Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1357: Taking the World by Shock
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1357: Taking the World by Shock

Chapter 1357: Taking the World by Shock

Kaiser and the tiger emperor became sheet-white as a streak of blood ran from the corner of their lips. They were stunned, only shock and disbelief remained.

Behind the two of them, the violet light around Jian Chen vanished. He carried the azure sword on his back as he looked at the two of them with the violet sword in hand, “I won’t kill you today in consideration of the world. The war between the World of Forsaken Saints is about to erupt. If you perform meritorious service, I will let the past go. Otherwise, I will never let the two of you off.”

Kaiser and the tiger emperor stood there without moving. They were stupefied, as if their souls had flown away. The moment the violet light passed through them, their organs were instantly turned to mush. They believed that Jian Chen could have turned their souls to mush as well if he had wanted to.

The violet light was just far too terrifying. It did not need to strike their souls. Any part of their body would have been enough to wipe out their souls

This was because they did not possess the strength to stop the rampage of the violet sword Qi within them.

The path lord in the distance stared at Kaiser and Lankryos in a daze before forcefully rubbing his eyes. He carefully observed every inch of their bodies before his eyes narrowed. His face drastically changed. He was no longer willing to stay any longer. He left as quickly as he could.

He could already tell that Jian Chen’s strength had increased by countless folds after he had obtained the swords. He was extremely terrifying, not an enemy that the path lord could take on.

The group of Saint Kings were stunned by this as well. Jian Chen had actually defeated two Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent instantaneously before scaring away the human Saint Emperor. This all felt like a dream to them. It was difficult for them to believe what had just happened.

Cangqiong became tongue-tired as well. He had even acted by himself to stop the tiger emperor when the tiger emperor had attacked Jian Chen first in an attempt to save him. He had never expected everything to turn out like this.

With Jian Chen’s current strength, he had no need for any protection at all. He could kill Saint Emperors as easily as killing ants. He was so powerful that even the powerful Kaiser and Lankyros could not fight back.

At that moment, Cangqiong could not help but feel like what he did before was an utter joke.

“Sigh,” Cangqiong secretly exhaled. His gaze toward Jian Chen became filled with mixed emotions. Jian Chen had grown far too quickly. According to the information he possessed, Jian Chen was not even fifty yet.

There were many people who had not even reached Earth Saint Master when they were fifty on the Tian Yuan Continent and Beast God Continent, yet Jian Chen could easily kill Saint Emperors without even reaching fifty years of age. Even in ancient times, no one had cultivated so quickly.

With a flash of violet light, the Zi Ying Sword broke free from Jian Chen’s hand and returned to his back as a violet streak of light. Jian Chen looked at Cangqiong and clasped his hands, “I thank senior Cangqiong for helping.” Jian Chen’s voice carried gratitude from the bottom of his heart. He only viewed Cangqiong in a different light among all the original Saint Emperors of the two continents.

Cangqiong shrugged and said in a self-depreciating fashion, “With your strength, you have no need for my help at all. I have acted wrongly before and made a spectacle of myself.”

“Senior’s character has piqued my admiration. I still have matters to attend to, so I shall be leaving first. However, I will definitely come visit senior in the future. Farewell.” Jian Chen clasped his hands. He spoke extremely sincerely.

“The Beast God Hall of our Beast God Continent is extremely important to the Winged Tiger God. Only the Winged Tiger God can enter the ninety-ninth floor. It’s said to possess a great fortune for the Winged Tiger God. You must come to the Beast God Hall with the Winged Tiger God when you have the time and let him go to the ninety-ninth floor,” Cangqiong requested. He knew that Jian Chen now possessed the power to take the young Winged Tiger God to the Beast God Hall.

Jian Chen bid farewell with Cangqiong and left the volcanic ranges. He returned to the sea realm.

Soon, the news that Jian Chen had defeated the two Saint Emperors of the Beast God Continent in the volcanic ranges and had scared away the path lord of carnal desires spread throughout the continent. The entire continent was in shock, and even the experts of the four races were thrown into an uproar.

The grand elder of Mercenary City, Changyang Zu Xiao, and the others immediately became stunned when they learned of this news. However, they had not witnessed the battle, so they did not believe it to be true. Only when all the experts returned to Mercenary City and began to discuss the events that unfolded did they reluctantly accept the news as reality.

“In the world, if we want to discuss who is the strongest below Origin realm, it is definitely be Jian Chen. Once he appears, who dares challenge him? Even Saint Emperors as powerful as Kaiser and Lankyros can’t even withstand an attack from him…”

“In the current day, the two swords are undeniably the greatest weapons in the world. Once they appear, even the Emperor Armaments of the protector clans will be overshadowed…”

Mercenary City immediately began to bustle with activity. Saint Kings gathered in groups in the air as they enthusiastically discussed the battle between Jian Chen, Kaiser, and Lankyros.

Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun stood before their divine hall as they listened to the surrounding discussions. All of them were extremely excited. As the seniors of Jian Chen, they all felt glorious and extremely proud of their great-grandson since he had reached such a high level of cultivation.

Bi Yuntian and Changyang Ba obviously received the news as well in the Changyang clan of Lore City. Joy and happiness instantly filled their chests. They had received this news from the Saint Rulers of the Zu branch who lived in the forbidden grounds, so it could not have been false.

“Has Xiang’er become a Saint Emperor?” Bi Yuntian asked with a trembling voice. Her eyes pooled with tears of joy.

“This shocking piece of news was brought by the great elders. Congratulations, you have an extremely impressive son,” a Saint Ruler smiled benevolently and amicably answered. In the blink of an eye, the Saint Rulers treated the couple in a completely different fashion.

The entirety of Flame City was ravished with great joy. You Yue and Bi Lian could not be happier while Bi Hai laughed at the sky to release his surging emotions.

Jian Chen had no idea about the uproar he had caused on the Tian Yuan Continent. He had already returned to the sea realm by now and had entered seclusion in a desolate mountain range.

The sword spirits had broken away from his soul after the swords were forged and had moved into the swords. In the past, Jian Chen was at the brink of death, and the sword spirits fused with him to support his shattered soul, allowing him to survive. A long time had passed since then, and his soul had still been bound with the sword spirits.

Now that the sword spirits had broken away from his soul, Jian Chen’s soul suffered a very great loss. His body was fine, but his soul was extremely weak, as if it had been heavily injured.

In a gloomy mountain cave, Jian Chen illuminated the place with a luminous pearl and removed several canes of amethyst bamboo. Every single cane gave off a faint, amethyst haze, along with a light fragrance, which could make people feel at ease.

That was the Amethyst Spiritual Bamboo he had collected in the Xuanhuang Microcosm. The sap of the bamboo was extremely useful for healing the soul as well as refining and strengthening it. It was a priceless treasure even in the Immortals’ World.

Wounds of the soul were not easy to heal. Jian Chen planned to use the bamboo to deal with the injuries of his soul.
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