Chaotic Sword God
Chapter 1361: Movements of the Two Halls
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Chaotic Sword God
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao
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Chapter 1361: Movements of the Two Halls

Chapter 1361: Movements of the Two Halls

“Then what should we do?” The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall asked in a heavy voice. His complexion was very ugly and the light in his eyes flickered.

“What else can we do? Of course we have to go and stop them. We can’t let the sea goddess be successfully resurrected, or we will be in a lot of trouble. Remember all the things we’ve done in the past? The sea goddess already knows about all that. She also knows about the wild ambitions of the past hall master. If she is successfully revived, the first people she’ll be eliminating will be us two hall masters. We might even die,” the hall master of the Serpent God Hall heavily replied.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall fell silent. However, killing intent had already flashed through his eyes. The former hall masters of the two halls had always been searching for the Abyssal Crystal so that they could find the sea goddess’ divine hall in the Sea of Despair and devour her soul to replace her.

However, the Abyssal Crystal only appeared in the depths of the Sea of Despair. Even emperors would struggle to complete the task and even suffered the risk of dying. The past hall masters never had the opportunity to obtain it, preventing them from finding the divine hall.

The Abyssal Crystal finally appeared in the sea realm now. Meanwhile, the wild ambitions of the former hall masters had all been inherited by them, which was why the two hall masters had both participated in the fight for the crystal before. They had both sent experts to pursue Jian Chen in an attempt to obtain the Abyssal Crystal and find the sea goddess’ divine hall.

“There’s Jian Chen and Yadriam guarding the sea goddess as she’s being revived. Yadriam that little b*tch may not have cultivated for as long as me, but her strength is unfathomable. Any one of us is probably not her opponent if we fight her alone. Coupled with Jian Chen who’s not weak either, dealing with them will not be easy,” said the hall master of the Serpent God Hall.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall fell silent and said, “Jian Chen is very impressive. He managed to wipe out a strand of my soul before, injuring me, and I still haven’t fully recovered even now. My battle prowess will be affected. Coupled with your unhealed wounds, we won’t have any advantages by facing them in an open battle.”

The hall master of the Serpent God Hall glanced over in surprise. After some thought, he said, “The resurrection of the sea goddess will take quite some time before it’s completed, which gives us some time. If we prepare adequately and bring some powerful killing formations with us, it should be able to keep them busy for some time. We only need a split second to disrupt the process. We might even be able to obtain what we dream of through this. The hall master’s eyes immediately began to burn with desire when he finished speaking.

The hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s eyes lit up as well. He became rather excited, “There’s no need for us to face against the two of them in a head-on battle. We just need to use formations to keep them busy. Let’s go prepare immediately. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

The two hall masters both returned to their divine halls and started making preparations.

The pure energy from the ninety-nine spiritual springs poured into the central hole. At that moment, the energy of the world in the mountain range had become extremely dense, creating thick layers of mist. All the energy in the sea realm gathered there.

“I never thought that the resurrection of the sea goddess would create such a great commotion and that she requires the energy of the entire sea realm. Once she succeeds, the energy across the sea realm will be much thinner than the past. It probably won’t be able to recover for several dozen years,” Jian Chen thought to himself from on top of his sword.

Several days later, Yadriam recovered her peak condition. She stood guard a thousand kilometers away in the direction of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

Currently, the surrounding mountain range was filled with people. There were people below Saint Ruler, at Saint Ruler, and at Saint King. All the people had followed the direction the energy of the world headed. There were over a hundred thousand people now.

The number constantly increased as well.

At this moment, the elders of the Sea Goddess Hall came into great use. They all guarded a region, stopping the people ten thousand kilometers away and preventing them from getting any closer.

As they all represented the Sea Goddess Hall and were all Saint Kings, they obviously possessed an extraordinarily great amount of deterrence. Even the Saint Kings that had hurried over from everywhere were not bold enough to start conflict with the Sea Goddess Hall. They wanted to avoid bringing trouble to their clans.

Half a month later, almost ten thousand people had gathered. Many of them had come from the lands of the Serpent God Hall and Sea Goddess Hall, having been drawn over in search of the source of the abnormal activity that was pulling away the energy of the world.

Countless rumors sprang into existence during that time. There were various kinds, but the most popular was a topic in regards to some great treasure. This was because all the energy in the sea realm had gathered in this mountain range, coupled with some odd phenomena in the sky. They were the best evidence for the rumor and made it even more convincing.

There would always be people who could not hold back their greed before treasures. Some experts began to use various secret techniques to sneak their way in, but they were all ‘invited’ to leave by the elders of the Sea Goddess Hall or killed off mercilessly by a strand of sword Qi that appeared out of nowhere.

