tyrant’s Blade School had said that their ancestor had returned, I thought they were joking. Never would I have expected what they had said to be true,” the grand elder sighed emotionally to himself.

At this moment, a Saint Ruler of Mercenary City hurried into the divine hall. He said with clasped hands, “Grand elder, there are three Saint Rulers who want to see you outside. They say that they have something important to report, where it might even be connected to the World of Forsaken Saints.”

The grand elder’s face changed slightly with that. He clasped his hands at Changyang Zu Xiao before leaving in a hurry.

The grand elder met the three Saint Rulers, who had come from the western volcano range, outside. The three Saint Rulers told the grand elder what they had seen as well as what they believed was happening, catching the grand elder’s attention.

Very soon, there were many experts of the four races who came after receiving the news. It was a sensitive period of time. Anything that could be connected to the World of Forsaken Saints was enough to peak their interest.

“Is it caused by that Scorching Divine Phoenix’s secluded cultivation?” A Class 8 Magical Beast in human form asked.

“But we didn’t sense the presence of any magical beasts at all,” the three Saint Rulers politely replied. Every single breath they took was filled with hesitation before the Saint Kings.

“No matter what it is, we should go and have a look. If it really is that Divine Scorching Phoenix, we can invite her to join us and protect this world. However, if it’s another tunnel to the World of Forsaken Saints, we can prepare for the invaders beforehand,” the grand elder said heavily.

Afterward, the four races all sent some experts to the volcanoes to check on the situation.

The volcanoes in the west were currently undergoing an overwhelming change. All the volcanoes in the region were erupting and flames and lava were thrown into the sky, turning it a scarlet color. The endless sea of lava below violently churned. From just a single breath, one would feel like they were breathing in a bundle of roaring flames. The temperature was just frightening.

“This definitely isn’t caused by the phoenix. It’s impossible for her to make all the volcanoes in the region undergo such shocking changes, and her presence isn’t here either,” said a magical beast. His face immediately became ugly. He had already sensed that the changes here were likely connected to the World of Forsaken Saints.

“Let’s enter and immediately have a look around,” the grand elder suggested. He used Saint Force and World Force to protect himself before charging into the depths.

When they had advanced ten thousand kilometers, a terrifying sword Qi suddenly appeared, causing all of them to shiver. The sword Qi was just far too powerful. It possessed a seemingly-destructive presence, ripping through space before boldly spreading in all directions.

“Look! What is that?” Suddenly, a Saint King called out as he pointed ahead.

Everyone looked over. Before them were two pillars of light, one violet and one azure, plunging into the sky. They obliterated the thick layer of red clouds in the sky. It was a shocking display.

“What is that? Is this the birth of some treasure?”

“I can sense that the unbelievably powerful sword Qi originates from that place.”

“Odd. Why do the two pillars of light look like two swords?”

The Saint Kings became fixated on the two pillars of light as they began to discuss the changes. Surprise filled their faces.

“The two pillars of light look extremely similar to two supremely powerful swords. Why was this happening in this cluster of volcanoes? Was some treasure of the world coming into existence?”

A few Saint Kings could no longer resist the temptation when they heard about the treasures of the world. They broke away from the main group and flew forward as their eyes burned with desire.

Some other people were unwilling to fall behind now that some people had broken away from the group. Like a snowball, more and more people left, flying toward the two pillars of light in a hurry. Only an extremely low number of people maintained their composure.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》