Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1352: Fight for Treasure
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1352: Fight for Treasure

Chapter 1352: Fight for Treasure

The surrounding volcanoes rapidly erupted, spewing out a lot of white flames, which gave off a terrifying heat.

The humans, magical beasts, Hundred Races, and Sea race all hurriedly flew toward the ‘treasure.’ All of them wanted to take it for themselves and, thus, drastically increase their own strength.

Along the way, they constantly dodged the lava that rained down. Although the lava was extremely densely-packed, almost forming a blanket, all of them were Saint Kings. Their understanding of the mysteries of space were incomparable to Saint Rulers, so they could easily avoid the lava.

Clearly, they knew that the terrifyingly-hot, white lava was very powerful. Even Saint Kings at Ninth Heavenly Layer would not want to get any of it on themselves. Even when they were faced with the situation where they could no longer dodge, they would disperse it with an attack. They did not want to come in contact with the lava.

“The treasure is mine. Don’t fight with me over it. I only want the treasure. I am not afraid to take on Saint Emperors for it. I might even be able to become a Saint Emperor with this treasure,” a Ninth Heavenly Layer human Saint King thought to himself. His eyes were filled with greed and eagerness. He used wind-attributed Saint Force, and coupled with his high level understanding of the mysteries of space, he moved ahead of everyone else.

At this moment, a silver-white spear shot over from afar, traveling toward the back of the leading Saint King. The person who had attacked was an Eighth Heavenly Layer human Saint King. He wanted to stop the person in front of him and take the lead.

The Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King became furious. Saint Force surged out of his body and enveloped him. An azure sword immediately appeared in his hand as he turned and knocked away the spear.


The collision of the two weapons erupted with a loud sound. Battles between Saint Kings were destructive. Just the pulse of energy from the clash tossed boiling lava into the sky when it struck the sea below. White-hot lava surged into the sky like fire dragons, giving off extremely terrifying heat.

Some of the Saint Kings who were unable to dodge the lava attacked it. Powerful strands of energy shot through the sky, colliding with the lava and erupting with heavy sounds. All of them had used ruthless methods to clear the obstructions before them.

The wave-like lava was immediately dispersed by the Saint Kings, causing it to erupt in all directions like meteorites. The drops were densely-packed like rain, which made dodging them even more difficult.

Very soon, several Saint Kings were struck by the lava. The power of the white-hot lava exceeded anything that anyone could have imagined. The protective barrier formed from Saint Force around the Saint Kings was filled with holes because of the rain-like lava, which then burned through their bodies with white flames. The drops of lava left behind finger-sized holes that rapidly expanded to the size of a fist.

The Saint Kings paled and produced heavy grunts. They stopped their advance and rapidly retreated. A violent poison from the fire was deposited within them after the lava passed through their bodies. If they did not cleanse it, it would cause even greater damage.

“What powerful lava!” Many people witnessed the suffering Saint Kings and immediately became shocked. The white-hot lava was more terrifying than any of them had imagined.

However, this was nowhere near enough to stop them from attempting to obtain the treasure. As they came closer and closer to the two pillars of light, more and more people engaged in battles. They all wanted to charge over first and take the treasure for themselves, before anyone else. Whenever someone took the lead, that person would have to withstand the combined attacks of multiple Saint Kings. The number of injured people increased as well.

A Sixth Heavenly Layer Class 8 Magical Beast had even fallen into the sea of lava below. When he emerged again, he was covered with roaring flames. Even with his body as a Class 8 Magical Beast, he was burned until he only had half his life left. His body suffered extremely severe injuries, where most of it had dried up from the heat.

Suddenly, a terrifying ripple of energy appeared in front of them. A Saint King at Great Perfection, who was only a meter tall, had pulled out a shield. The shield expanded as he moved, reaching a width of thirty meters. After placing it behind him, he shot off like a rocket, surpassing everyone in a single moment. He took a wide lead.

Immediately, the Saint Kings behind all attacked the dwarven Saint King, but all their attacks were blocked by the huge shield. More than twenty Saint Kings struck out in unison, but not only did they fail to smash through the shield; they did not even manage to make it shake.

“It’s the forbidden artifact of the dwarves, the Heaven’s Guard,” cried out a knowledgeable Saint King.

“What! This is the Heaven’s Guard? It’s said that even Saint Emperors cannot smash through it. It was a work of pride created by a powerful ancestor of theirs, and it’s been passed down since ancient times. I never would have thought that the dwarves would have brought this forbidden artifact.”

“He has the Heaven’s Guard, so it’s impossible for us to stop him like this. Stop fighting and catch up, or the treasure’s going to end up with the Hundred Races.”

“This is our Tian Yuan Continent. Since a treasure has appeared here, it belongs to us humans. You have no right to take it.”

Many Saint Kings yelled from behind. They were extremely furious. They all stopped fighting and tried to catch up as quickly as possible while dodging the lava.

Very soon, everyone was only a hundred kilometers from the two pillars. However, at this moment, the dwarven expert at the very front with the Heaven’s Guard produced a weird cry, as if he had seen something terrifying. He came to a sudden halt before retreating extremely quickly.

As a retreated, his clothes were reduced to shreds in the incoming wind before turning into dust. His bronze skin also became covered with densely-packed gashes. Every single wound was extremely thin, thin to the point that they were difficult to distinguish by eye. However, they were all bone-deep. Blood gushed out, and in the blink of an eye, the dwarf was covered in blood.

He bellowed out and placed the Heaven’s Guard above him. The edges of the shield immediately fell, forming a shell around the dwarven expert. The shield isolated him from the outside world.

Even though that was what had happened, the shield constantly rang out with sounds, as if it was being hit by a storm of rain.

At the same time, all the Saint Kings rushed up from behind, but without any exceptions, all the people who entered a hundred-kilometer radius was attacked by something unknown. Even with Saint Force around them, they were unable to protect themselves. They suffered the same injuries as the dwarf.

“This is sword Qi. My god, what powerful sword Qi. And it’s invisible. Everyone retreat…”

“Oh no. An extremely powerful sword intent has enveloped this place. The energy and air in the surroundings has been turned into invisible sword Qi by the sword intent, making it exist everywhere. This sword Qi is just too powerful. We cannot stand against it. Everyone retreat.”

A few experts who used swords understood what was going on and cried out in shock. Disbelief filled their faces.
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    《Chaotic Sword God》