A famed 16th Star expert had even snuck into the region under the watch of the elders, but he was killed off mercilessly after just traveling several dozen kilometers. He had been cleaved in half at the waist by a powerful strand of sword Qi. Blood sprayed into the air while his organs were obliterated. He ended up dead, shocking countless people in the surroundings.

After that, there were far fewer people who attempted to sneak in. They could all sense that an even more terrifying expert was guarding the place inside.

Suddenly, a vast pulse of energy appeared in the distance. A group of people aggressively hurried over from afar, and the ones leading them were all Saint Kings at Great Perfection. Behind them were several hundred people, and at least half of them were Saint Kings. The group was extremely powerful.

“It’s the people of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. They’ve finally come…”

“The people of the Sea Goddess Hall have broken the agreement and trespassed through the territory of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall in such an open manner. The Heaven’s Spirit Hall should have moved long ago…”

“If I’ve guessed correctly, the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall is present as well, or who else would have been able to order over twenty elders to guard this place? Even the emperor of the Turtle clan and his friend should be present…”

“In that case, doesn’t it mean that the Sea Goddess Hall possesses three emperors? The Heaven’s Spirit Hall is going to be returning with more than they bargained for…”

Everyone discussed the events that were occuring. Although many of them were unhappy with the actions of the Sea Goddess Hall, they were not optimistic about the Heaven’s Spirit Hall’s strength.

“Warriors of the Sea Goddess Hall, you’ve crossed the boundary without permission. Please leave our territory immediately, and we will forget that this ever happened in the first place,” a hall elder of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall said with a deep voice. It was very loud, reverberating around the surroundings and reaching over ten thousand kilometers away.

“We are currently using this place. Elders of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall, please make an exception. Once our esteemed hall master finishes with what she needs to do, we will leave immediately,” a hall elder of the Sea Goddess Hall hurried over and clasped his hands at the group of people.

“This is the territory of our Heaven’s Spirit Hall, not your Sea Goddess Hall. Without the permission of our hall master, you have no right to use this land. Warriors of the Sea Goddess Hall, please leave immediately, or we will no longer show any politeness,” a hall elder of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall said with a sunken face. A tremendous presence began to radiate from him, pressing toward the elders of the Sea Goddess Hall. Battle was about to erupt.

The hall elder of the Sea Goddess Hall became rather stern. There were several hundred people against him, and half of them were Saint Kings. On the other hand, he only possessed around twenty people. The difference in strength was just far too great. They would not even be able to last for a moment if they really did start fighting.

The Saint Kings of the Sea Goddess Hall were stuck in a hard position, but the surrounding temperature suddenly plummeted, as if they had been thrown into the arctic. Even the hall elders could not help but shiver.

Yadriam had silently appeared. She was enveloped by a bright blue light, which illuminated the surroundings and obscured her appearance. However, she radiated a terrifying presence that was enough to shake the surroundings. Just by herself, she had swept away the several hundred people of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

Yadriam’s appearance did not make the group of people flustered at all. All of them remained composed. A hall elder bowed to Yadriam and said, “Esteemed hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall, have you forgotten about the agreement? Without our hall master’s permission, you are not allowed to trespass in our territory. Please abide to the agreement.”

“We’re only temporarily using the surrounding region of ten thousand kilometers. No one may enter, and those who do will be killed without mercy,” Yadriam simply replied. She spoke coldly and firmly, stunning the experts of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen sat on the Zi Ying Sword above where the sea goddess was being resurrected. Suddenly, something happened. The space around him violently distorted and was reduced to a blur. When it cleared up, he discovered that he had arrived in a world that was a sea of blood. The entire place was blood-red and endless amounts of vile energies permeated the surroundings. There were corpses there, and they all formed mountainous piles. It seemed like hell, which was hair-raising.

The vile energies began to condense, forming barely-visible rings that bounded Jian Chen.

This was a powerful trapping formation, enough to trap Saint Emperors for a while. At the same time, the rings of vile energies had a suppressing effect, preventing the trapped person from using his full strength. Jian Chen had been caught in the formation at that moment.

Jian Chen did not become flustered at all as he remained seated on the Zi Ying Sword. He slowly opened his eyes and gently smiled, “Hall masters, you’ve finally decided to move after biding your time for so long.”

“Hmph. Looks like you won’t be able to remain as the emperor of the Turtle clan for much longer, Jian Chen. Today will be your death,” the hall master of the Serpent God Hall’s voice reverberated through the surroundings. Before he had come, he had planned it all out with the hall master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall. If the opportunity presented itself, they would first work together to kill the ruler of the Turtle clan, as he had risen up just far too quickly. The threat he brought was far greater than the hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall.

They were completely confident that they would be able to stop the revival of the sea goddess before Yadriam could hurry back.
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